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  1. Poor Flash, he's a troubled guy with a problem that requires a lot of help, discipline and a support network. Seattle should have all of those, but you can never tell how a change of environment and team will affect someone fighting drug problems. That had to be a hit to the system to be IR'ed and waived from a potential Superb Owl team and be thrown away. Glad someone picked him up, but the next few weeks are going to be some tough ones for him to stay out of trouble. I'm pulling for the guy because he's trying to climb out of something serious. Still, in this game with all of its rewards and temptations, I'm glad we didn't lose someone to make a spot for him (I know there's a roster spot out there, but I'm pulling for some underdog to get a shot).
  2. Might be a bit harsh here. Now, if he'd used a better word than "lied" about the injury, his post would have been less inflammatory.
  3. Bill Belichick gave thumbs up to jailbreak-type blitzes on Cam in the preseason. That evil MF'er started this crap, don't forget that.
  4. 23-20 Panthers. Hard fought game as both teams try to retain some relevance. Carolina depth wins out, defense gets a TD.
  5. You're right, but with this place, it's best to go ahead and remind folks. Some are prone to panic around here.
  6. 14-28, 123 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT. Sept. 27, 2003. Bills 31-Patriots 0. --Tom Brady's second full season begins with the Patriots. Let's try not to throw the kid out after his first bad game, especially when it sure looked like the ENTIRE team got beat that day.
  7. It's mighty hard to evaluate a returner until they actually make a return in a real game. No amount of practice gaming can mimic the pressure of having an entire stadium awaiting the catch, an entire fanbase holding their breath, the sun in your eyes and 11 wild-eyed berserkers bearing down on you. And no amount of practice doing it at the college level can prepare you for what you'll face when each person on special teams is a better player and tackler than 90% of your entire college team. If you don't get lucky and find one before the season starts, you're left with just looking through the cast offs hoping someone can be coached up. Then there's that first kick again... And if you get one, even if all they can do is reliable fair catch the ball, you lock that guy down into a contract. I'd say that less than half the teams have a reliable returner and great ones are incredibly rare.
  8. Yadda yadda yadda. You are literally, and have been, cheering for us to be mediocre for years from pre-season through the point at which the fate is decided. You might be right more often than not, but it doesn't make you any less of the a cheerless drudge to be stuck with. Find a new tune or find a new team, because your act is getting old.
  9. I'm not throwing in the towel after seven games and still sitting on a winning record.
  10. It all depends on how the team comes back from it. If they allow it to break them, then its going to be tough. If they rise to the occasion and put it behind them, there's a lot of rough, but workable road ahead.
  11. We're 4-3 after losing our star QB in week 2 (and at 0-2 then), we rally and win four straight then get our butts beaten by an undefeated and really together team after a bye (not to mention after trips to the West Coast AND London). In addition our fantastic MLB loses his Mom unexpectedly that week and our lead DL's younger brother is killed. Nine games to go and people are already slitting their wrists. This is the wussiest fanbase, or at least message board, in the NFL. Toughen up a bit, you're embarrassing yourselves.
  12. I'm not giving up on 2019 yet. Sad to see y'all doing it already. Some folks just don't have any grit.
  13. Around here we never bury it, we just keep picking at the scab.
  14. It's best to burn the tapes and just put that game behind us.
  15. Once, again, but to what advantage? Now, if he announces Kyle early but Cam dresses out on Sunday...
  16. Oh gosh that's terrible. Lord, be with him and his family during this time of tragedy and loss.
  17. He announced it early because Cam's not ready to come back and after Sunday Allen needed to know his team and coach were behind him. The whole team took an ass-kicking and he did no worse than anyone else out there, but the kid has a lot of potential and needs to hear someone confident in his abilities. We literally gain no competitive advantage by holding out for a few days that Kyle is our starting QB.
  18. After yesterday, things look pretty bleak. How we proceed from here, though, is going to tell the tale. Sometimes good teams just get taken to the woodshed.
  19. We're just going to have to win out and do it ourselves, then.
  20. Hot dogs. Same thing I've been serving on Sundays since we started the win streak.
  21. Okay, there is just way too much venom being held by both sides of this argument.
  22. There sure are a lot of folks making $40k or less a year that miss out on even more than that. While it's nice that his teammates do that, my heart really goes out to those nurses, ambulance drivers, third shift factory workers, cops, cooks and convenience store clerks that never get to spend holidays, weekends or evenings with their kids.
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