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  1. "Prime Time Games " have no benefits . They have plenty of down side. Short weeks preparation's, less time to heal, etc. This isn't college.. we don't don't have a better chance at recruiting if we're on nationally more lol,, or make more money. They're not fan friendly.. travel on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights for fans make them less inviting. We win, come Dec when they flex schedule, then if we're good, we get moved to 4 PM . Who would want a Dec 15th or 29th game flexed to 8 on Sunday night in the cold . I love 1 PM games,, win Ahhh,, we beat the Rams at 1 PM game, then it's time for Pantherburgers on the grill,, fashionable adult beverages,, listing to the game wrap up,, then catching the second half of the ny midgets beating the cowgirls..
  2. I really dislike "prime time " games on Thursday, Sunday, & Monday night. Football at 1 PM.. awesome
  3. I got a weather alert last night. "WEATHER ALERT: Chappa Heaya ./ Franklin Street: Bitter, Cold, and Chance of Tears . While 15 miles a way, The Gates Of Hell Are Opening
  4. Losing players to sickness, injuries is always HUGE when playing good teams. ( remember, I'm a Duke fan and know what it's like to lose good players ). I don't think the Heels over achieved. I think Roy gets teams to be playing their best in March/ April. Since the Louisville loss at home, I thing UNC has been the best team in the country. Cam Johnson and him not feeling good was about as bad as it could be for UNC. I know Maye and K White are awesome.. but Cam is PURE with his shot. After watching much of this sweet 16.. There are truly 8 teams left that can win this thing. They've all looked like world beaters at some point. I could see White going pro,, but I don't think Little is ready ( like he's looking to me for advice LOL ) .. But if they whisper in his ear that he can be a first rounder,, He, like most, will be gone too.
  5. I just wish , fans wouldn’t be selective when complaining.. Tecko should have fouled out early in the second half .. there was a shot clock violation, the top view clearly showed the ball missed the rim, and had it hit the rim , the rotation would have changed on the ball. Cam Reddish blocked Dawkins shot, didn’t foul him, and Dawkins sank 3 free throws. There are always missed calls . Just like New Orleans Saints want to whine about the missed pass interference call, but ignor the earlier missed calls of face mask etc .
  6. I'm in 3 pools.. Losing in all lol. I have UNC in my family pool,, ( daughter went to UNC, lives in Chapel Hill, grandkids love their Heels,, so I pick them so they'll love me LOL ) In the Duke pool, I picked Duke, duh ,, and I've in 173 place ( currently ) 15 out of 20. 790 in the pool. about 14 are 19 out of 20, sheesh lol. In A Panther pool,, I have U Va lol.. I'm doing best in that pool. 14 out of 20 lol,, in second place as there are only 2 of us in it,, and he/she, has 15/20 .. so I look good for second place at least LOL
  7. Should they meet ( Kansas , UNC ) I don't like it being played in Kansas .
  8. It was a good game.. We get over losing in the ACC tourney real fast,, for come Sunday.. it's another Tourney..
  9. I'm a Duke fan. I certainly wouldn't say UNC "choked" .. Jeeze Louise .. those two teams played their hearts out.. They both left it all on the floor. NO CHOKE. Roy called two plays before Reddick MISSED TWO FREE THROWS ,, yeah , One play for if he makes both, and one for if he missed one or both... And why fans seem to only see things from rose colored glasses. Duke actually was playing defense on the last play. UNC PLAYED GREAT. Lucky bounces.. how about Goldwire standing under the basket and getting a rebound and able to just lay it in. It happens every game for both teams. Duke slowed the game down in the second half and ran half court offenses. Hence less up and down the court. Duke is great in transition,, but UNC is faster and better. UNC having an off night in shooting 3's , it happens. And, every now and then, you have to say , maybe the other team was trying to prevent good open looks. Duke very well might lose to Fla St tonight.. Wouldn't surprise me at all. They have some tired legs for sure. At this point in time.. my NCAA pick to win it all , is UNC. A month ago it was Duke,, but this isn't the same Duke team from a month ago. ( They aren't the same because they've had to play a REALLY REALLY good UNC teams 3 times and they have made everyone look bad. ) NCAA tourney. Let be honest.. Even before the brackets have teams in their places.. First thing I'll hear from UNC fans is "Duke got the easiest bracket " .. stop it LOL.. Second,, there will be a final four team that their bracket got blown up early but some of the best teams losing early. Third, This is a tournament ,, not the best team in the country. Who can win 6 games in a row, and have help that their bracket gets blown up help. Best Wishes UNC Fans.. I'm not a hater.. ( I'd never say that about the Saints Falcons or Bucs lol , Go Panthers )
  10. The standards some seem to set for Roy and K are someone ridiculous , in my opinion. Personally, I think this was one ( of many ) Roys best coaching job. But K and Roy are like off limits for ACC Coach of the year. Dave Popson was the number one recruit in the nation in ,,,, 1982 ish .. Accepted UNC's offer. The thing is, he never really got a lot better than his freshman year. This is not a knock on Popson,, it's just that you never know when a kid has peaked,, Crawford Palmer was Dukes number one recruit in 1988. Yes, over Christian Lattener . He never improved and eventually transferred to Dartmouth. What I'm getting at is , coaches can only do so much. Coaches get too much credit, and sometimes too much fault. Duke's lost 5 games. Against good teams. I think teams hit walls,, Maybe not his best work, but certainly not bad work. Duke did beat Va on the road with out T Jones. They did beat Fla St on the road with Zion on the bench with an injuried eye. Injuries are part of the game. You play with those who can suit up.
  11. None of that might have mattered if Devin could have caught a pass that day.. From 247 sports "A native of Farmington Hills, Michigan, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess was looking for yet another good performance in his home state: Much like he had last year when he caught seven passes for 53 yards and a touchdown. Instead, he ended up being a rather large part of why his team lost. The Panthers' No. 1 receiver, Funchess played the furthest thing from reliable and sure-handed, as he dropped multiple passes throughout the day, including a deep one from Cam Newton that would have given the Panthers a first down and set them up at midfield. In the end, Funchess ended up with two catches for 39 yards: One of them being a 23-yarder, but of no solace given his eight targets on the day. Speaking after the game, Funchess did not completely shoulder blame for the loss, but acknowledged that he did not play his best game. "Everywhere we play, I expect to be my best person. And I wasn't that today," said Funchess. "It wasn't just solely on me, (but) I will take full responsibility of myself. Most definitely. I have to do more for the team." Funchess took responsibility not only for the fact that he dropped multiple passes, but for the fact that he made a mistake that prevented D.J. Moore from scoring on his 82-yard catch-and-run. Funchess had an opportunity to block Lions cornerback Darius Slay, but failed to do so, resulting in Slay making a touchdown-saving tackle on Moore. "That was on me," said Funchess in a report by Bill Voth of the Panthers. "I didn't block Slay, and Slay went up and caught him. So I take that on me." That would be a costly decision, as the Panthers failed to capitalize on Moore's heroics and came away with no points after kicker Graham Gano missed a field goal. "
  12. It's really hard to get past the Detroit game this year.. We'd been blown out by the Steelers,, and could rebound on the road at Detroit .. Devin dropped so many passes in another return for him Michigan .. of coarse Ron going for 2 at the end of the game for the win,, didn't make a lot of sense either ,, But if anyone was going to consider a player involved in point shaving,, Devin could wave a flag and say look at me,, I can tank
  13. Actually, Duke last won the ACC Tournament in 2017 , Beat UNC in the Simi's and Notre Dame in the finals. As for the "mysteriously" having back problems : "Coach K has had back issues dating back 1995, when he had back surgery and stepped away for the remainder of the season. At the time, Duke was 9-3 overall, and 0-1 in ACC play and the Blue Devils went 4-15 the rest of the season.." No mystery really.. just like Coach Roy and vertigo.. it's real.. they're old lol
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