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  1. Is it weird that I actually enjoyed watching him get revenge? lol. I won't be following Cam much but power to the guy beyond the Panthers.
  2. We have arguably the most interesting coaching situation in the league with Rhule and Brady. Super young team, it's really exciting. There may be growing pains but we could be really fun to watch. Joe Brady using CMC, Moore, Robby, & Samuel should be interesting. The defense with this new DL in Weatherly, Burns, Brown, Short, Gross-Matos is easily the most excited I've been about that unit since Fox days. We never really had a stellar DL under Rivera just a good overall defense (at times). I also won't discount Kerr, Christian Miller and that big Baylor guy in Roy. OL, TE and LBs are works in progress... DB is another super interesting spot with Chinn, Boston, Burris, Robinson, Jackson, Pride, Apple, & Tommy-Olives making a fast/young core. Not an Apple fan but whatevs.
  3. Love seeing Moose and Gross on there. They always seemed like good teammates but great to see some words and story behind it.
  4. I'm super excited about Chinn. Most excited I've been for a defensive secondary guy since we drafted Gamble.
  5. Awesome stuff from Rhule. Cheers on that. Pertaining to Teddy--From what I saw last year, he still has really nice placement on his mid-range throws and just knows how to shuffle in the pocket with that footwork. He plays calm, loose, and with a quiet confidence. If he was in 16, he would've been tracking for a 28 TD, 8 INT season with 3,900 yards so yes, he's grown from his first two seasons where he looked meh, had low numbers, along with a bad supporting cast without AP year one. I'm not going over the moon for him but we could be sneaky good and I wouldn't be all that mad. If you're building for long term success, it's about curating a good environment and foundation...so if that foundations pulls off more wins than expected, it's a reason to be optimistic rather than pessimistic that we're not getting a top-5 pick. Considering where recent success stories are coming from, I'm fine in the pick 5-18 range if that is what happens. There is absolutely no reason to be anxious about doing better than expected. It will mean we found good coaches in Brady and Rhule. Which is arguably the biggest reason for team success than anything (The most critical thing IMO beyond any QB or particular players). If we found the right coaching crew, that's such a huge deal. Also, if Teddy is more mediocre/bleh, then he has a totally manageable contract because we're not going to be scratching for some huge QB signing, it will be targeting a rookie (Unless someone like Watson becomes available). I can see plenty of QBs I'd be thrilled about next year.
  6. Yup. Maybe they're quarantine buds with a blossoming bromance.
  7. Agreed. Ian could benefit in this offense but we shouldn't expect Ben Coates (Who he kind of reminds me of if he hits his ceiling). I can see Ian with 450-600 yards but I think it's clear there's a decent step for him to take into a big time TE role. DeValve brings us a good cushion if Ian has hiccups. It's a prove it year for him so it could be pretty cool if he excels. This comes back to just being downright excited about Joe Brady. It's pretty wild we have a change at nearly every top spot on the roster and staff and the OC is so young and promising, he's bringing the most hype.
  8. Some weird freaking bickering in this jam.
  9. If you're trying to read between the lines about what our 3rd string QB thinks of our former starting QB, you're wasting your time. And his answer was fine. This wasn't a Cam Newton interview. Jeesh Anyhoo, I agree that Grier looked bad. Was actually excited when we drafted him thinking he had potential so was a bit surprised he looked so out of his element for how much of a big game gunslinger he seemed in college. He has always been good at deep ball accuracy even though he didn't have a rocket arm. Not every Clausen has the same trajectory. I'm willing to see if he can compete with PJ and Bridge but he may not make it through camp.
  10. Yeah the gradient is ridiculous. Wtf. What an awful all around redesign when they were completely fine. They're lack of detail needed in a freaking spiral horn made this something that could have been subtle and legit. Yet they look like dogsh!t.
  11. I thought he could have a Colt McCoy type ceiling but he seemed shell shocked and wasn't the gunslinger downfield style that he projected at WVU. Hoping I'm wrong but he really did look Pickles bad. Just couldn't move the offense. Don't make me want to turn off a game. He did.
  12. I've hit my pen a few times tonight but see what he's trying to get at, but just not in a ideal way. Don't get some responses in here...not many NFL players (or anyone for that matter) can appropriately explain their personal beliefs on consciousness and the human condition to others and sound relatable. I'm of the perspective we're all frequencies. There's a base wave that all come from, and each receiver organism is tuning into a certain, complex channel. Certain biological and neurological conditions align over time and can tune closely to others. That's where the whole reincarnation bit comes in. We're just hearing echoes in a tangential wavelength.
  13. Really like Tanner Morgan. He's been low key on a lot of scout radars, is really well developed technically, big time leader, and threads the needle. Not the bomb arm but it's no noodle like a Fromm/Pennington. Sneaky good deep ball. Interested to see him lead Minn without Tyler Johnson...(Bateman is an absolute stud)
  14. Things could/will dramatically change throughout the year like every season's beginning/end projections. The way I currently see the field (And yes, it's stacked): High 1st round: 1. Lawrence 2A. Fields 2B. Trey Lance Already solid/Potential 1st/but need to have good follow-ups: Brock Purdy Tanner Morgan Boom/Bust 1sr Round Potential (Need to make big strides but could rocket up boards): Sam Ehlinger Jamie Newman Kyle Trask Chase Brice Complete Wildcard: Kellen Mond
  15. I do wonder if they looked at this QB class and then next year's to determine what they wanted to build out first. Happy we went D because Brown, Gross-Matos and Chinn all look legit.
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