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  1. Anyone catch the Scott Turner bit? Our QB coach/OC of the future sure likes this kid. Interesting.
  2. Then transferred, came back, was tested routinely and still cut down defenses with an agressive gunner mentality. Not speaking to you on this but I'm a freaking Hokie. I should hate every WVU guy out there, but for some reason, I just see a winner in this kid. I don't know what it is but if we're in a predicament where we need to win without Cam again, then this kid can do it. With Cam and Luke, I will always believe we have a SB shot and having the ability to continue winning for a game or two if something freaky happens is huge for playoff scenarios.
  3. He was also a huge recruit coming out of school and has the front-runner mentality. I honestly think we got the best QB in this draft. I'm a huge fan of this, hate Hurney and adore Cam. I like the winners who have the gunner mentality. Not these pussies who measure up to prototype standards (I.E. the Gabbert, Lockers, Jones, Tannehills, Smiths, etc.) Also, the people getting bent out of shape over our safeties are obviously ignoring every draft since Grant/Minter. This draft is mint seeing the board reaction and when the results are fine. Gaulden didn't do a damn thing last year so don't act like you were expecting a day 1 starter. We got a top-5 QB in a draft. The Pats drafted Cassell, Mallett, Jimmy G. and guess what? That team and fanbase survived because those guys glimmered when needed but had a franchise QB. Then, they go out and get max value for them. Acting like this is not valuable under any circumstances is not valid.
  4. Jones screams bust to me but I’m all for the QB hype. The more the merrier taken before 16, it will be like picking 12/13 for us.
  5. Back to the thread at hand; I think we need at least 2 D-linemen in this draft. You build from the lines out, even in today's NFL IMO.
  6. Other players, not fans, consistently mention he's one of the best ever. It's not pure homerism.
  7. Luke Kuechly has had some head hits and early in the year seemed to be trying too much, but turned it around and was his old form the second half of the season. Something I feel is going unnoticed is of course not the need of DL talent, but the effect it has on Luke if fixed. Every time he's led this defense with a stellar DL, he's been an absolute monster, arguably the best MLB of all time. Rewatching some highlights, you'll see our line got no push last year which made it hard for the entire defense. We got sacks and well designed blitzes but we were constantly out muscled at the line. Even in today's NFL with crazy stats and scoring, a dominant DL still wins games. This isn't anything mindblowing, but watching his clips, you just see the level of awesomeness he delivers and it's absurd (Vids at end) That is why this draft can be huge. With Cam healthy: If we fix the DL, we fix this team in my opinion. There is such a plethora of what I'd say is RD3 or better talent that are fits even with our apparent transition (bolded faves): DE/(or) EDGE fits: Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Jaylon Ferguson, Oshane Ximines, Ben Banogu 3-4 DE/DT/3 Tech Fits: Christian Wilkins, Dre'mont Jones, Chris Slayton NT: Dexter Lawrence, PJ Johnson, Greg Gaines, Demarcus Christmas 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9THCYEwx_CM So the short of it: Fix this DL, we're contenders.
  8. That would be the best possible thing to happen. He is the star in this draft.
  9. I'm unsure, we're stuck a bad spot. Hard to endure but all it takes is one guy. There's a few guys I like with All-Star upside like Brandon Clarke, Hachimura, Reddish, or DeAndre Hunter. Maybe we get a top-9 and one of them happens.
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