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  1. I say the third year is the telling year on a WR. I like DJ and I don't think he has reached his ceiling yet, but I think we did see his coming of age game yesterday. He played with a level of toughness that evoked thoughts of old Agent 89.
  2. Yadda yadda. No one here has ever convinced you to change your mind here. I'm tired of trying. Enjoy the games or enjoy your misery, it's up to you.
  3. Might want to look at that injury report. It's foolish to evaluate results without considering conditions.
  4. How to best, properly and responsibly invest my money.
  5. It's easy to estimate the intelligence of another person. It's really hard to get it right. Our assessments of the capabilities of coaches and managers is done by a lot of feel, and in a vacuum. We aren't privy to the sideline conversations, the meeting rooms, locker rooms or even the player to player interaction that affects every game, practice and season. Sorry, Mr. Scott, but this reads with all of the high handedness of those folks who start things off by saying the know how Tepper made his money and how he really thinks. The armchairs that make up our worlds and football capabilities are might darned comfy, though.
  6. I think you learn to use him like Hill from New Orleans and get him some practice returning kicks. A lot of practice.
  7. A bit better pass protection and we'd all be singing the praises of this team. This is a well-built team that is riddled with injuries, compounded by injuries last season. You watched us come down to 3 seconds away from OT against one of the best teams in the league, with a legendary QB in their home stadium. That was with a 2nd string, UDFA QB (basically a rookie), three second or third stringers on the line and the other two were both on IR last season. And we lost because of two missed extra points and a missed FG by our second string, camp leg, rookie kicker (and that's what rookie kickers do). Moral victories don't count in the win/loss columns, but they can tell you a lot about players and coaching.
  8. Josh got high on his own supply. He just embraced the "Crazy Josh" thing until he was battier than Salvador Dali on quaaludes. Really, he's a guy that had the skills and talent, just no discipline. It's a sad thing because he's a really nice guy, but he's just bonkers.
  9. He is at least giving it everything he's got. Daley has also been much better than I thought a 6th rounder would be at LT. Moton is doing well, except for that last game against Atlanta... ouch.
  10. I'd keep them both, depending on how the rest of this season plays out. Win four to six of the last six games, and they'll have pulled off a miracle with a beat up team that only has the faintest hope at a chance of the post season. If you can get that, then you stick with who you have and roll forward. Let's face it, though, that's a tall order to fill and we've got a murderer's row of opponents ahead of us. Short of the Redskins, every one of these teams is dangerous... even Atlanta as we've seen. Literally, if they can pull a winning season out of this mess of injuries then they've saved their jobs. It would show they can coach past the problems and that they have not lost the team or its desire to win. That's the best case I can make for Rivera and Hurney staying, but it's putting a lot of weight on their performance. I really don't have much faith in them succeeding, though. The loss in Green Bay left me with hope. Atlanta and the overall lack of fire for the team just stomped most of my hope out.
  11. Hope the guy fully recovers. We can worry about that when, or if, it happens. The guy's health is the most important thing.
  12. Only if we win by a blowout. If Atlanta can whoop them, so can we.
  13. Watching that film, the thing that stood out to me is how worthless Trai Turner has been. I don't know how many times I saw him just looking around, neither aiding Paradis or the tackle. He just looked like it was all swirling past him and he didn't know who to hit. We are asking a lot of Paradis, who has gotten quite a bit of criticism from me I'll admit, so maybe he does deserve a bit of a break. And our tackles, especially to the left, have been a revolving roster of rookies and a re-tread.
  14. He's never been anything but an outstanding member of the community since he came here. He has also been a dynamic athlete and leader on the field. Sadly, he's stuck in a limbo at the moment when it comes to his career, based on things that neither he nor anyone else can control. I hope he heals up well and can suit up for us again and dazzle us on the field. If he can't make it back, I sure hope we remember not just the on the field work, but also how the man supported the community.
  15. I was one of those people. Wasn't making the opinion based upon Paradis' performance, but more so on Elway's complete lack of ability to assess talent (please see rapid degradation of Broncos since he took over). I guess I was wrong on this one, but honestly, a QB is probably the best judge of whether a Center can perform or not. I was wrong. Really wrong on this one. Paradis has been a flat tire on that line.
  16. Honestly, why are we questioning how and why other fans react certain ways. Every fan has the right to cheer or boo as they wish. Let's not be those fanboys who hold others up to some stupid, idiotic litmus test.
  17. I wouldn't start Grier, but keep Allen as the starter to give him more seasoning. Yep, it has been a baptism by fire, but that's what happens in the NFL. Young QBs don't get thrown out there with perfect O-lines and innovative coaching -- they generally get thrown out there in desperation and into injury-riddled lineups. They get beat senseless, and then they either learn from their many mistakes or wither under the pressure. Almost all the good to great QBs in this league started off that way except for Rogers. That's what has happened here. The Kid came out firing on all cylinders better than anyone had a right to expect, but now he has returned to the mean for rookie QBs (and yes, he had one prior game's experience, but otherwise he was as close to a rookie as can be). Allen has to stick with it and suffer the lumps and learn from them. He won't on the bench and he won't get the leadership skills necessary if he does need to be the starting QB next season. I loved seeing Cam play but I just don't have much faith in his recovery from injury this time. Should Grier get into the games? Yes, indeed. If we are getting blown out, send him in, let him see the elephant (so to say). He might do something spectacular, but most likely will do the rookie QB mistake-filled shuffle, but we can go ahead and start getting some of those steps out of the way. Dropping Kyle as the starter, though? No. We may or may not have something in the Kid, and it will take time to tell. If we bail on him, we'll never find out until someone else picks him up and gives him a shot.
  18. Honestly for the past 20 years, if you aren't the Patriots, any appearance in the Super Bowl is an outlier.
  19. Amazingly good take, OP. I'm starting to lose some faith in the coaching staff, but you've persuaded me to stay the course a bit longer and see what can be made of this. I'd said before our coaches were repairing a car as it hurtled down the freeway and they really are doing that. Some weeks are going to go better than others. Either way, we only get so many Panthers games in our lives, we've got to enjoy them however they come.
  20. If Daley isn't suiting up, it's going to be a long day and poor Kyle is gonna get killed.
  21. One on the list that I just don't see is Ian Thomas. He's just not giving us anything -- looked good in pre-season but just does nothing when he gets out there. He only has to be better than Manhertz to see playing time and he isn't even clearing that low hurdle. He reminds me of old Swole Bones who had the look of being everything but wasn't really anything.
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