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  1. The only thing the Browns are good at is winning the top spot on the draft board
  2. $1500 is not a lot of money by the way. As a business owner I’m not rich but I’m not going to be dazed and sit on a lav as someone here suggested for that. It amounts to about 1 of my 4 vans daily revenue. And I’m a small business. Let’s not act like 1500 is somehow a jackpot for everyone.
  3. Sorry but that’s just an assumption based on your own bias or personal perspective. some people just don’t want to be bothered. They might not want someone waving a bunch of money in their face. Some people just don’t want to break from what they are comfortable with, even as simple as making from his house to his place on the plane, i can easily understand how someone might resist a sudden request from a stranger to give up that seat. I don’t deny that race *could* be a factor, but it’s highly unlikely given the plethora of other reasons that could lead to the denial. Thats the reason I reject your assumption that “we all know why” the offer was rejected, because that is intellectually dishonest. The fact is that none of us actually knows why.
  4. Sarcasm doesn’t show real well. I enjoyed the video and the music. I actually did watch the whole thing. im pretty sure that at least 95% of these types videos are made to rap music, and I don’t see anything else really working.
  5. Stupid music. I can’t enjoy a highlight reel without sound so muting doesn’t work for me. Couldn’t watch the whole thing. maybe next time put something a white guy can sing along to without jeopardizing his life.
  6. I keep forgetting about Bruce Irvin. Is he a factor? I don’t know much about his production
  7. True sports analysis, and unbiased examinations of teams is a rarity. It helps to remember that sports is entertainment, and therefore media is more concerned about hyping the popular teams, creating dramatic talking points, and building narratives that drive views and clicks. This applies to essentially everything in media- news, sports, money shows, history channels, etc etc.
  8. Is it just me, or is it totally stupid to start a possible mvp candidate conversation at this point so long before the first snap? What the heck are they basing these predictions off of?
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