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  1. Agree. We are a .500-borderline wildcard team now. Very optimistic for the future
  2. I don’t. I like having a smart qb who makes plays with his head as much as he does anything else. He puts the ball where our receivers have a chance to make a serious play more often than not. This is something we haven’t had a in a long time.
  3. Is this the new buzz word on the street?? you know what’s irritating as fug? Coming on to a fan site just to read a bunch of pansy ass girl boys bitching and pooing on the team. Come on people grow up. We lost a game. The chiefs did too, and Green Bay looked like they got ran over by a Mack truck The same 5 posters never fail to show up and poo on the team and if expressing that they are the stinky armpit of panther fans is “gate keeping” then call it what you want, but their negative energy isn’t appreciated by everyone.
  4. I want some new fans next draft. Not a quarterback, not OL. I want some of these emotional, reactive, man bun sporting, murse wearing, walking dildos gone. In their place I’d love some people who don’t poo the team after a loss in a season where the team is playing hard and doing things nobody expected. Game was close. Bad plays happen. Games get lost. now if only the fake fans would get lost things would be peachy. It was a good game. Bridgewater had a rough game, but its a blip compared to what he’s accomplished so far.
  5. We can win this. Get a stop and run better for the 4th quarter - score a TD and it’s ours.
  6. I don’t think it’s being out schemed as much as it’s being outmatched by the talent on the field. Bears D is really impressive, and we are missing weapons.
  7. I don’t like seeing TB having to try to run it so much. Use the dump offs and weapons we have. Don’t want a dead QB by early 2nd quarter
  8. They are bitches just waiting for something to bitch about. poo plays happen. If this season has taught me anything then we know coaches and players will fight to overcome this.
  9. Meanwhile dak Prescott has 3 pieces for his 2 legs.
  10. Yea that was the play of the day IMO Was having Norwell flashbacks - the intensity he played with until the play was over was impressive
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