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  1. Eh CMC was rolling if you remember. All we needed was what 10 yards for a comfortable field goal and Slye not to miss to tie but if we had made that 4th with CMC I’m betting we would have scored.
  2. Lets see about that in three weeks I’m pretty sure it said they the pats, the bills, KC and TB in their next 4 games.
  3. And to think we were one dumb coaching call away from beating LV.
  4. They need more than 2. At this point they’d need 4.
  5. Hopefully they win their division this year and really make a playoff push. Sorry, not sorry cam. You did go over to the dark side.
  6. What’s actually going to happen... we pick first and pick a MLB. The huddle permanently explodes.
  7. The saddest part, everyone but 50 was a double teamed with CMC as the pickup. They rushed 4 to our 8 and still got pressure. That was some serious miscommunication by our line. The more you watch it the more that’s actually on 75 who left his gap completely wide open for the swim. 75 was assigned to pick up the fifth man on the outside who dropped into coverage. Why? No clue. Their DLC > Our OLC.
  8. That’s just painful. Did we do any TE in the backfield sets this game at all? To give 50 credit though that swim move was insane. I wish we had a DL too.
  9. Ya I saw the ground level view now. The only thing it could seem was when he turned his waist upfield but it didn’t seem that his ankles/knees or anything slipped away from his body position and it didn’t seem the defender really got any of him. Huh.
  10. True that, but the only thing that looked out of the “ordinary” on that run was when his ankle collided with DJ’s shin/ankle.
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