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  1. Late getting home. Pizza & Beer.. Saint Pauli Girl Beer,, " you never forget your first girl, Saint Pauli Girl Beer,
  2. GO PANTHERS DIVISIONAL RIVAL " mount up men, ride to the sound of the cannon fire,, there's a battle to be fought " NFL WARS WEEK 2 PANTHERS vs bucs Panthers 31 ~ bucs 7
  3. Panther Burgers after the WIN. St Pauli Girl Beer ~ you never forget your first girl, St Pauli Girl ~ Beer
  4. GO PANTHERS " mount up men, ride to the sound of the cannon fire,, there's a battle to be fought " NFL WARS WEEK 1 PANTHERS vs rams Panthers 31 ~ rams 15
  5. REAL GOOD.. Dorian gone .... Panthers Roll, and it’s ugly .. we beat them so bad, the National Media even gives us a little credit,, but mostly the Rams lost, not we beat the lol Panthers Roll 31-15 , it ugly
  6. I didn’t lose power during Dorian.. but 11AM WE lost power till 6 PM ,, it was HOT.. ( Transformer blew ) no damage here. The jeep pics were great. One of my favs
  7. Even after reading all these different explanations ( for the same emoji) we still need “ Bless his heart “. ( he’s an idiot ) And Bojangles lol
  8. Friday afternoon update: lost power at 11:30 AM. Transformer blew nearby.
  9. Ok.. 70 miles off shore Wilmington. We’ve not lost power as of now. Staying off shore and not taking a direct hit is Huge . The meat of what happens to ILM is between 11PM and 3 AM .. if I can sleep through it, it will be great., Tornadoes this morning,, it was crazy., So far this is nothing like Bertha, Fran, Floyd, Florence and those I can’t recall their names ( can you remember every girl back from the 50’s Best Wishes to my neighbors to the north, Topsail, Emerald Isle, The OBX Friday Morning Update. all is well, many without power, but the eye stayed off shore. Not a direct hit or 12 hours of constant pounding. Be safe OXB ready for Sunday and the Rams now.
  10. Panthers Roll .. 31 - 15 Offense if methodical , long drives, completely mixing things up. Cam throws to 7 different receivers,, CMC gets 170 total yards. Rams are on their heels all day with the Panther Defense looking like daze of old..
  11. Some type of heart ,, for " Bless your heart " which equals.. You're an idiot Screw Guinness , lol , use a great German Beer, St Pauli Girl Beer.. You never forget your first girl. St Pauli Girl,
  12. We're 0-0 ,, good time to jump ship if you dislike Ron, injuries excuses .. I'm all in .. Ready for the Rams and see our team..
  13. Italian night, Shrimp alfredo, and St Pauli Girl Beer,, ( no St Pauli Girl beer really, they don't serve it ) so wine
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