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  1. I know everyone see's this season as a tank year, and you are probably not wrong. However, I feel like Teddy can bring franchise quality QB play and have us competing, maybe not next year, but the year after. If there is anything to be impressed by, it's the determination and maturity that Teddy has demonstrated by working his way back from an incredibly devastating injury, one that would have ended a lot of QB's careers, to proving himself competent enough to show franchise potential again. The best part, he is only 27 and not yet even entering his prime. I think there is a lot to like, this is your chance Teddy, take it by the balls.
  2. I get the sense we will go for qb next year. I think the goal would be to have some team looking for a new QB in the mid/late-first, Ala Raiders/Patriots, to trade up should one of the big time QB prospects be available.
  3. I think it's pretty clear this thing is getting blown up
  4. The Chargers are desperate to pull in some kind of fanbase. Winston won't do that, and he won't win either. Cam has at least proven himself in the past.
  5. This will come down to how desperate the Chargers are after missing out on Brady.
  6. Overreaction. If a teams wants and fears losing him to another team, they will give something up.
  7. I mean, why would he go to place he has to compete when he gets the same money and is being asked to start? It's not being afraid, it's being smart.
  8. Hopefully in a good way. Best case scenario, Chargers, Pats get in a bidding war.
  9. Okudah, Brown, Herbert, Simmons, or the gamecock DT, in that order :D
  10. I personally will not be mad if we end up with Herbert or Tua.
  11. Green bay has Rodgers holding that team together with tape. Will be much harder when they have to rebuild with out him.
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