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  1. I'm tracking on everything you've said here as well. I understand Kaep's perspective and think the NFL tried to pull a sneaky. I think he could've handled it better, but I also think he was right in not signing the waiver given the sneaky paragraph in it. That's all.
  2. Yeah from his perspective, you gotta think playing at least one season in Denver is his dream.
  3. If Cam doesn't come out next season throwing all over the field and running to compliment the run game, or we don't find a capable QB to take his place next season, then CMC may leave
  4. Most Panthers fans don't, but most national media heads and fans do.
  5. Your title asked the question, and then you answered the question yourself. He was asked. He answered. He didn't say anything inflammatory.
  6. It's a full copyright and control condition. Kaep would be hoping the NFL wouldn't edit and misrepresent his performance. Though, with scouts in attendance, it is tough to say that THAT part would matter. I think Kaep wanted to leverage the public as well and the NFL having control means we never see the workout except what the NFL chose to show us. Given the lack of trust, it makes sense for Kaep to say f that.
  7. Well this works to Kaep's benefit either way. Say he does get signed and does badly and plays himself out. He COULD then say that he never got the fair shake and garner more support and profit off of that. Not to say he would, but he could. If he doesn't get signed, him saying "tell the owners to quit being scared" is the go to quote and he can call owners racist or scared or both. Kaep has leverage in terms of perception, there is that. But that leverage might not get him the result he is wanting if he truly does want to play football in the NFL again.
  8. Then you have people like me who think valid points are made, and then idiots use that as validation to pull the "see, I'm not a racist, a black guy agrees with me too!" card
  9. Right, but this was NEARLY basic...except Paragraph 11. Again, lawyer friend of mine said that is the only suspect thing and would be a damn good reason to not sign it.
  10. Maybe, maybe not. I feel like the sudden-but-orchestrated manner in which the venue change occurred seemed fishy. Ultimately, you can make an argument with sound reasoning that Kaep was reasonable in not wanting to play by the NFL's rules and you can make the argument that Kaep really wanted this to be a self-promotion wherein the control was equal or on his side so that he could be in a position of strength when attempting to negotiate with an interested team. Ultimately, this workout having so much go on and so much drama surrounding it hurts Kaep IMO and makes it hard to sign him, even if you think he is better than other options on your roster. Kaep has to show that he isn't going to be a sideshow and have the focus be on his cause and self-promotion and it just doesn't look good. I get it from his perspective, I do, but it is what it is. Kaep was always going to be at a disadvantage there though.
  11. I've come to realize that I have to separate the two issues at hand. That is what a lot of people seem to have issue with. Though, some are just flat out racist. I consider myself a "football guy" and like to think I understand the game well. So, from THAT perspective, I absolutely see the "Kaep is probably better than a lot of backups, and could potentially be better/more effective than a Trubisky-esque player today" argument. At the same time, I understand what happened in his last two years in the league, the "Kaep is isolating himself from his teammates" rumors, and then ultimately him sitting and people initially calling that him pouting for losing the starting job to Gabbert (I swear I remember this, but couldn't find any articles of talking heads) before he came out and said it was due to racial injustices. So, from a solely football perspective, I see the reasons why he likely isn't on a team and the reasons why he might still be useful on a team but we currently don't know because he hasn't been signed. Then the other issue, the kneeling itself and how I feel about it. It's his right to protest. It's his right to speak out on an issue he feels strongly about. It's the team's, the league's, and the fan's right to disagree with him. It's also the league's prerogative to make any kind of rule about the Anthem and protocols for player conduct. If there was true blackballing by the league (and a settlement does usually mean an admission of guilt, but it can also mean "yeah yeah, whatever, take this money and please leave" and I don't have the knowledge to call which way that settlement went), then that is wrong to me and shouldn't have happened and the league paying him fairly and giving him ample opportunity without sneaking in a paragraph within a totally normal waiver to control the release of media to get back in the league is absolutely needed. They paid him, but that second part didn't happen and we know that now. I disagree with the WAY he protested as I feel a certain way about the Anthem and respect for the Anthem and flag and while I understand his intent had nothing to do with either, it is just how it made me feel and I disagree with the act. Not that I believe he shouldn't be allowed to or that he should be banned from the league for doing it, just how I feel personally about it. His message and cause, I understand and support his right to speak on it and to use his platform to do so. From a football team's perspective, you just don't want that to be Kaep's primary focus. You want QB and leadership and winning games to be at the forefront with Kaep using his free time to do whatever in regards to his protest. Much like we saw when Cam was asked in All or Nothing about Reid being signed. As long as he can help us win and doesn't make himself into this huge distraction, I'm for it. And that is what Reid has done and what I'd expect of Kaep. Reid has been outspoken and done his thing in regards to kneeling and supporting Kaep, but that hasn't hung over the team or been something that can be close to considered a distraction.
  12. That's a reasonable take. I'm concerned but only for Allen's confidence. He's young and his biggest strength is his composure. I feel like these last few weeks, that has REALLY been tested and it might be stretching to its limit. I want him to bounce back and play well because I don't want to see us losing out or having real tight games the rest of the way where he has to drive us to victory repeatedly, because that's not his game right now. Again, fan base is very spoiled with Cam and that will be a problem for a while after Cam is officially gone for good from Charlotte.
  13. Yeah the All or Nothing bit showed him being pretty stubborn and not even wanting to take much direction from the DB leadership when they tried to help him. He's young and talented and knows it, and at DB and WR you have personalities like that sometimes so you have to accept it and coach around it so long as it isn't causing direct harm to your team. I think he'll be fine, but next year is his prove it year. If he plays like this the rest of this season, he'll need to play like a top DB or be relegated to being quality depth for some other team.
  14. Donte is a good football player. Donte also has a gigantic ego. Donte will learn and adjust, I think, but it will be a slower journey than for somebody like JB who is a bit more reserved. Sophomore slump is real, especially for somebody who has generally played well and started feeling himself some.
  15. Rivera's entire conference was basically "poo happens, guys". Dude is a joke.
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