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  1. I think the difficulty with McCoy is that he might still be good for a RB2, but he wants to be paid and played like an RB1. He might have some tread left on the tires, but if he doesn't pan out there's a big price tag and a malcontent on your roster. Not quite the recipe for a Carolina pick-up. We already did that with Keyshawn Johnson back in the day.
  2. I liked Heincke a lot and had hoped he'd show out and get the job, but it didn't pan out. Those stats really help make your case, too. Allen's our guy and if he has to go out on the field, I'll be cheering for him. And Grier, he may be the future or not, but he's not the present yet. He needs to season for a season or two. Still, this is Cam's team and Cam's town. Here's hoping Superman is back.
  3. Returns have been better ... coverage on punts has been suspect at times, though.
  4. Some of the players about to be cut are being discussed as trades before the deadline. I'd imagine that Cox and Butler are among the group, and one or both could be headed somewhere in the state of New York. I still think one or both won't be in a Panthers uniform come opening day.
  5. Slye's a Panther now, so he's our guy. I'll be cheering for him every time he takes the field.
  6. Grier played like how you used to expect a rookie QB would. That's why they'd generally spend a season or two on the bench, like Aaron Rodgers did behind Favre or Brady did behind Bledsoe or Mahomes behind Smith. Seasoning. Keeping Grier was a no brainer, but I would have rather seen Heinicke kept over Allen.
  7. There's five starters on our line, with maybe seven good knees between them...
  8. Let's face it, Heinicke outplayed both Allen and Grier, but the writing is on the wall. I hope he gets picked up by some team, the kid has something to offer.
  9. He's had a lot of big nights... hasn't recognized that fact yet, probably too late for him to realize it now.
  10. I think we will lose Butler, CAP and Cox all for the same reason: too much time invested, too little return. They've reached their ceilings here. I also see us not taking Holyfield, but trying to stash him on the PS. Godwin will make the team as a returner (if he is catching punts tonight, it is almost guaranteed according to John Madden's old time wisdom). I think we will see either Smith or Hogan let go. And at QB, I think we'll let Allen ride off into the sunset and stick with Heinicke. Grier isn't going anywhere, but expect him to be parked on the bench as 3rd QB for a while. Allen will probably get one more chance to make some kind of magic happen tonight versus the Steelers, but barring that we'll go with the guy we know.
  11. My take is that while yes, the math might work out a bit in favor of going for two over the course of the year, it is neither smart nor wise. You would net a handful more points over the course of the year than you would have done so otherwise. If you look through a lens smudged by Fantasy Football, that would seem all and good, but the reality is that the game of football doesn't work that way. This isn't Formula 1 racing where season accumulated point totals get you into the championship or even golf tournaments with aggregate scores over a number of rounds. NFL football is 16 games, all microcosms unto themselves living under the idea of "any given Sunday". It is, in a way, like the lottery in that each week is a different outcome (score, set of numbers) that is completely independent on the circumstances of the previous week. Just like you can't plan out an increasing chance of success by playing the same numbers each week for a year (as if each of the previous sets of numbers were kicked out of the running), you can't say that each time you run a 2-point conversion you are going from increasing your likelihood of making this or the next one. That 46% success rate remains 46% every time you do it. And the extra point kick remains that roughly 90% chance of making it, every time. That's why a kicker can miss multiple XPs in a game or a team could fail three times at 2-point conversions. It is a roll of the dice on either one and just as random when couched within a single game. In that case, a smart coach goes with the kick unless it is vitally important to score that extra point right then and there (to even up a score or scoot ahead one point in the fourth quarter or if your kicker is injured). If it was otherwise, the Patriots and their overnuanced and analytic team would being going for two on every down. There's more to it, but while there is some truth to the overall idea that you'd score more points over the course of the season just by mathematics alone, it might make no difference and might actually hurt your team in the long run. There have been numerous teams over the history of the NFL that have scored more total points than their opposition by season end, but still missed the playoffs or even had a losing season. In the game, you go with the higher percentage scoring playing until you desperately need something more. This makes even a shaky kicker a better idea than going for two.
  12. You really, really think Antonio Brown is all there? Perfectly right in the head?
  13. It's going to be a defensive battle and a low-scoring affair. I like our defensive depth better with a homefield advantage. 10-7 Panthers.
  14. The guy is playing tiddlywinks but some marketing guy at a helmet company had a good idea. Antonio Brown has gotten so high on his own supply that you can see the cautionary tale building as he goes. The guy just does not have someone in his life who can tell him when the emperor has no clothes.
  15. 11-5, we sweep the Bucs, reverse split with the Falcons and surprisingly sweep the Saints who post their worst season in five years. We win the division, Falcons claim the Wild Card and the Bucs post a respectable 8-8.
  16. TE was asking, "Can he play LT? I mean, really, could you put him at LT and away from me???"
  17. Brentson was always a character (and the master of the double defensive hold). They should listen to him, he isn't sugar-coating anything and he knows what it's like to be right where they are.
  18. The car hasn't even left the driveway and the kids are already screaming from the backseat that this journey is going to suck. Here we go again. Nineteen to twenty weeks of whine. Joy.
  19. There's one thing we don't really know about Slye yet. When he misses a kick in a game (and it will happen, no one remains perfect), will he be able to come back in a clutch moment and make the next one? It's a big deal and resiliency is one of the most important traits in a kicker. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  20. Best case scenario is Gano is good for the season, we trade Slye to the Bears for a fourth rounder and the Falcons start wondering if anyone still has Morten Anderson on speed dial.
  21. Honestly, I'd stick with who we have right now. If Cam goes down and out longterm, it's probably closing in on the end of the road for him and we're going to need to be looking at a replacement. Grier ain't that guy and I don't think he even could work into being that guy. If Cam goes down, we need to roll with guys that aren't going to end up giving us an 8-8 record and the 16th pick in the draft. Every one of those guys listed could be a passable back-up QB and they would get us absolutely nowhere, either this year or for the next season. Better to roll the dice and hope Cam stays upright and working through the post-season. If he does, the guys we've got are fine on the bench or in for a series or two, maybe a whole game if necessary.
  22. Sorry, rough day with scattered thoughts.
  23. Our Ring of Honor. I mean, let's be real. Moose gets into the Hall of Pretty Darned Good, but not the HoF.
  24. Hope things take a turn for the positive with your health. Glad to have you back with us.
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