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  1. Other players, not fans, consistently mention he's one of the best ever. It's not pure homerism.
  2. Luke Kuechly has had some head hits and early in the year seemed to be trying too much, but turned it around and was his old form the second half of the season. Something I feel is going unnoticed is of course not the need of DL talent, but the effect it has on Luke if fixed. Every time he's led this defense with a stellar DL, he's been an absolute monster, arguably the best MLB of all time. Rewatching some highlights, you'll see our line got no push last year which made it hard for the entire defense. We got sacks and well designed blitzes but we were constantly out muscled at the line. Even in today's NFL with crazy stats and scoring, a dominant DL still wins games. This isn't anything mindblowing, but watching his clips, you just see the level of awesomeness he delivers and it's absurd (Vids at end) That is why this draft can be huge. With Cam healthy: If we fix the DL, we fix this team in my opinion. There is such a plethora of what I'd say is RD3 or better talent that are fits even with our apparent transition (bolded faves): DE/(or) EDGE fits: Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Jaylon Ferguson, Oshane Ximines, Ben Banogu 3-4 DE/DT/3 Tech Fits: Christian Wilkins, Dre'mont Jones, Chris Slayton NT: Dexter Lawrence, PJ Johnson, Greg Gaines, Demarcus Christmas 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9THCYEwx_CM So the short of it: Fix this DL, we're contenders.
  3. davos

    Cam + Mescal

    Those four mentioned are definitely saxy. And mescal is awesome.
  4. That would be the best possible thing to happen. He is the star in this draft.
  5. Don't sleep on the stash. Gardner Mishnew is for real folks.
  6. davos

    Shedding $85 Million

    You can get away with finding a suitor to lease Marvin, Zeller, or MKG at the deadline but there's no team really able to take on Batum's $24 mil or Biyombo's $17 mil. Biz is a maybe but no one is taking Batum. We're honestly stuck with him.
  7. I'm unsure, we're stuck a bad spot. Hard to endure but all it takes is one guy. There's a few guys I like with All-Star upside like Brandon Clarke, Hachimura, Reddish, or DeAndre Hunter. Maybe we get a top-9 and one of them happens.
  8. Not much to comment on from my view. We shed some bad weight and swapped out Kalil for Paradis. We're pretty much the same team. Same coach, same GM, same personnel with 1 out of house UFA signing. Cam's vlog got me psyched more than anything. I hope he shreds the league again circa '15.
  9. Wasn't word that Paradis turned down a similar offer by the Broncos and another team (forgot who it was) to sign with us? He's trying to subdue the shade.
  10. davos

    Two mocks that I like

    I like the Burns-Wilkins combo platter
  11. That right there is the amount that Batum, Biyombo, Marvin, MKG & Zeller will count towards the 2019 cap. I think you can argue that with the projected cap increase and contracts elsewhere, Zeller and MKG's aren't awful, but they may be the best bait for carving out more cap as they have value. With Batum, someone is going to want to swap out a bad contract like a Parsons so might as well just keep him unless we pull some magic off. His contract is the true POS holding things back. It's batshit crazy that Bizmack Biyombo and Nic Batum are the highest paid players on our team. Biz's contract could potentially get shedded but I think we're still looking at taking on a 10 mil+ contract in exchange and he only has a year left. Basically: Marvin, MKG, and Zeller are the bait we need to use if we are ready to retool and we need to start getting a whole new thing together under Mitch. Who do y'all think should be the guys we try to move on from and get some room? What would your strategy be over the next 2 years to retool with $$ to spend? If I'm MK: Don't sign Kemba to a max; let him go to Utah, Indiana or something Let Lamb and Frank walk. Frank may not get resigned by another team. Lamb could become a solid piece for a team elsewhere. Rid ourselves of at least 2 of the 3 in Marvin, MKG, and Zeller
  12. Definitely. Just look how teams are building these days. GSW and Toronto were initially through development, finding 1-2 studs (Curry-Klay, Demar) and then that talent elevated them to the point where it made it appealing to assemble a juggernaut. Elsewhere, I like how LAC has been retooling with the new ownership. They've ditched Paul, Griffin, & Tobias (most recently) but have been good with keeping a strong talented crew. Gallinari is also having a resurrection with Harrell being an absolute stud along with Lou. They're good enough with enough $$ room ahead that Kawhi will likely go there and put them over the top. Sure we've had Kemba, but he's not really that special and has been rumored to be traded for the last 2-3 years. This leads us to never even landing the strong starters or being an interesting group to join. We keep finding these "high ceiling" guys that either flutter or settle into role players and Kemba has just been doing his thing around blah talent. Then there's the occasional guy that brings something complimentary (Lamb, Parker, Zeller etc.). I do think Borrego has room to grow/is a coach I can see being appealing to play for but none of the roster outside of Graham, Monk, and Bridges looks that interesting to join if I'm a UFA. Really, nothing about our situation is appealing minus Monk & Bridges' potential but it doesn't mean we need to necessarily tank; top talent has been found peppered to the high teens in drafts recently and there's even more 2nds having impacts. I do think we could be one of the worst teams in the league next year by not signing Kemba to a max, but that's simply the route we should take to climb out of our mess. We really need to start drafting better.
  13. davos

    2019 Challenge

    Did you take some dad drugs tonight boss?
  14. Nothing against longstocks Mcblondie, but people forget how mindblowingly amazing Ross played that championship game. Without Wilkins or Ross, Clemson would have been a different team entirely last year.