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  1. Is it sad that my first thought was “how much dead cap” instead of “I’ll miss having him back”?
  2. i remember us all saying, "let cam run no huddle. up-tempo is where he shines." sure sounds like brady/rhule agree. those long developing plays with no blocking darn near killed cam. now, let's see what cam can do with a coaching staff that...dare i say...plays to the strengths of the players and makes adjustments.
  3. i'd rather see us lose with guys trying than lose with guys mailing it in. i'm looking forward to seeing "the process" play out with younger guys getting a chance to prove their worth. i'm more excited about this season than the last three under rivera.
  4. sounds like the coaches are lighting a fire under him letting him know mailing it in doesn't fit the process. shots fired!
  5. I have an uncommon opinion of Bradberry. He’s a good tackler but lacks ball skills (pass breakups- 47 in 4 years and interceptions - 8). Last year he ranked: 26th in passes defensed by CB, 20th in tackles by CB, and 22nd in interceptions by CB. He plays tight coverage but a good QB and great WR (what both Atlanta and New Orleans have) will beat him if they force a ball into his coverage area. I don’t want to see him walk, but I wouldn’t pay him more than $12M per year. He’s an above-average CB and better than what we currently have on the roster, but he’s not worth breaking the bank.
  6. Did any Huddlers join the 2,000 or so in attendance? If so, what kind of swag did you get?
  7. I said it in the article and I'll say it here...I like Thomas, but reading this and watching the Amazon "All or Nothing" series leaves me wanting more. His aloofness makes me wonder if he loves the game or just plays because he has raw talent. I wouldn't be surprised to see the team move in another direction in the draft or Free Agency.
  8. They've moved streets before - most recently to fit the BB&T Ballpark uptown for the Knights.
  9. Here's an old image, but it gives you an idea of how close Charlotte Pipe and Foundry (the rumored land) is from the current stadium.
  10. Building permits show preparations are underway at Bank of America Stadium to make it MLS ready. A source close to the project tells WCCB there will be owner suites on the field in the end zones. They’ll be open-air, with an air conditioning option, a bar, and a restaurant. Fans in the suites will be able to watch the players run out to the field in a new tunnel with a glass wall. The building permit allows for interior demolition to offices and a referee room. Including demolition of some seating. https://www.wccbcharlotte.com/2020/01/22/exclusive-details-about-new-upgrades-at-bank-of-america-stadium/
  11. from Wikipedia so unsure of the accuracy
  12. Rivera was making $7.75M per season here. Rhule, a first time NFL head coach, could make between $8.57M and $10M.
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