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  1. Not to piss in your cornflakes, but the RB not scoring is a strategic move. GB was behind by 2, score a TD, go up by 5, but there's still time on the clock to return a kick for a TD or a hail mary. Stop, run the clock down to nothing, kick the FG, game over.
  2. I don't want Cam to say he's ready. I don't want Rivera to say he's ready. I want a few actual doctors to say he's ready. Joe Flacco was ready last night. He played like poopoo. We don't need Cam ready to play. We need Cam ready to be Cam.
  3. If the only info about Cam is "anonymous sources", the it's obviously Cam and his folk. Has been any info given by an actual doctor?
  4. Replace Steve with Lamar Lathon. Damn. Also, when did Cam become a former player?
  5. Kyle has 4 TOs in 4 games. Cam has 2 TOs in 2 games. Spin away.
  6. Only 4 were lost fumbles. There's no such thing as a recovered interception.
  7. 2 weeks ago, there was a thread about Cam being at practice. In a boot, but at practice. Last week, there was a thread about Cam being ready after the bye. Ready to return to practice, not ready to play. People are so desperate for attention they misword or completely fabricate the stories.
  8. Ross Cockrell. Donte went down, "Agh, our crappy pass defense just got worse!!". Only it seems to be better.
  9. Stayed up to watch the (epic) game. A short-handed open netter with 6 seconds left was the king of all daggers.
  10. We're leading the league in being 4th in defense? How many other teams are 4th in defense? Are we tied?
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