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  1. It will peter out before it gets hurricane status, and be a thunderstorm over the Antilles.
  2. And Mike Glennon is still playing. Wish we had Finley.
  3. In order to make sure no one gets hurt, nobody will actually play until we're magically winning the SB and time is running out. Then bring everybody in to take a knee, get a ring, and go to parades.
  4. Yeah, Reid should have been ejected for that. Pee test incoming. Everybody get ready to act surprised.
  5. Wilson was playing 3 years before Prescott was drafted. When Wilson was drafted, Prescott was still in high school.
  6. I used to coach Pop Warner, 7 to 9 year olds. The first week of practice was just basic walkthroughs, to see who could play what position. Players aren't allowed helmets or pads without X hours of conditioning. If your son doesn't have a good reason after one practice, I'd definately go and film practice. Is it Pop Warner? Or some other county-type league?
  7. The players that went at our original spots- 16 Burns 47 Marquise Blair S 77 Chase Winovich DE/LB 100 Grier
  8. Go to his next practice. There are some crappy coaches out there.
  9. They shoulda waited- we're gonna a better RB than him.
  10. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen....
  11. I can see the offense not doing well with Cam, CMC, and Greg taking off. But should the vastly improved defense suck this bad just because Luke isn't out there?
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