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  1. For some reason, Intercoastal Angler on Oleander Dr has a big "We're Open" sign out front.
  2. Furniture store in Wilmington was issued a citation today after being told not to open yesterday. Hopefully, there will be a lot more of this.
  3. Not entirely. My grand-daughters are homeschooled 3 days a week, but have to go to co-op school 2 days a week to interact with other kids and get tested to make sure they use the proper curriculum. They're a military family.
  4. If anything, travel restrictions need to be looked at after this. Oh, and people that got on cruise ships knowing what was going on can look elsewhere for sympathy.
  5. Because all businesses are essential. There's a boat sales marina that's still open in Wilmington.
  6. Not sure this will ever blow over. And right now, we don't do our jobs, we just make sure the old people are OK and get food and supplies.
  7. Found out today that we get $1.50 an hour more starting next week. Hazard pay.
  8. Name one person who is not "at risk".
  9. They did this where I work, but not full nazi. They can walk around outside, supposed to practice social distancing (they don't), and they have exercise and games on the in-house tv station. That might change Monday.
  10. If you were a seasonal server and didn't pay many taxes, you won't be eligible. Its based on tax returns. Google " NC unemployment calculator".
  11. Rather have a dime than 2 nickels.
  12. The insurance the company had was complete crap, so I opted out last year. Copays and minimums were horrible.
  13. Just did some reading. Apparently, with the stimulus package, I could make $300 more a week if I got laid off. Gonna push the limits at work tomorrow.
  14. If I understand it correctly, the gov't would loan businesses money to keep employs on for 10 weeks, and then convert the loan into a grant. Why lay anybody off?
  15. Cases aren't skyrocketing, they were already here. Just like Italy's death toll doubling daily, people aren't dying exponentially, they were just finding the bodies.
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