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  1. I say, Fire Ron and the whole coaching staff....his run is over. This was a "Prove it season" and its already over IMHO. I say, let Cam walk when his contract is up but for the time being just sit him out. He can't even make easy passes anymore and for some reason he is not running. Our offense just looks god awful. Defense is probably a top 15 but when the offense can't even seem to pick up a first down...ever....who cares at that point. Burn this fugger to the ground.
  2. Tried to tell people this last week when they said "Defenze lost the gaaaaaame" Yup, what say you guys now?
  3. Burn this fugger to the ground. I hope Tepper finally lets ron go and starts the fug over.....0-2 both at home, one divisional. Fug this crappy poo eating team.
  4. Bye bye timeout.....I dont agree with the call not being overturned but Ron absolutely CAN NOT go into the end of the game with two useable timeouts....he just had to find a way to get rid of it.
  5. I am starting to get on the Newton is done bandwagon. He has shown me nothing in these last 2 games....like, he looks actually terrible. Really sucks to even say that but may be time to start facing facts
  6. lol and people wanted to argue with me about the offense not being the problem ( for the record this whole team is a problem but the offense is a fuggin joke )
  7. Oh I am def not saying this defense is elite. I am arguing that the offense was worse. The whole team blew as a whole but this game was lost by our offense, no question about it.
  8. Offense also had 6 points practically handed to them from a stellar ST play but you keep right on with your narrative guy. CMC was the only one worth a crap on our offense.
  9. The offense put them in bad positions TWICE off turnovers, one right at the goal line. Sorry but I am going to chalk at least 10 of those points up to the offense and their major screwups bud.
  10. Yup, the defense had some bad series, overall they did enough to win. Our offense did JACK after the first series in the first half.
  11. Also, we score practically nothing without CMC on our team. Any normal running back in his place and I am convinced we have under 10 points.
  12. I find it hilarious that people could watch that game and blame the loss on the defense. I agree, Rivera got out coached, what else is new? The defense did enough to win the game, the offense couldn't even capitalize off the turnovers or ANYTHING the defense gave them. The only thing the offense did is put the defense in terrible situations. Do I think the defense played a good game? No but they were gassed at the end of the game and were getting eaten alive on the ground. You keep right on believing the offense somehow got cheated out of a win by the defense though.
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