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  1. But is he sending d**k pics to Jenn Sturger? Or do we need to wait for the Jets to pick Rodgers up after he's ousted in a season or two
  2. Writing skills too. For someone being critical of academics, you'd think he could take the time to use proper grammar.
  3. Thank you for your hard work at times like these!
  4. Yea I mean ideally you draft a good QB and pay them squat while they are young. That's a hard situation to get yourself into, and even harder to replicate. Even average QBs command these insane numbers because if you don't have a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL, you usually don't win games. See the 2019 Panthers as a reference.
  5. Yes. Josh is an awesome dude but i just dont see us giving him long term big money. Guys like kk, trai and possibly kony just have way more room for long term production. Ive also liked the quality backups weve had the past few years. Id hate to see a high paid superstar get injured or suspended and have it cripple the team.
  6. If we want to win the key is scoring more points, we can't rely on what we have. If we can even sorta keep up in scoring this half we win.
  7. Somehow going into this game I forgot we were the best team in the NFL. Thank you for reminding me. Keep Pounding. 60 - 0 at the half, lets go.
  8. Well... he was a proven, high-profile cheater at the college level with USC and was able to escape all negative perception by jumping ship to the NFL before he was caught.
  9. That hit on Brown was completely uncalled for. I'm sorry but that very clearly an intentional targeted hit. He obviously knew Brown was not going to catch the ball, as he would have completely overshot him moving at that speed and would only be capable of making a wimpy arm tackle at most.
  10. Well... this is going to be a bloodbath. Sorry Falcons but everyone on the Huddle and your boards knew that team was soft as a vanilla-chocolate swirl.
  11. Cams run was the spark. We will run away with this shortly.
  12. Chill out ya'll. They've scored on a bomb and a return. If they can't move the ball consistently or stop us from doing that, we will win when it counts.
  13. I think we are the most physical team in the league. I'm pretty sure G-Man uses some Clockwork Orange video mind voodoo on our players. They just get angry on the field and toss people around.
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