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  1. Compare how Deangelo Williams and Cam Newton acted after being released. Then throw Jonathan Stewart in.
  2. I trust Brazil about as much as I trust China or New York.
  3. Twitter is the equivilant of a message board. All the people you agree with are right and everyone else is a ignorant racist misanthropic asschug who needs to die.
  4. Masks with ventilation holes are useless, might as well wear nothing.
  5. Please explain how 100 preventable deaths is a good thing.
  6. Unless tested, you can't be proven positive. Somebody is trying to scam him.
  7. Why? Is there no one there that can do what you do?
  8. People (including the dumbasses where I work) seem to confuse "front line workers" with medical personnel. What if Food Lion wasn't open? Gogas? Ace Hardware? What if all the traffic lights stopped working?
  9. Not to be a dick, but you do realize that 2/3 to 3/4 of people still work, right? People are working as I type this to keep the electricity on and the internet working.
  10. If it was a virtual online mote, it could be an emote.
  11. Liquor. Occasionally Aldis wine. Beer just makes you pee.
  12. Eventually NY will get caught lying about numbers and hiding bodies
  13. Florida is gonna do the same thing that NY and China did. Lie about the numbers.
  14. Once again, the thread is getting derailed by the same guy.
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