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  1. This is a legit question that goes back a bit further IMO. Why was Thomas Davis allowed on the practice field during OTA's after his first ACL tear in 2009 season without a knee brace? And why did they allow Jon Beason so quickly back on the field during the 2011 opener when it was clear his Achilles was acting up?
  2. No apology necessary, I really feel this reflects the feelings of a lot of fans on this board. As you grow as a fan and see core players come and go you tend to have favorites and really start to appreciate the human side of these athletes. I still remember TD back when his number was 47 or whatever and he only played special teams as a rookie. He would jump and try to get the fans hyped for kickoffs. It's crazy going into 2008 the local media was starting to whisper "bust", man what a career he's had since then. For the last 5 years or so, our core has been Newton, Kuechly, Olsen, Kalil, Davis, Short +- some others. To see so many of those plus Pep go out like this is heartbreaking.
  3. Did anyone see his face halfway through the game? Like he was grimacing or something. I do think he's dinged up. If Luke isn't the best MLB in the league I think it's because something is wrong with him physically that is beyond his control.
  4. pepaw

    Norv....love this

    I've always wondered what our Super Bowl pregame offensive meetings were like. Nameless Assistant: "So...Remmers vs Miller...we wanna do something about that." Shula barely looking up from his glasses: "Nah man, we're good."
  5. I'm not stating that our defense is anything special so far. I'm just pointing out that your defense is bad overall this year.
  6. Your overall defense is still poop though.
  7. ankle sprain thank god. was afraid ACL or concussion.
  8. There is a really annoying fan near the mic that picks up the game. I hope he has a seizure.
  9. pepaw

    Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    I meant early on in the game.
  10. pepaw

    Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    I pretty much agree with Cam's grade, things weren't going well early on.
  11. Holy sh1t, pie that man.
  12. As a daily visitor for this site I have my first recommendation. Could we have arrows on or right below the pictures so that we navigate through them easier?