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  1. Hate to hear Irvin is hurt but it presents some opportunities for young/developing players. That'll help in the long run. And Little... let's not risk concussion issues and hope he's available for Thursday's tilt with the Bucs if he's needed.
  2. Dumpster fire, appropriately, isn't working right...
  3. Let me guess, first hire lawyers, not A lawyer, lawyer(s). All of them. And in car chases 35 saves lives.
  4. Predicted total meltdown part 4 happening before our eyes. The guy needs counseling.
  5. Yeah, he is competing against Goff. You might have noticed that scoreboard thing and realized the correlation between the scores there and the activity of the QBs. Or maybe you haven't... this is the Huddle after all. Just kiddin', man. I understand where you are coming from, but just like in baseball, it's always pitcher vs pitcher, QB vs QB that tells the tale.
  6. Let's see him beat Goff on the field Sunday before deciding if he can beat him at the bank.
  7. It's opening week in the NFL. If you can't get excited for your team, then maybe you need another team. Just saying, chase your happiness.
  8. You don't need great special teams, or even good ones. Just average will suffice. Let's hope we're a bit better than that.
  9. 21-17 Panthers. Cam has a good day, CMC goes over 100 yds combined, but the big surprise will be a two TD game by Greg "I'm not ready for the retirement home" Olsen. Gurley will be terrible ineffective early and spend the second half on the bench nursing an "injury." Cam will take a sack early, shake it off and proceed to run the Ram's D-line ragged as they chase a moving pocket and screen passes to CMC and Bonnafon. Rams will take the lead at halftime, but Panthers will roll into the endzone early in the fourth to take the game after an uneventful third quarter filled with punts by both teams. Heat and humidity will play a huge factor in the game.
  10. If you don't call Oher and Remmers as your starting tackles patchwork...
  11. No one really knows a darned thing until the season starts. It's all just rampant speculation.
  12. This is really the uncomfortable truth and the Sword of Damocles hanging over the team's head since Marty picked Cam first over all. As a whole, the pick has been phenomenal -- Cam has been one of the most electrifying players to ever make it to the NFL. He's taken us to the playoffs and one game shy of the Lombardi Trophy. And I say Cam because, well, without him, this doesn't work at all. And there's the rub. We are all waiting for that certain point in the first quarter of Sunday's game where we'll know what we've got. Either Cam is the fearless Superman or he'll be the guy playing not to get hurt and getting creamed behind the O-line. And that's really how it is. What makes Cam Cam is Cam. If he believes in himself as the guy who can carry the game, can dictate how the game goes, he's darned near unstoppable. When he doubts or thinks too much, he gets swarmed like he did against New England in the preseason. There'll be shouts of "The O-Line is weak" but I'll tell you we went 15-1 with an even more patchwork line in that magical season. He went 6-2 last season with a terrible line before the injury, before Cam was just mortal. And that's the killer, right there. Mortality. If he plays like he's vulnerable, if the game isn't smaller than him, then he gets behind the eight-ball. He quits being the threat, and the holes in the rest of the team (and all teams have these vulnerabilities) become more visible. We'll see what we have before the end of the first quarter, for sure. These are the Rams and they were the NFC champs last season for a good reason. They have a young, aggressive coach and fast movers on defense and offense, and probably the best D-lineman in the game right now. We don't have to see a win, but we need to see Cam out there running it, winging it and winning the plays and downs that need to be won. We need him to play like this game matters more than any of the ones in the past and that he is invincible as ever. If not, then this chapter of the franchise is over. I'm betting he comes back and shows he's ready for an even better second act on his career and earns the Comeback Player of the Year.
  13. In the same vein, though, if the team has a winning regular season, does well in the division and makes a deep run into the playoffs, will the fan base give Hurney and Rivera some credit? It's only fair. And as someone pointed out, if this season collapses, this team will undergo a huge rebuild from bottom to top -- you won't just see Rivera, Hurney and Cam headed for the exits, but all the assistant coaches, trainers, scouts and even day to day office folks. Heck, you might even see a half-hearted push for stadium upgrades with a followup offer from south of Charlotte to build a facility that's more up to date. If that happens, you'll see folks like Luke and Christian doomed to play for a rebuilding franchise, young stars like DJ and Samuel left to wither on the vine as we fumble and stumble through a few years of trying to rebuild a club. Yeah, I'm really not looking forward to that. I'm pulling for Marty, Ron and Cam.
  14. That's usually a good sign... Most of the Huddle was incredibly pissed we took CMC with a first round pick, much less at all.
  15. I agree and we need some two back sets, especially considering the threat CMC poses. It could present a ton of opportunities and mismatches, plus shore up the O-line.
  16. The questions to ask are "how many games has he played in Houston versus how many games he could have?" Also, if things don't suit him perfectly here, how long before he demands another trade? And lastly, why pay such big bucks for a defensive player when we already have stars there? He's just not good value for the money and opportunity costs.
  17. I think the difficulty with McCoy is that he might still be good for a RB2, but he wants to be paid and played like an RB1. He might have some tread left on the tires, but if he doesn't pan out there's a big price tag and a malcontent on your roster. Not quite the recipe for a Carolina pick-up. We already did that with Keyshawn Johnson back in the day.
  18. I liked Heincke a lot and had hoped he'd show out and get the job, but it didn't pan out. Those stats really help make your case, too. Allen's our guy and if he has to go out on the field, I'll be cheering for him. And Grier, he may be the future or not, but he's not the present yet. He needs to season for a season or two. Still, this is Cam's team and Cam's town. Here's hoping Superman is back.
  19. Returns have been better ... coverage on punts has been suspect at times, though.
  20. Some of the players about to be cut are being discussed as trades before the deadline. I'd imagine that Cox and Butler are among the group, and one or both could be headed somewhere in the state of New York. I still think one or both won't be in a Panthers uniform come opening day.
  21. Slye's a Panther now, so he's our guy. I'll be cheering for him every time he takes the field.
  22. Grier played like how you used to expect a rookie QB would. That's why they'd generally spend a season or two on the bench, like Aaron Rodgers did behind Favre or Brady did behind Bledsoe or Mahomes behind Smith. Seasoning. Keeping Grier was a no brainer, but I would have rather seen Heinicke kept over Allen.
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