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  1. I think this is what we are seeing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.underdogdynasty.com/platform/amp/2018/4/13/17219366/2018-nfl-draft-prospect-profile-kyle-allen-qb-houston-cougars-texas-a-m-aggies WEAKNESSES: Everything Allen needs to work on is between his ears.....it’s all mental. There are times when he tries to force things or lets his eyes move a defender into the throwing lane. Accuracy downfield was an issue at times. While he can handle some pressure, it seemed like there were long stretches where he had to deal with constant pressure. That’s not his fault, but it did lead to inaccurate throws, quick bailouts, and turnovers. FINAL THOUGHTS Allen had the task of replacing two stars at Texas A&M and Houston, and seemed to take it in stride. Inconsistent play is something that he’s going to have to fix if he wants to be a pro. Many thought that he would (and should) transfer to another school to play his final year of college, but going pro may have been his best option. Now, he can focus on his game, and finding a team that will sign him as a free agent. He has the physical tools to be a good quarterback, but it all comes down to the mental side of the game.
  2. I like Ron. I have since he came here. But we can't execute on Offense, we can't stop anyone on defense and special teams is hit or miss. There isn't on aspect of this team that is solid. That accountability has to start at the top. I just get this feeling it is time to make a change.
  3. Allen is an ok QB, but at times he is trying to do too much. And for God sakes, dont put the game on his shoulders. Use our backs.
  4. The good news is that we played a 7-1 team on the road in bad weather and almost overcame it all. We still needed a little help, but that penalty might have really made the difference. The time it took off the clock and field position were huge.
  5. The two defensive guys? It obviously shouldn't have been called. I was referring to the comment that them not scoring negated the call. It cost us a possession that quarter. Long is one of the few people thats tolerable on that show. Johnson and Bradshaw are way too goofy.
  6. The 49ers are 6-0 for a reason. They have built a very solid unit. I didn't expect us to win and thought it could be an ugly loss, but not that ugly. Best of luck to your team and fans.
  7. Allen was inaccurate and indecisive. There were at least two sacks where he should have just thrown the ball away. I don't blame him for the Bosa interception though, that was just a hell of a play. But the others... That being said, this was going to be a tough game. Everything about it sucked. Having to go on the road after a bye against a very good team..it was stacked against us. We looked out of sync and a step behind.
  8. That should end the Kyle Allen as the future of the team talk. It should, but probably won't.
  9. Ron's going to have CMC returning. You watch.
  10. I hope he waits in the very least until Greg Little is out of protocol.
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