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  1. Wolfpredator

    When to gamble

    THIS. You go for 2 when you either have to tie the game or there is absolutely no time lift for them to drive down the field and kick a FG. If there is time, you kick the FG and pray to the football gods that your defense can hold out till overtime. My guess is Detroit would have played conservative and sent the game to OT. Instead, 1 something minutes left and 3 time outs...Ron decides to put all the chips on the table and say, GO FOR IT. Worst decision he could have possibly made. Even if we convert, Detroit could have still drove down field and kicked a FG to win the game. MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!!!
  2. Wolfpredator


    To be fair, I’ve been calling for Rons head LONG before this decision. Cam screwed up on the throw but RR needed to go seasons ago. There, is that better now?
  3. Been a fan since 2001ish ( when I started watching football ) and will probably be a fan as long as they are around. I will admit that over the years I just do not care as much as I used to. I still try to watch every game but I have gotten used to us being mediocre.
  4. Wolfpredator

    Halftime at the Dome

    Get used to hearing about them. Its a crying shame but they look nearly unstoppable right now.
  5. Wolfpredator

    Halftime at the Dome

    They are averaging 38 points a game. Anyone under the delusion that this defense is going to stop anyone, much less the Saints with Brees playing out of his GD mind are just fooling themselves. No way in hell the Saints don't humiliate the Panthers both games and in the playoffs, if we even make it anymore.
  6. Wolfpredator

    Video: Ron Rivera on why he went for two

    The bad Cam 25/37 ( four drops by Funchess that should have been caught, even so the man had a 68% comp rate) 357 Yards 3 TD's and 1 INT....think its safe to say he can have a bad throw or two in that mix when his #1 WR constantly let him down in this game. Yes though...Cam was the problem today, so much in fact he had a 114.4 QBR. SMGDH, do you people even listen to yourself speak sometimes? It should never have been a 2pt conversion to begin with. Kick the extra PAT and have your vaulted "Rivera" defense try to hold them because going for the 2pts didn't make a bit of a GD difference.
  7. Was it rons call to promote Washington as our defensive coordinator?
  8. I have a couple of Seahawks fans at work already talking smack to me and wanting to bet on the game. Yeahhhhhh, not going to happen.
  9. I am really indifferent to this season now after the Pittsburgh game. I really just do not care if we win or lose. As long as Ron is our head coach, things will never change.
  10. Why are we even throwing to Funchess? Seriously...gtf bum off the FIELD
  11. Our defense is playing pretty terrible but that was obvious holding on Luke
  12. Shoulda caught it.......wouldn't mind if we let funchess go after this game.
  13. Wolfpredator

    Why do you still support Ron?

    I am hoping this is his last season.