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  1. I watched the slomo a few times. If his wrist isn't broken, it's really sprained.
  2. According to a Canadian on another board, Ovechkin should catch grief tonight.
  3. I doubt Bosa will still be there at 7.....
  4. cookinbrak

    Things to do in Orlando

    Florida in July after 3...it's gonna rain.
  5. Same here. Bought myself an XBox for Christmas, downloaded Doom 2016, and got right back into it. Getting ready to replay all the Resident Evil games next. If somebody could get the original Grand Theft Auto game back, that would be great. You will never be a man until you jump a tank between two buildings.
  6. cookinbrak

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Not here to pee in anybody's corn flakes, but you have to realize that there are 2 types of gamers - those who try to completely finish the game - Max out everything and finish all missions- and those with short attention spans who just want the next shiny object.
  7. We outplayed them for the first half of the first period. They spanked us the second half. The PP goals were inexcusable. I think Saturday is a different story. Side note- when they intentionally go after Aho and Neiderieter, we need to bring somebody in to retaliate. That Oshe dude needs a lower body injury.
  8. NY was about 2 inches from winning that game in regulation.
  9. This was a nice bonus, while packing up to move today I found my Playoff mugs. Haven't used them 8n a while.
  10. cookinbrak

    Damn... could have won. Maybe SHOULD have won.

    You know sponsors get more air time....
  11. Also, thanks, Minnesota. You da man!!
  12. Storm Surge is great. Evander Holyfield, Duck Duck Goose, baseball, and Duck Hunt were the best.
  13. Whiners in this thread...
  14. cookinbrak

    2019 Playoff race.

    Why? You know what, nevermind. Defense needs to step up and help him, they gonna have to do it next week.
  15. cookinbrak

    Playoff bound

    I found it astonishing that teams just played Red Rover with average coaches every season (including us)- just rearranging furniture with Maurice, Laviolette, Peters, etc. While a lot of us were begging for something new. And between Brind-A'mour and getting lucky in the lottery, things are really looking up. PS Thanks, Minnesota!!