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  1. coralreefer_1

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    How dare you. Dont you know its racist to be objective about the faults of Cam?
  2. coralreefer_1

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Holy fug I am back to reunite you @@@@@ to one common theme: Hate on me! Seriously this forum has come to this? ladypanther (whom has often thrown himself or herself) into plenty of debates and side comments....complains about the state of this forum. Yet makes a serious point that the vast majority of people here whom actually seem to have a problem because they post 30+_times per day and have upwards of 10,000 posts even though we were all reset some years ago (for real...see a doctor)...continue to pollute. They do it in this thread even though some of the same sided with him (or her) in that other thread~ All you people suck azz. Seriously. The best news I heard out of all of this fallout was that apparently reddit does what this forum does for so many: provide updates and news on the team without the drama! I believe I'll have to check that out!
  3. The fact you (and apparently so many others) waste THAT much time reading and POSTING says far more about you than it does about the team. Its a friggin GAME...but some of you people literally need to seek help about the constant huddle reading/twitter waiting to be the first to read and repost a tweet/posting...etc etc. Its just not healthy bro if you are doing ALL of that so much you want to abandon the team. I agree. Most of us REAL fans arent following the team because we expect to win. I follow because I was born/rained in the Carolinas! If you follow the team simply because you like Cam or Luke...or the color scheme, or just like Sweet Caroline, then please take a break!
  4. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    I landed here in 2004. You would not believe how so many things have changed since then. I dont mean about infrastructure or food...but more about the culture. 2004 ppl here were so conservative...gawked at foreigners. These days? Its like Japan. Noone cares. Just go to work and make money..and party afterward~
  5. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    wonju of all places? Wow that is country as all heck ( but i guess that is fitting) Any idea the name? any reference? A search shows me a placew called "Sweet Oak". More TX bbq than NC...but a place i have never heard of and worth a visit
  6. Man that was a long write-up for a guy this is essentially a rookie in RR mind. He should be given more snaps to develop into the player we drafted him to be. HE is way behind the curve on that front due to injury. BUT...we all know that wont happen! DJ will get more starter time than CS. Frankly I like that. We have too many explosive breakout players now between Curtis, Christian, and DJ. Curtis is a backup so to speak, because RR worries like so many do that CM cannot take a full season of RB duties and role like he has. I believe he worries and almost expects CM to get injured, or get worn down as the season draws on. Enter Curtis Samuel. Another hybrid. Can be a RB...can be a short/intermediate range receiver. fights like all hell. I dont want them all on the field. We dont need all of them on the field. Our scheme and plays wont utilize them to the 100% anyway...so no reason or all of them to be out there risking injury when all are this young.
  7. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    Ive been here 14 years. I have often thought to come back and make a Korean restaurant. But i always worried about the liability of people cooking at their table. Kids burns himself/lawsuit for millions. etc etc. But i hear there are now Korean restaurants around that do such. Is that really a thing in the US now: People cooking with tongs at their table?
  8. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    Man i am so sick of bulgogi. I much rather prefer grilled makchang (chitlins) or battered and fried chicken ass ( gizzards). I call it ass because Bourdain on a long lost Korean episode of No Reservations called it simply ass! The locals seems to enjoy that title~
  9. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    He started as a wing/fried chicken place last year. The Soul food thing is a special he runs every second and 4th Sunday! Its not really a soul food restaurant exactly. Just a small thing he is doing just outside the US army base where most of his clientele is as you can guess..US soldiers and random other American expats like me i the city. Ironically...hes a redskins fan!
  10. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    A US Army friend of mine over here in Korea open a Soul food restaurant not long ago. Its not traditional football food, but im gonna have myself a plate of his fried catfish and sides! And this stalker 4corners.....be sure you click my profile like you do on the regular to stay updated on when i post so you can poo it. LOL the fact you stalk my profile to poo poo weeks old is hilarious!
  11. coralreefer_1

    Breaking Panthers News

    Not excited with this! They should sit the man have 2 more weeks to be sure. We need him later in the season when we are making a run at the playoffs!
  12. The Panthers for starters not not even mentioned in the article. We make an appearance in a graph of little meaning and of little importance considering the graph is just a picture and not a subject of the research other than a side note. i recognize alot of mofos here are not experienced with real data analysis and dont really know more about our team other than what they get here, or espn poisons them with... its not to say we dont have a bad field. I am just pointing out this bullshit thread title/clickbait.
  13. coralreefer_1

    Terrible Thomas Davis news

    Are you big mad..or little mad?
  14. coralreefer_1

    Game Day Menu

    151 bacardi rum....and the best imitation of a decent sandwich Daegu S. Korea can offer. Game day here is Monday afternoon/evening considering my work schedule. This week on Tuesday is a national holiday which means Game day (Monday) is get turnt day!!!
  15. This is where you show you tom ass foolery/ Are you even speaking english? 1. you say its a game Panthers should win...we are superior to the giants in every phase. 2. Then you go full becky by saying the giants will win by a field goal...because the team you previously believed in....now suddenly you dont!!! I liked you better when you were stalking my posts. Go back to that!!!