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  1. You crawled out of the Tinderbox for that? Weaksauce man. In the end, I'm just saying folks ought to take a moment to enjoy the season and cheer for a team that is punching its way out of the corner. It's like a group of people that would walk out on the movie Rocky at the halfway mark saying the dude's just a punch drunk loser.
  2. Wes is a solid run defender, he should help in situations.
  3. See above, saves me time and you won't read it anyway.
  4. They are the teams on our schedule. We can't just roll up to Foxboro and call the Patriots out on a Tuesday for a game. Each of the teams we've beaten had a better record before they met us than after the played us. We barely lost to the Rams with a hobbled Cam Newton, and while they were 0-0 at the time, they were the defending NFC champs. We lost to the Bucs when they were 0-1, dropping a game to the 49ers. Then we start winning: The Cardinals were 0-1-1 before we (0-2) beat them. Marginally better record, but better than ours. The Texans were 2-1 (with a close loss to a Brees-led Saints in week one) to our 1-2 record. The Jaguars were 2-2 tied with us when we beat them. The Bucs were 2-3 when we played them at 3-2, but had beaten us handily already. Then we got shellacked by an undefeated 49ers team. We drop to 4-3. The Titans were 4-4 when we at 4-3 beat them. Each team we've beaten was at or better than .500 when we played, with the exception of the Bucs, who had already beaten us. And we haven't lost to a team who had a worse record than we did. You can feel however you want to about it, but we've played who they've sent to us and haven't given up on the season. Please see teams like Cleveland, Miami, the NYJets, the Bengals, Redskins, none of whom we have played yet. Heck, we've just about swept the entire AFC South and are demonstrably better than 75% of the AFC. Heck, if we were in the AFC, we'd be only one game out of leading three out of four divisions. And had we had the cupcake party the Patriots have been enjoying we'd probably run the table there, too.
  5. You should keep listening, you could learn something. Winning five out of six is bad?
  6. That's some fine analysis of the O-line situation and I think I agree with you across the board. I do think Center is the next piece to look to upgrade, but Paradis does seem to be coming along quickly. And don't forget beyond the injury and team change, he's seen changes on the line beside him AND just importantly a change at QB. Maybe with time he'll be a Ryan Kalil-like fit here.
  7. Actually, we do need him but I think that if he isn't at full speed they'll bench him or shift him away from the speedsters at the very least. I think we've got more DB depth than we've had in a long time and there was something about that GB-LAC game that makes me think the weakness in the Packers' game has been exposed. Still, it sure would be best for all if Bradberry was at full speed and recovered by Sunday. Or if it just snows a foot and keeps falling during the game.
  8. Honestly, the coaching staff is getting some seriously petty criticism while they are performing lights out. The gold standard for how the coaching is going can be boiled down to this: 1. Is the team winning? Well, 5 wins in the last six games is just about as good as you can get without being perfect. 2. Is the team overcoming injuries? Hell, yeah. Beyond the loss of a once in a generation talent at QB, we've had multiple injuries on the O-line, seen our star DT go to injured reserve, both of our rookie standout pass rushers suffer injuries, have Bruce Irvin have to sit out multiple games at the start of the season, a starting DB fighting a hamstring issue, our MLB lose his mother unexpectedly and our starting DE and team stalwart lose his brother to gun violence. Heck, even our kicker is out on IR and we had to put into play a rookie kicker as a stand in. And we've still won five out of eight so far. 3. Has the team bounced back from losses and snagged a win the following week. Yep, except for week two. 4. Is the team committing lots of penalties, a sure sign of poor coaching? No, we're one of the best in the league. Our coaching staff, and management, are literally keeping a racecar that is falling apart running with the leaders of the pack, mechanics literally duct taped to the outside of the car working madly as it goes through the turns. They haven't pulled off a miracle yet, but to criticize their efforts now is really petty and disingenuous. And to boil it all down to whether it's one QB or another helming the ship is just dickery. Talk of draft position, while we're still in the hunt, is foolhardy, too. We're picking 32nd until someone proves otherwise.
  9. It'd feel a lot like that improbable run back in 2003. That was a wild ride and not for the faint of heart, but what a ride it was!
  10. Dude, you don't know me. You only know your same old, tired storyline.
  11. Our QB gets injured for the season and the team, with a back-up QB, and the leading RB in the league goes 5-1. And while that is frikking amazing, it's really just the same old sh!tstirrers whining, complaining, being racists, calling people racists, and constantly just tearing the team down. Man, it gets old. Too many trolls here.
  12. Some turds never seem to flush. Geez, do we have to keep going over this crap?
  13. This is a pretty concise take on it. I think you're spot on. And learning to read and react to defenses is a huge part of being a successful NFL QB. No amount of arm strength or mobility can overcome a lack of understanding. Give the Kid some time.
  14. How about we quit worrying about the end of the year and pay attention to the current season where we're having a winning season so far and have our toughest games ahead of us. Some of you were already pining for the season's end back before week one so you could see a staff change and have your personal feathers stroked. Why don't ya have a seat, shut up and watch some football? Eight games left and we're still in the hunt and have won five out of our last six, without Cam, without KK and a host of injuries. poo, you guys must have been a real drag back in 2003. It ain't always gonna be 2015, sometimes it takes toughing it out.
  15. There's not a prove it deal you can do. Either Cam can play again (shoulder AND foot) and we roll on like nothing ever happened with the contract in place and a happy new contract for both parties after that OR Cam isn't healed and won't and we let him go. If Cam has the ability, it's a no brainer he stays. If he isn't able to play then we have a very tearful departure. Cam isn't the kind of player who with diminishing physical abilities can go and ride herd on a team for two years and coach up a replacement -- his game depends far more on his physical gifts than on precision and form. And Kyle, a case can be made that if Cam can't go, you roll on with Kyle and keep him active, starting and developing. He has a fair distance before he hits his ceiling. And whatever criticism one can make of him, he is a winning QB and that is frikkin' priceless in the NFL.
  16. It's probable that you look at Kyle as a rookie 1st round draft pick QB who just played his first year. You move forward and hope to see growth in his game, all without ever having to expend a draft pick on him, which is a huuuuge benefit. Of course, smart long term play says we stay with Cam and his contract to see how he heals up and performs next season (or pre-season) at the least. If Cam can recover, he's good money and there's time to negotiate the next contract, or franchise tag after next season if we choose. This situation is no worse than it was at the end of Week 2, and truthfully it is better than we could have imagined at that time. The sky ain't falling.
  17. This is what happens to about 80% of all good to great QBs. Injuries eventually get you and you can't move back to your glory days. It's what took out Peyton Manning (neck). Maybe the rest can get Cam back to full strength or at least to a functioning level, but it's not just his foot but still his shoulder that is under a lot of scrutiny. It's going to take a lot of hope and prayers to get him there. It's not out of the question at all, but reality says it's over for him this season at least. And that's what we have to go with. Luckily, we had Kyle Allen sitting on the roster and while he's young and has a lot of young player problems, and we've won 5 of 6 with him under center. No reason to give up on the season yet.
  18. Yeah, the Rams loss and that crazy first game versus the Bucs are the tough stumbles for us. Our best shot is that we somehow win out and New Orleans drops one more game in its last eight. That would put us at 13-3 and NO at 12-4. It's not impossible, but we've got the Murderer's Row ahead of us with Green Bay, New Orleans (twice), Seattle and a quirky Colts team.
  19. My bet is four new teams over the next decade, followed with four more after that to even up the divisions. Before you freak out about shrinking slices of the pie, the revenue shares will each grow massively, especially if you can bring in television revenues from Europe and Canada, possibly even Mexico. New teams in the US can also push new stadium constructions and there's some massive leveraging opportunities there. It is also a big, big gift to the NFLPA because they can grow the roster of active players and present opportunities to players on the fringes of their career either because of age and/or ability.
  20. Someday Luke will be coaching us to his third Superb Owl.
  21. He was on the team for two games. The last game of the season was his only time in to speak of. If you consider that he only had three seasons of college ball and limited time there, maybe he's as close to a rookie as you can get without actually being one.
  22. Young receivers and young QB. They're showing improvement. There's still a long way to their ceilings and we're going to be looking good down the road. Kyle's still the best 23 year old QB playing in the league right now. He's going to keep improving, the game hasn't started slowing down for him yet.
  23. He's a Panther now, so here's hoping he has the best season in his career so far.
  24. I'm pretty happy with how both shook out and where they ended up.
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