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  1. So here's what I love. We get every team's best shot. And in this league, the team's may not be great or all have successful seasons, but no matter the circumstances, we're getting everyone's best effort. Saints are the prime example...they played out of their minds. With that said, I'm not really sure why we're not getting credit for the fact that when we get a team like Atlanta's absolute, do or die best possible shot, we CRUSHED them. Giants. Remember when Atlanta beat you at home? We played them too. Remember when your defense couldn't hold up against the Saints? Do you remember getting smashed by Philly and beat by the Redskins? We got those teams' best shot, too. Idk why you don't consider that when you're talking about how we've beat no one and don't belong at 13-0. What is this mystery team out there that we need to beat by 30 to prove ourselves? You? See you Sunday.
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