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  1. I'm just saying, this offense would move better with a healthy Heinicke than an injured Cam.
  2. lightsout

    Black Ops 4

    Oh this deserves an explanation. I sense a story here.
  3. lightsout

    Recurring Panthers Dream

    Allow me to try. The cookout is a metaphor for what should be a fun, relaxing weekend activity. Cam is "hosting" or "leading" this cookout, just as he leads the team during football season (what should be a fun, relaxing weekend activity). The lack of variety in condiments is a metaphor for the lack of variety in the team. We repeat the same two plans on offense (run the ball, hit CMC in the flat). We repeat the same two plans on defense (sell out to stop the run and get torched, sell out to stop the deep ball and get roasted underneath). The "buns being too big" is a metaphor for the leadership. Sure, everything fits inside the "bun" but it's covered and smothering and disproportionate to what's inside. This is Rivera, this is Hurney. They are necessary pieces of the cookout, but these particular pieces are smothering the goodness of what is inside the "bun". Kia is a metaphor for yourself. You're yelling at yourself just as you yell at the television/field on game days. You're confused. Why isn't this team working? Why is this happening? Everybody leaves the cookout disappointed, just as everybody leaves Panthers games for the back half of the season disappointed. Or it means you need to come out of the closet.
  4. lightsout

    Black Ops 4

    Yeah it runs smooth. I invest all my time in blackout. I sometimes play some tdm as a warm up or break. The lack of grenades aside from specialists is good. 9-bang is ridiculous though.
  5. lightsout

    Best Holiday Gift I've Ever Given

    Wait, you're serious?
  6. lightsout

    Black Ops 4

    Anybody playing? What are you playing on? I'm loving this game and I've been underwhelmed by CoD for years.
  7. lightsout

    Put Heinicke in

    Cam's career isn't over. But his season should be.
  8. Cam's arm is toast this season. Put him on IR, let him heal. Heinicke is more than capable of managing a game. Edit: I'm not saying Cam is done. I am saying he is not effective with his shoulder being injured. No sense is potentially worsening it in a lost season. Our post season hopes died today. Next season will determine his future after his contract expires.
  9. Just keep Heinicke in if we're going to advertise exactly how unhealthy Cam's shoulder is every week.
  10. lightsout

    Cam Arm Is Done

    Cam isn't done. Cam's deep ball? Yeah that's officially done and it showed on the miss to Funch and the hail mary attempt. Your backup shouldn't have to come on for your starter for that throw. If he was hurt earlier, put Heinicke in then. It's less concerning than pulling your starting QB for a hail Mary.
  11. I don't think that Funchess is a BAD receiver. He's not. I think Funch needs to be coached to be and perform at the level of a big body, physical receiver who will be HIGHLY effective in run blocking and snagging jump balls and in/out routes where he uses his body to fend off defenders. That is his game. You send him over the middle and expect him to go up, snag that ball, and get down safe. He is not and never will be a YAC guy and that is OK but we're just using him in the role of "receiver" and not "big body". He's essentially a slightly faster TE and needs to be used like Olsen, Gronk, etc. We aren't going to do that, but he will go elsewhere and if he is used correctly, he will shine. Why do I think he will shine if coached up and assigned that role, especially considering the drops he has? Well, I think the drops are just internal pressure and stress. When KB went down in the super bowl run and he had to step up, he was just doing what was needed. That's all. Then when KB left, he got forced into being THE guy at receiver by virtue of being the most senior and polished at that position at the NFL level. He tried so hard to not screw up that he did. He has shown this season when used as he is intended to be, he is still effective. But when he has space and needs to just make the catch and make a play, he becomes drop happy. This then effects the rest of his game and he stops being effective. ALL this being said, we don't need him because DJ, Samuel, and Byrd are the future and they need to be on the field. We don't need the tall guys, because the NFL is no longer about the 6'2"+ receivers that can make circus catches. Now you just need separation and ball skills.
  12. Netflix western movie. It is an anthology movie by the Coen Brothers and holy hell is it brilliant. Cast is great and surprisingly so, so don't even research it or watch a trailer. It's long (around 2 hours) but every second is worth it.
  13. lightsout

    Haunting of Hill House

    I thought the ending was all but perfect.
  14. At no point have I ever heard Rivera say "I have to do better getting these guys prepared"
  15. So we're clear. Our corners are coached to stare at the QB if the play is in front of them, then stare at the receiver if they get beat. Never locate receivers, never locate the ball in the air. Washington and Rivera have to go.