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  1. I feel the same way, but let me say this. This is absolutely the post of the day. fuging well done Broku
  2. Cam is not playing well. Why are people getting butt hurt by people simply saying what is easy to see?
  3. Winston created an opportunity with his legs. Cam is to blame on a couple of these sacks.
  4. Most piss poor effort of the day by Jackson on that TD run. He basically let him in.
  5. If Cam can hit throws like that often, we'll be fine.
  6. Everybody saying "it's been a year since Cam played, it's too early for these threads, etc". James Winston is playing a better game against a tougher defense, on the road. Let that poo sink in. IDGAF about how early it is, Cam is not the Cam we know and love. Hope he balls out in the second, but it doesn't look good so far.
  7. I've been a pretty huge Cam Homer and still believe. However, I said it all year. If Cam doesn't light it up, we either trade him or sit him next season if Grier emerges next summer and release Cam after his contract.
  8. You're defending an organization known for being genocidal. An organization known for mistreating women and starving people via withholding supply. But opt to instead stay "woke" and saying "check your privilege" to everything.
  9. Same boat for me. I like atmospheric, but in the Slipknot "We Are Not Your Kind" way. I've listened to Fear Inoculum a few times and enjoy it, it's good. It's just not something that I listen to like I do other stuff. I think Slipknot has the stronger album release. Just shows how strong the Tool fan base is though.
  10. Probably go stock for now. See how she performs, and add what i need. Still not sure what to do about buying a case with fans or buying one without and adding fans to it. Every case I see with pre-fixed fans have complaints of poor air flow so IDK.
  11. These are likely game helmets just now being worn for the first time all season. This means they are pretty stiff in their padding as sweat is what makes them softer and more comfortable as the season goes. Weddle's scalp went one way, the padding pushed the other in a sudden fashion and tore the skin, most likely.
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