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  1. Tinderbox stalkers are the best! The crazier the better! You really should get one.
  2. It does appear a little ass to mouth action is the request here.
  3. Another lefties lost it. Good thing she's a triggered Dem or she would be getting excoriated for her insensitivity to people with real problems.
  4. Im sure she could find someone to blow a load on that face.
  5. Why buy a jar of anything you can get in a can? Said no one ever.
  6. That'll teach him! Any word on when we can all celebrate the White House burning down? It was built primarily by slaves after all.
  7. Nothing brings the far left and far right together like a good old "McCain sucks" thread.
  8. Well its better than another BBC rant, you've got to admit.
  9. Sounds like it was written by someone dumb enough to think the govt shouldn't get 90% of what you earn.
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