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  1. On the field, he's loud, boisterous, competitive and a showboat of the highest caliber. In the community, he does many, many great things, and apparently many of them quietly. In his private life, well, that's his private life and his own business. Let's just concern ourselves with the football player and community member.
  2. Sure, happens all the time. I wasn't reviewing the beers, just talking about the brewery, the people who were opening it, why they did it, how and what would make them stand out. You'd be amazed how much you can learn about beer without drinking it, just by listening intently (and soberly) to those who do and those who make it. My job was never to tell you if the beer was any good, it was just to make you think, "Hey, I might want to swing by that place one evening after work." Seemed to have done a pretty good job of it.
  3. Both Tre and the Panthers know his value and his price. It should be something that can be worked out at a very reasonable level.
  4. I used to do the write-ups for new breweries in the Triad for one of the free weeklies. And while I loved the job, it was: how do you retell the story of another 40-year old guy with a bit of extra weight on him, a goatee and a love of obscure hoppy farmhouse brews? Hey I'm all for craftsmanship and artisan products, but it hit the saturation point pretty early on in the process. Working on a statewide guide just did me in for writing about it. It was like covering all the jam bands that popped up from 1990-1998 -- after a while you listen to people explaining the tiniest nuances of an overplayed product that you realize you aren't dealing with enthusiasts but actual dyed-in-the-wool fetishists. (It probably didn't help that I'm allergic to hops and unable to sample the wares -- but a paying gig is a paying gig.)
  5. SF vs. KC Final score total: 43 pts First TD by non-QB: Travis Kelce First Reception - SF: George Kittle, KC: Sammy Watkins First Scoring Drive - 6 plays
  6. Can't argue against you here. The game is won in the trenches. And a high draft pick lineman is way cheaper than a decent free agent one.
  7. Still the best seats in the house are in your own house. Big screen, all the replays, pause button for bathroom breaks, usually no line for the bathroom, all the snacks you want at grocery store prices, no wait or cost for parking, no long drive there or commute home. Also, chances are good that no drunk dude is going to hit on your wife in the first quarter or barf on your back during the fourth. Also, a fan of an opposing team can be thrown out of the joint any danged time you feel like it.
  8. And once again, if Cam is healthy, you roll forward with him rather than roll the dice with a draft pick. It's a no brainer. Cam is a phenom. You keep him until he can't answer the bell anymore.
  9. If you think Romo can predict what play is about to happen... then Luke is going to be amazing. Good luck to him in whatever endeavor he takes on. Luke deserves nothing but our admiration, respect and continued cheers.
  10. I'm pulling for the Chiefs, but that San Fran defense is a tough one.
  11. Look man, we've got to stop with these puns, that slope becomes slippery when wet, yanno?
  12. Better to let his contract set the top of the market than to let another RB set that top and then have to hop over it. Pay the man, pay him well and by all means pay him now!
  13. I'm just going to runaway from that one.
  14. I will never make a Bon Jovi reference. A man has to have standards.
  15. Wow, in what world would we want Lameass Jameis Winston? Let's eat a W? Seems his diet is mainly INTs.
  16. Who is going to be foolish enough to ask for the number? The shoes are just too big to fill. And he deserves it. Doing so would set the tone that we are here to compete and fight it out, no matter how small or unknown we were when we began.
  17. Shot down in flames. Rolled a 1, twice.
  18. He's our guy now, so let's get behind him and hope he excels here as he did there. If he's a good coach, he's being given good material to work with, the results should be good.
  19. Would be the best news out of Carolina in quite some time if they inked him to a coaching deal. I would literally be very comfortable seeing him jump all the early stations and starting out as DC right off the bat. The man can lead, can teach and he knows the game as well as anyone who has set foot on the field.
  20. Might not get the Walter Payton Man of the Year award now, but he could be in the running for the Antonio Cromartie Award.
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