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  1. My point exactly. If he's our pick, I'll feel pretty good about it.
  2. Well, not to be too crass about it, but Baby Mama #1 found out about Baby Mama #2 who'd been living above his cigar shop in Atlanta. Such things become extremely expensive, or so I've been told. https://sports.yahoo.com/cam-newton-fighting-baby-mama-035911600.html
  3. Never ever send flowers to your ex, even if it is to say "Thanks for the good times." It never plays out well. Just let it go and move on.
  4. I'm beginning to think he doesn't. And some of that will be earmarked for some upcoming civil cases.
  5. All QBs have to face this at some time in their career.
  6. Is this argument still going on? Y'all broke up for a reason. She ain't coming back. Need to see other people. Get out of the basement and quit moping. Plenty of fish in the sea. Better off without her. Be prepared when she sees other people that this is the new normal. We're going to be fine. There. Can we just move on?
  7. Sometimes the greatest survival skill is to be able to whistle past the graveyard. A chuckle in hard times does the soul well.
  8. You've got to look at the people in their times and what they did for the team. Wesley was probably our first real star that deserved to be called that and there was just something about how he anchored the team and worked to give it an identity. He was also one of those castoffs that seem to be drawn to Carolina and find their magic here. Speaking of castoffs, Jake Delhomme is the greatest of them all. He literally came from the bottom of the league's bucket, sat on our bench for half a game and then inexplicably led the team to its first Superb Owl (after a miracle run in the playoffs). In that Superb Owl he threw the longest TD pass in the championship game's history (at that time) and engineered a comeback in the second half that came one bad kick's distance from winning it. He then went on to throw Smitty to the league triple crown in receiving the next season, and the following year (with Smitty out early in the season with a broken leg) managed to throw to Moose enough to get him the NFC receiving crown and then take the team to the NFC Championship to only have the massive number of injuries to the team bring it to a disastrous end against Seattle. The next three years started well (he was playing his best football ever) until he was injured after crashing his hand/arm against Jonathan Abraham's helmet in the eighth game. After that, and the Tommy John surgery, he was never the same again and the gunslinger started a string of losses and it was all done and over for him. (Honestly, if you look at it, he and Cam have a similar downfall story and both are really tragic and both had half the fan base calling for their blood). So yeah, both deserve to be there. They made their marks.
  9. Sh!t man, he has JJ Jansen and Sir Purr on the list...
  10. Brown, even if Simmons is still available. If we don't shore up the middle of the defensive line, we're screwed. Won't matter if we can get after the passer, or shut down the receivers. Won't even matter if we score a butt ton of points. I'd rather see us pick something else, but when you run the numbers, DT is the most important pick for us and Brown is head and shoulders the best one out there. I'm not saying he'll be Aaron Donald or even DonkeyKong Suh, but if he is at least early years Kris Jenkins, we're going to be much better off.
  11. The list is missing Jake, Wesley Walls, TD, Sam Mills ... Each of those guys left a huge, positive mark on the organization.
  12. We're donating money to local shelters and Meals on Wheels. We're also making sure that every take out order we get is from a local restaurant, no chains. Anything to make the money stay in the local area just a bit longer. One of our favorite neighborhood restaurants already shut down forever. Such good people, it really breaks our hearts. Good luck everyone and we're praying this lifts off of the world's shoulders soon.
  13. The question is, how many of those would have actually helped by remaining here? Maybe two? And you've forgotten other releases. The locker room will change mightily and it's right that it should. Something in there took some really star level players and made them play well below their reputations. Those are all guys that would need to leave before a new coach can install a new culture. Remember, we wanted that. No more excuses. Mediocrity was no longer going to be tolerated. It also means that underperformers, big contract lay abouts, superstars, me too'ers, back room mumblers and those too loyal to prior coaches/star players would have to go. That's why the list is so long. Rivera was a player's coach. Cam was the coolest guy anyone there had ever met and his cult of personality was pretty big in the locker room, too. You've got to clear it all out or you'll be stuck with a bunch of malcontents.
  14. Before there's any talk of moving stadiums, let's just hope we can have people go to stadiums by that time.
  15. Oh, I've got ya man. I do agree that it was a blessing in disguise. We (at least the fans) didn't know what we had on offense until they fired it up and let it loose on the league at the start of the season. The loss of Kelvin opened everything up and somehow everyone rose to the occasion. Our defense, I'll be honest with you... the loss of Luke is quite possibly the most crippling loss of a player this team has ever taken; Cam, Smitty and Pep included. I don't know what we'll do without him. I really like Shaq and I think he's going to be marvelous, but Luke had legendary skills and knowledge of the game -- a once in a lifetime kind of player. The other losses on defense, in my opinion, are all pretty much replaceable. Bradberry was probably the best but he, in the end, was just a solid cover corner -- not a shut down guy, but a good and dependable guy you could count on to cover his man. Hopefully someone else can step up to that or we draft someone that can do it. That D-line, though, had a bunch of guys who weren't even trying and a couple of younger players still learning how to survive in this league. We kept the young ones and let the rest go (except KK and well, I'd personally trade him if there was a third rounder or better offered). Will our defense just get run over this season? Maybe, but it won't be any worse than it was last year. They really set the mark that low. Heck, if we just line up 11 guys who aren't afraid to tackle, we should be a bit better at least.
  16. I'm with you there. I also didn't think we'd have any offense at all in 2015 when Kelvin Benjamin blew out his knee and our big get on the offensive line was Blindside himself. Somehow it happened, though. Sure would be great to be surprised like that again.
  17. I think they'll do even better as DEs. The Edge position is still evolving, particularly in the nickel which seems to be the default line up once you are halfway into the first quarter of the game. Let's see how they scheme it, because that's what it comes down to more than anything, rather than just looking at pegs and holes. Football is the fastest moving game of chess on Earth and sometimes people just break the old rules and start moving pieces around in completely new ways.
  18. No, I believe he's going to be building a team to win over the long run. It won't be complete this season, but I think it will compete, even if there aren't a lot of big name stars right now. Right now, he's setting the foundation and getting a locker room for him, not one with Rivera (or Newton) leftovers. He's going to work on building a new culture. Will he succeed? There's no guarantee, but from what I have seen, I have at least some confidence in the man and I'll root for the team all season and the ones to follow. Will we win multiple division crowns? I sure hope so, but that's over a course of years and we will see stars develop that we haven't even imagined yet. Might as well be positive, because it sucks to just sit and whine through the off season as some would have you do here.
  19. If you have a list of five or more reasons why you didn't succeed or maintain your success, perhaps you are trying to hard to find and deflect blame. Just saying.
  20. Do Poe and McCoy share an agent? If so, that guy could sell ice to the Inuit! How do you talk Jerry Jones into buying a defensive line in bulk, much less a really, really bad one? Wait, don't listen to me, I don't want to jinx the deal. Those guys need to be in Dallas... it'll be epic!
  21. I think it would require him somehow dodging the picks that come before us. I think he'll go well before then, but once Burrows and Tua are gone, perhaps teams will take a breath. If he's sitting there at 7 when we pick, I'm not going to complain if we run to the podium with the pick. I also won't be surprised if someone offers us a ton of picks in trade for it. Still, I think we're getting Brown at 7.
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