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  1. lightsout

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    And not a single Trump supporter would believe that. Sadly they have stopped thinking and caring about America because "beating the Dems" is more important to them
  2. Saarela is legit. One of my favorite Checkers players. He is going to do just fine. Also, want to note how well Patrick Brown played in his minutes last night. His game is going to translate well in the NHL. You could tell the pace was a little difficult for him with it being playoffs, but once he found his groove he fit right in on that line.
  3. So there's that. Get ready for cheap shots on Foegele. This series is gonna finish ugly.
  4. lightsout

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Anybody saying anything to defend Trump and his administration is demonstrating nothing but gleeful, willful ignorance.
  5. It's an element. Nikita Kucharov got a game for a far worse play a couple games back. Foegele MAY get a game because it's the Caps and they are the NBC darlings for the league. If it is one game, fine. If they suspend him for the series, I'll flip. The reason I say that is because they tossed him back in game 1 for the hip check that wasn't close to being a shot to the head but they called it anyway. The league may consider that and Washington demanding it may sway the NHL Player Safety folks in that direction. We're down several guys and the Caps are known for being dirty fugs, so we're about to get super screwed over here if Foegele goes out but they don't lose guys for the no-call boarding, the high stick that drew blood on Teravainen, the several unnecessary hits away from plays on defenseless players. If Brindy or somebody in the office doesn't review that game and send in clips to the league demanding action, I'll be disappointed.
  6. If Foegele gets suspended for that hit, the league is in on a fix. That is utterly ridiculous. Suspensions for boarding REQUIRE intent to do so. It was a soft check to his low back/hip that happens 1000 times per game both ways. He lost his edge and went into the boards hard. If we're suspending people, there were checks delivered by the Caps DIRECTLY to Canes player's necks. There were several high sticks and at least one boarding no call. There's Ovi instigating a 19 year old rookie for 2 and 1/3 games. Suspend those fugers and we'll call it square.
  7. Refs let the Caps get away with FOUR BLATANT PENALTIES in the final minute and a half. I think I said it during the first two games, but the league is against us. Gotta leave no doubt on the scoreboard. This team answered. The Caps are bleeding. Kill them in Washington and we have round 2 because they clearly aren't winning poo in Raleigh.
  8. PK has to be at its best all year here
  9. Ok that was a board...buy Oshie is THAT soft? It was a lower back shove. Is it Foegele's fault Oshie was THAT off balance?
  10. This team is locking it down right now. Caps are getting frustrated. They really don't know how to respond when their speed game isn't working or they're not on the PP and setting up Ovi for one timers from the circle.
  11. John Forslund is the best play by play in hockey. Period.
  12. Big time third and we move on to a best of 3 situation. We've got the Caps on the ropes. Step on their throat.
  13. Teravainen is special. Glad he got one there.
  14. We're gonna have to figure out the PP. We look better even strength. Gotta take advantage of them there if we're gonna win this series