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  1. I wish him the best, those are mighty big shoes to fill. Hopefully he learned a lot from Greg over the last couple of seasons. Do remember, though, that Greg hasn't always been very healthy and there have been opportunities for Thomas to step up. We've seen a few flashes, but just a few, in some very imperfect seasons. Yet, when things get tough and your star players are out, a team needs to be able to lean on their tight end frequently, from blocking to getting the tough yards. Stepping up is tough, hope he can do it.
  2. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around
  3. Make millions, add to his incredible career stats, help a team win games, perhaps get a Superb Owl ring to top off a great career? Yeah, all of us would kill for the chance to do that. Good luck Greg, in whatever you choose to do.
  4. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around
  5. Sorry, made too quick of a Google search. Completely my fault. Apologies all around.
  6. Captive audience. Doesn't have to be better. Probably won't be cheaper.
  7. 20 TDs, 17 INT. Just not sure this is really the guy. He could just be the white, Mormon Jameis Winston, minus the crab legs. Edit to add: Terrible post by me. Googled badly, got the wrong guy. My bad. Apologies to all.
  8. Was talking about the Raiders. While Brown was a rare faceplant for the Patriots, he was a comical flop in Raider Nation -- a place that has been an ass clown circus for a decade and a half.
  9. And that will be as wonderful as when they signed Brown last summer. Okay, maybe not quite as majestic as that faceplant.
  10. As someone said earlier this week, there are only like 10 organizations in the NFL that proceed like they know what they are doing. Then there are about 15 that try but they just do not have the formula. And then there are the bottom seven who have leadership/owners who have absolutely no reason to be in the NFL and could not under any circumstances build a winning team and organization if you gave them the blueprints.
  11. I think OP must be a junior intern working for Cam's agent or PR firm. Honestly, his threads have gotten me to the point where I just really don't care whether Cam plays for us or not. OP is like a bored four-year old in the backseat of a car on a 12 hour road trip. "Dude, we're not there yet; we aren't even close; and no I am not playing the Frozen soundtrack one more damned time."
  12. Moton is set to be criminally underpaid for the upcoming season. Lock him in now, throw decent bucks his way and give him a bonus for work done well. If paid decently and treated well, he's the kind of guy that could have a long, steady and sturdy career here. He's one of those foundation blocks that are so vitally important in a rebuild.
  13. I've spent a lot of time sitting in on town, city, county and even state budget sessions. The chicanery that goes on varies, but it is never gone from the process. Some of that is grist for the mill that feeds us all, some is grift that fattens up the few. Realistically, you want politicians with a bit of shame to them, a press that watches them closely, and enough grease to keep the wheels rolling. It has been the same since the biggest Cro-Magnon looked around at his family group and said, "I'm the boss, got a problem with that?" Or grunted something to that effect.
  14. Sounds like they reshuffled the funding to make it sound better for the locality, but there's a lot of people's tax money that will go to provide welfare for a professional sports team and a massively wealthy team owner. Meantime, local schools are struggling for funding, potholes don't get filled and police are underfunded and overworked. But hey, soccer, amiright?
  15. Josh rode one spectacular season and crazy eyes to millions of dollars. Hopefully he was wiser with his bucks than with his work.
  16. Hate to say it, but honestly, I'm just worn out with the talk of "will he be here, will he be able, will he be traded, will he be released, will he take us to the Superb Owl when he triumphantly parades back onto the field?" There have been some great things with having Cam on our team: he presented a puzzle that took years for defenses to counter, he passed and ran in ways that just made you go wow, he had a legendary charisma, he was great in the community, his teammates genuinely seemed to love him (for the most part), he was a franchise QB in all ways. But, he's only human and you take the bad with that: he has been injured multiple times, his last three seasons have been mightily disappointing for a myriad of reasons, there's the maddening fact that he changed the game in his first few years but hasn't shown great growth for his second act as many great QBs do in their late 20s. These are all just things that can easily, and should be, explained by injuries and team development, but there they are just the same. And then there's the tough part of Cam. First off, he's cooler than you. And me. And anyone he'll ever probably come into contact with. That's enchanting and exciting for a long time, but it can also suck up all the oxygen in the room. Like it or not, the Panthers franchise is and has been built around Cam to the point that as Cam goes, the whole team, business and fan base goes. And that wears on any organization. He's a good guy, heck he's a great guy and a guy for Good -- it's not about character at all, it's just about how fame works, how stardom offers leverage both real and perceived. (Look at the Steve Smith departure -- Cam may have never said a word or made a request as to that, but the accepted back story was that Smith was ousted to give Cam unchallenged leadership.) And it's all to the good until Superman stumbles and falls to the mat. Something broke in Cam and in the organization in that locker room as Denver hoisted the Lombardi trophy. Neither he nor the team were ever the same again. And the last three off seasons we've waited for Cam to return to greatness, to owning any football field he stepped on to. And this year, we're waiting with baited breath again, not knowing what #1 will do -- all the hopes in the world used on him while the delayed surgeries, slow rehabs, new injuries and even an off-field scandal swirl about. Like I said, I love Cam Newton the legendary player, but I'm both weary and leary of Cam the guy who takes up all the oxygen and leaves us hanging. And recently, leaves us disappointed. Sometimes the worst thing to have is an old hero on the payroll, but sometimes it's all you've got.
  17. Someone was sniffing the Sharpies he found in his desk again, wasn't he?
  18. The guy is a billionaire, bought a pro football team and has a really young trophy wife. He's in a celebrate me time of his life, he's going to talk and he has the dimes to do it. So what's it matter?
  19. Nah, man, doesn't bother me. Seems like the whole thing has you bothered. We had a guy here a couple of years back who just completely lost it saying the team was withholding information and he was demanding to know medical conditions of a player. The guy just frikkin' went crazy like someone on here could tell him but wouldn't. Just trying to help you manage expectations.
  20. You can literally drive yourself crazy parsing every word the team owner, GM and players say this time of year. Just let it go, let it be -- you'll be happier.
  21. Sure thing man, take the win here. I'm not dying on that hill you are fighting so hard for. It's your turf. Like I said, someone was going to slam me for saying it, but it's still my take.
  22. Sometimes having too much money leads to stupid spending sprees. Let's hope that wisdom somehow finds its way to Charlotte.
  23. In the end, man, in the end, the really great QBs are those who won and those who have rings. Marino was statistically one of the greatest QBs ever, and Fran Tarkenton might have been the most gifted of them all (he held every QB record in the book at his retirement and was really the prototype for the mobile QB), but when they start talking about the top of the mountain, it's the rings that tip the balances. Statistically, Marino is better than Montana, but if you are heading into a Super Bowl, which one do you want? Boomer Esiason in many ways was a better QB than Brett Favre, but with the big game on the line, which do you want in your huddle? If I'm playing for the Lombardi, I'm going to pick Eli over Rivers based on results rather than stats. Maybe it's just luck, maybe it's leadership, maybe it's just a knack for being a clutch player. Whatever it is, Eli had the IT factor. Bringing this back around to the Panthers, the lack of a ring might be a knock on Cam down the line, even though he was phenomenal on the field. Those of us who have watched all of his games will know the truth, but from the 5,000 feet up look that fans of other teams have he may not shine as brightly. And maybe that is how my opinion of Rivers was built, based on that 5,000 foot look, but his lack of playoff work and no championships makes me put him in the Hall of Pretty Darned Good, rather than the HoF. YMMV
  24. If we don't pick up a good center, then it won't matter. That line won't hold with a still learning LT, a fairish LG, an overpaid underperforming RG and a trained up but last contracted season RT. Moton will cost us bucks to keep, and we can't afford to chase another FA center, not to mention that our QB won't survive a line that collapses from the inside again and again.
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