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  1. Did any Huddlers join the 2,000 or so in attendance? If so, what kind of swag did you get?
  2. I said it in the article and I'll say it here...I like Thomas, but reading this and watching the Amazon "All or Nothing" series leaves me wanting more. His aloofness makes me wonder if he loves the game or just plays because he has raw talent. I wouldn't be surprised to see the team move in another direction in the draft or Free Agency.
  3. They've moved streets before - most recently to fit the BB&T Ballpark uptown for the Knights.
  4. Here's an old image, but it gives you an idea of how close Charlotte Pipe and Foundry (the rumored land) is from the current stadium.
  5. Building permits show preparations are underway at Bank of America Stadium to make it MLS ready. A source close to the project tells WCCB there will be owner suites on the field in the end zones. They’ll be open-air, with an air conditioning option, a bar, and a restaurant. Fans in the suites will be able to watch the players run out to the field in a new tunnel with a glass wall. The building permit allows for interior demolition to offices and a referee room. Including demolition of some seating. https://www.wccbcharlotte.com/2020/01/22/exclusive-details-about-new-upgrades-at-bank-of-america-stadium/
  6. from Wikipedia so unsure of the accuracy
  7. Rivera was making $7.75M per season here. Rhule, a first time NFL head coach, could make between $8.57M and $10M.
  8. Ivy League graduate Son of a successful NBA General Manager Longest tenured Viking staff member (14 years) surviving 3 head coaching changes Known as a "bright, hard-working, loyal and creative guy" Brad Childress said about him, "He was a good communicator. He listened. He understood what he was supposed to do. He’s a smart, articulate guy who can teach football forward and backward." “I really like Kevin,” Brett Favre said recently on the SiriusXM NFL Radio show he hosts. “I thought he was one of those young, really bright minds. The players really loved him.” “He did a great job,” said Tavaris Jackson, now an assistant at Alabama State. “He was always a very knowledgeable guy for being such a young guy. He was always prepared.” “People told me he’s smart, was a good guy and a hard worker,” Mike Zimmer said of his decision to keep him. Played Safety in college, QB in high school, has coached TEs, RBs, and QBs at the pro level “He’s very calm, very cool and collected,” Kirk Cousins said. All quotes from this article: https://www.twincities.com/2018/12/21/vikings-kevin-stefanski-gave-up-basketball-early-made-a-name-for-himself-in-football/
  9. I always thought the job was Stefanski's. Tepper was known to hire Ivy League guys a Appaloosa. Stefanski played DB at Penn and I've read many commentaries speaking of his intelligence and love of the game. For the record, I think it is between Stefanski and McDaniels and it may come down to interviews. NY Giants will have the upper hand on Rhule. Bieniemy doesn't seem to be getting much traction elsewhere, so I assume he'll be the Browns' choice. I wouldn't be surprised to see McDaniels back again under the promise that he's the next coach in New England. All this is just a hunch, but I can see it play out.
  10. "First off, Happy Thanksgiving everybody." - Dan Synder on January 2 at Rivera's introductory press conference
  11. these guys ask good questions. sure wish our local folks would too.
  12. Am I wrong in stating, "If you didn't want to lose him, then maybe you should have played more disciplined"? Ron is a player's coach. His guys love him. But did they love him because they knew win or lose, their jobs were secure? Does this mean that some younger guys will see the field more? Does this mean that some of the lazy players will get ripped a new one for not doing their jobs?
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