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  1. Give him a shot. Young guys need a chance to learn and a chance to show they can make it. Best of luck to him, at free safety or nickel. Hopefully we will have enough pass rush this year to help out. It would make a huge difference.
  2. I think you have it turned around there... Trump isn't the lead dog in that one.
  3. Sadly, high-end restaurant/lounges like this are where a lot of sports stars and celebrities lose their fortunes. I hope he's got a crackerjack manager and a darned good bookkeeper on staff.
  4. He's not the kind of guy you let go, he's the kind you keep and hope he has a good, long career here. Every Smitty needs a Moose, and he's that guy for us. He isn't highlight reel material every game, he just goes out there and makes a receiver have a long, tough and unproductive game. I'd say $7-9 million a year and I'd lock it in early so there's no question for either him or us. He strikes me as a guy who'd never let us down and regret a contract, but he could be a guy that we'd hate to see lining up against us in the future.
  5. I really think that Moton performed so outstandingly at RT that it would be foolish to move him away from that spot. Williams, for his services here before the injury does deserve a shot to start on the line. Perhaps LG might be the best spot for him to help bring the rookie LT up to speed and to make best use of Williams' lateral movement (if that hasn't been hurt by the knee). You don't just let Williams' experience walk or sit on the bench without getting him back in the trenches and seeing what he has. Wouldn't it be great if he could transfer to guard and find an even better opportunity there? I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about our line's capabilities than I was last year at this time, and that was at a point where everyone was healthy.
  6. We're watching that part of a badly played game of chess where one side is desperately throwing pawns, knights and bishops into harms way, trying to stem the inevitable tide. You've just watched Trump use Barr to castle himself away from harm. It is, however, near the end and the president has found himself in a corner, protected by one defender and a couple of pawns he can't trust. The only thing at this point that will save his presidency is if the DNC decides that by keeping him in power, they can gain more ground in the House and Senate, not to mention state-level races around the country. They can leave him thrashing about wildly in the White House allowing him to roar and bluster. And Trump's not the kind of guy to admit, maybe even realize, that he has been neutered and put out for show.
  7. Smitty, Pep, Jake, Moose, Hoover, Walls, Minter, Gamble, Gross, Rucker.
  8. Candidates heading to the DNC and GOP presidential primaries.
  9. So sorry for your loss, man. Been there and lost one of those friends, too. It's like you know there's a distance and there's a problem they're having, but somehow there's this little fence to cross or some kind of life hurdle to clear. I regret not making that effort for my friend, too.
  10. 53 is the best number, even beyond football.
  11. I like that Burns guy's style.
  12. People sell their souls so cheaply. This "presidency" is Faust in the third act with Mephistopheles running an express lane for the ream of contracts he has coming due.
  13. I wouldn't take the option now and see how Butler plays out the year, both on and off the field. Sometimes guys who should have been good make a leap in that contract year and finally perform up to the hopes of the team. Even if that happens, though, I'd still think seriously about letting him find greener pastures and bigger paychecks while we grab a comp pick.
  14. Sadly, we sold out our system long ago and now we're just able to sit here and whimper. There's no repercussions for anything once you reach a certain income or notoriety level.
  15. At what point does Barr become guilty of obstruction? Has he already done so? Seems like it.
  16. Walter Mondale, Al Gore and Joe Biden have two obvious things in common. If Biden is the DNC candidate for president, they will have three.
  17. Little Nero and a book of matches.
  18. Dude looks like his arms were made by Mattel for their He-Man line. Dang.
  19. NFL leading running back, offensive player of the year, league MVP, world arm wrestling champ and Mr. Olympia. Dang. Is it even possible to have a negative body fat percentage?
  20. 6'7" and 255 lbs. If that guy can run just two routes and halfway block, he's got a future.
  21. Because down deep inside, even elite athletes are terrified of being picked last for a team. I'm not sure any of us ever really shake that one.
  22. I'm sorry, I don't think we'll see Cox on the roster by the end of training camp. He just seems like a project that never developed completely, while Obada seems to still be developing.
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