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  1. Dude is on a quick path to being "that" guy. STFU and enjoy the contract.
  2. Obama is class. And you are right...Duke gets far too many bandwagon fans. That said,,,UNC does also. If you not from Chapel Hill, and didnt go to school there then you are a bandwagon fan~ Let's hopw you did. Ill be rocking the red and white in Raleigh. It's easy to support perennial winners like UNC or Duke. Bumpo that! Wooolfpack!!
  3. I like the fact you are attempting to be Igo's bitch. Racist forum persists, but you are the one tasked to try to hush it up~
  4. exactly. the room in question is a liability in the making. But its cool. Live that life. Gin and Juice. All that poo...UNTIL poo gets real. Igo may think I'm giving him poo. I am actually because he sucked Teppers nuts too hard from the bat. But its 2019 and no matter how ppl hate my comments...anyone in business know that time of bullshit existing is a liability...not a commodity. Tinderbox is the new MAGA racist poo bro. Even they are not maga...that forum is nothing but hate. You dont need clicks that badly to be associated with that poo. That is all I am saying
  5. did you like that bro? you try so hard to love on my balls. Want some more?


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    2. 4Corners
    3. coralreefer_1


      good. does that mean you wont be stalking my posts? lame ass bitch


    4. coralreefer_1


      no no...tell me again how you are a great poster. Tell me again here how I am wrong...but you ( figgin crab trying to hide in a shell) are right but i am wrong. Go on....lay your logic here so i can share it


  6. Not meant to hijack the thread. I was quoted. I responded. Lets also be adult and admit that if everything that was racist and technically against laid out forum rules was "reported"...nothing would be done, or otherwise there would be 5% content there? You can throw it out there as a disclaimer " report it", but that doesnt make it ok that it exists there. in fact I will tell you what. I will spend the next few days going through there and "reporting" racist stuff. I know it will overwhelm and annoy your mods, and they will reach a point where they just wont care..ignore it....and said racist forum will still exist on your site Igo. Bro im not trying to give you a hard time. But you are a real connected dude. On the field with our players. In the club with our players. In the back room with the cheerleaders all these other blokes cream themselves about. YOU are too close to the team to allow that kind of forum to exist....mods or not..forum rules or not P.S.4$corners is a straight nuthugger for being all on my posts~
  7. Its not difficult to understand. You may not be a fan of my posts, but any site that is as recognized by the team...the site owner is as connected to the team as Igo is....yet allows a forum where vile racists are allowed to post whatever they please and it gets hosted on this server is shameful. Igo once made a thread " are you ready to win". I've made fun of that Homerism over and over in sly ways. But now we have to ask serious questions. Maybe some media inquiries to local sports writers, a few letters to the FO...etc. Why is this site STILL a host to a forum of hate! Igo isnt just a random dude with a forum. The fact there is a whole platform for hate is unacceptable in 2019. But But...we are ready to win....and maybe need an AAF forum~
  8. Panthers do not play in the AAF! Yet, we have a tinderbox forum where the most vile, racist, sexist stuff is allowed to exist...so why not? Before asking should we have a AAF forum...may I ask why in the heck do you allow such a swamp of hate forum exist here? Well, we know clicks and content count for something. No to AAF as long as racist tinderbox exists.
  9. Some truth to this. Mofos here wet dreaming about WR, TE, and DE in the draft. He's not wrong, the fans that STILL bank on Cam being an athlete rather than an NFL QB that needs decent protection continues. This team has never dedicated real coaching to his true QB skills, so it is not a surprise our fans expect such out of him. If you have a problem with that...please tell me why after 8 years Cam still struggles with basic footwork. Its either because he isn't being taught NFL footwork....or he simply refuses to do it! Cam really is a dead man walking to be honest. This team will not invest in what he needs to succeed. Now we have the weapons, but not the OL or Defense, and his shoulder is suspect and man may not even start!
  10. the LOL you saying that bullshit after you view my profile and go back literally weeks to flag 14 posts~ I wake up to 14 notifications,...all from you going out of your way to look at my history and flag whatever I post~~~ You sir (or maam) need the thoughts and prayers. That stalker mess is so 2008!
  11. KB enjoying the offseason like...someone that made 8 million. The huddle has jokes, but he's the one laughing.
  12. have your forgotten when Minter played, and the league has changed? Surely you do realize in today's NFL such a player would spend half the season suspended. Isnt it a regular lament that the NFL rules stifle defense and more of less make this a tag football game? But yeah...we need a head cracker al lthe drama that comes with him cleaning clocks on the field. It is almost as if you hope we because the dirty play Saints of the new decade.
  13. we dont need highlight reel hits with a few Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties sprinkled in. We need people that can tackle and cause turnovers.
  14. exactly. He was cast into roles because of his name. Go back and tell me again what experience in football he had when he got his first job here~
  15. I have to wonder...what does Sam MIlls 3 have to qualify him for anything? A man of an ancestor that was an icon and has a statue. Yall were so mad Bersin was kept on because well, he was only clutch when his number was rarely called, but otherwise here because someone with money and power wanted him here. People want to focus on the idea that this man is needed to control RR...but really, what is he doing to benefit anyone other than his name??? Now this guy gifted with a team job years ago because someone in his family was a great player here. That is exactly the kind of good ol boy system and logic many used to hate about JR, and used as jokes about Bersin. BUT....
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