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  1. Good, hope Gilbert gets some good experience and some good looks from his chance to play. And yeah, I'm liking the games that I've watched. Not a bad lil spring league. Go Birmingham!
  2. Khyber53

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    Okay, there were a lot of mean things said about Cam, but that one about "looks like Woody from Toy Story" that one cracked me up after watching the video.
  3. Keep in mind this is his attorney's opinion. Honestly, I can't see us grabbing him even if Cam is out for the season (and there's no indication at this point it's going to be that way). Kaep will come with a big price tag (one that would have been too high just considering how he'd played in his last two active seasons) and won't be looking for a rental deal. There are teams out there with more cap space and NO QB of note on their roster that will line up first now that the legal ramifications are gone and there's a "let's get back to business" feeling in the league. He'll go to the Jags, Redskins or Dolphins, imo. If Cam isn't able to come back, I'd see us rolling the dice with a younger, cheaper QB with the idea that it will either be a miracle season or one so bad that we get a majorly high draft pick with an eye toward Cam's successor.
  4. I'm not sure we've improved since Proehl left, to be honest. Not saying Proehl was great (he may have been), but I don't see an overall improvement with new coaching personnel yet.
  5. Honestly, I think Jarius certainly could be the answer. When called upon last year, he made a lot of difficult catches in traffic and showed a willingness to take a hit for the reception. If we go to battle with him again next season, I hope to see him out there more as the WR3 working the underneath routes.
  6. What we need is just a possession receiver. Tall or short, fast or slow. Doesn't matter nearly as much as being able to spot a seam in the defense, get one yard beyond the line to gain and able to catch rocket in flight. We've got two great, fast receivers who can make big gains after the catch. They can both stretch the field, and should. Just need someone who can play the role that Olsen has worked for so many years here. Thomas shows promise, but another built in the mold would be great.
  7. Khyber53

    Put in an offer for a house....

    Whew! You've made the right decision! Give the marriage a chance to mature and get into that whole married life thing. Then go look for a house again.
  8. Khyber53

    Put in an offer for a house....

    Check and see if he has pulled permits for the work and will be having it inspected. Don't ask him, ask the local inspections office. If it isn't being done up to code and on the books, then you, and maybe he, are getting suckered. Look, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings but I got my NC Real Estate Agent's license back in 1991, have completed the state course for residential appraisals, worked extensively with my dad (a LEEDS certified architect and 30-year general contractor), my grandfather (60 working years as a general contractor), my late step-father (lifelong brick and stone mason) and have written a number of articles about real estate and home repair for publications throughout the South over the last 25 years. Please, just walk away from this one. You are walking into a mess. At least go rent Tom Hank's movie, The Money Pit, first so you'll have an idea of what is about to happen to you and your new bride. Edit to add: You are about to sign a contract that will make Matt Kalil's look like a move of pure genius!
  9. Khyber53

    Put in an offer for a house....

    Run from this. Run away, don't look back. This guy is desperate to unload the property and saying he will do repairs is a long way from actually doing them. He isn't providing enough time in the option to handle this. And let's look at the $6,000 in cash back. He is giving you back $6,000 from your mortgaged amount rather than just coming down on the price more. You'll have cash in hand to do the repairs, but it is money out of your own pocket with interest for the next 15-30 years built into it. The guy will also be paying 5-6% commission on that $6,000, which shows how much he understands the game (not a lot). Foundation problems never get better on their own and repairs to them often have a cascade effect. Foundation cracked --> masonry wall needs repairs---> load bearing wall sagging ---> uneven floor ---> chimney pulling away from house ---> flashing between chimney and roof no longer seals ---> damage to soffits and insulation ---> and on and on and on. And let's not even get into all the drainage problems it sounds like the place has. Just walk on and keep looking. There are better houses out there.
  10. Let's take a pass on that. Good luck to him, but this is an age and injury issue. Neither are going to get better with more time.
  11. Poor kid, I hate to hear that for him. Even if he recovers and rehabs completely, that injury cost him millions of dollars. I hope he had insurance for that (not to mention medical insurance).
  12. Khyber53

    Panthers release LB Ben Jacobs

    Good luck to him, thanks for being there over the last five years.
  13. Khyber53

    AAF ratings are impressive.

    Still have FGs and that's really what it comes down to in the end.
  14. Khyber53

    AAF ratings are impressive.

    Might be a great training ground for O-linemen, kickers and punters. Who knows, a QB might emerge from the ranks in time. A season there for an UFA might be just enough on the resume to get a spot in an NFL training camp.
  15. 3 years, $22 million, $10m guaranteed plus incentives up to maybe $2M more over the contract. We didn't get him cheap, but I think as we see the market roll out there for free agent safeties, we'll see we're about right on the pricing. I liked Reid's willingness to get in there on plays, but I do wish he would work on tackling more than making highlight reel hits. Honestly, the whole defense needed to work on tackling. I think he'll also do better with a season in the system (he did spend an extended period on the couch before joining the team) and behind better play calling. I believe he performed better as Rivera took the reigns from DC Washington. I still think it's a great move that solidifies some questions before heading into the draft.
  16. They do make for some of the most interesting football, not always the best, but they are rarely boring!
  17. Khyber53

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    I've watched some and I'm not unimpressed. I picked the Birmingham Iron before the season started and they looked pretty good yesterday. Trent Richardson was the only guy on their team whose name I recognized, though.
  18. Khyber53

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    You're probably right, but I like the kid. It is a what have you done for me lately league, though, and there are literally thousands of young men waiting in line behind him for a chance to play WR in the NFL. I imagine there will be some contract talk between Devin and the Panthers and if he isn't willing to take a serious pay cut, then he will be released. It's always a good market for WRs with starting experience out there, particularly one as young as he is. If he doesn't stay here, he'll land a spot early on. (Probably with the Patriots, they seem to poach a lot from the NFCSouth.)
  19. Khyber53

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    I did and it was terrible, especially Funchess' part in it. I'm trying to balance that one against the previous years' performances. His play really did fall off this year overall, but I think that we have to at least give a nod to the extenuating circumstances caused by Cam's bad shoulder. It doesn't negate the drop off in play, but it can explain some of it. I'd hate to see us lose a guy because of an off year only to find out he was on the cusp of doing some great stuff. And if we had to ditch everyone that performed poorly last season, we'd lose about 75% of the roster.
  20. Popped Ronde so hard that Tiki fell down in the Giants' locker room.
  21. Khyber53

    Isaac Nauta another tight end?

    OT, OG, C, DE, DT, SS, CB, FS, QB, LB all before TE. You could also add in KR/PR to be honest. Even with Olsen perhaps riding off into the sunset before season end, we'd still be okay with what we have on the shelf. I just don't see us grabbing a TE in this draft, but what do I know?
  22. Khyber53

    Isaac Nauta another tight end?

    So many needs, TE doesn't really make the top 10 list right now. I just don't see it.
  23. I'm not saying you've jumped the shark with this idea, but you've definitely jumped the gun. Pump the brakes a bit. Cam is still the face of the franchise and barring some really bad news on that shoulder, he'll be it for a few years to come. CMC is excellent and would be one of the greats if he can continue this throughout his career, but he hasn't gained Cam's stature yet. And Luke, man, you can't forget about Luke. We've got some great players here. If the injury bug flies off to somewhere else, the team could be pretty amazing.