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  1. did you like that bro? you try so hard to love on my balls. Want some more?


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      good. does that mean you wont be stalking my posts? lame ass bitch


    4. coralreefer_1


      no no...tell me again how you are a great poster. Tell me again here how I am wrong...but you ( figgin crab trying to hide in a shell) are right but i am wrong. Go on....lay your logic here so i can share it


  2. you mad bro? Get at me man to man. talk to me~ 

  3. LOL man. the fact you have to look at my profile in order to poo on posts that you dont even comment on yourself. Just poo because you are petty like that? Lame man.  

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      He does it to me too....I consider him irrelevant 

  4. None of the above. Just a loser mofo apparently not satisfied and zooming in on boobs in the back like some high school kid with a box of tissues. Grow up man.
  5. Have to agree with above. It would be cool to trade comments with some real Broncos fans on here, but this guy is just starting poo and sharing the kind of diarrhea that is common on yahoo or SBnation. 1 week ban and wait to see if he/she has something to say afterward seems to be in order
  6. Let me be the first to say.... FUG what Eagles fans say! Whatever respect you guys are gleaning from a few misc posts literally are drops compared to the rest of their fan base as well as the media thinks of us. If i had my way this thread would not even be here because what Eagles fans have to say or think (of any team) is the least meaningful. Trash piles do occasionally yield some gold. Hurray for that. Yet who wants to dig through trash to find it? Are we that desperate for recognition from such a club to get kicks because a handful are insightful enough to see whats really up? Fug the Eagles. I hope we pull fire alarms on them, our fans throw poo at their bus, our hookers infect their players..and our city treats them like trash. At least then they will feel right at home.
  7. My place here in S. Korea would feel much more like home with this on the wall :)
  8. More interested in what is happening at LT than anything else. Not that i expect a huge progression from one practice to another, but i'd sure like your insights about what you see/what is different/what is being worked on at that position
  9. Would we be even talking about this if we were not in a position to use/capitalize on such a thing? Great if it happens, but let me ask the usual questions here on thhe hudddle. Can he play LT? Can we trust Shula to use such talent? Now that the obligatory peanut gallery crap is out of the way, I would totally LOVE of such to come to pass!
  10. I didnt even care about the NFL until we got a local team. I was 17 going on 18 at that time, and those were the days where boys will be boys. That was back when "Gin n Juice" was still a hit. I wouldnt call myself a "true" Panthers fan as i dont even live in the US anymore, cant attend games,never been to a huddle cookout...etc. However, what I can say is that the Panthers are the only NFL team I care about, the only games I watch, and the only team that means anything to me.
  11. Yeah, I understand that. My point is though...that our defense is pretty badass to say the least. And while we havent had a wonderful running game and dealt with injuries and less that stellar talent on the o-line, we are all hoping all of that turns around this year. So then lets take some of these peoples argument and turn it around. Lets imagine we do win the superbowl this year. Can we justify paying cam LESS for the simple fact that a badass defense got us there? Our defense is the main reason we have been as competitive as we have been the last 2 seasons...so I would put forth that as great as Cam is and all the plays that he has made here in there, it was our DEFENSE that kept us in games and competitive as it were. Can any QB say they won a ring without the help of the team overall (which is basically what some are saying Wilson is lacking...poor guy played on a good team so poo on him)
  12. And Cam alone may or may not win us a superbowl..the Panthers will (or not) The only difference is one team has won it once, been to a second, and otherwise dominated the league over the past few years. The other (us) have no such claim. Hell, most of the people here measure our team against Seattle. I dont have an issue with Cam getting paid big money (even if it breaks the team) But to say (and i havent seen that he has but everyone seems to put words in his mouth that he will) ask for RW type money is a joke, and in my opinion would make Cam more big-headed than people are accusing Wilson of being. I know we are all homers for Cam and out team, but step out of the box for a moment and look at the RESULTS. Anyone who thinks Gettleman is just gonna ignore these things and dish out the kind of money people say RW is demanding to Cam is dreaming.
  13. No. We got spoiled with having CJ and Hardy. Most teams do not have tandem badass players on BOTH sides like that. We still have CJ on one, and company on the other side. It may not be ideal...but I'm not worried at all.
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