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  1. Tua might not make it through the first season without surgery. Gonna take some massive hits in the NFL.
  2. He only hugged each parent with one arm, like he didn't even know them.
  3. Hahahaha holy hell man. Have some pie damn you!
  4. Please tell me you're referring to Everette Brown?!
  5. Yeah the "essential" businesses listed include shoe stores and lawn equipment sellers too FFS. Would have been shorter to list the non-essential businesses.
  6. My god. I have the sudden realization that I've been spoiled by being a Panthers fan this year. These teams look like pure poo and we should handily whip that ass. I had the image in my mind of the Cards being some juggernaut to be feared but they look horribly inept in their own house.
  7. Pretty sure the 12-0 was referring to our record post-game not the score. Dingleberry. You think he's dumb enough to say we're only going to get four FGs or two TDs w/o PA? :P
  8. Andy and Brooklyn are in the process of building a home about two miles from my shop. Sold a pile of pipe, etc for their house yesterday.
  9. Been enjoying my Pandora station of Queens of the Stone Age, Helmet, etc with Danko Jones in the mix. Great variety of good music.
  10. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  11. Good lookin out on the negrep there LiQuiD.. I should be on my way to recovery soon...

  12. Hey is your avatar photo from Xunantunich?

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