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  1. lightsout

    Game 7: Hurricanes (4-1-1) at Lightning (2-1-0)

    We've got to get pucks out of our end on a more consistent basis. We keep fumbling around with pucks in the corners and losing those 1-on-1's (unless you're Pesce, apparently). TB needs the dirty goals in tight. Only way they win is to throw traffic in front. Keep everything outside and Mrazek will have us covered. We'll score at least one more in this one if we can just tighten up the back end for 20 minutes.
  2. lightsout

    Game 7: Hurricanes (4-1-1) at Lightning (2-1-0)

    Mrazek is doing all he can. Gotta keep that low slot area cleared. It's how we lose if we're going to. Forwards are really starting to find their groove. A lot more no look passing, open area passing, and general chemistry shining through. Love it. Necas netted his first career goal off a great look from Foegele. Just a fun game here, boys.
  3. lightsout

    Game 6: Hurricanes (4-0-1) @ Jets (2-2-0)

    Tough one. No biggie. Just bounce back and keep fighting.
  4. lightsout

    Pixel 3 (Not the XL)

    Getting my 2XL on Tuesday. Heard it was basically perfect and that the differences between the pixel 2 and 3 are so small that it's basically price. Pretty stoked.
  5. lightsout

    What cost us

    This is just from what I can recall. Feel free to add to it. - Turnovers. Obviously can't have them. DJ fumbling twice absolutely set us back, and Cam's arm being hit resulted in an INT. Can't control the latter as much as the former, but if just one of those fumbles doesn't happen this game is a win. - Piss poor game management. About 1:30 before half, ball inside your 10. You're down and need at least three before the half OR you need to kill clock to ensure no more points for the opposing team. What do we do? Run twice and pass on 3rd and 8 when the Redskins used their last time out after the 2nd down play. Absolutely absurd. - Defense daring yet another bad QB to beat us with underneath throws. And he did. Seriously, I don't care what coaches at any level say, if your defense is starting at the QB and not checking where the routes are in relation to their zone, you are counting on the QB making a bad throw. We constantly lose guys because we have 7 guys behind the DL watching the football and not defending his receivers. - Not stopping the run. Got beat up front. Simple as that. - Cam not looking to get the first on third down on the last drive. Poor recognition by Cam that close to the endzone with 2 time outs.
  6. We need a scoring drive. Any points are good. Let's see if we let Cam go out and run his own poo again. Sure seemed like that's what happened last drive.
  7. lightsout

    The Storm is Building

    Bobrovsky? Dude is absolutely top 5. He is elite. And we put 3 on him in a winning effort. Greiss played out of his mind, happens. I don't think our issue is scoring against good goal tending. Our issue is going to ultimately be defensive errors. Our only weakness has been bad defensive turnovers/errors.
  8. lightsout

    The Storm is Building

    Since many here may not know much about the Canes or why these are exciting times, allow me to explain a brief history. For years Canes fans have languished in the gutter of the division and the league. 2009 was our last real taste of success and for those of us who were fans then, watching Pittsburgh dismantle what some of us felt could be another magical ride was terrible. After almost a decade though, it seems like some magic is brewing in Raleigh once again. Raleigh has been contentious to fans outside of the Carolinas as an odd place for hockey. Most don't seem to realize that you're in the middle of three pretty big universities with very diverse students, and an economy that brings even more northern transplants. With all of that you have a large fan base of hockey fans in the area, which is why the Canes found their way into Raleigh's heart. This was especially evident during the Cup run when the noise was among the league's best. However, the Canes hit a snag after the Cup win. Two straight seasons of no playoffs made many fans give up hope. Lightening in a bottle that simply wouldn't come back, many thought. That magic is gone. The 2009 playoff run rekindled that fire in the fans. 4-3 series wins in two sets against New Jersey and Boston made many think the Canes were back, but that fire was put out by a sweep in the Conference finals to the Pens. This lead to the absolute travesty of the last decade. No playoff berths, never higher than 9th in the conference. This not to mention including the league lockout in 2012. The head coaching situation was a strange one. Peter Laviolette lead the team to a Cup, but was fired during the 2008-09 season. Paul Maurice manned the helm and held the job until midway through the 2011 season, when Kirk Muller took the job. Just three years later, after 2 and a half seasons, Bill Peters would replace Muller. This coaching turnaround was seen by many fans as signs that the front office had completely lost control and did not know what to do to fix this team. Faith in the franchise was low. After Peters failed in his first season, the talks of moving the Canes got stronger and fan attendance saw it's steepest decline. But what was occuring during the unrest in the coaching? Players were in and out of this organization at a steady rate. Top draft picks were promptly traded away in the hopes of finding that one guy to help on the ice. When that didn't work, we decided to trade away the one superstar we had in Eric Staal. Rod Brind'Amour went from being a Stanley Cup hero to assistant coach, and bad contracts and mismanaged minor league talent stifled all growth. However, the 2016-2018 era did bring about some positivity. The young talent in the AHL affiliate Charlotte Checkers was showing promise. The bad contracts were slowly filtered from the Canes, and what we were left with was a more bare bones roster of JAGs with a couple gems sprinkled in like Skinner, Hanifin, Di Giuseppe, and McGinn. Many fans were still cautious, but some dared to dream. The 2017 season concluded with the Canes showing signs of a playoff push but not finishing, Bill Peters was fired. New ownership stepped in. Rod Brind'Amour was named head coach. The young talent that showed such promise at the end of the 2017-2018 season was now ready, most of us hoped. Certain moves were made that many questioned, like trading what seemed to be our most valuable assets. These moves were odd to many, but each has worked to the Canes benefit. Those pieces were replaced by new blood that could and would buy in to the vision of what the Canes can become. Guys who had no expectations. Nothing to lose, and entire careers to gain. Notable changes to the presentation of the team coupled with a completely altered makeup of the locker room has given way to a team that, for the first time in a decade, has excitement brewing. A lone team captain, for the first time in years was named (yeah, the team captain situation was often... unconventional?). The intensity of play we're seeing now isn't an abberation, but a requirement under Brind'Amour. This change being the most noticeable since Muller and Peters seemed to call for a slower, more conservative play style. Brind'Amour knew that isn't what Canes hockey is. It's intensity that brought Lord Stanley's Cup to Raleigh, an intensity that Brindy helped create as a player then and as head coach now. Fan attendance climbing, the Canes having the strongest opening week in the league, and a long season still ahead. Maybe the marketing all preseason was spot on. #TakeWarning
  9. lightsout

    Hurricanes Victory Celly (The Storm Surge)

    I love it. Hockey in the south is unique, so to have yet another thing setting us apart from our northern brethren is fitting. The crowd will get the clap down as we go through the season.
  10. lightsout

    Game 4: Hurricanes (2-0-1) vs. Canucks (1-1-0)

    This team is night and day from the teams since Muller. Excellent night. This young talent is just fun to watch
  11. lightsout

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    Bad take. In any defense, a QB tells you nothing about receivers in relation to your zone because a QB can be looking at any depth in relation to your direction. This is why you constantly see receivers running just behind our defenders and catching the pass and then running for an additional 5-10 yards. Trust me, I know football. At no point do you ever coach "watch the QB, sit in this area. Don't mind where the receivers are. You're just supposed to stand here and track his eyes so you can lose track of everything around you". Head on a swivel. At all times. What I learned in high school ball and college ball. Glance at the QB to give you an indication of where he's looking, but find your nearest threat and get in that route if it is near your zone. Communicate if there is more than one.
  12. lightsout

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    Pay attention to where our secondary is looking on all those completed slants. Eyeing the QB. I don't give a damn what anybody says, you play defense with your eyes and you can't cover what you're not looking at. It's absolutely ridiculous. Every pick we've had has been because somebody was actually looking at the receiver that was intended and played the ball well when it got there. Tired of watching guys run right by our defenders while they're staring in the backfield.
  13. lightsout

    Canes at Jackets

    McElhinney settled after a couple close calls early, and the early goal to tie it at 1. After that he never looked back. I love how he manages the low part of the net but wish he didn't get AS aggressive as he does. Bobrovsky is so solid due to his calmness in net. He doesn't come way out of the crease to challenge unless it's an obvious situation to do so. Mac almost gave up one on a wrap because he got WAAAY too aggressive and had to fly back to the far post. Love the tempo and energy we play with. Young legs aren't wearing out late and we look hungry. The "fans" on Facebook and Twitter are killing me though. "We need to pass less and shoot more" when we've had north of 70 shots in two games. "We need to be taking better shots", while arguable, we ARE getting far more solid looks in the slot than we did last season (especially at this time last season). Brindy has this team clicking. If we can keep this up long term, it might not matter who we have in net as long as they're competent. Mac looked better to me than Mrazek, but Mrazek didn't face the onslaught that Mac did either. Time will tell. I'm thinking a few games of this one-for-one rotation, then moving to a 2-4 game stretch with whoever seems hottest. Darling or the loser of this battle may be trade bait.
  14. lightsout

    Canes at Jackets

    Little under half the third. Hell of a game all around. Up 3-1 but very much a matter of bounces. The effort these first two nights and the general vibe/energy of this team is just different than anything Peters put on the ice. Brindy has started something here.