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  1. tondi


    That's true but Cam and the offense don't usually struggle to put up points against the Saints. Our defense on the other hand...
  2. tondi


    So I've got you down for 18. Might be enough to keep them under 30.
  3. tondi

    Should have tanked

    I was optimistic a new coach might make a difference and then Kemba came out of the gate playing all world and I thought we may have turned the corner a bit. Sadly that optimism was misplaced it appears.
  4. tondi

    Hornets Seesaw

    First game I've entirely missed this season. Sounds like it was a poo fest. Gonna be a long season if Kemba keeps regressing.
  5. tondi

    Recurring Panthers Dream

    Not very creative, but I think it means we are going to get our ass kicked tomorrow night.
  6. tondi


    How many defensive players would we need on the field to consistently stop the Saints offense? Would 12 do it? Maybe 13 or 14? That's our problem, not Cam or the offense.
  7. It may be a reference to how often we handle managing the game clock correctly in end of half or game situations. Might be a tad high though for that.
  8. Looks like a guy who knows he will have no problem getting a new job once he's canned and doesn't really give a fug any more. Oh to be a mediocre NFL head coach.
  9. tondi

    Panthers vs aints

    I just hope Cams shoulder isn't ripped completely off at some point.
  10. As bad as some of that sounds its probably not any worse than a lot of the crap people are eating in the parking lot.
  11. tondi

    Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    Obviously head of Health and Human Services.
  12. tondi

    Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    Its right up there with reducing the deficit and border control among things Pubs love to talk about when campaigning and then ignore once elected.
  13. tondi

    Hornets Seesaw

    At this point we can pretty much plan on losing any time we go up 20 in the first half. Its baffling.
  14. tondi

    Best Holiday Gift I've Ever Given

    If there's anything the tinderbox should appreciate, its a passive aggressive gesture disguised as a Christmas gift.