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  1. If Week 1 against Denver went in our favor with the Gano field goal, Cam winning despite the refs letting Denver pummel him and late hit him galore (again), that entire season would have been different.
  2. Nope, Ward. That man got away with 3-4 hits in the SB and Week 1 2016 that really did change the trajectory of things.
  3. He's been amazing for this franchise but the timelines of his medical, the covid-19 situation, and FA did not align or do us any favors. My gripe: Really wish they gave him a better send off, real cruddy the way things unfolded but alas, he will be fine, we will adjust. I do have a few diehard fans that were texting this AM saying they're done. We're talking season tickets since Clemson days types.
  4. Rivera Officials TJ Ward Buuut..if we want to be on the same page, I'm totally cool with collectively blaming Hurney.
  5. Not trying to throw shade but most people that found their way here in the Cam era probably don't know the state combo logo connection.
  6. So they realized they couldn't get anything for him...makes sense to ship Allen so it makes it feel like there's compensation in all of this lol.
  7. Holy hell is that logo bad. It's like they wanted to rebrand as either the Chargers or an internet browser lol.
  8. Ha! Saw that a few weeks back, figured it would have been posted but never saw it here. I do agree it needs a refresh. Why not.
  9. Why post here to only comment on posting quality. It's very weird.
  10. Doi. He's been a professional through this all and an upstanding icon for this franchise but I lose no emotional weight in his departure. He's either going to get a second wind or find an amazing situation outside of football. What's done is donezo. Finito.
  11. This seriously looks like the Chargers. Mozilla Ramserfox. The St. Louis San Diegos
  12. This actually opens it up for Pittsburgh which I would love. Question is what type of $ we're talking. Not many starting spots are open outside of NE, MIA, CIN, LAC, and Vegas so Cam could be making less than his current contract. Never thought his 3rd contract would be less than his 2nd after 2015. Crazy how things can change.
  13. I think Becton could be DG's love affair this time around. Jones needs the protection going into year 2 and Gettleman is always a bit kooky with his picks.
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