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  1. tondi

    Just in time for November

    These fuggers are either tone deaf as hell or on Trumps payroll because this is the perfect issue for him to have at the forefront of this election. Left wing kooks obviously love alien invaders, and all that comes with them, but normal people do not.
  2. tondi

    Tepper interview

    You'd think he had already experienced those things. I mean I've been riding the Roller coaster of fandom since I was a kid.
  3. tondi

    mahmoud ahmadinejad is good at twitter

    And Al Capone ran soup kitchens during the depression. Guess that means this moron would have been licking his balls as well.
  4. The Dems can't nominate a white straight male for anything ever again after showing their true colors during the Kavanaugh witch hunt. That whole episode made it clear that the party appears to hate White men. I mean if dozens of Republicans bitched about a "Hispanic woman" on TV over and over for weeks on end, I'm pretty sure folks would see it for what it was so why should the Dems revealing they hate White males be treated any differently?
  5. tondi

    RIP Officer Conner

    Probably wouldn't have pulled over the vehicle if a white guy was driving, therefore he deserved to die. None of the board left wing kooks will say it but that's what they are thinking.
  6. Shut up and feast on that privilege, whitey!
  7. Yes I agree and hes far more ideal for a modern offense.
  8. I was watching a Lawrence Taylor highlight video the other day and the majority of the plays he made would have drawn a flag and possibly gotten him ejected in 2018, which is ridiculous. There really isn't any point in paying anyone on defense other than possibly DB's. I mean, if the greatest defensive player in league history wouldn't even be able to stay on the field in todays game whats the friggin point? Same kind of goes for running the ball. The defenses are at least still allowed to tee off on a RB, unlike any other offensive skill position. So why bother running it? Just pass it every down and even if the plays unsuccessful at least you have a decent shot at a penalty.
  9. tondi

    church has changed a lot since i went

    Can't argue with that either! Lol.
  10. Well since the party who doesn't control the White House always gains seats in an off year election AND his approval numbers are much higher than those of Congress, it doesn't seem reasonable to pretend it's anything he's doing wrong, at least compared to the gutless Pubs who only pretend to support him to avoid being called names.
  11. tondi

    church has changed a lot since i went

    Church people have always sucked. Only difference is that we were too young to know it back in the day. Unless you enjoy a bunch of brainwashed, holier than thou, hypocritical, morons, who literally believe they are superior to anyone not in the room that is.
  12. tondi

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    The left does most of the censoring these days and left wing mobs attack the right wherever they can fnd them and then left wing idiots cry about Trumps "authoritarianism" as if they have any clue what that word even means. Talk about being the democrats ideal voter.
  13. Realtors are the worst. Most of them are literally terrible at their job, which is so simple just about anyone could do it. I mean, "here's your front yard sign and I listed it on MLS. I've done less than an hour of work so pay me 20k when you sell it". Really?? What a racket.
  14. tondi

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    Biased? On here? Surely you jest!
  15. They better watch out or the non racist dems will call them the native american equivalent of an uncle tom, oh no it was token *****. Hard to keep all those enlightened lefties straight.