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  1. Hopefully you see how the rest of the world views MAGA people and trumpers now.
  2. I think my favorite scene was the cereal bowl/dog bowl and wiping his glasses on the secretaries sleeve to prove a point about letting her dog eat out of his cereal bowl. In doing so complete blew over her head and she’s going to sexual harassment #metoo sue him. The only way I see this season ending is with Larry in jail.
  3. You really believe the establishment will care about a few votes or more aptly non votes? They certainly haven’t cared since 2016 since they knew the inner workings of the Hillary deal. The democratic establishment knows they need votes, and those votes aren’t in the social, democratic, liberal bastions. After all the Democratic's have won the public vote how many times in a row now? They need the swing/moderate voter states/counties that they lost last presidential cycle. If the candidate doesn’t market to that crowd, any candidate can kiss the General goodbye. And yes, I agree the electoral college needs to be abolished. The fact is though it’s still in full effect and why most educated voters I know feel trump would still win again(especially with bernie). As I’ve said getting the senate should be anyone’s(Socialist, Leftist, Liberal, Democrat, Moderate, Etc) priority over the executive branch because if they keep the house and take the senate. Trump can kiss his presidency goodbye and policy will actually get passed in Congress onto the executive branch and poo will come to a head.
  4. Ya... that’s the issue I’ve seen in people that take depression medication. It’s literally every medicine just drives the depression worse until they are on 20 medications. Just doctors throwing poo at a fan. I think this one was a eczema med commercial. It just blew my mind there wasn’t even a consult your doctor. Just don’t take it if you are allergic to this drug.
  5. Not in the slightest. It’s simply that I do not trust this coaching hiring to produce anything on the NFL, especially with Hurney running the roster still.
  6. So because I state a simple fact I’m a jackass?
  7. The last time snow was in on an NFL team. He went 0-16. You living in the past and all you should know that.
  8. It is beyond brilliant. Shots fired in every direction.
  9. So, San Fran in white and KC in red. I hope.
  10. Btw, there are some eerily prophetic articles from even as far back as March on this super bowl matchup if you look. Anywho @Mr. Scot who is the home team this Super Bowl? In a big discussion over red v. red.
  11. Because the nfl is your god and you will obey it.
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