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  1. Nice stuff lately guys snd tuka you sure are lucky with your pulls
  2. Well I had some unexpected bills come up. Looks like im throwing some stuff up on ebay tonight
  3. Thanks. Been trying to get that kuechly for a while. Got a good deal too I think. $30
  4. Ive never saw that. It's pretty cool
  5. This is random but have you guys saw the guy on ebay trying to sell Jimmy Clausen cards for 1000 each?
  6. Yeah I was just goibg for the lowest numbered. Thst /25 was nice too
  7. I made a offer on one of them and he declined abd sold it for 5 more. I would have payed 5 more
  8. Some nice stewart stuff popped up on ebay tonight
  9. I wondered if you had bought that other 1/1 also. Sweet pickups