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  1. In the full episode he said he’d be back next week too.
  2. Oh how quickly they turn, didn’t even take 2 years. Like children who can’t make up their mind if they want apple or orange juice. You give them apple juice. They spill it everywhere. You give them orange juice, they spill it everywhere and cry like a fugging toddler.
  3. I would say bernie is just using the “shoot for the moon” style as a tactic to get what he can, but then I think.... “oh wait it’s bernie we’re talking about. He legitimately believes he can get all this done.”
  4. People should be glad Roy Cooper got the reins over Mr. “You don’t have to wash your hands”
  5. Wonder what the Soviet insignia is all about?
  6. 1404 was great. 2205 was alright, just not as well defined as I had hoped. I’ve been playing Frostpunk in the spare time. Pretty damn fun and hard as fug, like anno once one thing spirals out of control the whole thing blows up.
  7. ^ for those that don’t click those are NYP Opinion pieces by a Fox News columnist the Bernie bros are using. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/michael-goodwin-easter-resurrection-from-coronavirus-a-hope-for-economic-rebirth - Michael Goodwin: Easter resurrection from coronavirus? A hope for rebirth of the economy https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/michael-goodwin-media-trump-coronavirus - Michael Goodwin: Media shamefully slams Trump during coronavirus crisis https://video.foxnews.com/v/6139813392001#sp=show-clips - Michael Goodwin: Democrats’ hunt for Trump slayer may lead to Hillary Clinton comeback
  8. Lie? That’s on you and the bernie bros. Those are all facts. Fact; guarantees health care for all americans(and those residing in the US). Fact; Eliminates all health insurance premiums and reduces healthcare cost for most Americans out of pocket. Fact; Would Eliminate private health insurance companies. Fact; require most Americans to pay more in taxes. Fact; threatens the current Medicare(bernie has already said he’d absolve it to make Medicare for all to work). Fact; Leads to delays in people getting tests and treatment. (I mean I can list a million examples of this. But look at Japan for instance, they have the longest hospital stays in the world, because once someone gets in, they want every test under the sun. And their government only pays for 70% of it. Imagine 100% when doctors can’t say no like Canada, Britain, France or the Netherlands)
  9. OK that’s just depressing. This one popped up and I skimmed it. He says that even though the death rate is 3% or less right now, 50% of people that advance far enough to be put on a ventilator die. Which tells us if NYC needs 30,000 ventilators. Ya... He also pulls no punches against dumbass people being dumb. Holy poo he rips “kids” apart unabashedly. “We have healthcare workers who have died... not gotten sick fuger... died{from exhaustion and burnout} trying to help your family.” Its important to note too this is a week old and his says his estimates are BEST case scenario. We are way past his best case scenario projection a week later.
  10. Oh poo that Asian Boss hasn’t come up on my YouTube feed yet. Def gonna watch it. fug man, that poo about reactivation cases is scary. “Ok you’re good, we can discharge you. Go rest at home for a few days and do your life... oh wait 5 days later it’s back.”
  11. The very first thing bernie says about doctors is... “We should be spending money on doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, dentists, and other professionals who provide services to people and improve their lives.” How do you think a doctor or a nurse during this pandemic would feel if they were told they are going to take a 30-40% pay cut permanently, working all the extra hours and have to deal with the extra risk? Because that’s what Bernie’s M4A plan is projecting. I don’t see how asking a nurse making 46,000 to suddenly make 32,200 is improving their lives? Could you answer that for me? How long do you think most hospitals would last on Medicare rates of 89% per Patient during this, private insurance covers the rest to make sure hospitals don’t go into the red. How many hospitals are going to close without that private insurance? So ya, they wouldn’t be private entities because their rate would be governed by Medicare. Which is dipping as low as 60% of an insured patient right now. Bernies whole thing on the issue is a conflagrant mischaracterization of the facts. Of course these numbers are based on the facts we have now as well as the numbers Bernie’s campaign have put out, which do not account for this at all. In reality inflating his actual cost by a lot. So either he’s going to have to raise Medicare numbers and raise his cost substantially from what he’s laid out OR force Medical professionals and hospitals to take serious pay cuts and operate in the red and possibly close with a greatly increased number of patients and remember none of this is accounts for the extras that Bernie wants to take over such dental or eyes among many others. ————— Heres a little fun fact for all those touting the MCA is highly favorable in the exit polls. I’d love to see this study done this year to see if those numbers still add up. Just looked it up. It’s the same in 2020.
  12. You do realize under a UHC or SPHC the prices would still go up the same amount right, it would just be the governments responsibility through taxes.
  13. Ya, furthermore, obviously we didn’t get COVID-19 from bats or Pangolin, but perhaps they could be useful in a vaccine. Just as we use chicken eggs to make the “flu” vaccine. “The new coronavirus’ similarity to both a bat virus and a pangolin virus suggests that viruses from the two animals may have exchanged genes at some point before infecting people (SN: 3/26/20). The pangolin viruses, however, lack a feature seen in SARS-CoV-2 that may have helped the virus make the leap to humans — a hint that the virus may have acquired an adaptation in another, not yet identified, animal before spreading around the globe.”
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