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  1. They're both backups on teams whose starters are injured.
  2. I don't know who scripted that ending, but....I'll take it.
  3. And the third pass happiest team is getting whipped by a running team.
  4. Remember a couple of weeks ago when some dumbass on here said this was a passing league and RBs were expendable?
  5. It's 25 grand for his charity. No matter how much people piss on it, it's a good thing.
  6. There's one behind the second p in "Pepsi". Adds excitement to the "glory hole" rationale.
  7. That kick looked weak as ***. Hit him with the toes.
  8. You don't really expect the stupid of here to read and comprehend, do you?
  9. If you follow the link through, it has a mock next that has Thomas going to us. This would be great, at least that would be out of the way for 8-10 years.
  10. Still trying to figure why people think that athletes don't get paid.
  11. They don't work for anybody. They can walk away at any moment. It's no different than a student studying medicine or law. They're just working to get a better job after college.
  12. Ironically, Baltimore used to be the team that scored 18 points on 6 FGs.
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