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  1. Gotta keep those lovin good vibration , a happening with her.. When in doubt, paddle out
  2. If he’s the difference, between us being a Super Bowl legitimate contender and putting us over the top, then sure he’s worth it. It would be stubborn to not sign , maybe the missing piece , because of what someone else gets paid on another team. Cams window, Luke’s Windows, won’t stay open forever.
  4. September 3, 1995. At Atlanta PANTHERS FIRST GAME Panthers 1st regular season game . lost in OT 23-20 shocking the NFL. Panther fans out numbered falcon fans. Drove down from Wilmington. There must have been over 20,000 Panther fans . Hey , it was our first game and this fan base was , all hands on deck for its first game and road game.
  5. I've watched NO TAPE,, I've read no " mock drafts 2.0645258483 " We have a lot of needs,, We don't have the first overall pick ( CAM ) , so there's no way to know what might unfold. Sit back.. relax .. and lets hope our picks are never a bust . We get starters. Our 6th round pick is as good as someone like Tom Brady at any position.
  6. "Prime Time Games " have no benefits . They have plenty of down side. Short weeks preparation's, less time to heal, etc. This isn't college.. we don't don't have a better chance at recruiting if we're on nationally more lol,, or make more money. They're not fan friendly.. travel on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights for fans make them less inviting. We win, come Dec when they flex schedule, then if we're good, we get moved to 4 PM . Who would want a Dec 15th or 29th game flexed to 8 on Sunday night in the cold . I love 1 PM games,, win Ahhh,, we beat the Rams at 1 PM game, then it's time for Pantherburgers on the grill,, fashionable adult beverages,, listing to the game wrap up,, then catching the second half of the ny midgets beating the cowgirls..
  7. I really dislike "prime time " games on Thursday, Sunday, & Monday night. Football at 1 PM.. awesome
  8. I got a weather alert last night. "WEATHER ALERT: Chappa Heaya ./ Franklin Street: Bitter, Cold, and Chance of Tears . While 15 miles a way, The Gates Of Hell Are Opening
  9. Losing players to sickness, injuries is always HUGE when playing good teams. ( remember, I'm a Duke fan and know what it's like to lose good players ). I don't think the Heels over achieved. I think Roy gets teams to be playing their best in March/ April. Since the Louisville loss at home, I thing UNC has been the best team in the country. Cam Johnson and him not feeling good was about as bad as it could be for UNC. I know Maye and K White are awesome.. but Cam is PURE with his shot. After watching much of this sweet 16.. There are truly 8 teams left that can win this thing. They've all looked like world beaters at some point. I could see White going pro,, but I don't think Little is ready ( like he's looking to me for advice LOL ) .. But if they whisper in his ear that he can be a first rounder,, He, like most, will be gone too.
  10. I just wish , fans wouldn’t be selective when complaining.. Tecko should have fouled out early in the second half .. there was a shot clock violation, the top view clearly showed the ball missed the rim, and had it hit the rim , the rotation would have changed on the ball. Cam Reddish blocked Dawkins shot, didn’t foul him, and Dawkins sank 3 free throws. There are always missed calls . Just like New Orleans Saints want to whine about the missed pass interference call, but ignor the earlier missed calls of face mask etc .
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