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  1. Merry Christmas, sunshine.  I wish you and the family a wonderful time.

  2. sunbunny

    Shooting At Wayne County Community College

    My son was on campus when it happened. He said it was a little scary. The police came into his class with rifles pointed and yelling for everyone to get their hands in the air. My loving child didn't want to worry me by calling or texting, and instead let me find out on fb by another student and the news. I was scared to call him or text in case i put him in harms way. I didn't talk to him until they were escorted outside.
  3. sunbunny

    Bad friend

    Posting from my phone so I'll make this short. I honestly don't think I'd say anything and just stop calling her. I had a friend who did the same. We'd make plans and then she'd bail. Sometimes she wouldn't even bother to call me first. But I'd be the first one she would call when she needed something. I finally got tired of my feelings being hurt and stopped talking to her. I've tried being friends with her the past couple of years, but I just don't care now. My husband called her a couple of weeks ago when I had my heart attacks to let her know. She's called him to ask about me, but hasn't even texted me. Screw her.
  4. Still here! Just got me some more new heart hardware, so I'm feeling a little better but still recovering.
  5. I'm here lurking some days.
  6. sunbunny

    It's gone snow.

    I got pulled in the makeshift sled (huge glue container cut in half - it's a step up from the jackass poo from yesterday) by the 4 wheeler today while my family and numerous teenagers from around the community laughed. They even have it on video, but my daughter is laughing so hard it's hard to see. My back and arse are now sore and bruised. My yard and the surrounding fields look like a tank raddled war zone. All the other yards are still pristine and white.
  7. sunbunny

    It's gone snow.

    My son and his friends are finally home. They have a 4 wheeler, rope, and a sled. I'm going to get my fatass out there and have fun.
  8. sunbunny

    It's gone snow.

    We have maybe 5-6". Our roads are a mess. My son and his best friend carpooled this morning to work, and it took over an hour with 4 wheel drive; it usually takes them about 10-15 minutes. My daughter is waiting somewhat patiently for them to get home from work with a sled. She's tried making a snowman, but this snow won't pack.
  9. sunbunny

    It's gone snow.

    I've not seen the first flake, and we're in the 5"-10" section.
  10. sunbunny

    It's gone snow.

    Wilson had roughly the same amount.
  11. Maybe a little bit better. He actually got up today and came into the living room for about an hour. That's an improvement. Thank you for asking about him! It's really the sickest he's ever been.

  12. How's taco feeling? Any better?