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  1. Seeing Chase Winovich on these lists hurts even more.
  2. When I said something several years ago about cooking a boston butt in the crock pot to make bbq, I was told it wasn't real bbq. But it works quite well to make 8-9 lbs of bbq. Occasionally I'll put pineapple and jalapenos in to make al pastor. Going to try to cook wings in the air fryer. Buffalo and honey lime cilantro.
  3. Low country boils. Yard drinking by the chiminea/firepit. Better BBQ. Hotter women. Bojangles. Piggly Wiggly.
  4. Hot dogs in the air fryer are great. The skin actually gets crisp.
  5. Cant even make the sandwich you want. " Ham? Really? Why is it even here?"
  6. I doubt it, she was a little on the chunky side.
  7. So you're going to a game that only you can attend, and stay at an empty stadium for 2 weeks afterwards?
  8. How exactly can you know this? I'm sure that everybody that has died of COVID would have loved to know exactly who transmitted it to them. I'd also like to think that the person that transmitted it feels some remorse. But I doubt it.
  9. Kc and Jacksonville are the only places allowing fans. Has nothing to do with the govt or Cooper, it's just common sense. And the folks in the lower bowl were all over each other last night.
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