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  1. Might record the game, then fast forward through the game to watch the commercials. ( Budweiser and early favorite,, as usual ) Here,, now you can just go to SB party and not pay attention to either
  2. One of the greatest moments he gave us.. ( so many to choose from )
  3. I don't want us to become Baylor East.. Let's hope he gets a lot of coaches with NFL experience . The names from the NFL being mentioned sound good for a rookie coach in the NFL..
  4. Good,, no more "opportunities missed" and " it is what it is" LOL,
  5. We didn't hire Joe Judge .. We got Matt Rhule . Thank gawd we didn't interview JJ or this place would have imploded .
  6. Yes, now there will be a new overtime rule next year because the ( whining) beloved Saints lost legitimately. New Rule. Saints get ball first at the 1 yrd line. If they score a TD, game over. If they kick a fieldgoal , Saints win. If any other team is in an overtime game the rules revert back to this year
  7. Last game till Sept .. I had so many expectations of this team. Healthy Cam, KK Short joining McCoy , Donte Jackson becoming a premier defensive back. Playoffs, Divisional Championship and yes, a run to the Superbowl.. So this last game of the season,, 2019.. I am having Humble Pie. and a beer..
  8. Merry Christmas from our Carolina Coast
  9. " snacking today " does mean fudge ?? ,, I mean, this time of year lol
  10. Agreed.. where is the Beer Mug option of "pie" lol ??
  11. Not sure yet... I'd thought of " hunger strike " till the Panthers win again.. but then I realized ,, it might be until next September before we win again.. so I need to put some thought into this.. It is the season ,, so I might have pregame Fudge,, in game Fudge,, and postgame Fudge.. And of coarse a St Pauli Girl Beer.
  12. I'll be watching,, We're playing for nothing. Unless losing and getting a better draft position is something,, so that's not exciting.. Playing for bragging rights over the Colts and we can rub it in the face of all the Colt Fans in Indiana ,, oh yeah,, what a rivalry.. "Take that you rascally Colt fan ,, how'd that taste " So,, My Hope is that we don't play CMC ,, and shut him down for the season.. no need to take a chance on a stupid injury..
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