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  1. not sure this is the same role that Tepper alluded to in the beginning. maybe there are two VP jobs open for the Panthers right now?
  2. I wonder if you could soften the cap blow with bonuses and by extending him two years early. since Tepper has elite signing bonus money, it might actually be a good cap move to back the Brinks truck up this summer.
  3. looks like Jason Simmons played under Phil Snow in college. so that’s interesting
  4. in Alaina's short time at the Observer, she has had a habit of writing articles absolutely jam packed with information. it's nice to see. pity so many of her articles are subscriber exclusives. lucky for me my subscription is still good for several months.
  5. Caldwell would be an excellent hire, and I hope that he would begin mentoring various members of the staff immediately. he has succeeded at nearly every step of his career and seems like a great personality to have in the senior leadership of a football team.
  6. reading between the lines, "after the draft" means that Marty Hurney's responsibilities may very well be quite different following the draft, no?
  7. to me, just as impressive as the scheme itself is the ability to get such a solid grasp on it at this stage of Brady's career. shows that he could theoretically develop a bunch of new wrinkles on it when defenses begin to adjust. I know that in one of the articles, Brady was called "a sponge" by some of his colleagues. I'll be damned if that isn't an awesome quality to have in an offensive coordinator. particularly in a time like this with the college game starting to bleed into NFL schemes at the rate that it is.
  8. I think paying market price to move up to #1 in the draft from within the top 10 for a player you feel is a sure bet is the best allocation of trade assets you can make as an NFL team
  9. if Cincy has already tentatively agreed to a deal for #1 three and a half months before the draft, and are keeping it close to the vest and not trumpeting it to anyone who would listen to blatantly drive up the price in a bidding war, then they are even dumber than everyone here thinks they are. which is to say, don't expect any kind of deal for that pick to be announced in the next couple of months.
  10. I don't think Carolina will trade up to #1, but if Joe Burrow is who people think he is, there really isn't a price too high to go get him from #7. and with all the talk of Rhule being a builder, having a long term contract, and so on, the time would be right to make a move like that. so far Rhule is kinda playing dumb a little bit talking about Cam/QBs, but I don't have any doubt whatsoever that QB options were discussed at Rhule's house the other night, and they have a general idea of how they're going to go.
  11. I wonder if Marvin Lewis would be interested in a borderline assistant head coach role as DC of the Panthers. just spitballing. would add a ton of experience to the staff.
  12. 25 minute discussion with Matt Rhule on his philosophy in the red zone, both offensive and defensively https://nflphiladelphiaeagles.cachefly.net/content/eagles/production/20190628100813-Episode182MattRhule.mp3
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