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  1. I would think winning the Super Bowl would be the best possible outcome. Silly rabbit....
  2. Y'all are so short-sighted. You do realize that NO will have the #1 seed by the time we play the final game, and will rest all of their starters? We might have a shot at that game.
  3. 2 things- If Cam runs to his left before he makes that throw, he goes in untouched. And if he makes a perfect throw, does it get caught? Besides, a Pop Warner team could hang 20 points on us right now. New Orleans might set NFL records this year.
  4. cookinbrak

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Heck, I saw on the news that a bunch of people walked from Guatemala just to see the game.
  5. Stop the other team from scoring 50 points. That should be coming.
  6. One could argue that our back 7 are better than what we had last year. I like Poe, but Star was a big help inside. And as inept as Washington might be, Luke runs the D and the players know what they're supposed to do.
  7. cookinbrak

    The Walking Dead

    Deadwood had movies coming, too.
  8. 1- CAR 42 2- DET 3 3- cheerleader wardrobe malfunction
  9. What's Kevin Greene up to these days?
  10. cookinbrak

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    New England Monday night a few years back. Luke had a PI in the end zone negated by a tipped pass.
  11. cookinbrak

    Thursday night games

    Don't know why they can't have Thursday games come after a bye.
  12. To be fair, any time you heard any defensive player's name last night was "He runs past ________" or " "He gets past _____ for another touchdown".
  13. cookinbrak

    Check this chart out

    Who has more rushing TDs?
  14. cookinbrak

    Panthers vs. Tampa game tickets

    Craigslist.org. https://tampa.craigslist.org/search/tia?query=carolina+panthers&sale_date=all+dates
  15. cookinbrak

    Bucs D-Line completely healthy

    Yeah, they scary. lol