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  1. Will cam go 3 and out on the most important drive of the game again?
  2. Camvp


    missing that layup to wright was as bad as it gets in the 2018 NFL
  3. You sound like the typical walmart trailer trash fan
  4. The last bastion of the Cam ball-washers: Race baiting and accusations of not being a "real fan".
  5. The Cam nuthuggers probably think there isn't enough "separation" on that play LOL
  6. Goddamn Cam can't even make the easiest TD passes anymore
  7. Cam's passes, even the accurate ones, just don't have the zip they used to.
  8. of course you do but no team is offering that package
  9. Camvp


    it's pretty clear Cam never truly recovered from his shoulder injury. He may be 100% now but it's not the same 100% he was pre injury. There's enough body of evidence that this is who he is now. There's about 20-25% of this board who will stan for him no matter what but reasoned objective viewers are all coming to the same conclusion. Next round of contract negotiations will be very interesting, especially since it will likely coincide with rebuild and a new coach/GM
  10. It's painfully obvious to all but the most dedicated Cam ball-washers on here, who make up about 15% of this board sadly. Next round of contract negotiations will be very interesting.
  11. I was one who previously thought that this coaching staff, which i've been higher on than most, bought themselves at least 1.5 years more after last season, but I don't think an anemic 6-10 or 7-9 season will cut it with new ownership, especially with how sloppy and poor the execution has been
  12. then throw the ball away. you can't hold the ball 5+ seconds in this league
  13. Cam has to have better awareness than that. Held the ball way too long
  14. Damn I am so envious watching Wentz complete throws that accurate and effortlessly.
  15. I wouldn't say Poe and Star are a wash but the point largely stands. This is an enormous collapse on defense that can't be explained by roster change.