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  1. No dumbass they were not mock assassinations. They were milkshakes to your face cause you are fascist.
  2. Wouldn’t fetus(or in certain states “persons”) in the womb be considered illegal immigrants because they aren’t born yet?
  3. I can’t wait for someone to try that. Too bad Alabama probably doesn’t have any.
  4. Your right though with that answer it’s a very fine line. I wonder if he did this to help DTJ in the senate hearing.
  5. They did ask him about that in the written questions. I think a case could be made from the I don’t recall answer because clearly he did,
  6. He just perjured himself and admitted he obstructed justice. If Barr doesn’t go after him the house should impeach Barr.
  7. I hope one of them retorted, than we won’t found anything you ask for until our investigation is complete.
  8. It will be amusing as hell when the D wins though.
  9. Harbingers


    Holy fug. Anyone that hasn’t had a chance to at least watch a recap of this hearing if not the full thing. I’m honestly surprised our congress ladies didn’t just get up and slap the poo out of him. He literally told Ayanna Pressley after she asked a question, “you already know the answer to that” two times, when she said “I do but do you?”. He smirked and said “reclaiming my time.” They should have held him in contempt and had the Sargent-At-Arms lock him up. Yes, the SAA can do that. So fuging unbelievably disrespectful, fug you Ben Carson. Fug you.
  10. You clearly have no intellectual value at all.
  11. Step one of government: Distract everyone.
  12. Harbingers


    So you don’t understand they are just playing child and trying to avoid any question? Or do you think they are that smart the can just “Oreo” off a question from the house with a smirk? @PhillyB *cough*
  13. Harbingers


    Ya, I’m just laughing at you at this point. Satire surely is a finer touch and some people just won’t get it. It was clear from your first post you didn’t read the second paragraph.
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