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  1. Panthers 31 lions 13 the whole team looks better after 10 days off and having their derrière handed to them.
  2. OceanPanther

    Positives from yesterday

    Most of us had this game penciled in as a loss in our preseason predictions.... We just weren't expecting them to hand our derriere to us . We're really on track for a 11-5 10- 6 season.. Hopefully the Playoffs.
  4. OceanPanther

    Game Day Menu

  5. NFL WARS WEEK 10 PANTHERS vs steelers" Mount Up Men,, Ride To The Sound Of The Cannon Fire,,,, There's A Battle To Be Fought "Panthers 27steelers 17
  6. OceanPanther

    The Best Panthers Bar In The World

    Just a heads up , while in Paris I found this “ Sports Bar “ to try to watch a Panthers game . True story .
  7. PANTHERS 27 pittsburgh 17 PANTHERS MIX THINGS UP AGAIN ~ return to the no huddle offense Funchess & Olsen / Cam have big nights
  8. I think some of you need to learn you place as C LEVEL, D LEVEL and in my case F LEVEL posters.. if you've not had 5,000, 10,000 , 25,000 or more post .. you really have no place posting on a Time Out Wasted Thread.. NOOOOO, It doesn't matter that you've seen every Panther game since 1995 ,, You've not posted enough to know squat... You're not a real coach and you probably can't cook a steak Now just sit back and what us win the Super Bowl .. without any time outs as the game ends
  9. OceanPanther

    Game Day Menu

    I can't change the menu when on a winning streak,, Panther Burgers & St Pauli Girl Beer
  10. NFL WARS Week 9 PANTHERS vs bucs " Mount Up Men ,, Ride To The Sound Of The Cannon Fire ,,,, There's a Battle To Be Fought " Panthers 28 bucs 16
  11. Division Game. Always a WAR Team continues to jell on both sides of the ball. Panther 31 bucs 21
  12. OceanPanther

    Fire Rivera fanboys must be on vacation

    " all think they can coach and cook a steak "
  13. NEXT UP.. TAMPA BAY .. we'll worry about the Saints in Dec.. lots of football before we see them
  14. OceanPanther

    Game Balls - Who get em?

    Norv Turner .. kept a # 1 Defense on their heels all game
  15. Stay the coarse ravens