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  1. First pick was bad. Second pick seemed like a miscommunication. Say what you want about Teddy, he isn't routinely, quarter to quarter throwing behind receivers. I think he thought DJ would squat that route where he was because he was soft rounding it and honestly, had he done that, it's a completion or a good pass breakup by the DB. Instead, he continues inside and the ball is gone. It's a chemistry thing that needs working out, and the same thing happened on a route last week with DJ. Not even faulting Teddy on the fumble, as bad as the OL was it's amazing he didn't lose the ball more. Defense HAS to play better. OL HAS to play better. Get EITHER of those things this game, we win. Simple as that.
  2. Think you mean Panthers sporting a top 10 offense. Anyway, it's gonna be a weird game. Offense likely won't be as hot. Thinking we can squeeze out 24 points assuming we don't score on defense or ST. Really need our defense to wake up. I know Brady isn't exactly the Brady of years past, but he's still good enough to take advantage of bad coverage and technique. He's likely going to throw on Pride regardless of coverage based on film. Hopefully Pride learns to turn and locate and can nab one. I really want to see this defense work. I saw hustle and discipline for the most part (minus Whitehead), but you can tell they're still meshing and working on getting some of the little things right. I'm hoping the headset issue was the primary culprit in week 1 and that won't be an issue next Sunday but who knows.
  3. AND Teddy was still top 10 in every efficiency stat through week 1. Granted, Las Vegas's defense is nothing great but still. You play who you play and your job is to do well regardless. Big first week for QBs. Minshew is, on paper, the best QB in Florida right now though and I find that hilarious.
  4. For sure there a severities of wrong...but at a base level, wrong is wrong. The point is that it happened. And it is shrugged at. It would appear morality is very flexible by you and others.
  5. You're literally not being consistent while complaining of my consistency. Are you dizzy?
  6. And what of David Dorne? And a miriad of other people beaten and killed during this? Like the kids killed by a maniac in CHOP/CHAZ?
  7. Suddenly context matters to you? Weird how that works. Also, she's elderly and has a walker. I don't imagine there is any possible justification. Sort of like Breonna Taylor. Or George Floyd.
  8. List off the unarmed killings of people this year. Then I'll point to Chicago over the last month. Which number do you think is higher?
  9. Jesus Christ. I keep saying I'm supportive of protestors and against rioters but you people refuse to acknowledge that. Then I point out that a video showing an elderly woman had stuff thrown at her and dumped on her and is getting screamed at by maniacs and all you can say is that the source is bad, when the video exists no matter who recorded it. Again, you're all proving me right about this place. It's not a place of honesty. It's a place of far left nonsense.
  10. Source is irrelevant to the video.
  11. You read that and got THAT take from it? Wow you're a joke.
  12. Read back a page. Gave my opinion on it already.
  13. Tell that to the people who have been injured and killed during riots this summer..
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