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  1. I honestly think the LA Chargers are the biggest players. They have a good team, good defense, great receivers. They really just need one or two more play makers. Cam could be attractive to a team like that.
  2. Half the fans on this board are begging for Tua or Hurts... both black QBs.
  3. Bengals could go for Ohio State DE Chase Young with the idea of trading back in to the first for a Hurts/Eason or opting for a veteran QB as the free agent field looks quite large this year. If that's the case, the Panthers should start figuring out how to jump to number 2. That's the only way I see Burrow in Carolina.
  4. I struggle to find any scenario where the Bengals pass on Burrow.
  5. The line is literally getting him murdered.
  6. I like it. Get it before the market is hot. Shaq is a great player. According to the huddle all of our players are overpaid. Even Allen is overoaid, and he makes minumum.
  7. If the Panthers want a QB and the one they want is available anywhere between 5 and 10, they will trade up to get him. Lol
  8. If Tua is there are 10-14 you take him and smile on the way back to the podium. That's a lot of talent to pass on.
  9. I say yes. Bill failed at his job the first time around too. I can give him another chance, especially after a few years back under the GOAT.
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