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  1. I say this from my bottom of my heart but f*ck Stephen A Smith..
  2. Well Done David Tepper Better days are ahead for this franchise. Now go lock in Cam!
  3. How silly of me to hope for greatness instead of being complicit with mediocrity
  4. Sorry, I'm not going to write a thread of how Ron was a great coach. Yall can keep that. I'm glad the man is leaving. New era and new coach is coming. His last game in Bank Of America stadium was losing to a 2-9 Redskins team. Pure Blasphemous So with that said..Deuces !
  5. Losing to a 2-9 team AT HOME was the most embarrassing loss for this franchise He should have been fired on SUNDAY
  6. it really had to take Cam getting hurt for front office to see that Ron Rivera has always been trash Good Riddance
  7. We lost because the Carolina Panthers have a undraft back up quarterback and a head coach who should have been fired LAST season The End
  8. CMC has literally carried this team on his back with a terrible Head Coach and piss poor offensive Coordinator but go off though .
  9. The problem was ALWAYS Ron Rivera but some of yall defended that man like he was paying your mortgage As soon as Kyle Allen won some games many of you were ready throw away our MVP quarterback. Now that Cam isn't around to blame you finally want to clean house.
  10. Hell go get Tony Romo..ANYONE will do better than Ron trash Rivera
  11. What a sh*t show What a sh*t show What a sh*t show What a sh*t show
  12. Everyone that said trade Cam and Kyle Allen was the future should never EVER post again in this forum for the rest of his or her life
  13. how dare Eric Reid answer a question from the press he should just stick to playing football and entertaining the masses
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