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  1. I love reading stories like this. Undrafted guys working hard and making it in the big leagues. All hail the underdogs!
  2. Maybe if cops were only allowed to carry a six-shot revolver of moderate calibre and a wooden nightstick, they would act differently and learn to create respect in the people they serve.
  3. We can all agree that pretty much, the cops were called to break up a loud and obnoxious party. Assigning any reasons for the call beyond that is speculation (without hearing the 911 tape of the call). What we SHOULD all agree on, however, is that there was one cop who was in over his head and used an unreasonable amount of force and unprofessionally shouted profanities. There were other police officers there that should have realized the one cop was the source of escalation and they should have removed him from the area. Do I hold the cop to a higher standard than I would the civilians at the scene? Damn straight I do. I, like each of you, kick in tax dollars to pay for police officers to Protect and Serve in our community. I expect them to be a paragon of respect and authority in the community, I expect them hold themselves to a higher standard. Their authority comes from the weight of the community as a whole, not from the barrel of a gun, the ability to drop a perp to the ground or a can of pepper spray. Some cops just don't get that. This guy didn't.
  4. Let's face it, the big overarching problem may be that we ALL need to crank it back a bit. As a society, we are encouraged to turn everything up to 11 ... we're all overstressed, over worked, over caffeinated, over entitled and way too full of ourselves. Things escalate so darned quickly nowadays. We're a nation of stressed out people, and we're raising a generation of entitled kids who don't even know when they are trolling for trouble,
  5. According to the stories coming out, there was a DJ who set up at the pool and tweeted out that everyone should come and tickets were $15 at the gate. Sounds like a few teenagers had a "great" idea to throw a pool party and make a few bucks DJing. And because teenagers never think about such things, iIt got bigger than probably anyone expected. Music was probably too loud and not to the tastes of other community members, plus the huge crowd of "who the heck are all these people?" that pushed the security guards to break up the event. They, being just security guards, were powerless and so someone called the police. Kids then responded like teens always do when a party gets broken up by the cops -- some flee the scene, some mill about thinking "how cool is this? look at what's happening", others walk around dazed because they just don't know what to do, and others are still coming to the party unaware that it is being broken up. This isn't anything different that isn't played out hundreds of times a weekend across the US. It's been happening since we were kids. What went wrong, though, was a police officer who was completely unable through training or demeanor to respond to the crowd happened to be the first person on the scene. He had no control of the crowd and then went ballistic. At one point he even went to pretty much the nuclear option and pulled his pistol on kids in swimming trunks carrying towels. He wrestled a 15 year old, skinny girl in a bikini to the ground with a wrist lock, then wrestled with her and put his knees and body weight on her back while attempting to handcuff her. Everyone there was extremely lucky. This guy was one more taunt, or one more touch, away from shooting someone. He also showed unquestionable bias as he went after black kids but did nothing to the few white kids there ... he may not be a racist, but when he thought his back was against the wall, he showed where he splits the good guys and bad guys up. This police officer needs to be held to his actions here. This wasn't a 30 second edited clip we saw, but over seven minutes of continual, unedited video showing how he acted. The parents of the girl, at the very least, should file charges of endangerment, abuse of power and assault against the officer. Had someone done that to my daughter, I'd be wanting a badge and a trial from that man.
  6. We all clamor for the America of our dreams, but we identify by regions, states, counties, cities, neighborhoods and even sides of the street. We cannot help but create us and them.
  7. ​Exactly... it is something of a systemic problem. Police have their code and an us and them mentality. There are good cops in every community. The vast majority of them even. And then there are the hero wannabes, the vigilante with a badge, or the power wielding coward. These are the folks that are a danger to society. There are guys like this one in most communities, too; guys who will escalate a situation because something inside of them is trying to parse out some scenario they've longed for. And once again, I've got to beat on that drum of "When did our police departments and sheriff's offices become paramilitary groups?" White socks aside, that guy was wearing every piece of patrolman gear he could. After his combat barrel roll I was amazed that only a single flashlight broke free.
  8. This guy checked every box off on the law enforcement list of "Sh*t we don't want to catch you doing" in one video. He didn't shoot anyone, at least, but he did whip that gun out in a crowd of kids. Complete and total meltdown by the cop who single-handedly tried to escalate this into a Baltimore riot. I mean, 12-15 year old kids, with pool towels and bathing suits, probably middle class through and through, doing absolutely nothing menacing, except apparently going to someone's pool birthday party. Thank God there were some non-police adults around. If they hadn't been there telling the kids to be calm and to sit down, this guy could have gone off. But it raises the question, why didn't any of the other officers try to reign him in? There is no question who the threat was in this incident.
  9. I'm pro-life and pro 2nd ammendment, but I couldn't vote for a major Republican candidate that was towing the current party line. Perhaps a Republican like Eisenhower could bring me into the GOP, but right now they are the party they claim they aren't.
  10. Getting firearms out of the hands of criminals would be the best of all situations. Anyone have any ideas on how to do that?
  11. It seems like openly carrying a firearm would be a much bigger deterrent to trouble, doesn't it? Why conceal a weapon, unless there's an element of surprise that you want to get?
  12. After seeing a news story about a shootout in a Wal-Mart parking lot last night, I had to ask myself, "If someone with a conceal/carry permit had decided to intervene, how would other people know who was a part of the fray and who was just trying to help the victims?" And what happens when another conceal/carry person decides to help out? What if the original shooter that the CC folks were fighting turned out to be an undercover cop? So many bad scenarios here. And I know, YOU only carry yours for personal self defense and would NEVER be stupid enough to get involved like this. What about the "heroes in waiting" that live around us every day, just waiting for their chance to go all Bernie Goetz on some street punk?
  13. I support the 2nd Ammendment. That being said, CCWs are the adult version of a teenage boy carrying a condom in his wallet. Once in a great while, one of them will get a chance to break it out and use, becoming a hero in the process to other condom carrying teens. Hopefully it hasn't dry-rotted in the interim. The vast majority of those carrying them, however, just get to say, "Yeah, I'm packing... ya never know" to their friends and seem just a bit cooler. They never get an honest chance to use them, but they keep carrying them and imprinting that telltale ring on their wallets. Go ahead and carry them if you jump through the legal hoops. I hope they make you feel more safe or prepared for that moment she says Yes! or the perp says "Stick 'em up!" And just like that kid carrying the condom, try to not let it go off in your pants before you get the chance to draw down on your target.
  14. Sorry, I pay more attention to the words of a report than a cartoon. Newton over Wile E. Coyote yanno? I've led you to the water, but there's no way I can make you drink. Looks like you've already had the Kool-Aid. I'm done.
  15. Actually, a case can be made that Newton came into a situation that wasn't better than what Jake walked into. Newton had Smitty, Lafell, Olsen, Jeremy Shockey, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, and his offensive line included Jordan Gross, Travelle Wharton and Ryan Kalil. That's a pretty good group. Delhomme had Smitty (who emerged that year), Moose, Proehl, Mangum, Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster (good, but not Double Trouble in their prime), and an offensive line that included Jordan Gross, Todd Steussie, and Jeff Mitchell. Remember also that Smith didn't emerge as a receiving threat until later in the season, netting 7 TDs in the regular season, along with Moose's 3 TDs. I mean you can compare all you want, but the question remains, can Cam win the big one? That's a multi- multi-multi- million dollar question this year. Can you answer that question without going all man crush on Cam?
  16. Perhaps this entry from Wikipedia will help (you could also read the footnoted materials for more information): In November 2008, NIST released its final report on the causes of the collapse of 7 World Trade Center.[7] This followed NIST's August 21, 2008, draft report which included a period for public comments.[8] In its investigation, NIST utilized ANSYS to model events leading up to collapse initiation and LS-DYNA models to simulate the global response to the initiating events.[51] NIST determined that diesel fuel did not play an important role, nor did the structural damage from the collapse of the Twin Towers, nor did the transfer elements (trusses, girders, and cantilever overhangs). But the lack of water to fight the fire was an important factor. The fires burned out of control during the afternoon, causing floor beams near column 79 to expand and push a key girder off its seat, triggering the floors to fail around column 79 on Floors 8 to 14. With a loss of lateral support across nine floors, column 79 buckled – pulling the east penthouse and nearby columns down with it. With the buckling of these critical columns, the collapse then progressed east-to-west across the core, ultimately overloading the perimeter support, which buckled between Floors 7 and 17, causing the remaining portion of the building above to fall downward as a single unit. The fires, fueled by office contents, along with the lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse.[7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_World_Trade_Center
  17. Umm, I was just comparing their first four years with the team, not 7 years versus 4. Did you not check your math? If you'll look, you'll see in those stats compared, Cam had even played a couple more games than Jake in the four year span. Cam is a great athlete and a heck of a football player, we're lucky to have him. He has not, however, lived up to his billing. I sure hope he does and I will keep cheering him on each Sunday that he is with us. But man, you've got to step back and say, "Okay Superman, show us that it's about something more than this."
  18. A paper match can't light a log directly on fire. It can, however, light a piece of newspaper, which can in turn light twigs, which can then build up enough heat to ignite the bark on a log, which can then ignite the hardwood within the log, producing many many more BTUs than that starting match. In the fires and wreckage of the world trade center, a similar logical progression makes an immense amount of sense.
  19. Also, the Twin Towers were designed in a way that when they had reached the end of their service life, the framework would collapse in on itself... something very important for demolition is such crowded quarters as Manhattan. This, combined with the jet impacts and fuel explosions brought the towers down. Or at least that's how my father in law explained it. He designs the steel beam and girder structures for skyscrapers and bridges, so I tend to hold him as a knowledgeable resource. Of course, you can also seek out the information from reputable speakers, I would concentrate on working architects and engineers. You could also put the tinfoil hat on at a rakish angle and stride out into the world knowing that only You can stop the Illuminati in their tracks. Good luck little buckaroo!
  20. And yet, Cam still hasn't reached Jake's level of wins. We're all propping Cam up and stroking his ego. The truth is he hasn't brought us a ring, or even real competitiveness yet. If he doesn't do something great this year, we're going to be sitting there like Falcons fans with Mike Vick, or Chargers fans with Phillip Rivers, or Minnesota Vikings fans with Daunte Culpepper... Look at our franchise quarterback, he's great on paper but meh in the wins column. He's got the skills, he's got the tools and he's been given no end of praise. Let's see him pick a team up and win something big.
  21. There's only one factor that really matters outside of Madden when it comes to franchise quarterbacks -- games won. Right now, in a comparison of first four years with the team, Cam has a record of 30-31-1, which isn't exactly lighting up the field. Heck, it doesn't even compare favorably to Jake Delhomme's record of 35-25 for the same time span. That's Jake Delhomme beating him out as our quarterback over a four year span. Playoff record for each during the same span: Cam 1-2, Jake 5-2. You can throw out all of the excuses for Cam that you want, but when you look back at a quarterback's career, the questions are a) Did they win games? Did they win the big games? So when I look at Cam's record and it can't even match up to Jake's, yeah I would choose Watt over Cam with a roll of the dice as to who our QB would have been. I still hold out hope that Cam will be more of a winner than a celebrity this year. Franchise QBs play in the Pro Bowl, great quarterbacks are busy preparing for the Super Bowl.
  22. Once someone pops up with 9/11 was an inside job or jet fuel can't melt steel beams, you can kind of see that glint in their eye. The kind of glint only created by light reflected from a finely crafted tinfoil hat.
  23. Tough call, but the following year we could end up with Luck... yeah, if we could do that.
  24. I am arguing that I'm going to have more proof than "my girlfriend said that's why she didn't get in and if you don't believe me you can call her." It is a statement that in no way can be proved as correct, unless it somehow works out to fit the mythical Last Seat On The Bus syndrome. "There was only one seat left and they chose that black person over me!" It is a racist assumption that just because you weren't chosen for that last spot that it must be because of race. The truth is she doesn't know if it was her and one other student competing for the last enrollment spot. No university is ever going to let you know that information -- that you weren't chosen because you were white or that you were given the last seat because you were black. Like I said before, the girlfriend was beaten out by a couple of thousand other candidates, many of whom were white. Is she really prepared to point at all of the black students and say "I'd be there if it wasn't for one of you?"
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