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  1. Beat me to it. If you want to cheer up get off this miserable site. for a panther fan site this place reeks of negative outlook. The team sucks, the management sucks, the fans suck, the players suck. Every move we make is a mistake. Every move any other team makes is the one we should have made. We are guaranteed to get a top 2 pick. The whole world is racist. Capitalism is evil and people only care about money. This place, and I’m not trying to be funny, can induce a mild case of depression, if you aren’t careful.
  2. It’s a widespread problem. Free and easy access to pornography has not done any favors to society. I would encourage anyone struggling with an addiction to porn to seek some supports.
  3. I can get that some people might be judgemental and others would resent people for being judgmental. For the fact remains, cam is in the public eye for being a Superman and frankly nothing is off the table to talk about, admire, or criticize. Personally as long as he is providing for them that’s all that matters. but how is it racist to wonder, and comment about when someone is going to be done having kids - when clearly they are popping them out left and right. have you somehow noticed that there is a trend among the human race that one color of people will have more kids than the other? What’s the race angle? I seriously want to know...
  4. Everyone is just posturing. He who cries the loudest cares the most. The ones who don’t cry as loudly as those around them are crying are clearly just enabling the problem. The thing is people are completely ignoring the root cause of racial injustice and unchecked police power. Nobody is getting on the news and pointing out the failure that the drug war is. And how it disproportionately adversely affects the minorities. And how it has claimed many lives and ruined countless others. Football players clamoring to spend the NFL’s money is about as pointless as it gets.
  5. Reid should lead by example and post his total income and show how much of his own money he donated.
  6. His rationale is lacking. The revenue is before expenses. It’s a horrible metric to use to start with. And NFL didn’t have to give anything. 20 million is huge, especially since it won’t do anything at all. Neither would 200m.
  7. Nothing cooler than Keuchly on our team. This is awesome, so glad he’s still a part.
  8. I was in the grocery store earlier stocking up for the weekend. Busy day. Maybe a quarter of the people had masks on. CH members are making me out to be some sort of evil monstrosity for not wearing a mask and thinking things should go back to normal- But clearly that’s a growing trend. Don’t mouth breathe on people, wash your hands frequently and you have not only protected yourself from all the nasty germs out there, but protected others as well. That’s as far as it needs to go unless you are in some sort of profession where you need to be right in somebody’s space to do your job.
  9. Do you seriously think Covid is going to jump off that guy and fly around and infect each one of those people?
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