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  1. Go big or go home, right? Ten @ KC -- Betting 10 confidence points 53 points total GB @ SF -- Betting 10 confidence points 48 points total
  2. Didn't buy THE ring. Didn't say the vows. Guy can do what he wants, and so could she. Not saying that marriage prevents getting some on the side, but at least there's a binding legal contract involved. And in the end, it's none of my business.
  3. Cam is staying. Outside of that, I'd rather take another season with a hopefully growing Kyle Allen than what Trubisky could offer. At worst, we get a high draft pick with Allen or a level of sustainable mediocrity and big cap hits from Trubisky. At best we get a middling to okay QB we can win with. There's just no major upside to Mitch there.
  4. I was actually impressed by the kid. Why was he buried so far back for so many games???
  5. Now if they'll just announce Luke as the LB Coach.
  6. Going to assume you are meaning Teddy Bridgewater. Good guy, made a serious comeback from injury, might be better than ever before. Same could be said for Cam Newton, though, especially if it is an electric bicycle. I'm not sold that Cam is gone, yet.
  7. Every tackle that a great linebacker makes is also a hit on his own body. Every play where a great linebacker doesn't get the tackle, he's been blocked once, twice perhaps three times. Those are a lot of impacts to dish out and take up. It's a tough job and rarely do LBs make it much past 30. And concussions, pity those guys and what could come later. God bless all three of those guys and watch after them, too.
  8. Could you imagine getting that info from Josh? By the time he got finished with the eye rolling, the hyperbole, the stammering, the posturing and probably two references to Gladiator, you'd wonder what the hell he'd just said. He's good people, but the boy is a might touched in the head.
  9. There's some good to having kids when you are older, some bad. I'm 50 with a 14 year old and an 11 year old. On the bad side is that I probably won't have too many years of being a grandpa, and I probably won't get to be a great grandpa (something both I and my children had to opportunity to enjoy growing up with). I am almost a generation ahead of most of the parents of my kids' friends and there are some physical things that just aren't happening (I'm not running after a beginning bicyclist or to start a kite off flying and my knees, oh my knees). But then, there are the good things you get to have. Our financial situation is more stable, our home is where we want it to be for as long as we want it to be and I've learned responsibility and putting priorities in the right order. Most of all, age gives perspective and that has served us well. The kids are well adjusted, respected and respectful, independent and dependable. I still advise having kids when you are young. That energy is really important and the finances thing... well, how much money does it take to raise a kid? Just about everything you have, however much that is. But, if you are going to raise them, have the time for them... that matters more than any amount of energy or money. Time. For them.
  10. There was no "quite possibly" about it. He was and remains so. RIP
  11. Everyone was clamoring for change. Here it is. Buckle up bitches, it's going to be a rough ride and nothing will look like it did when this started.
  12. We were all blessed enough to see this young man play, the best of his generation and possibly the best middle linebacker to ever play the game. I wish there were more seasons ahead for him on the field, but here's to what he gave us, everything he had. Thanks Luke!
  13. Brentson was the master of the double hold on the defensive line. Undersized, he got away with more defensive holding than anyone in the business. That is a teachable and important skill. We could really use him.
  14. I just don't see Mills making it. He's beloved here, a true legend, and he's remembered in New Orleans, but outside of that I just don't think he's as much of a memorable player. There are a few historians on that board that might pull for him, along with our local rep and the New Orleans one, but I just don't think he's ever going to grab enough votes. I hate it, too, because he was one great guy, who had a great career as both a player and a coach (starting in the USFL of all places) and he still serves as an inspiration both to the Panthers and all undersized players who want to conquer the game with smarts, knowledge, hard work and heart. And yet, a turd like Terrell Owens gets in. Name recognition is a big deal.
  15. It's death by middle management and "consultants." Welcome to the chlamydia of corporate America. Endless meetings, reams of metrics, no actual contact or experience with the product and no real responsibility except for CYA. The Browns found an entirely new way to suck since the change of ownership, so they've at least accomplished something.
  16. It's easy to pay a coach 7.5 mill when you don't have to pay the players anything.
  17. Just wishing Coughlin would fade off into retirement and not leave his fingerprints on this team.
  18. From Wow, Houston to Dang, Houston. It was like a little guy in pro wrestling just wailing on the big namer to start the match. Just was killing the fan favorite and then... the moment happens, the stage is set and the giant awakens. Woof.
  19. Games are won and lost in the trenches. Switching back to a 4-3 and the return of some injured vets can fix the D for the time being, especially with a few mid-tier free agents. That O-line, though needs a Center and Right Guard immediately, probably a left guard and potentially a Left Tackle. I'm not sure that Daley and Little aren't capable of handling the position -- that's a tough spot to start out as a rookie in, especially when most of the rest of the line was on roller skates or IR. I want to see us draft a center and jettison Paradis. It will kill our cap space but he's killing that line, as is Trai (or TraiNot) Turner. Moton is doing what he can (and did okay up until the regime change) and GVR is at least working at it. Williams should be allowed to hit the market, hit the bricks and hit the hay as far as I am concerned. Center and guard in the draft, and make sure to get TE help for the LT.
  20. Defensive ends and defensive tackles must have voted heavily for Trai. Man, he had a year that looked like he was napping during half the game and thinking about snacks the other half. The guy plays like his wallet got too heavy and he's all tired from carrying it around.
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