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  1. Grilled pork chops with Bohemian Forest seasoning. (https://www.savoryspiceshop.com/spices/bohemian-forest-seasoning) Best seasoning blend for pork chops, roasted veggies, ever. Breakfast is chicken biscuits and/or Krispy Kreme donuts.
  2. Give Luke two more years. He'll be the DC.
  3. Sadly, I couldn't hear that because of the effing fake crowd noise levels being so high. Couldn't hear the frikkin' announcers some of the time. Just give us the sounds of the game, don't play a modern laff track like an old episode of M*A*S*H or the extra fake noise generated at a Falcons home game.
  4. On the practice squad, can another team still reach out and snag him if they put him onto their 53-man roster? Or is he protected there now? Sorry, with the rule changes, I'm still a bit in the fog.
  5. Ankle injury caused by downward pressure from massively overstuffed wallet in corresponding hip pocket. He was so incredibly disruptive out there until he got the big contract and Star was sent packing. Injuries aside, there's a lot of buyer's remorse when it comes to KK. I keep hoping he'll return to form but at this point, there's really not a lot of signs pointing to it happening. Sure would like to be surprised by his effort, though.
  6. And apparently, Gano would have been worth the money. And we have got to, got to, got to quit crying over Butker. That was a blind date and cup of coffee we had with him before he was gone. We had no real game proof he was anything but a rookie kicker that might or might not be able to do the job. KC's kicking game was so bad they were willing to take a chance on him. It panned out great for them and he got a ring out of the deal. Let it go, he ain't coming back.
  7. Here's hoping YGM has a complete and speedy recovery. I think we'll see some great stuff from the young man in due time.
  8. Since I'm pretty much terrible at picking games recently, let's see... Bucs 37 Panthers 12 This time I want to keep my streak alive!
  9. In all honesty, Cam is at his best when playing like that and I think he's less likely to be hurt. When he can and does run the ball, he is able to determine when and how he takes a hit. Keeping him in the pocket, behind the line is what got him killed here. It may be a risky way to play football, but sometimes you've got to let a guy play his style to give him the best shot on the field. Also, no coach is ever paid to save their players for future years; they are paid to use the resources on hand to the max and win now. But back to Teddy... He's a good, good guy and a heck of a QB and leader. Glad we've got him. Sometimes the NFL just shakes out a certain way and you see your star QB go somewhere else, and if you're lucky you get a Teddy Bridgewater to come in and give a solid foundation. If you aren't lucky, you give Blaine Glabbert or Blake Bortles a shot.
  10. Not after the Redskins, errr... Footballers? incident. Can't bring the cheerleaders out to entertain sponsors.
  11. He had Belichick's number, too. But Arians isn't Belichick. Brady and Gronk have probably noticed.
  12. A bit more weight and muscle mass from a year in an NFL program and he'll be even better. He's impressive now, but he also is still adjusting to the NFL game and the NFL players, each of whom are the equivalent of the best player on most teams he faced in college. There's a lot he's going to learn about angles, impacts and rolling with the punches this season. If he can keep that motor and dedication and pair it with some experience, those Thomas Davis comparisons will be right on the mark. He's definitely got some serious potential.
  13. I certainly did not intend to offend. I only viewed it as a question of vanity versus physics, nothing else.
  14. Jake could throw a deep ball and beyond that, he had a ton of intangibles: excellent leadership, toughness, he never gave up as long as there was time left on the clock, and a deep and abiding belief that the players around him could do incredible things. That's what will take you from being a UPS driver to a Superb Owl QB after a season of heart-stopping come from behind victories. His stats aren't ever going to get him into the Hall of Fame, and honestly, his play doesn't present that as even a possibility, but when it comes to being the never give up hope guy, you couldn't ask for a better story. Except for maybe his old teammate Kurt Warner.
  15. ** deleted because this was inadvertently/potentially viewed as racist. I do apologize for any insensitivities, it certainly was not my intention to do so. **
  16. Hate to hear someone has a concussion. Hope he heals up completely and can be ready to compete in week 3.
  17. One Kalil was really good. The other, um, nah. KK, back to the subject, sure got lazy after that big contract deal. Never has recovered from it. Would like to see him prove me wrong, though.
  18. Panthers Falcons Raiders Rams Seahawks (I swear I am picking these teams to win.)
  19. Takes a bow. Thank you. Thank you. Even I'm amazed at my singular accomplishment!
  20. That was an epic week of pick failures there. Hard not to get at least one right!
  21. After this week one it's called pulling that outta your ass. No one knows where we will end up. Playoffs? Nah. Last place in the entire league. Nah. Definitely not.
  22. Reid was a good guy and he was a very good teammate. I think he's a good man for standing up for the right cause, too. He, however, isn't a good tackler (you've got to use your arms) and that hurts a team on the backend. We need to go with who we have and let them learn. It is also just the first game of the season, with no preseason under an entirely new coaching staff/defensive scheme. It may take time for the defense to gel. It wasn't like we were tearing it like the '85 Bears out there last year. Or the 2015 Panthers. Or the 2003 Panthers. Maybe like the 2018 Browns or something.
  23. 16 teams in the league are tied for that now. Wanna give it a rest for a few more weeks?
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