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  1. DB Rasul Douglas, 25 years old, 6'2" 209. (Eagles) DE Shareef Miller, 23 years old, 6'4" 254. (Eagles) T Trenton Scott, 26 years old, 6'5" 320. (Chargers) Douglas and Scott both have some starting experience in the league. Shareef Miller played at Penn State with YGM. Scott played for Pat Meyer in San Diego. So far Matt Kaskey has been released to make room for Trenton Scott.
  2. Phil Snow said Sam Franklin had been playing the same position/role that Jeremy Chinn was in the early days of camp
  3. Panthers OL right now: C Matt Paradis T Matt Kaskey G/T Dennis Daley G John Miller G/C Tyler Larsen T Taylor Moton T/G Greg Little G Michael Scofield T Russell Okung with Chris Reed on the COVID list
  4. looks like the Panthers got a draft pick from Buffalo for this guy. found money! edit: maybe they won't ever see that pick, since it's conditional.
  5. reserve linebacker and former 7th round pick with an injury history and no defined role under a new regime as both the defense and special teams see a significant evolution from previous years is cut from the team during training camp. this kind of thing happens constantly all across the league this time of year. there's really not a story here beyond that. Andre Smith has some talent, and maybe he'll carve out a role on another team. but this is barely a blip on the "evaluating the tenure of Marty Hurney" radar. give me a break.
  6. bit more than a rumor imo, this was tweeted and reported by Josina Anderson, who knows things and breaks legitimate news on the regular
  7. not having a specific position to put beside Chinn's name is being overblown a bit imo. the important part is that he's going to be on the field. if there was a single position for "sometimes doing field linebacker coverage things, sometimes doing deep zone things, sometimes carrying a TE or slot receiver down the seam things, sometimes strafing down the LOS and thumping some chump in the running game" things, then that's what he'd be. just my take.
  8. speaking only for myself, I'm getting "No video with supported format and MIME type found." here
  9. also the owner of the Checkers is a minority owner of the Canes that Dundon may very well buy out in the next year or so, thanks to his purchase option when he bought the team. so it could be ownership group drama, as well. Dundon has established a culture of extreme hardline negotiation since he took over, so I assume a line was drawn in the sand at some point, and here we are.
  10. also saw last night that Kenny Robinson signed FYI
  11. and on that same level, Matt Rhule is the hotshot coach with credentials (and contract negotiation leverage) that Jerry Richardson never ever ever would have ponied up the money for.
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