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  1. I said it on most Rhule players from Temple/Baylor, he's here to help get the culture over in the locker room. He's likely not making the roster, but 1) he knows Rhule and what Rhule will expect, 2) he likely understands the offense that Brady will want, which could help with the young WRs we have if there are any issues there.
  2. Findings thus far. It's a CoD BR. It's fun. However, because it's such a casual game, it will ruin you in other FPS titles. I haven't played Apex Legends since this released and I gave it a shot. The first hour of Apex today, after this hiatus, saw me being a complete bot. I whiffed every single shot. I just lost everything. After an hour, I was right back in rhythm, but man that hour sucked. It's fun with the bros, but I much prefer Apex.
  3. I dabble. RealBits plays a ton, used to be heavy into it back in the day
  4. You're both right. Haskins is going to need time and a good OL. Feel sorry for him, having Ron and Co. around. We see the help Cam got in that department. Kids got it though. Once he fine tunes some of his pocket stuff I think he'll be a real steady QB who can make plays.
  5. Name the teams with an "elite" QB. And if Bridgewater is "just OK" with more than double wins than losses in his career and coming off a season where he filled in and executed nearly as well as Brees....what does "good" even look like?
  6. I keep saying it, nobody listens. Teddy executed the NO offense. This whole "he just dink and dunks" is people expecting a Madden offense or wanting the KC offense (which includes a lot of "dink and dunk"...to skill players in space...similar to what we do with CMC and Samuel and DJ....). Teddy can throw deep. Teddy isn't asked to throw a ton deep. Teddy is asked to get the ball out quickly and accurately. So he did. And he did damn good doing that. Teddy will execute Joe Brady's offense. The team gets a veteran QB that they KNOW can run Brady's offense without breaking the bank, and they have a couple years to find a QB of the future in the meantime. This is an absolute GREAT position for this team as a whole and people here are whiners because they'd rather have Cam. They can't divorce themselves from the Cam issue so they are stuck hating on Bridgewater. It's dumb. Same people who don't understand WHY a play or a player is good/bad. They just look at numbers and go "see, he can't throw it deep" without understanding HOW those numbers came to be.
  7. This is a very bad idea and a VERY good reason why we need younger people in Congress who understand technology. They have no idea what they'd be unleashing.
  8. In the same theme of Viking related stuff, Ragnarok on Netflix is good if you don't mind some bad English dubbing or subtitle reading as the original is in Norwegian. I love Norse related stuff so I enjoyed it.
  9. Yeah but you might as well put it on Wylie. Rock Hill having a stadium is just a bad idea.
  10. There's nowhere so close to the border of both states that is better. People will say back to Clemson or some random spot near Carowinds but in SC, but I think that'd be a mistake because you're away from a lot of business. BoA is really in a great spot. If you move from it, you won't replicate the same opportunities elsewhere.
  11. Maybe it's because it was my childhood, but it felt much worse losing Jake. And I was at that Cardinals playoff game, my second ever lower bowl seating too. Granted, again, I was in middle school during the first super bowl and in college when Jake left.
  12. Stop. You're using his rookie year. Cam was 21 TDs and 17 INTs his rookie year. More telling stat? Percentage of each per pass thrown. Cam: 4.6% TD and 2.7% INT Teddy: 3.6% and 2.3% What does it show? That Teddy takes fewer chances and thus, doesn't put up as many positive or negative numbers. He's not the same type of QB, for better and worse. He's not going to be in the MVP discussion or even in the top 10 QB discussion. However, he's steadier than Cam and numbers bear that out. Teddy's 2 years in NO? 4.6% TD and 1.4% INT.
  13. I don't think anybody will argue that Teddy is the playmaker that Cam is. Nobody should anyway. Nobody should argue that Teddy is the kind of QB that is going to be putting up impressive numbers. That's not him. Cam when healthy put up numbers. Fact. Teddy is more consistent and steady as a passer. This is a fact. Career completion percentage and rating both being higher shows that. Teddy isn't a risk taker with the football, he's not going to make the kind of mistakes that Cam makes while throwing and that's because Teddy isn't going to take as many chances with the football. Cam took chances, and a lot of that came off the strength of his arm and trying to fit balls into windows that he probably shouldn't. Sometimes it worked, others it was incomplete or intercepted. Teddy's timing throws are demonstrably better. Cam had it at times, but not as consistently. It's where he was starting to improve before the injuries, so maybe this is moot based on that. But there are good reasons why people say that Bridgewater is a better passer.
  14. Only as a backup, and that's conditional on the speculation you mentioned about them not being the best of friends. If Ron has issues with the way Cam handled his injuries and how clear he was with staff about the nature of his injuries, that trust might be gone. Plus, Washington has Haskins. Have to think Ron is going to roll with him as starter. Cam isn't at the "i'll be a vet backup to help the young QB" level of his career yet, I don't think.
  15. I mean, it's technically possible but I doubt it happens. The way I see the roster is sort of this. QB: Teddy RB: CMC WR: DJ, Samuel TE: Thomas OL: some combo of Okung, Little, Moton, Paradis and a FA G DL: probably one rookie starter here, think we sign a couple FA DTs. Burns will be a 4-3 DE. LB: maybe a rookie starter but I think either Miller moves back to LB in a 4-3 or one of the depth guys earns a spot alongside Shaq and Kunaszyk, who I am hoping emerges. CB: thinking a rookie starter here...which scares me S: rookie starter here as well So I have a total of 3, maybe 4, potentially 5 total rookies that could start. Again, this is just me BSing and hoping we have a FA signing or two to set the defense up to be in better shape.
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