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  1. davos

    Corona Virus

    Never knew you overcame it. Your ass has been kissed. Props. edit*Also, kinda of sh*t comment on my end so apologies and respect brother.
  2. davos

    Corona Virus

    I wish you didn't say that as you constantly infer alcohol problems and post in a very crass manner regarding consumption and deliberate self care. Now I'm depressed.
  3. Chewie Lewis & the News

  4. I don't get why any tall X or Z is considered "possession" nowadays but I digress. I see nice balance in someone like Garrett. I'm honestly a bit tired of the Hill experiment so he better show up or we need to move past him this year.
  5. Essos-based funk?

  6. The more I'm looking into these guys, I really like Bradberry and Sanchez. Would have been nice to have some type of addition on the offensive line depth wise but we can still find some good adds. The team is well rounded. Slightly light at safety and OL depth but we're in good position. Sanchez learning more skills from Boykin could be awesome. Bradberry may be on the outside sooner than people expect IMO. 2nd round pick for a reason.
  7. I only know as much as I know but Bell doesn't seem as ideal as some of the other guys at SS this draft. Still would love the pick though but not a trade up. I think he's more likely to fill Coleman's role down the road but can for sure play SS in our D. There's a lot of big athletic potential box safeties in this draft who are great against the run: Cash, Thomspon, & Killebrew. Not to mention my super sleeper safety special: Kavon Frazier. I believe we've met with all of them.
  8. 1-Ogbah (DE), 2-Shepard (WR), & 3-Darius Thompson (SS) and call it a day.
  9. I've been thinking the DTs that are more balanced will be gone (Butler, Rankins, & Chris dickflop Jones) and the others that are more one-dimensional (the Bama boys with their run-defense) could fall a bit. Robinson's potential however is pretty significant so I think he's gone early. I actually think a some teams could consider Willie Henry, Kenny Clark or Ridgeway over Jarran Reed. Basically--If Jarran Reed is available, I wonder if how we'd rank him. I'd still consider Ogbah over him. Maybe even Neal or Joseph.
  10. I think it may end up being who many originally thought it was going to be before a bunch of hype trains rolled around: Ogbah Watch Henry go to SEA/DET and Hunter Henry go to Bears/Colts/etc...then it gets interesting.
  11. What a crazy deal--I'm moving from Denver but will be living in SD/North County when we play the Chargers...on my birthday week. Hell yes. I'm there.
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