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  1. davos

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the culprit for the majority of the spoken sh!t accounts are one or two people. 1-HornetsSting, Chuck, FootballLivesMatter, the list goes on and on. 2-JulioSantos, Ace, Sanjay, etc. Is the IP band thing just a myth bc the issue seems pretty cut and dry bro. Just like Bwood and TRD when they went alt crazy. They're not even gimmicks, it's just weird...I mean this is a football fan forum for the Panthers, their obsession with trolling it is odd.
  2. I actually think the Jaguars would be a great fit for him, problem is that offense is going nowhere fast and he probably wants to win. It makes Dallas and Atlanta real possibilities unfortunately. Maybe the Bengals.
  3. If Foles pulls out a win today, that would be sweet man. His career is just so damn interesting.
  4. KC-Rams please. Just no Saints or Pats again, though I am numb to the Pats winning it all at this point so someone just knock out the Saints.
  5. RE: Every Chargers game since he became the starter
  6. The Chargers' defense matches up horribly against the Pats. Little blitzing and they should've moved back to what worked this year. This DB heavy package they've been running works against certain offenses, not the Pats.
  7. A HC is always the first guy that gets looked at in losing streaks. We lost 7 in a row, that's not solely on Cam's shoulder or isolated in-game instances. The collective fan's opinion this offseason has many heads and as fans, we can't know what really goes on. Anderson may have a very particular personality and there were definitely players having poor performances here and there but the coaching issues have been apparent for YEARS and people are just spent at this point. Things run their course and it's happened with a majority of the fanbase. Time for the coaches to finally respond or they'll be packing. From this, you get hyperbolized frustration, best to expect it and not get frustrated.
  8. The NFL responded to our 15-1 year and we didn't counter. Simple as that IMO.
  9. Sure. I'm just saying going 1-7 has something to do with people blaming the coaching staff.
  10. Concerning the RB load, consider that when they finally had the opportunity to see more out of CAP: They decided to shelf him in the second half for a near 30 y/o free agency bin Travaris Cadet with a lovely 11 carriers for 17 yards. They were just trying to run out the season at a certain point. I think CAP is fine, not a star, but could end up jumping into a starting role if need be and producing like Damien Williams has in KC. The Miami game the previous season showed he's got some decent ability. That showed that they view it as CMC 100% which is fine, I guess if it works, but it may have an effect on his longevity. Norv has shown to be capable of using multiple guys before with Tomilson/Tolbert/Sproles so maybe it changes.
  11. Yo, we went from a top NFC seed to losing 7 of 8 to close the season. The one win coming against the Saints backups after they clinched the 1st seed. That may have something to do with it.
  12. This has been a topic every season since his 3rd with the exclusion of the SB follow-up/2016. The man knows how to save his own as$, you gotta give him that haha.
  13. Pretty dissapointed, especially after how the season went and the promise of new ownership. This is not all bc of Cam's shoulder. It's clear Tepper isn't interested in changes at the moment/for the time being. I'll try to be patient but my off-season enthusiasm is going to be very low.
  14. To be fair both will likely fail