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  1. OceanPanther

    15 years ago today, X-Clown

    Peppers somehow, ( 2003 ) was the second player in the endzone to congratulate S Smith.. My favorite play in Panther history..
  2. Regional drafting for the NFC South lol We get Clemson players Saints get Alabama Falcons get Georgia Tampa Bay get Florida
  3. OceanPanther

    Knock Knock. Who's there?

    Ok.. he sucks.. What can be done with him ? Is there a reason he can't be moved to guard ? back up center ? place kick holder ?? ( he does have a note from his mother asking for him to be excused this past season,, he was sick lol )
  4. OceanPanther

    Game Day Menu

    I haven't had enough sweets lately lol
  5. Merry Christmas Huddlers. I can't root for the Panthers to lose over rivals for the sake of draft picks. " Mount up men, Ride to sound of the cannon fire,,, There's a battle to be fought " GOOOOOOOOO PANTHERS
  6. OceanPanther

    Game Day Menu

    Merry Christmas to all of you who've shared great Menu Pictures this season. If you travel, be safe,, if friends and or family travel to you, safe travels. I can't hope for a loss against a rival to have a better draft pick.. So Go Panthers and Beat the falcons. Oysters are the filet mignon along the coast.. St Pauli Girl Beer. " you never forget your first girl, St Pauli Girl Beer" .
  7. He'll be great.. He hates the Falcons ( I made that up ) .. He will be seeing the field like Junie ( Matt Damon ) saw the hole in the Legend of Bagger Vance ( Will Smith ) ( Did I just slip a golf reference in with 112 days till THE MASTERS ) Heinicke will solidify is place as the Back Up QB for the Panthers..
  8. I know nothing about his shoulder or scar tissue ,, but he has not thrown a long pass all season.. Even in the Ravens game they brought in T Heinieki to throw the hail mary at the end of the half.. Heinieki didn't and threw to Olsen setting up a FG .. but Cam hasn't been Cam all year,, it's been short passes all year, and the weeks have gone by , they've been shorter passes..
  9. OceanPanther

    Nobody wants the NFC's 6th seed

    The Vikings will lose to the Dolphins Sunday,, putting us in the 6th seed for HOURS.. Then Monday Night Football.. I dislike Monday Night Football at all times.. Now that we are on a 5 game skid,, we know the results of the game already,, ( the Saints ) .. BUT ,, the mighty Panthers will play well in the first half to keep us up on a Monday night... only to lose in the 4th qtr on some stupid play,, play calling, clock management,, etc.. and we'll slide back into 7th seeding ,,, So, I'm going to take one for the team.. I'm not going to watch,, I've watched all the loses,, and if I don't watch there's a better chance to make the playoffs.. I'm not a masochist..
  10. My Comment about  the  Huddle  Doctors , we not intended toward you lol,,  You stated what Rivera had said,,  he has a shoulder problem.

    My comment ( sarcasm )  was toward those who said he was washed up and he couldn't recover from surgery  for over a year or two, and those saying if he has surgery he'll never be able to throw the long ball etc..    Those things can, may, might , happen,,   I'll wait and see,, 

    But, that's the Huddle.


    1. Mr. Scot

      Mr. Scot

      No worry. I understood.

  11. OceanPanther

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    I never knew there were so many orthopedic surgeons on this message board , practicing medicine too. So much free information . They know what’s wrong with Cam’s shoulder and when or when he won’t be back ,, and how bad Cam will be upon returning in a year,, or was it 2 yrs .
  12. I don't think you can convince all those with lucky jerseys, tee shirts, chairs, or seats in the house, etc,, that they have nothing to do with the outcome.. They don't wear those jerseys because their runway models..
  13. NFL WARS WEEK 14 : PANTHERS vs browns " Mount up men,, ride to the sound of the cannon fire,,,, there's a battle to be fought "
  14. OceanPanther

    Weather in Cleveland for Sundays game

    Since we can't claim to be a " good weather team " .. we will be A GREAT BAD WEATHER TEAM .. The Football world will be in awe of the mighty Panthers grinding it out .. pounding the dawg pound relentlessly.. That sounded pretty good..
  15. OceanPanther

    Who hasnt given up?

    Eternal optimist here. I’m not delusional, Last week was another “ must win game” and we lost,, yet !! We moved from 8th place in the Playoffs picture, to 7 th,, It was , is , a “sign “ from the football gawds