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  1. This. Not to mention trying to intimidate a woman reporter that wrote an article on it. Not to mention the social media post where he called Cam a b**** after Superbowl 50.
  2. Oh yeah for sure, I think you need 4 years to eval a rookie. I'm just saying most analysts had him as the 4th best and I think he played above that for his first year. Looking back at their big board for 2018 they also had Derwin James at 5 which aged well. Of course, some others did not.
  3. I'm glad someone pointed this out. I don't always care for PFF but they nailed Baker last year.
  4. This is a legit question that goes back a bit further IMO. Why was Thomas Davis allowed on the practice field during OTA's after his first ACL tear in 2009 season without a knee brace? And why did they allow Jon Beason so quickly back on the field during the 2011 opener when it was clear his Achilles was acting up?
  5. There is a really annoying fan near the mic that picks up the game. I hope he has a seizure.
  6. I pretty much agree with Cam's grade, things weren't going well early on.
  7. As a daily visitor for this site I have my first recommendation. Could we have arrows on or right below the pictures so that we navigate through them easier?
  8. Fine, we remember in that same game when this fat fug leg whipped CJ.
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