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  1. cookinbrak

    SoCal/SD Panthers

    Montsta lives out there, doesn't he?
  2. cookinbrak

    Tepper’s Opinion - Pure Speculation

    Yes, we definitely want a Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder running the team.
  3. Yeah, I don't understand all of this. The refs at the game called it an INT, it was the league office in New York that overturned it.
  4. cookinbrak

    Give me a reason we win today

    WOOOHOOO! No disappoint for me!!
  5. I don't know about bathwater, but I'd use my straw on her.
  6. cookinbrak

    Game Day Menu

    Went to Sams, they had Nacho Tots- tots with jalapenos and cheese- and Chicken Chili bites
  7. cookinbrak

    Give me a reason we win today

    I haven't watched a game since week 2. Listened on the radio traveling back and forth. Today I sit in my home (mobile though it be) and eat football snacks and watch the game. We will win. They owe me one.
  8. Not even top 50. Digital singles are not counted as albums. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/50-best-selling-music-artists-all-time-bands-singers-musicians-richest-beatles-a7946531.html
  9. Yeah, the NFL announced it was Maroon 5 months ago. Rhianna didn't turn anything down.
  10. Wow, the name of a tv show got ********ed. That's messed up.
  11. It's all "***** Eye" up in here.
  12. The problem is, McDermott was a good D coach. But he left. So they promoted Wilkes, hoping he would be a good D coach. He was okay, not good, but not bad. Then he left. So they promoted Washington, who wasn't a good Dline coach. Stop promoting people that don't know what they're doing and hope they get better.
  13. Well, using that logic, Tepper has already done something that Richardson never did. Go bald.
  14. Rodney Peete said he also is ready.
  15. cookinbrak

    Castlevania (Netflix Original)

    Jump, whip, jump, whip, dagger, dagger, whip.
  16. I live in Pender County. My house had 3 feet of water, a lot more than when Floyd came through. The FEMA inspector deemed my house uninhabitable. They even gave me up to 30 days in a hotel. Only there are no hotels available. I tried to explain this to them. They said that since I didn't use the hotel room, they were not going to cover it. So I sleep in my van. My wife sleeps at our sons house in Wake Forest.
  17. A billionaire and the Panthers are trying to help raise $300,000? Why not just donate 5 times that and call it a day?
  18. Operation BBQ Relief turning away people so they could concentrate on corporate sponsors. Tyson Foods sending trucks to Wilmington because people in Pender County couldn't get to them. Waffle House bringing in management to help overcharge for food.
  19. More fundraisers for publicity purposes than actually helping people who need it.
  20. Back to back winning records after one year? Pretty sure nobody has ever done that. The logic around here.....
  21. cookinbrak

    Game 3: Hurricanes (1-0-1) vs. Rangers (0-2-0)

    'Bout 2 weeks ago.
  22. ....and one second would have run off the clock.
  23. I listened on the radio, all I could think was "OK, just onside kick it, that will eat a second", but he kicked it deep for some reason.
  24. cookinbrak

    Khabib, Conor

    The best part was the interview in one of the prefights. "Why'd you take your pants off?" "My balls was hot" "Trump told me to beat that Russian mother fuger for all that Putin poo." "After this is over we'll go smoke some weed."