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  1. From here on out, the Cardinals shall be known as The Carsondinals.
  2. LOL...took me a while to see what was going on there...
  3. Agreed. I've been looking forward to this season more than any in recent memory.
  4. This. Get the fast passes for the more popular rides so you aren't standing in line for > hour on a back top in 1000 degree weather. Ride the less popular rides while you wait on your fast pass. The last time I went we were with my mother in law who was in a wheel chair at the time and you get shuffled to the front of the line every time. That was the same trip we found out their are people in wheel chairs who you can pay to be your " friend" so you can skip the lines. Strange, but whatever floats your boat.
  5. ​ The chorus is this: "Let me out Iet me out Im singin' Let me out let me out Im singin' I'm a lotto and a Cheeto prism, a jism talent come true."
  6. ​To those havent seen this, be prepared to laugh your arses off: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLd22ha_-VU
  7. To add a line to Blinded by the Light: "And little burly pearly gave my anus curl a whirly ... and asked me if I needed a ride." I still don't know what the real lyrics are and really don't care to know. My version is better.
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