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  1. You'd have to change the style tab at the bottom for work appropriate use.
  2. I was just gonna say Davos comes for my love of the Swiss Alps. I apparently like names after landscapes.
  3. I remember there were a fair deal of long timers that changed names with the full reboot back then. We should just do it again! Realizing how long I've been using the board is making me think of the adventures that I've endured since. Woooah man this is crazy.
  4. Was your screen grab from Farscape or something? haha
  5. TRD fizzled out with some funny alts as well. See, so many posters are craving for some good ole' days but there's always been crazy posters to deal with haha
  6. It was a change midst my GoT nerd climax. I kind of like the indiscreet approach. I come for the info, some convo, and don't mind playing around with the mocks and speculation. Don't need a reputation! #huddlewallflower
  7. My ignore list has about 13 Chuck variations, a few Bwoods, and Camdemmoniums sprinkled in. It does work. Just don't reply to them non-offenders, that's the only way we see their posts.
  8. I'm with you there. A fellow decade plus poster (however one that changed his name too much for people to recognize and doesn't quite offer any substantial informative posts) Beechlander, Beach, Kahakai, Davos...lol I also propose we try an experiment and make the Sax guy one for a week and see how far down the rabbit hole we go. Overall, the non emotional is the way to go. Hard to find around these parts Linville seems fine. Let's do that. @Zod make it happen @Jase @Kurb @rayzor
  9. I say remove it. It will allow for more traffic back into the Lounge which could be a great subforum. As long as you have a moderator that will nip the troll or political sh*tposting at the knees.
  10. I'd say next season would be a year to see progression and look for better consistency. If we don't ditch Gano and he looks better in camp, sure play Graham but I haven't seen anything yet that is making me go, okay, get Slye out of there. He's had two <50 yarder misses that were tough to stomach but I don't think that warrants the pitchforks yet. For context, Gano was going into year 4 at 74% kicking in his career when we signed him.
  11. LAFC games are amazing. The league is on the up and up and think Charlotte having one would kick ass.
  12. I only saw a few people mention it but how does no one remember how bad Gano was to start off his career? He was MILES worse than Joey. Joey has a few long misses in here. There have been maybe 3-4 this season that I was like, f*ck, that would've been good make in the moment. That's it. He's fine until there's an egregious fugup.
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