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  1. I believe that Dan Morgan was in charge of the regular militia at Kings Mountain, with local commanders being in charge of the Overmountain Men who came from the settlements in the Blue Ridge, including Daniel Boone. The whole affair was nominally under the command of Nathaniel Green. Or did you have someone else in mind?
  2. The NRA has been the biggest and best advertiser for firearms manufacturers of all time. Their push that liberals are going to take YOUR guns has pushed firearms and ammo sales through the roof. It has been astounding and one of best thought out marketing campaigns in history. But now, they run into the Miley Cyrus factor -- you put it out and their and entice and you draw all sorts of folks, some of whom you'd rather not have around you. And just like she probably is threatened by some 50-year old, pasty basement dwelling pervert coming to her concert and following her back to the tour bus, the NRA is just as likely worried that some crazed individual will show up packing heat and a warped conviction at their event. No one wants to be confronted at the monsters they've made. Rock and Roll and Remington... working the First and Second Ammendments as hard as they can.
  3. He was one of Pittsburgh's iconic players and deserves to be in the panthenon with Mean Joe Green, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Terry Bradshaw and Jack Ham. He's a guaranteed first ballot Hall of Fame player. Sorry to see him retire, but it is a case of a skill set being so high that when it falls, it crashes down. Time catches all of us.
  4. If we can get him on the cheap, definitely a low risk, high reward guy. Tons of character, great experience and if he can play at 85-90 percent of where he used to, it would be a steal.
  5. Speedy receivers are nothing without good hands. There are a decade of picks in Oakland showing that to be true. Good hands, precise routes and a desire to catch the ball every time it comes your way, that's what it takes.
  6. If she can do the job and call games fairly, more power to her. Tougher to be a ref than most think.
  7. I see Dallas and Detroit falling out of contention, but the Broncos will be back and for some reason, Andy Dalton's Bengals end up in the playoffs each year... no explanation available, but he's been able to do what few other Bengals QBs have been... get to the playoffs multiple times. And then us. We'll be there. We gutted it out last season, kept most of the squad intact and the Falcons and Saints haven't gotten better.
  8. I'm still trying to figure out why they chose Brian Wilson's song "Love and Mercy" for the music that led the zombies back into the trap trailers. That's a pretty dark cover of the song, but what an odd choice.
  9. On the Broken Windows theory, remember that when the fight started, Rick and the doctor/wife-beater busted right out through a window. Pretty much summed it up in one scene.
  10. Duke would be the best compliment to Stewart. I don't know how good he is at picking up the blitz, though, and that's got to be a big factor in our choice of an RB.
  11. Dang, and what about wolves in sheep's clothing?
  12. Sheep in the fold and a shepherd wielding a staff proclaiming that all lives are sacred. That's some pretty heavy stuff to lay out there. I can't wait to see how they bring it all together. Rick's Broken Windows Theory is a long-held law enforcement one that stems from a murder in New York in the late 1960s early 1970s. A woman was killed in the open, in a run down, crime infested neighborhood. No one called the police for help and no one would admit to seeing the crime happen. The people there were living in an environment that kept them beat down and scared to death. The Broken Windows Theory states that once you get a neighborhood/community to clean up and repair all of those broken windows, the bad guys move out as community pride begins to take hold. There's quite a bit of research showing that it works... New York's clean up of Times Square is a big example. But in Walking Dead, Rick is always looking to do this, it is what he did at the prison, it was why he headed to Terminus. It's the big stone he will always be pushing up the hill. Just when he thinks he gets there, wham it all comes back down on him. His hope doesn't let him see that there's bad stuff hidden behind those patched up windows. And Carol, she is that woman from original crime, the one who suffered and no one said or did anything. So she ends up dragging the bad stuff out into the light -- killing and burning the sick folks at the prison, having to shoot the psycho kid and leave the peaceful house, going Rambo on Terminus. She started picking at the threads of Alexandria the moment she walked in. She doesn't want to fix everything up and wait for the bad guys to leave, she wants to drag it all out and put a torch to it all. What Rick was once is right, but he's lost faith in it. What she is was once wrong, but she's found faith in it. Neat dynamics. And dang, I really am glad Glenn was still around.
  13. If Wisconsin's Gordon or Miami's Duke Johnson were available in the second, I think we'd be foolish to pass up on them. Both would be great complimentary runners to Stewart and both offer good hands and speed as receivers out of the backfield.
  14. We've picked some good first rounders (Williams and Stewart) but we've got bigger needs than a RB in the first round. Second round pick would make sense.
  15. High character kid with a huge upside when he was drafted. He's going to have an excellent year in 2015.
  16. People around here are acting like this FA move is like Reggie White going to Green Bay back in the day. And it just doesn't add up. Hardy had a fair to good run here, when he was on the field. 2014 should have been his breakout year, but he spent it on the couch, collecting paychecks and working on his mix tape. Do you really think he's going to be in football shape or that he's past making dumb decisions? To get their money's worth out of him, they'll have to have round the clock babysitters with him and conditioning coaches waking him up at 5 a.m. each day. Let him go. Just wish he'd have left that $13 million on the table for us last year.
  17. Panthro, you're still mad over Armanti? Dang man, you need a life.
  18. Four years ago? Man, you really hold onto grudges, don't you?
  19. Man, let it go, he's gone. He's moved on. Someone new will come along. You can make it through this, just grow from the heart ache, you'll love again someday.
  20. I'd never heard a bad word from a teammate said about him whatsoever. The closest was when Tolbert's mom scolded him and reminded him that Tolbert was at Deangelo's mom's funeral. And there have been countless stories about the friendship between Williams and Stewart, not to mention the whole group of Panthers wrasslin' fans that go to the local matches and even hold contests for tickets to go with them. To paint him as anything but a great teammate and a positive part of the team is to take one interview taken at the time of his dismissal and use that one emotion-addled moment and paint it across the guy's whole career. That's disingenuous, small minded and petty. Williams had a long, great career with us, he was upset on the way out the door. Anything more than that and you're just sounding butthurt over a bad breakup.
  21. Stop what? Folks are acting like Williams was a cancer on the team throughout his career, which was far from the truth. But bring up the fact that Stewart, while he is a top-tier talent at running back, has absolutely no history of durability and we need to stop mentioning that? I hope that Stewart can be the workhorse back for this team through 16 games and deep into the playoffs. I just haven't seen a bit of evidence it's going to happen. Have you?
  22. We're going to be missing him by week four when Stewart is on the sidelines with a bruised this or a sprained that. Williams always took the training camp and early season hits while Stewie kept a stationery bicycle from flying up in the air. I like Stewart, but he's always shown his best work at the end of the season when he's still fresh and and defenses have been beaten up a bit. Without Williams to carry much of the workload (running and blocking), Stewart is going to have a heck of a time making it through a full season. And while I've got a lot of hopes for Fozzy, he isn't as good as Williams by any stretch.
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