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  1. not sure why these people are so giddy at the idea of limiting McCaffrey to one role when he can play two...Dude is deadly coming out of the back field. How many times was he just wide open for easy 10-15 yard pickups? It would not be that simple if he was just a receiver running regular routes. You use McCaffrey how he is supposed to be used...as the ultimate weapon.
  2. Perfectly put. We saw what happens when you hire old had beens but we have seen what happens when you hire fresh eyes out of college.
  3. Fumbling the ball away and throwing interceptions in the red zone will also make it impossible to win. Kyle "Butter Fingers" Allen had plenty of blame to be placed on himself. Those games he won at first were nothing more than a fluke. He could have easily fumbled those games away as well but got lucky, then defenses figured him out and it was OVER from there. He had very brief moments of greatness but every NFL caliber QB on practice squads will have that from time to time. Meanwhile, CMC did everything he could while the rest of the offense was incompetent to the tune of THIRD all time in scrimmage yards. CMC would have won games nearly on his own if the rest off the offense did just above average.
  4. Nobody: Also ,all clueless Panther fans : "Me MaD AT PanTherZ foR cuTTiNg RoN, hE WAS GreaTeSt CoaCh of ALL TiMe!"
  5. They are my third most hated team in the NFL....especially living in Tacoma WA. Their fans are passionate, ill give them that but they are also some of the biggest cry babies I have seen in the NFL. They are ALWAYS looking for excuses as to why they lost the game...of course I am already hearing the No TD, NO first down....even when their offensive line go away with holding nearly every snap. Go home you fugs!
  6. So glad Seattle got eliminated.....Tomorrow should be fun at work
  7. and it should be called every single time. Tired of Seattle getting away with murder ever single game. They have done it ALL seasons with their shitty line.
  8. I swear to fug there has been a hold on the last 2 offensive possessions for Seahawks.
  9. EVERYTHING is going the Chiefs way right now. Doubt they overturn this.
  10. I gotta admit, I counted KC out of this game but holy fug they did exactly what I said they needed to...Turned the ship around quick like and in a hurry.
  11. In this game...30 seconds is what happens in most games after a quarter.
  12. Seriously....people and their dumb conspiracy theory bullsheit. Football can be very chaotic at times and this game has a TON of that. How do you rig something like what has transpired?
  13. Looked like he was waiting for a block or two.
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