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  1. With Luke still as our Mike and Shaq as the Will, he's an interesting interchangeable guy who could play Sam or Will. Even Leo. He ran a 4.69 40. May not be super quick in game but he's got the speed.
  2. Certain guys embrace football as a career, become analysts, announcers, personalities, etc. They intertwine themselves with the networks and league for years to come. I.E. Mark Schlereth, Nate Burleson, etc. Others fade away into obscurity/family life/other jobs/etc. I.E. Ben Coates, Natrone Means, Eddie George Then you have the breeds who have created/built a brand. Football isn't a career but one of the many outlets they will use in their lifetime. They still may love the sport but their overarching goal is to establish, grow, and create a brand, businesses, and other ventures. They are entertainers. Don't mean to generalize, but it's 3 distinct paths you'll see.
  3. 5-11 or 6-10 would be your best bets. As much as I want Rivera gone, he's never produced a true bottom of the barrel NFL team. He always seems to finally get things going when his back is against the wall (this is usually after the players can't keep bailing him out and things are rolling our way). We don't have the luxury of an offense bailing us out anymore, so if he's fired midseason, we could end up 3-13, 4-12, but I see him fighting just a bit before he's canned at year's end. This doesn't look like the squad that just misses the playoffs though. Final answer: 5-11. We hit the retool button.
  4. Yeah be sure to plan a fun trip around the game. Ensure it's a solid London trip first and foremost lol.
  5. Any decent squad would have converted at least 2 of those 4 FG drives into TDs. Bucs should have been rolled last night. We cannot roll.
  6. Just came in here to say Kamala Harris is awful. A pure reflection of the over-reactionary media driven cultural vultures. Her bozo base represent some of the most headache inducing folk out there, as much as the people that somehow remain behind the orange f*ck. Also, Warren is really looking like the one to run with this. Bern or Liz. I really want to see how Warren will tightrope her foriegn relations and middle eastern policy. How much will she bend for the MIC?
  7. The fact that the staff is trying to sell there's nothing different or wrong with Cam this year is beyond laughable. He hasn't scored since week 13 of 2018.
  8. Cam thinks he's hurt, Ron says he isn't and blames the game on him. Okie folks. We're done here. One at the least is gone. My bet is on Ron sooner than later. Player's coach my as$.
  9. He's not running and we're not designing plays for him to run. Wanna explain that one Ron? Want to explain his obvious aching when getting up? Shaking off his ankle pain? F*ck off Ron.
  10. The boy has arthritis in his shoulder. Surgery or not, that can be degenerative. It doesn't magically go away. His leg hurt, he doesn't look like he wants to be there. We've ruined him. He hasn't scored a TD since week 13 of 2018.
  11. I don't care about how much some may defend him, he's done so much for this franchise, but his play tn with this coaching staff will result in a cascade of losses. Factor in the OL play to the left and we're going to have some MAJOR issues. This wasn't even a great defense, just one who knew how to attack our offensive weaknesses without Cam running.
  12. Herbert and Fromm though. Even without Lawrence, this is a goooood QB draft. Hell, throw in Burrow as well.
  13. I don't think it's been clicked into lock after the shut. It's more like it's been shut and then someone was tossed through it leaving chards of glass everywhere.
  14. When I've run into him at Del Mar Deli, that guy is a shrimp. Maybe he's on some secret stem cell thing haha.
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