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  1. Well we had Tutankhamen Reyes back in the day, now we have Pharoh. If you'd have Ptolemy we'd be so Egyptian, I'd have never believed it. Maybe we can change it to Thebes Alley now... Thank you, thank you, no stop it, thank you... I'll be here all week, try the fish.
  2. No Luke... yeah, that hurts but injuries will do that. No Olsen, it's been a while since Olsen played a whole season and had major effects on game outcomes... he was one of our greats but age and injury had caught him. I sure did want to see a last lap season for him here, but there's something that tells me he took the loss of Ron Rivera (and JR before that) pretty hard and it was beginning to creep over into team interactions. Good luck to him and I'll cheer for him in any game that doesn't include the Panthers as his opponent. No Cam. Yeah, I loved watching Cam, we all did, but in a realistic look at him you have to see the past three seasons as greatly affected by injuries and disappointments all around. Sometimes you just have to look at your favorite hunting dog and realize it needs to retire to the front porch and let the younger, non-arthritic ones chase game from here on out. No Bradberry. Not for lack of trying, but there's no way we're spending that much on him here. He was a good, reliable and quiet coverage receiver. He went out and stayed with his assignment. Sometimes he could shut down a great receiver, but mostly he was able to just limit their impact. That's a good skill to have, but that pay level is above his play level. No Trai. Good. He's been a low motivation guy since his follow-on contract and definitely since coming back from injury. He wasn't even the third best guy on our line last season... and that doesn't take much to be number 3 in that group of turnstiles. No Reid. The guy could put a big hit on someone, but he missed on those hits sooo many times. Good enforcer, non-existent tackling skills beyond the throwing a flying shoulder at someone. Coverage skills were slipping, but seemed a good leader. No Colin Jones. Expensive vet special teams guy with diminishing coverage skills. Glad to see he caught on elsewhere (just a great team guy) but we need his spot for some younger guys who need a chance. They extended Shaq Thompson's contract before the end of the year and either passed on everyone else or has released anyone over the age of 27... that tells you how they feel about last season's defensive performance. Bridgewater can play football. He can play classical football which is what you want to build a team around and develop a younger QB behind. He's money well spent and we might be very pleasantly surprised by what he brings to the field. Okung... let's see how he holds up. If the injuries are healed, he's got skills and a couple of season's worth of tread left on those tires If not, then his contract is one that can be released and frees us up a lot more than retaining Trai would have done. We could really have some wins next season. We could actually surprise ourselves with this addition by subtraction thing. Realistically, though, it's going to be a "we're not there yet" kind of season. We'll learn a lot not early on, but by how hard these guys are playing late in the season.
  3. They'll all skate. They always do. We're chumps and they know it.
  4. If he goes, he goes. If he stays, we could do worse. I think good teams develop guards and draft tackles. Great teams draft tackles and centers, turning the extras into sturdy guards.
  5. Sadly, when it comes to injuries, particularly RBs and QBs, it has more to do with luck than anything else. Conditioning, rehab, training are all important, but in the end it's just luck. And very few leave the sport when they want to, and even fewer don't suffer at least regular aches and pains every day of their lives for it. Before we get all sentimental for these folks, do remember that carpenters, dock workers, garbage men, warehousers, parcel delivery folks, kitchen workers and all sorts of people end up with injuries and long-term pain and disability because of their jobs, too. They, however, rarely get millions to do their job. It's a tough old world we live in and there aren't any guarantees of comfort or capability later in life for any of us. Still, hard not to feel bad for any human going through so many collisions, no matter how much money they are paid to do it. (Talk to an old professional wrestler sometime... those folks, whew).
  6. With the exception of Luke, we haven't lost any Great players from our defense. We've lost a couple of decent ones and a whole bunch of folks ate up big paychecks, padded their stats and generally had a big old time while about three players did all the heavy lifting. Losing Luke hurts, because he was rightly legendary. He, however, wasn't even enough to shore up how bad our defense was last season. Had we even been able to slow down the run, we might have won three more games last season, perhaps more. No matter how much shuffling there is this season, we can improve on defense. Had we retained those big names we've let go, though, it could only get even worse.
  7. Heck, but I'm always the optimist. It keeps the tinfoil bills low.
  8. Just saying that no one saw it coming in August of 2003 or 2015, and everyone would have laughed in March of those years if you'd have said the Panthers would be in the Superb Owl. Not saying it will happen, not even thinking it is gonna happen, but you can't rule out anything. Okay, you can generally rule out Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland. That's kind of a given.
  9. Bridgewater guy... maybe even a Joe Brady guy (2018, possible time together there).
  10. Honestly, within a couple of weeks we will all know someone who has tested positive for it. A couple of weeks after that and we will have all contracted it. Take care of yourselves and be prepared to ride this out.
  11. Soooo many years ago, soooo many years. I'm at that age where the prescribed drugs take up too much of my time to use recreational ones!
  12. Exactly. And, because someone is going to say "But, but, but Gurley had a bad knee and that kills a running back" we have to admit that Cam has at least a public knock of a bad shoulder and a bad foot... and that spells disaster for a QB in this day and age.
  13. Stranger things have happened. No one thought we had rebuilt very much at the beginning of 2003, but they caught lightning in a bottle. 2015 looked like a wash after Benjamin blew his knee out in training camp and we had no offensive line to speak of. It could happen.
  14. It's about as far fetched as the Rams releasing Todd Gurley.
  15. Luke had too many concussions and decided to protect the life ahead of him. We will see him coaching from the Panthers sideline within two years.
  16. And yet, Luke leaves with a retirement statement and no bad words for the organization, teammates, past or future of the team. I think it speaks to two different cultures in the locker room. One culture is being moved out, the other (and apparently smaller group) is being retained for the future. And I imagine they'd have given anything to have kept Luke here. I would have, too.
  17. Can we just stop suggesting this? Really.
  18. Good read. We wouldn't have made a move for him if our new OC didn't see something of value there. Edit to add: Teddy has had to fight for his career, whether behind bad O-lines, bad coaching or the most gruesome football injury I've seen (even beating out Theisman's leg breaking on MNF). The guy doesn't give up. Scrappy guys with skills eventually do win, if only for a while. Here's hoping he's still got a lot of fight left in him.
  19. We may bring some folks in just to make sure we don't go under the salary minimums for long.
  20. Yeah, let's see him suit up and play for week 1. Not believing it until then.
  21. The Falcons are always grabbing a "high end pass rusher" and well... not much comes of it. They haven't really had much luck since Jake Delhomme busted his throwing arm across Johnathan Abraham's helmet back in the day.
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