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  1. Oh my gawd stahp you two. So many words without even saying anything.
  2. The Houston defense is lacking in talent. This is over.
  3. Also, funny to note that Ryan Tannehill (An 8th overall pick) is the highest drafted remaining QB left.
  4. What it shows is I would much prefer building a team that can consistently make the playoffs and not one that just shoots their wad once every 5 years. You never know who ends up making a run and feeling it. Saints get knocked out and Titans are steamrolling in the AFC. If this shapes up to be a Titans-49ers SB, it will be the strangest damn SB in forever.
  5. I’m excited in the same way to when the Bobcats were brought into existence. Yay, we got the NBA back, excited to see what we can build but it’s not the Hornets...and their name is the Bobcats. Image change! We’re likely going to be awful so hopefully some of the young guys can tear it up and we can become something in short order but ehhh yeah about that lol. Given the nature of parody in the NFL however, we can be a bit optimistic but dear god do not expect much for 2020.
  6. Same and you have to think that's what they're looking for; especially if it's to supplant Hurney at the right time in Tepper's mind. Ryan Cowden would be perfect IMO but it would be a pretty parallel move for him (unless we assure him Hurney is getting phased out)
  7. Could be getting an interesting role but I don't know if it will be the Assistant GM/VP of Ops. That's the position I'm most interested to see who emerges.
  8. Totally. He seems like a Tyler Boyd but coming in at a slightly higher level and has a higher ceiling. Almost like some of the old school flankers in the 90s but curated for today's league.
  9. Yeah, he makes the big throws look easy. If he can get his game in tune, he could be a pretty great quarterback IMO. I just really like the potential. I don't think he's worth a late 1st trade up, and like many would love a C or starting lineman in the early rounds, but he could be a really interesting choice R2. This mock would be pretty cool.
  10. He has the best upside in the draft from a dual threat QB standpoint. Had a weird year but the talent is there. I wouldn't at all be opposed if we think he has the acumen to take the next step. Decision making and pre-snap seem to be his biggest areas to improve which are super coacheable. His throwing motion is super smooth but is no doubt a wildcard. Wildcard bitches! Herbert, Fromm, Eason, Hurts, etc. all have fairly big concerns from a limitation or intangible standpoint. Love is groomable so I see him being a rather intriguing prospect and could be good behind Cam. If they don't think he's ready and Cam goes down, we have Allen. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/film-review--jordan-love-leaves-on-a-promising-note
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