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  1. Our 2019 defense ( as we were reminded numerous times on TV ) was giving up 29 points a game. We no longer have McKoy, Butler, Poe, Addison, Luke, Irvin, Bradberry , and Reid .. off that awful defense. We've added 7 rookies. and I'm sure we will add some free agents. Can we really expect to be better on defense in 2020 ?? no. Maybe 2021 or 2022 .. but rookies aren't going to be magic .. 5-11 record and we won't get us in the Clemson quarterback ( Trevor Lawrence ) grab. We'd need to lose more, like 14 games.
  2. I disliked the NFL Network / ESPN coverage.. You could see the next pick was in, and they seemed hell bent on letting every guest pontificator make some type of comment whether they knew anything or not.
  3. One of the greatest moments he gave us.. ( so many to choose from )
  4. Super Bowl.. The answer isn't on the team currently. I think a healthy Cam is our way back. We have some age on defense and hoping for another franchise QB currently isn't in the near draft. Maybe sign Cam for 1 or 2 seasons,, Kyle is the next man up and I hope he can get 5 wins with our remaining schedule and we make the playoffs. Kyle's had some good moments.. I'm all in with him ..
  5. Gotta keep those lovin good vibration , a happening with her.. When in doubt, paddle out
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