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    How important is this game?

    It's a game that will prove half the fanbase here right. One way or the other.
  2. Khyber53

    Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes

    Got one. Hate it. Would rather use a classic old style pressure cooker or a slow cooking crock pot or a big cast iron Dutch oven for a slow braise. People either think they are a iffy hybrid or they join the "All Things Insta-Pot" cult.
  3. Khyber53

    Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes

    Simplest crock pot pork roast recipe of all time, makes some of the best pulled pork you'll ever have. 2-4 lb boneless pork roast (no tenderloin, boneless shoulder/butt is preferred) 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup Worchestershire sauce Place roast in crockpot, fat side up. Pack brown sugar on top of roast. Pour in Worchestershire sauce (pour small amount directly on brown sugar). Cook on high one hour. Set crockpot to low and cook four to six more hours. Remove roast and pull apart with two forks.
  4. We do well when we get there. That's not the problem. It is the amount and success of our opponents' trips to the red zone that are worrying. We used to be a team that could stonewall someone four times in a row at the goal line. Right now, not so much.
  5. Khyber53

    What happened to Ian Thomas

    Dude, The Village People weren't as into two tight end sets as you are. You might want to seek professional help.
  6. Honestly, our defense needs soe Geritol. If they aren't rookies (except Luke, Shaq and Bradberry), then they are looking like a crowd of folks waiting for the Early Bird Special outside the diner next to the retirement home. As much as I hate to say it, there are some players there that really need to be put out to pasture, including some of our all-time greats. Pep has lost a lot of steps and Davis is playing nowhere near his level of last season. Adams is trying hard but it's hard to keep chasing down receivers while using a walker. Mario, Horton, Short and Poe are all moving at glacial speeds and only seem to muster pressure between naps. Watch Luke. He's trying to cover up for so much back there, all the while looking for this guy's misplaced dentures, explaining to another why his grandkids never come to visit and listening to Pep explain how back in his day he could break a QB in two and carry the half with the ball back to the endzone with nary a flag thrown. It's beginning to look like the KISS Farewell Tour #5 with what could either be a little old lady with badly dyed hair on bass or maybe that really is still Gene Simmons. Our Monsters of the Midway have become the Monsters of Rock retirement cruise party band.
  7. Khyber53

    What happened to Ian Thomas

    No matter how many times you ask, they still only allow 11 guys per team on the field at one time. Got 5 guys on the line at all ties. No one is taking Cam out. CMC is out there every play. Greg Olsen is in on almost every play. You're going to have WR1 and WR2 on every play (should be Samuel and Moore). That leaves on spot open for rotating in a player for the Panthers. Most times there's Wright as a slot receiver (Funchess could do well here if he can get over the drops). Armah makes a strong case on running downs and pass protecting. Manhertz has shown he's a good blocker. You just run into the problem that sent CJ Anderson packing... there just aren't enough spaces on the field for good players. Ian's got potential but where do you work him in with Olsen back? Really, on offense besides the O-line we've got one spot for a JAG player (not saying any of those are, but there are numerous good to marquis players already out there). Now on defense, we've got a plethora of JAGs out there and only maybe four guys that aren't replaceable by mid-level talent. Dang, that hurts me to say it, but it's true. And four is being kinda generous.
  8. Khyber53

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Let the feasting begin!!!!
  9. I sure know which one I don't want running at me.
  10. This is a game where we don't need drip kings, we don't need all black uniforms, we don't need Pro Bowl votes, we don't need the Cardiac Cats, we don't need Ron on the Riverboat. We need this team to play up to its potential. We need this team to play like this game matters. We need people to tackle for God's sake. We need people to catch the ball when it is in their hands. We need people to pass protect. We need a pass rush. We need the kicker to have his mojo back. We need to own both red zones. We need to win.
  11. Khyber53

    Funchess not at practice today

    He's a young guy with a lot riding on his shoulders. He just came off of the worst game of his career, if not his life. A fellow either gets his head on straight and comes back much better than before and more dedicated to improving, or he never comes back from it. I hope he's taking the day and the holiday to get grounded and ready to work. I'd hate for anyone to be as vicious to me after I screwed up as our fans are being to him.
  12. Oh yeah, major improvement! This year I'm roasting them alongside butternut squash and turnips (another thing that is much better roasted).
  13. Brussels Sprouts. Fresh. Cut them in half, toss in olive oil with a bit of dried rosemary. Roast in the oven in a single layer on a baking sheet at 400 degrees until carmelized. Toss with some feta cheese and crispy bacon crumbles. Best thing ever.
  14. Honestly, both Poe and KK are looking pretty bad in that clip. No push by them, just a lot of foot movement and a Keystone Cops-like collision while Pep and Addison get slid out and around the back of the pocket. What you have there is text book pass blocking by some nobodies against three Pro Bowl players (Pep, Poe and Short) plus Mario who had been our #1 DE. There's the nothing in this. And no Greg Hardy doesn't solve this problem. Not in a school bus, not on a boat, not with a fuss, not with a goat.
  15. After he left here he couldn't even make a stand at the Cowboys. Since he beat up that woman his only successful work against a defender has been a handful of doughy MMA wannabes on the fight card at National Guard armories.
  16. Your assessment of the problem is correct. However, your answer to it is patently wrong.
  17. It's like ringing a bell. Just whisper Greg Hardy and @Nails just comes running out. Pavlovian. ROFL
  18. Khyber53

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 12

  19. I said it back before his contract and it bears repeating. Never give big money to a player based purely on what they did in a contract year. And in the case of Greg Hardy, what he basically did in about three games. KK hasn't been a complete washout but he has been lackluster at best. He isn't out there disrupting things like he used to and this season he isn't even filling up space well. In truth, we probably should have kept Star and let KK go on. Hindsight is 20/20 but I think our problem with rushing defense is right there. I think Star covered up a lot of KK's deficiencies.
  20. Khyber53

    Why do you still support Ron?

    He may be available before too long.
  21. It's not in my nature to give up on folks or teams.