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  1. CMC gets 2 TDs. He has 1 receiving TD on the year and that's it. Cinci was a huge game but I think he finds a way tomorrow. We win 27-22 3rd TD: Wright Cam has a game manager type stat line at like 2TDs, 2 INTs with 250 in the air. I think this is the game where we finally get a few turnovers that are in fact game changing.
  2. davos

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    If we get rid of Rivera, you have to go younger and a totally different direction. No retreads, no coordinators who've never gotten their shot (maybe it's for a reason), and no life long defensive/ST guys. No Jim Schwartzs, Dave Toubs or Rick Dennisons. Think of the Hornets signing with Borrego. Jim Bob Cooter, John DeFilippo, Brian Daboll. With Daboll--for how god awful the Bills should be, their offense is somehow moving the ball with Josh Allen. If he gets them rolling with Derek Anderson, I think that would be a guy to look at. He's 43, was Bama's OC, has prior NFL experience. Cooter and DeFilippo have lost some flare from performances this season after being previously mega-hyped but I think both will be HCs in the near future.
  3. He's looked okay but is 38 and may not be as effective as he used to be. Addison is on the other side but we're rotating in Horton and Obada in their places and sliding KK out some. Horton is probably the best run-defender (maybe Pep at 38) which is so not ideal. Addison can only do so much for the player that he is but then we need better compliments. Snap wise is important here: Horton actually has dropped in snap count. Games 1-2 were both over 40 with the last 3 all being under 30. Week 5 at 19. Do you know who went from the mid 20s to 35+ after the first two games? Peppers. So, Horton was lowered so that we could also rotate in Obada. Peppers went up dramatically.
  4. Offenses be spotlighting venison against us.
  5. Addison is a speed rusher who bulked up just enough to be used like a 3-Down 4-3 DE. It doesn't make him a 3-down type though and it's why we rotate in Obada and Horton with him and Peppers. When Peppers was younger, and for a bit of Hardy, they were there 95%+ of defensive snaps. We have the elderly and the speedy.
  6. davos

    Not ideal for our defense

    There's truth to this. Butler is shaping out to be quite a non-impact player. Short is underperforming. Horton is entirely average (and spends a lot of time in the rotation)
  7. I think we look better but I'm unsure about how our D will fair against the Iggles. I'm also not confident our staff will be capable of game planning against Philly's secondary weaknesses. 27-23 Eagles :(
  8. I think it's ben pretty clear the front 4 aren't generating enough pressure. We'll have a rotation during games with Horton and Addison on the outside that gets us virtually zilch. Peppers can't go these days as a 3-Down lineman, Addison is a speed rusher, Horton isn't that great. Obada is the closest thing but we are just average. More than anything else though, I'm just becoming tired of our defensive scheme. Given Rivera is a defensive coach, this should be our top quality. If we don't make a deep run, I say hit refresh. Even in the case we go to the NFCCG.
  9. This team can't beat the Rams or Saints. Though we could probably beat everyone else. The only for certain win is against the Titans in my view. They're horrible.
  10. *Previous post was a 2nd copy pasta; 2 and 4 years ago.
  11. Undisciplined and uninspired football falls on coaching. They need to start falling on their own swords. I'm not waiting for a turnaround, these are things that they should have learned and not resurface annually.
  12. @PhillyB Looks pretty cool dude. Wish you success; sounds like this has been a commitment and a half, love seeing the passion.
  13. davos

    Haunting of Hill House

    Supposedly it gets amazing around Ep5-6. I've been hearing a lot of praise.
  14. davos


    It looks...interesting. Can't pull myself to see comic movies in theaters though. I didn't mind that Watchmen one some years back. And Flubber was cool, on uppers.