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  1. I think Cam was concussed in that Denver game when the refs weren't calling the blatant hits. He never really played the same after that game. Then later he sat out with a concussion. That first game just seemed to take a lot of the air out of the Panthers.
  2. I think the NFL will be cancelled. People always talk about high risk, but that risk is for death. A healthy person can still catch it and need to be hospitalized. There can also be higher risks for strokes (blood clots) and lung damage. I just don't see the owners willing to take that big a risk with the base of their operations.
  3. I don't see this happening. I think Moore and Samuel are going to feast in the Brady offense.
  4. I like Cam and I would have liked to see him get a shot at being our QB. But he did have some weaknesses. At times, he held on to the ball way too long. I felt he was improving on this later, but still had some issue with it. He lacked touch on short passes and didn't have good ball placement. His throws often made his receivers have to adjust and stop momentum instead of hitting them in stride. The last two years, his deep ball throws weren't there. There are excuses, but they don't win football games. When he was at his peak, he was a top QB, that was just years ago. Let's also not forget that he admitted lying about his foot injury last year. Bridgewater might actually be better in the offense that Rhule wants to run. We'll just have to see.
  5. Cam staying in Carolina is a headline they can only use once. Cam going to the other teams can be used over and over with varying trade scenarios. It's all a matter of quantity news.
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