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  1. Hes got ( owns) the Panthers. sorry, but I don’t expect to hear from an owner after a loss ( other than Jerry Jones )
  2. " Mount up men,, ride to the sound of the cannon fire ,, there's a battle to be fought" NFL Wars Week 10 Panthers vs packers Temperature Score PANTHERS 34( high today ) packers 17 ( low today )
  3. Temps drop, Oysters are safe .. St Pauli Girl Beer.. " you never forget your first girl, St Pauli Girl Beer "
  4. It's a Weather Predicted Score Panthers 34 ( the high of the day) packers 17 ( the low of the day.) GO PANTHERS
  5. Sunday Temps.. High of 34,, dipping to 17 at night.. Cloudy ( hell, it's always cloudy and gray in Wisconsin this time of year ) No precipitation expected as of today. 10-13 mph winds. We should do well and pick up another W ..
  6. A full analysis would have included .. IR is 8 weeks. ( December 30 ) .. So hypothetically.. lets say Kyle takes us to the playoffs.. Season over and we make the wild card.. Going into the playoffs , do you want Will Grier as your back up going into the playoffs, or Cam Newton ?? Now maybe I'm reaching.. but as a fan., and that's all we all are,, so until we're out of the playoffs. we think we have a chance.. And it's a team game.. and Cam would be a better back up than Will Grier.. and Cam would be who you want to come in, if something happened to Kyle..
  7. Super Bowl.. The answer isn't on the team currently. I think a healthy Cam is our way back. We have some age on defense and hoping for another franchise QB currently isn't in the near draft. Maybe sign Cam for 1 or 2 seasons,, Kyle is the next man up and I hope he can get 5 wins with our remaining schedule and we make the playoffs. Kyle's had some good moments.. I'm all in with him ..
  8. " Mount up men,, ride to the sound of the cannon fire ,, there's a battle to be fought" NFL Wars Week 9 Panthers vs titans Panthers 31 titans 14
  9. PANTHERS ROLL.. Start a playoff run .. Panthers 31 Titans 21 .. Glass half full and refillable.
  10. " we're doomed.. Gulliver will never make it in time " Nah, we're good.. Defense will regroup.. Tenn Defense is good,, but we'll manage to get a couple of long runs.. even a pass down field.. and a couple of short fields for the offense. (special teams still suffer ) Glass half full and we're refilling
  11. All of you who claim to be leaving .. I keep seeing you post your dribble.. you seem to think bashing every thing about the Panthers is kewl.. expect Sir Purr ,, leave ..
  12. It's "IN YOUR FACE " DAY to those to tofu eating , latte drinking, "left coasters " Picked up Parkers BBQ in Greenville NC yesterday .. Take this you Left Coasters ~ PORK BBQ
  13. " Mount up men,, ride to the sound of the cannon fire ,, there's a battle to be fought" NFL Wars Week 8 Panthers vs forty niners Panthers 27 forty niners 17
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