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  1. WTF is up with attacking the goalies? When Dougie hit that laser at the end, did ya see that shot of the crowd leaving? Hilarious.
  2. If Donte wasn't a 12 lb bag of suck and could cover his guy instead of letting him run right by him, he could have had an easy INT.
  3. If it's an all out blitz, then he knows he doesn't have safety help. Just don't let your man get behind you. He got burnt, period.
  4. People are so sheepish and cowardly. Heed my words - Pee in the corners and poop in the plants.
  5. Bring him in on a goal to go play. Catch a TD, place the ball in the center of the end zone, take off his helmet and put beside it, and go sit down.
  6. It's based on opinion, not facts. And anybody who puts any veracity in PFF is ignorant.
  7. There was nothing to be gained from canning Rivera before the end of the year, other than upsetting whatever team camaraderie we had. Now we know exactly who is in charge of the defense from here out. At least Dallas has the good sense to wait until the season is over to can Garrett. Apathy amongst the fans is nothing compared to apathy amongst the players.
  8. Wait, wait, wait.....We play Seattle, they could lose out as well.
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