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  1. I rarely post here anymore, but only you guys can understand I screamed God No and scared my family, so today suxs Edit wished we signed Jennings now
  2. And get to keep another superbowl Trophy for cheating a third time
  3. Jeffreys was more polished coming to the NFL and one of the best attack the ball WR's Funchess has the measurables to be better than Jeffreys in a few years Funchess - 20 year old 6'5 4.47 38 ' vertical 34' arms And big hands But is extremely raw, if Funchess hits 30 catches + 5 Tds this year , I'll be impressed
  4. The few times I've seen him play on TV , the kid is huge, has all the tools but is extremely raw (low football iq, bad route runner) Kid never played with a real Qb, has the tools to be a bigger, faster and stronger version of Jeffery's , but needs someone to push him
  5. I've said this for the past year in a half Rivera is our Mike Singletary
  6. we would lose to the Jags with this coaching staff
  7. 6 redzone chances= 6 points 2 weeks to prepare for cards = 6 points double time of possession and yards = losing second worst coach in the NFL
  8. Marv Levy isn't walking through the door
  9. 3 and 2 lets have all our WR run 10 yard routes Rivera Ball
  10. geno smith looked good against the bucs.......... go jets