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  1. Sorry, but the lead up to all this plays out like the reason why the surly 14-year old wasn't going to Grandma's for dinner on Sunday. "He's got a cold." "But dearie, didn't we drive past him yesterday when he was on his bicycle?" "Musta been a different kid." "Are you sure, he was wearing that scarf I made for him." "It's, ummm, complicated." "Last weekend, you said he was under the weather, too. Is he ever going to come back and visit? It's not the same without him." "Yeah, Ma, we're working on that."
  2. And it seems crazy that we talk about Ron putting Cam in harm's way when Cam himself chooses not to wear that bit of protection. Maybe that's a magic scarf or something.
  3. That KK hasn't been seen around here in quite some time. He disappeared about the time Star went north and the big checks started rolling in.
  4. If it happens, we move on. One book ends, another begins. If it doesn't happen, we move on. I think the Panthers, and the league itself, is at one of those generational change moments.
  5. You forgot Jake Delhomme for a local situation. Also, Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick who got their chances when an injury led to an opportunity.
  6. I think they're having trouble keeping 53 in the building...
  7. We pry for injury information and there's only so much a coach could give, much less should give. He's got to protect competitive advantages, player privacy, keep from getting in trouble with the Players' Association and HIPAA compliances. Walking out was the right thing to do.
  8. Perhaps there was a good reason Norv was sitting at home when we came looking for a new OC.
  9. There may be a lot of truth to this, but I don't think any of us want to really speak to it or consider it without more evidence.
  10. I think it's going to take more than just the foot. There's mojo to recover, too.
  11. Honestly, more than anything you can't have two defensive coordinators lost to HC jobs two years in a row and not suffer mightily. Rivera and McDermott built a helluva defense here and he was able to maintain it with Wilks at about 85%. Wilks was promoted from within because of his familiarity with the whole concept and personnel on hand, and I think Washington was, too. Maybe it was chasing lightning in a bottle, but by the time Washington got the job, the personnel had changed/aged too much and the wrinkles had been figured out without adding any new ones in (which McDermott was masterful at). The desire for continuity just was stronger than the desire for innovation. I think having Luke out there directing traffic and diagnosing plays covered up a lot of it, but even he can't do the work if the wrong personnel groupings are on the field. Things are more aggressive defensively when RR is in charge of it, you can just feel it. When Washington takes the reigns it isn't "bend don't break" but more of a "do what you want to the girl, just leave me alone" kind of defense. Our offensive woes last week may have meant RR had to hand off the play calling back to Washington to try and find some spark on offense. Both sides collapsed against the Bucs, the lowly Bucs.
  12. Gimmicks are great, until someone figures them out. Rookie phenoms are great, until someone figures them out. My money is on Luke.
  13. Cam has always played on the field and lived off the field with great care and concern for his team, his teammates, his coaches, his fans and his community. To say anything else is to not just be wrong but to expose a sad personal agenda. Yes, his recent play is worthy of criticism. Yes, his mode of dress does invite some catcalls and ridicule. You cannot, however, argue his history, his accomplishments, his commitment or his integrity. The guy is a man among men and when he was on, he played like a man among boys. Injuries eventually catch all the great warriors.
  14. Let's face it, Ron's going to have to really let it roll and take the brakes off for it to work. Playing it safe won't get it. Playing to win very well could. There's a lot of talent on this team, but he's going to have to gamble on the 52 other players rather than just gamble on the 1. Of course, who knows, maybe with Cam being how he has been, perhaps we've been playing with too many safety measures in place. Really, though, it is going to be on Norv's shoulders with the play calls and personnel. Ron's overseeing it, but he's also leading the defense (and doing pretty darned well). Still, Kyle's gonna have to Jake the heck out of this to win. Play it like this was your only chance -- that was Jake's secret.
  15. We don't have access to what plays were called. We can see shifts and hear audibles, but we really have no way of knowing what plays were being called or even why Norv Turner called them. We don't even know if Ron agreed with the calls or if Cam did. We're left to read a lot into this and speculate.
  16. If I were Coach Rivera, I'd ask Jake Delhomme to give Allen a call sometime this week and explain that it can be done and a no name guy can literally come off the bench and take a team to the Super Bowl. Delhomme had Todd Steussie and Jeno James watching his blind side, with Kris Mangum and Jermaine Wiggins as TEs. A young Jordan Gross was manning the RT spot (make your own Moton comparison) with Kevin Donnalley and a veteran Jeff Mitchell at center. Honestly, Allen's got a better grouping in front of him with massive upgrades at the tight end position. CMC offers more options than Stephen Davis (who was a hard nosed runner of the highest caliber) and I think Armah is a nice successor to Brad Hoover, if used properly. And while Moose and Smitty were incendiary that year, there's a lot to cheer about with Samuel and DJ. If Allen goes out there and somehow finds that ultimate underdog magic that Jake had, this could work. Just like back then, we've got a defense that can keep us in just about any game. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping.
  17. There's never been a better market for FA QBs than there is right now. Lot of folks who were ready to hang it up are getting calls. We should stick with what we have rather than start scraping under the bottom of the barrel. This is how you end up with Jeff George.
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