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  1. If they had just run the ball, none of this would be in question. It was 3rd and goal at the 3. Run it twice. If you don't score, Minn gets the ball on the 1 yd line with about 57 seconds left.
  2. Cincy, Dallas, and LAC aren't going QB.
  3. They didn't take the down, just backed them up five yards.
  4. You mean like moving a game from Thursday to Sunday to Tuesday?
  5. https://www.sportsfanisland.com/collections/family-holiday-pajamas/products/carolina-panthers-nfl-family-holiday-pajamas?variant=29501318037598
  6. Only certain teams are high enough up the food chain to get this,
  7. No, no, he has to have been a high school QB in Charlotte.
  8. If CMC and Kamara were drafted in the same year, how does Kamara have 20 more games than CMC? I don't remember him missing that many games. Even including playoff games, the numbers are off.
  9. Newest Thanksgiving side dish. If the line at Aldi's hadn't been so long, I would never have seen it. Going to get several more boxes tomorrow.
  10. He might not have shaken hands, but he did stay on the feild and talk to the Rams. Fake news.
  11. Marty Hurney had a 1st rd grade on Little. You watch your tone, sir.
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