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  1. Lol they will have a top 10 defense and that translates to wins. But it’s just my opinion based on nothing. Predicting any team’s record at preseason game 2 is a pointless exercise, but still it’s how I read them.
  2. The bills are going to be a 12+ win team this year. Their defense is going to be a big part of it. I’m not worried about losing this game because we did not put our best players on the field. I think the game would have tipped more to the panthers side with our best out there. And in the regular season, the game would be more specifically planned to beat the bulls, not to evaluate individual positions. The bills would have also game planned against us, but which of their key starters did not play? I couldn’t figure this bit of info out... regardless, I think the regular season panthers would have either won or made a closer game than what happened Friday night. Not worried one bit.
  3. I’ve noticed a couple plays where a defender grabbed hold of the stretchy undershirt. In the case last week I felt that our player could have broken away from it if it wasn’t for the stretch. I think it’s bad for yardage as it allows the shirt to absorb the shock of the offensive player pulling away from the defender instead of the defender’s fingers. A non stretchy shirt, the first thing to give would be the fingers. This week looked the same. I see no advantage to us.
  4. As of preseason game 2, for pecking order current roster- I think Heinicke at #2 and Allen #3. Allen didn’t play the best tonight but Grier was terrible. I am not excited about him at all. Clearly someone isn’t going to make it, Allen shows better potential to me than Grier at this point. Heinicke played well enough that think he deserves a closer look before dismissing him as #4. All that being said, my biggest takeaway tonight is the Bills have a great defense this year. They will do well this season. I think our first team offense would have handled it better.
  5. He wasn’t the only panther on the field that play... I’d say he did better than anyone else that play.
  6. No. I have never seen a report saying the same but if there are claims that marijuana relieves muscle pains such and impact related injuries such as what a football player my have, then so be it. Im entirely in support of cutting the big pharma out of the picture as much as possible. My post was reflective of my own experience- I haven’t ever experienced any sort of reduction of inflammation and muscle pain from mj use. Perhaps there are uses for other types of pain?
  7. I’ve never seen any evidence stating that weed relieves pain. I’d be interested to see all these studies you mention.
  8. Never say anything. Statements are convictions. No consent for searches, do not answer questions. Roll windows down only enough to pass license and registration through. Car off hands where he can see them.
  9. I deal with a little chronic pain from a back injury from my skimboarding days. I have never experienced any sort of pain relief from any theoretical use of mj. I think this claim that players use it for pain relief is ludicrous at best. I can see almost any other reason but let’s stop pretending that it helps with pain.
  10. 3 pages of people saying they don’t care about the topic. I for one care. Sometimes it’s interesting to see if our busts are busts everywhere or if they turn it around in a different system. It is panther related because the panthers drafted him then cut him. He has potential, does he muck it up or did the panthers not utilize him to his strengths?
  11. Defense is going to be wicked this year. So excited to see all the starters
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