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  1. You forget. Those that champion this thread want to see very specific things, for a very specific group of people.
  2. Maybe these cameras cost 10’s of millions but storage does not. They only record up to 1080p, they have 64G of storage. 1080p = 1.5G(seems about right for those cameras and codex) an hour. You do the math. 3.5T per year per officer. You can buy a 4TB drive for 89-100 bucks.
  3. I like this guy, Sharp as a tac. He has Lewandowski dead to rights on lying to Congress.
  4. Well, the three teams that his agent supposedly targeted thought these guys were a better option. “On the Saints end, they signed J.T. Barrett to their practice squad and he'll be their No. 3 guy behind Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill. On the Steelers' end, the team added Paxton Lynch to their practice squad on Tuesday. As for the Jets, who are down to third-string quarterback Luke Falk, they reportedly signedDavid Fales on Wednesday.”
  5. No. It is not time. It will never be time.
  6. They would have left before the question was called. What you should be saying is why did they even show up in the morning. Calling a vote like that is going to bite the fug out of your ass hard soon. Pucker up.
  7. Why are we trying to make a RT into a LT? Dumbest fuging poo. Williams has been a brilliant RT when he’s healthy. His health is his biggest issue.
  8. Why do you incessantly post this dribble. This is all part of the game. Then again we haven’t had a major strike like this in a long time. That being said the UAW has more then enough money saved away to make sure each and every one of those people have healthcare for months. This strike isn’t going to last months. GM can’t afford it. They’ll end up trying to outsource the jobs to Mexico. Trump(a union hater) will be caught between a rock and a hard place. Cause how does his message look if he lets GM outsource 50,000 jobs to the country he’s trying to stop “invading” us? When they go back to the negotiating table for real. Employer paid healthcare isn’t coming off, in fact it’s probably going up now. It really pisses me off when people that have no clue about unions try and talk about things that involve them. The UAW holds all the cards and they know it. They can even take a shot at trump. There is more then enough money flowing into the striking workers right now to cover them for a long time. From fellow union members across the board.
  9. It doesn’t work at the current level. It’s as simple as that. The only reason it works in China is because they all look Chinese and the few that don’t, are easy to spot anyways. The amount of minorities that have been wrongfully arrested because the system was built around white peoples faces is incredibly dumb.
  10. We gonna play a lot of Nickel or is Shaq going to basically be a 3rd safety you think?
  11. I don’t believe I’ve ever had Other Half, I’ll have to ask at the beer store next time. Another one I love right now too is the Maine Lunch.
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