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  1. I noticed this morning when walking to my desk that the practice bubble is complete. I didn't see a post on this, if there is one, feel free to merge or delete.
  2. that insinuates that he will try to get the the QB. i like it!
  3. Joe Person wrote a good article posted today on The Athletic https://theathletic.com/988544/2019/05/22/one-year-later-david-tepper-doing-things-his-way-and-getting-rave-reviews/ My favorite line:
  4. Consider this, an all-brick new-construction custom 2,800 square foot home in a new home neighborhood close to shopping cost me less than $350k in Rock Hill. Comparable houses in South Charlotte cost $450-500k, Dilworth $900k, Plaza Midwood $750k, Huntersville $450k, and Fort Mill $450k. To find comparable in Charlotte, you would have to go towards the University or Steele Creek areas. The further south down I77 you go in SC will net you a cheaper price. The same house in Catawba will cost $320k and Chester County $290k.
  5. 1.5 miles from my house. i could actually walk to training camp. yes please.
  6. Luke carries on the Carolina tradition of great linebackers on and off the field. The guy has 1st ballot Hall of Fame written all over him! He's easily the best inside LB in the game and thrilled he's locked down for several more years. @F3_ItalianJob
  7. my favorites date back to a time when our tailgates featured delhomme, beason, and muhammad jerseys. zod, johnny rockets, jase, mush, panthro, kurb, scrum, mr. scot, hawk, rannuci, bo in monroe, cosmo girl, alvarez, dimbee, pstall, go to girl, vampi, tattoorhino, monkeybutt, powerless dan, life is a garden, and dmorgan
  8. bacon, egg, and cheese on toast with OJ (the drink, not the murderer)
  9. Congrats, Dustin!!! Beautiful pics...

  10. congrats, and good luck today

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