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  1. davos

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    I actually agree with the Cam sentiment but I'm not ready to say adios by any means. The lack of zip on even the intermediate throws is what I find concerning. He has always been spotty with hitting guys deep-in-stride but excelled with the medium level throws in the seams, sidelines, and slants. Now, even those ones are floating and it's not a knock on him personally, he's just banged up right now. Question is how much power and strength can the titan of a man get back. Also--Van Roten and Clark looked good earlier this year but they've gotten hit by a wall of reality as of late. Legit Needs: DE, Safety (1-2), DT, OLB, LT, LG, Nickel, TE (Ian looks solid but why stop with him?) We need a stud pass rusher in the worst kind of way right meow. Meow.
  2. davos

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    I want to see a team that is better prepared, has more fire, and better schemes. Not this 4-3 soft zone BS, not this methodical offense that's not a true E-P style. We're clearly not winning a SB with Rivera in today's NFL. He's never truly adjusted and now he can't even pull out all the stops with his back against the wall. Our defense has completely fallen apart. We have a good drive and score then let the opposition just strut down field without any problem. EVERY WEEK. I'll be relieved if one of the Saints games is a win for the sake of the players and making us not look absolutely awful, but begeebis, he needs to go.
  3. Funny thing is he's been okay recently. Honestly, better than portions of last season. I really don't enjoy seeing these guys that have been here their whole careers projecting themselves as the problem. Ryan Kalil, TD, etc. The staff shouldn't be letting them become these faux-villains. It's insulting because we see the collective issues as a team right now and it's clear as day. Poor d-line, poor defensive scheming, awful redzone offense, bad situational playcalling (and situational awareness) Having our OLB and Center doing this makes me a sad panda.
  4. You think he'd at least be better than some of our secondary. Captain is slow as molasses, Elder sucks and Adams is smart but doesn't have it anymore he's like 39. Oh wee mayne
  5. It's almost been a decade with him; we should know what to expect and can all clearly see he's not 100%. This includes both running and passing. We gave him nothing over the years, never coached him up and now we're sitting on our d*cks like a bunch of losers. We are due for a major overhaul on every front. We've got some good youngbloods but we have a defensive coach who isn't producing a good defense, awful redzone offense and poor clock management for now 9 years. Tepper will be judged mightily by his upcoming moves/non-moves.
  6. Cam has been a fantastic QB for 9 years, HOFer but good god, he just doesn't seem right physically right now.
  7. The way the refs are carrying these lengthy conversation with the Browns staff is ridiculous. We're getting hosed.
  8. These refs are worthy of an NFL fine/investigation today. Absolutely garbage calls
  9. Finchess fail, poor clock management and ST all in one fell swoop. Nice
  10. Charlotte Catholic HC right? He gone
  11. Tepper came from the Steelers. If we lose to the Browns, I can't imagine he'll be happy. A loss this week would call it a season (Even though it is already gone. We'll have to run the table).
  12. And a weird factoid: Jake Delhomme's former QB Coach became their next HC. Let's hope we do better.
  13. davos

    Our window has closed

    I believe we will have near 68 million in cap and this coming offseason will be one of the most wide open one's in quite some time. None of our anticipated FAs on the roster are even worth retaining minus Daryl. We also have a young core on their rookie or fresh contracts: Offense: CMC DJ Moore Curtis Samuel Ian Thomas Moton Larsen Armah Defense: Donte Jackson Short (Kind of a bad year but we've got him locked up) Luke Shaq Mario Addison Honorable mentions/unknowns: James Bradberry (I still don't know what to think about him) J. Carter Jr. Efe Obada Andre Smith The rest of the team better strap in. I think this D could be completely reconfigured. This will be the clearest opportunity to do so if Rivera is gone. There's just so much expendable talent I.E.: Horton, We definitely need some major help in the front 7 but we've got some skilled players in tact for the next season or two (or three).
  14. I've said something along these lines before but hot damn, it's truer than ever right now. We've got a lot of staff all stemming from that club. Basically: the HC became the OC and the DC became the HC. Let's look at those records when they had Turner-Rivera-Chud-Wilks: 2007: 11-5 2008: 8-8 2009: 13-3 2010: 9-7 -- Rivers had some unbelievable seasons, LT was a rushing-receiving machine with the emergent Sproles and Tolbert, a future HOFer in Gates at TE. But they just couldn't consistently be at the top. They had really quick linebackers, a decent enough DL and an aging secondary. Hmmm. Would look amazing one week and then crap the next. Great one season then entirely underperforming and mediocre the next. They won playoff games in 07', Rivers was battling through injuries, then had one of his best years arguably in 2008. Fall back to mediocrity in the year they were hyped then fall apart. They would do just enough to keep the coaches in tact. -- Now on our end, don't forget what Cam said about Chud coming in and installing this Turner offense they had going in SD. Furthermore, he admitted Shula basically kept it tact (for the most part) and now the "mastermind" is back at the helm. Rivera was there and has been here the whole time so the defense is known. Sure he was a 3-4 there but results are eerily similar and we run hybrid D a lot of the time. So....after all this time, it really shows these guys just refuse to evolve. I feel they just brought the entire mentality and MO of the late 2000s Chargers with them. We are the late 2000s.. San Diego... Super Chargers. -- Great job wasting our time and Cam's potential. They wasted the scrappy lad from NC State and now it's kid from Auburn who genuinely wants to bring a SB to Charlotte. Stupid observation but wanted to make it known.