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  1. Is it sad that my first thought was “how much dead cap” instead of “I’ll miss having him back”?
  2. i remember us all saying, "let cam run no huddle. up-tempo is where he shines." sure sounds like brady/rhule agree. those long developing plays with no blocking darn near killed cam. now, let's see what cam can do with a coaching staff that...dare i say...plays to the strengths of the players and makes adjustments.
  3. Luke carries on the Carolina tradition of great linebackers on and off the field. The guy has 1st ballot Hall of Fame written all over him! He's easily the best inside LB in the game and thrilled he's locked down for several more years. @F3_ItalianJob
  4. my favorites date back to a time when our tailgates featured delhomme, beason, and muhammad jerseys. zod, johnny rockets, jase, mush, panthro, kurb, scrum, mr. scot, hawk, rannuci, bo in monroe, cosmo girl, alvarez, dimbee, pstall, go to girl, vampi, tattoorhino, monkeybutt, powerless dan, life is a garden, and dmorgan
  5. bacon, egg, and cheese on toast with OJ (the drink, not the murderer)
  6. Congrats, Dustin!!! Beautiful pics...

  7. congrats, and good luck today

  8. Those are AWESOME! Y'all make such a cute couple. :)

  9. Hey, I want to see your engagement photos that Zod had posted before the board went down. I briefly seen it but was on the Blackberry in Atlanta, figuring I'd see when I got back and the server was down. :(

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