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  1. Come on Saca. If I've learned anything in the last 8 years, it's that it's really easy to criticize Cam, often regardless of facts.
  2. Nice insight. I played fantasy for 1 season a few years back and swore never again. I predicted then that it would ruin the game.
  3. shaqattaq

    Pulling the Center a Thing?

    Indeed! When he came out in the Giants game, the whole O-line went downhill and we damned near lost as a result. At least that was part of the reason. He is certainly a very special player. But his brother is crap! ( I couldn't resist)
  4. shaqattaq

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    I understand that, but Moton is on his rookie contract through 2020. We don't have to spend money for him until well after we break ties with Matt. We get Ryan's $10 million back next year, just in time for Williams' new contract. EDIT: any time I mention contracts, I feel obligated to include that Van Roton is kicking ass on a brand spanking new 2 year , $1.66 million year deal. that just makes me feel all tingly inside. Go Marty!
  5. Good job summing up 95% of the griping that I've seen on here without making it a bitch-fest. i agree with almost every point you make. RR is conservative by nature, which can be infuriating, Our D has not been as good as we as Panthers fans are accustomed to, and the young receivers need to be let loose. I hope Samuel's snaps were limited due to unfounded health concerns, he looked damned good! I disagree that we can't win with Ron. I still hope that he lightens up a bit under Tepper, but he is one of the better coaches out there IMO. Also, I got no problems with Funch. He's not a superstar, but he's a solid receiver.
  6. shaqattaq

    Lighten Up....

    That's kinda a back handed compliment, like saying "she's real cute, for a fat girl", but I agree. We have yet to hit our stride. My biggest fear, on offense, was that we'd be changing so much that we'd lose too many at the beginning and have to play catch up come December. So far, so good! Once Cam starts jiving with Samuel and DJ, watch the fug out!
  7. shaqattaq

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    It all depends on the money. If we get a decent contract for Williams, no reason we can't keep both. Both Kalils will be gone (freeing up a poo-ton of cash) by the time we have to lock down Moton. I just hope that we avoid another Trai/Norwell situation where we have to let one walk to be able to keep the other.
  8. shaqattaq

    Monday notes

    That 10 yard cushion does make things a little easier.
  9. shaqattaq

    Monday notes

    While I agree to you to a point, OBJ (little punk-ass bitch that he is) is one of the top receivers in the game. When he's on, he's going to put up some plays; that 1 handed catch was amazing. For the most part, I think Bradberry did a good job on him.
  10. shaqattaq

    Ryan Kalil

    Not Mae-Ann though, she's good people.
  11. It was awful. The hit on Funch did not deserve a flag, the guy was playing the ball! on the other hand, Thomas caught that pass that RR had to burn a challenge on.
  12. The only way this makes sense is if Samuel was still fighting health concerns.
  13. Agreed. OP may be correct (may not) about the lack of separation, but do NOT call him soft. I got no problem with Funch.
  14. Can't play safety, but as a beast on special teams