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  1. Smoked chicken legs with smoked corn on the cob and onion roasted yukon potatoes.
  2. You are not new here you SOB. Long time no forum!
  3. This post makes me wonder, what happened to SCP? Been out of pocket the last few years.
  4. Air fryer chicken parmigiana and homemade rosemary garlic mashed potatoes and Cabarrus Brewer Cotton Blonde
  5. I assume the OP was hungover the morning after making this thread?
  6. Copycat Chik-fil-a tortillia soup
  7. Slow cooker pulled chicken, homemade coleslaw, and Bush's maple and bacon baked beans.
  8. It is the best Oktoberfest beer there is.
  9. Homemade carne asada and Cabarrus Brewing Company Oktoberfest beer.
  10. It would be nice if the Vikings win, but odds are we will be playing Seattle next weekend
  11. In middle school the proper answer was Abraham Lincoln and the guy sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman
  12. Speaking of pee wee.. let see how many of you remember this gem from middle school boys locker room humor "name two people who were shot in the back in a movie theater?"
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