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  1. You posted so how could it possibly be the biggest joke in the thread?
  2. Not just him but Brandon Beane(spelling? Gettleman’s Protégé heir apparent to GM here before JR had to go fug that all up with Hurney). Our defense has just not been the same without McDermott.
  3. We’d need to admit you a psychotic check if you didn’t.
  4. Absolutely, but that wasn’t the Cam in week 1-2.
  5. I need to go reread it again. Because nothing I saw there showed anything except the fact they had full rights to edit and send the workout to who ever they chose. Obviously, all 32 clubs or the leak would kill them in court but it did take any control of the content away from Kaep so I can see why that would be the non-signing factor.
  6. Sorry, I didn’t fully flesh my thought out before I posted. See my last paragraph on Nike.
  7. They still sign the basic boilerplate at the end of the day though just like you or me.
  8. @lightsout makes total sense. But I figured they would have just sent over a separate document from his camp addressing that instead of trying to change the liability waiver. His camp fugged him with this stunt. I’m sure the NFL would have signed a separate document but his camp tried to rewrite the liability. That poo doesn’t fly, in any job. This didn’t come down to NFL vs Kaep. This came down to Nike. Nike would lose hundreds of millions(on the low end) if they pick sides in this.
  9. I’m getting that sinking feeling where I’m finding watching other teams more enjoyable. That usually doesn’t happen until we are eliminated from the playoffs.
  10. Kyle Allen 600 yards 8TD’s. CMC 1,000 yards 12 TD’s. Higgest ever score in NFL history.
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