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  1. tondi

    Memphis willing to part with Gasol, Conley

    Rumor was we offered Batum, Monk and a 1st. No idea how accurate that is but getting rid of Batum would be huge. Seems like we would need to move one of our other centers though since we would then have four.
  2. Thank god someone else has experienced this! They really need to improve their fry game.
  3. tondi

    Memphis willing to part with Gasol, Conley

    Detroit's looking to move Drummond and the Hornets supposedly have interest. Something to keep an eye on.
  4. I think Indiana will drop but not all the way down to our range.
  5. tondi

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    Internet "bullies" are only overcompensating for a lack of power in their real lives. They are pathetic and shouldn't bother you in the least.
  6. Sounds like he's already working on his reelection.
  7. tondi

    London here we come

    Got to wait for the specifics but my plan is to spend the week before in France then probably check out London for a few days after. Its actually a good time of year to go as you miss the summer crowds but the weathers still pretty nice.
  8. tondi

    Cam's Shoulder?

    Believe it or not, no one is still claiming to have a clue.
  9. I do consider that a win. Just think about where we would be right now if we'd given him a Matt Kalilesque contract a couple years ago, instead of just exercising his fifth year option which we didn't even have to pay since we traded him. That's a huge bullet dodged.
  10. tondi

    Hate to say this but...

    If he can stay healthy I could see playing on turf being a plus for him.
  11. tondi

    Marriage Advice

    Getting the separation agreement in writing and legally binding, while she's in a generous state of mind, is key. At some point when things don't work out with the new guy she will either attempt to reconcile or she will come after anything she didn't get before. This will prevent the later scenario from hurting you financially. As far as her wanting to come back when it all blows up in her face, you need to decide how you will deal with that when/if it happens. You don't want her catching you on the wrong day and you make a rash decision to let her move back in with you or otherwise attempt to manipulate you emotionally into resuming the relationship. Stay strong and don't let her dictate a single thing that happens going forward.
  12. I think three years with zero playoff wins means its currently closed. Could reopen, of course, but there's a lot of work to do.
  13. This is no joking matter.
  14. Sounds like a plausible outcome.
  15. tondi

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    Standing motionless and smiling at a moron getting in your face is apparently the latest outrageous behavior for the intolerant hate fillled crowd. How dare he!?!?