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  1. Cam balls out, then 2021 he gets paid by somebody. Whether or not that's NE, who knows. Somebody will want him if he shows he's every bit as good as he was before injury. And having the nod from Belichick is a big deal. If Cam gets them in the playoffs, he's probably getting a 3-5 year deal making north of 25 mil per. Not bad. If Cam falls short, he at least had an opportunity. At that point it'd be about whether he would take a role that isn't a starter. But I am not expecting it. Hungry Cam could be very dangerous. He came into the league trying to prove himself and we saw what that looked like (god if we had a defense those first couple seasons...)
  2. Tough to say. I'll say I believe it was a justifiable shooting. It's not that I agree in general with the killing of anybody, but I understand that sometimes it is necessary based on the actions of others. He has a taser and is running towards occupied vehicles. He's drunk. He's combative, as has been shown by his own actions even after 40 minutes of polite and professional interaction with both officers. He has a weapon deemed by the state to be a firearm and a deadly weapon. He has fired it at you. Yeah, at THAT point specifically, he has now escalated this to deadly force. I believe any cop is justified there. Short of him firing it, I'd be right there with you saying he shouldn't have shot him. 100%. But that's not what happened. He fired the weapon at the officer.
  3. Law. Case law. Policy. Don't get mad at me, get mad at those things. Didn't even approach addressing my factual points because you got nothing. You're transparent as hell.
  4. Sorry, little busy with life. Let's see where we're at now. Brosnan has a concussion from this incident as well as injuries from being tased. Mr. Brooks definitely fired the taser at Rolfe, with a prong going over Rolfe's head according to the DA. There has been zero video of either officer kicking or maliciously standing on Mr. Brooks after the shot. We have video of literally everything else, including them rendering aid. Odd that the DA would claim something and not provide the video to the public which would support it. Also odd that it wasn't mentioned by any of the witnesses on hand in the days that the video circulated prior to the DA holding his press conference. Brosnan never agreed to testify against Rolfe, according to both officer's attorneys. Each spoke with media, on camera and addressed the incident and charges. The DA lied. The DA wanted to avoid a Minneapolis scenario and in doing so, brought charges against two officers that did their job both by law and by policy and there is case law to support it (Tennessee v. Garner) If this makes it into a courtroom I'll be shocked. The GBI has distanced themselves, especially considering they're still investigating this DA for sexual harassment or misconduct as well as taking $140k from a nonprofit. These officers likely will and definitely should walk with all charges being dropped. It's why over half of a department that is 58% black called out the past two days. They're pissed because two weeks ago this DA charged officers for pointing tasers at people failing to comply with aggravated assault, but when Mr. Brooks points and fires a taser he stole from officers at those same officers, he's "not aggressive". GTFO.
  5. A taser is a "less lethal" weapon. It's not that it is NOT lethal, because it CAN kill you (if you have a heart condition/pacemaker, if you fall and hit your head, etc). It incapacitates you for 5 seconds at a time after the prongs hit. Every 5 seconds, you can render somebody defenseless. Assuming that both prongs make good contact and assuming that the spread of the prongs is correct, you will lose the ability to move. You will fall and be helpless. This is why it is used to arrest combative people as often as it is. It also has gotten officers killed because it can fail so easily and using it when you should be using lethal force instead can be fatal. When Brooks not only grabs the taser but punches an officer during a lawful arrest, then runs and turns to point the taser and fires it at an officer, deadly force is justified. Had he just taken the taser, and as he started running dropped it and ran off and THEN he got shot? Yeah, that's unjustified and wrong and nobody would argue otherwise except the truly ignorant. Why is it justified? Because he could then incapacitate the officer, take his gun, shoot him, shoot at his partner, shoot at people in the drive thru, etc. But taking that away and just looking at use of force laws, he is feloniously using a weapon to aid in escape from legal arrest. Most, if not all states have similar or identical wording. Furthermore, a taser is considered a firearm in Georgia law. The difference in a pistol and taser, by Georgia law, is non-existent.
  6. Let's not forget the apartment that was set on fire with a baby inside, and then the rioters refused to allow the fire truck get to the apartment. Luckily they were still able to get there and save the baby. But yeah, it's the cops fault. Not the people actually doing the things that are resulting in tragedy.
  7. You realize I'm talking about MORE than the cops killed and assaulted right? There are people being killed. Dorn was killed over a TV. He was retired, a civilian, not there as a cop. The others were just out at these things, upset and wanting to be involved, got killed by violent lunatics.
  8. Sure, tell the families of those killed during this that it sucks, but the police started it so it's not the fault of the people using this tragedy and the public outcrying as a vehicle to be violent towards their loved ones.
  9. What? You can literally find articles on all of their deaths. Read up. And I say rioters and not protestors because there is a distinction. People out peacefully protesting, demanding change and justice =/= people assaulting, killing, and destroying private property. So yes, rioters fits. But to be fair, sure, a couple of the names I listed COULD have been killed separate from the riots, by people not involved in the riots. Due to their proximity TO the riots, the articles are seeming to indicate that that is not the case, but we don't know for certain.
  10. So...officers....both black and white.....who have never even visited Minnesota....are getting killed and assaulted.....and random people who aren't cops are getting killed and assaulted in the midst of this chaos....and it's because cops? Like do you hear yourself?
  11. Nah, rioters. David Dorn, retired police chief Dave Underwood, federal agent, shot and killed. His partner was shot but survived. Chris Beaty Italia Kelly Calvin Horton Jr. James Scurlock Just a few of the deaths, by rioters, during this. Not to mention the officer in Florida that got stabbed in the neck. Not to mention the numerous cops ambushed and shot at or beaten. Not to mention the number of people who were assaulted for whatever reason. Not to mention the molotov cocktail tossed into an occupied patrol car where the two officers inside were able to get out in time. But sure, blame the police.
  12. So Chauvin or however you spell that idiot's name got upgraded to 2nd degree murder. Hope it sticks and hope he gets the full 40 years. The other three officers have been charged but I haven't seen in the article I read what the charges on them will be.
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