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  1. Does anyone have an idea on what shoes Greg Olsen is wearing in episode 1?. I am talking about when he is leaving the field with the crutches? Id love to try and find a pair of those with that color scheme.
  2. When he starts getting more aggressive on his routes before the catch ( NFL experience, seems like that is something that takes time to develop compared to after the catch which is more instincts )....dude is going to be nearly unstoppable.
  3. I figured thats what you met...sorry didn't mean to split hairs or anything. Back when I used to lift regularly, my arms and shoulders got huge ( my best attribute ). People used to stop me all the time and ask about my diet / how I lifted...etc. I am more or less 5' 9" and probably topped out weight around that time was 175lbs with 10-12% body fat. People def didn't consider me average size for a regular person. Compared to some massive body builder I was of course a little guy or even an NFL player.
  4. Average sized? I'll admit that for NFL standards Smith was definitely not what id label your prototypical player but calling him average sized is a stretch. I mean I am 5-9 - 5'10 myself and even at the height of what I would consider my biggest build ( I lifted pretty serious for about 3-4 years ), I was still probably 10-15lbs of muscle off from Smith. Dudes calves were about the size of watermelons.
  5. One of the great things about moving to Washington state from upstate SC is I never have to worry about running into the poo stains that call themselves Falcon fans. Now if I could only find a way to avoid Seahawk fans.
  6. God, I can't stand Thomas. I want that guy out of our division so please...ffs....sign with the Giants. ( I know this thread is about Jordan but lots of mentions about Thomas being signed next )
  7. I say 62 TD’s a game is more than doable
  8. Nearly every time he had a chance to get the ball in his hands, magic happened. Dude was an unrelenting monster on the field and made sure he outplayed everyone. Can you imagine if Smith was, taller, bigger and faster? Thing that made Smitty special was the chip on his shoulder from constantly being told he would not make it in the NFL ( too short, not fast enough ). Smith took it upon himself to prove everyone wrong, every single play. Even when people were telling him that he was the best in the game and possibly one of the greatest of all time, it still was never enough for him. We will never again see a player with the ferocity that Smith brought to the field. How people call themselves Panthers fans and somehow hate Smith is beyond me. Dude had anger issues, its well known but its part of who he was and what made him so great on the field.
  9. I've been to one beer festival in my life ( think it was $45, in Greenville SC at the what used to be Bilo Center ). Will never in my life go to another one....was a complete waste of money. Sounds like my experience was way better than what people got at this one but I honestly only got to try like 10 or so beers. Id much rather just go into a bar with their own micro brews and just try glasses at a time. Up here in Washington state they are everywhere.
  10. You obviously don’t remember how much better our offense got when Kelvin Mc’Benjamin was traded away to Buffalo. Thanks, but no thanks. Just because someone is tall and big doesn’t mean they automatically are a good receiver. KB has never been the same since his injury and death of his mother....dude turned into a head case. Why anyone on this site would advocate for him to come back is beyond me but the Lambo is cool brah.
  11. Maybe 2008-2009 season against a division rival. My future wife bought me tickets as a surprise for my birthday. I was a fan since 2001 but was extremely poor in my early 20’s and couldn’t afford tickets. I just remember it being extremely surreal to actually be in the stadium I saw so many times on TV. I was also blown away by how fast the players look in person.
  12. Eh. I'll poo posters that I honestly got tired of arguing with after 2 or 3 post's. It honestly gets to the point that they are just not worth typing words for anymore and becomes funny to just poo all their post's. I agree with what you are saying for the most part about it though.
  13. Every team has weaknesses....ours on defense has been the secondary for some time now. Got most of the pieces we lacked in the off season through the draft and FA. On paper, it looks like we are going to have a legit pass rush ( if these rookies pan out and our defensive line pans out ), secondary at that point will not be as big of a need. People complaining are the type who will always find SOMETHING to complain about no matter what. The thing about a football team is sometimes you have to just hope certain people on your team play beyond what you expect them to do. No team goes into every season and have every single hole filled with the best talent available in the NFL. Every year the Super Bowl team has to have players who over perform, as well as having a little luck along the way. Furthermore the off season is not even remotely close to being over, many more moves will be made between now and the end of the preseason.
  14. I do not want to "save the seahags ass" Nothing would please me more than seeing them crash and burn after giving Wilson that huge contract.
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