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  1. "Sheepwearmasks"....Guessing you were sad that someone like Jerry does not own the team anymore.
  2. same dude. I just do not understand how people view Cam as a Diva or some trouble maker. Yes, he wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but what did he do that was so bad in so many peoples eyes, especially some Panther fans? My wife and I loved Cam...dude never had nothing bad to say about any of his teammates. He was a sore loser in his early times and lets be real, he could be a little bit of a sore winner as well but beyond that he reacted like most other QB's do in this league.
  3. I do not get the obsession with Clowney, he was lazy in college and only got by from his natural athletic ability. He was known for taking plays off and giving half effort all the time. I never got the hype coming out from college and he never lived up to his abilities in the NFL. Blame it on him having injuries if you'd like but that is part of the NFL....if you can't stay healthy and havn't proven all that much in the NFL up till that point....who cares if you still have potential I say. For a cheap contract yes but for what he would demand? Thanks but no thanks.
  4. I can see this tread turning pretty political pretty fast just reading over the last few pages. Good luck to you all....I will remain uninvolved on this thread that should be squarely about the Carolina Panthers.
  5. Love his scrambling ability in the pocket. I know it has been said a lot but he reminds me of Russell Wilson in that regard, able to get away from trouble quickly, reset his feet and heave it down field. Extremely elusive, it's something I always want out of a QB. Also seems to make some pretty damn good throws on the run, from weird angles...etc. Dude has the tools to be successful for sure but waiting to see how it translates to the NFL. Lucky we have time, he is only 25 and more or less we can consider him a Rookie that got a late start in the NFL.
  6. I don't have kids but i'd be pissed if someone called my now wife my "baby momma". I get that's a thing and the statement can be true in certain situations but it's obvious that it isn't true for him when you look at his story. Poor choice of words and extremely insulting. Good for Derek for sticking up for himself.
  7. L O L. Whatever you say bud. If only I could say how I really felt without getting banned of this forum but I am going to keep it to myself. I already spend far too much time arguing with you fools on other social media platforms and I sure as poo am not going to do it here. Keep crying about your post being poo'ed though and I will keep laughing.
  8. You guys are absolutely ridiculous. Anything you can to continue to throw Reid under the bus because he kneeled for a stupid fuggin song. Now you are calling people out for pooing your poo post....just stop dude.
  9. Best way to fix many glaring holes in our secondary is to fix the defensive line. When a QB no longer has time to dance around in the backfield for 5-6 seconds at a time and we are no longer getting ripped for 5-6 yards every time a running back carries the ball, the corners become a little less important. Everything starts on the front lines and crumbles from there, look no further than last season to see how that worked out for us. Will we get burned deep from time to time? Of course but with these two beastly run stoppers we won't have to worry about getting gashed up the middle over and over and over and over and over all game. Not sure HOW in the world anyone could be upset with these two picks.
  10. Gotta say I am happy as hell with this draft so far. Our defensive line was the main problem on our entire team and we addressed it in the first two picks. Got the best DT in the draft and got the 2nd - 3rd rated defensive end in the second round. Getting stacked on that line to stop the run! Really hoping to see an emergence of KK Short and Burns packs on a few pounds to me more of a 4-3 end. Someone on this line is gonna eat!
  11. Looked like some cheap motel bathrobe. I like the guy already....DNGAF
  12. My thoughts exactly. I mean, my wife does not even know all that much about him and she saw the film come up and said "That guy is a linebacker? He looks really tall and skinny? Not saying he won't be successful but he always struck me as someone who wasn't built to be an NFL Linebacker. Who knows, maybe he ends up being an insane hybrid type guy in the NFL but it seems like those types never pan out all that much.
  13. Gotta laugh at all these guys crying about Simmons. Get over it, we didn't want a Clemson player.
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