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  1. cookinbrak

    Game last night

    Chargers everything is real. 3rd string RB was money, defense is good. They have a great coach. Could be an all LA Super Bowl.
  2. cookinbrak

    Game last night

    Didja notice they went for 2 and won the game?
  3. Since I'm not an idiot like some on here, I won't quote your whole wall of commercials. But, to answer your question that is somehow in a tweet by someone with your name You throw slightly in front of him and not over him. I guess he ran the wrong route, too.
  4. Where was he working last week?
  5. cookinbrak

    Is Cams shoulder as bad as we thought?

    If Cam's shoulder regresses during the game, let Heincke play the first half and Cam comes in the second half.
  6. cookinbrak

    A dose of delusion that y'all need

    Might be the only way our defense slows them down.
  7. If Tepper didn't think Cam could play, he wouyldn't play. If Cam thought he couldn't play, he wouldn't play.
  8. cookinbrak

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    Yeah, if the refs hadn't ignored the 15 yd penalty on the blocked FG, that game would have ended differently.
  9. We had one of the best to play the game.
  10. cookinbrak

    Devin Funchess

    Funchess ran a crossing route. Cam threw it 6 feet over his head. Cams last 3 throws today- Behind Curtis. Over Wright. Over Funchess. Everybody ran the wrong route.
  11. cookinbrak

    Cam Newton lost this game

    They'll follow Cam wherever he goes.
  12. cookinbrak

    Cam Newton lost this game

    Yes, the WRs are too tall, too short, too fast, too slow. Fukking excuses.