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  1. Not sure if this holds a ton of weight, but it's interesting. If it's on point, Flaherty's lines tend to do well in not allowing sacks compared to the rest of the league, but they also don't run block well. http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/who-has-the-juice-nfl-offensive-line-coaches
  2. Right. Gonna be a long process.
  3. Arguing immunity vs executive privilege. This could be tricky. Don't think WH counsel really wants to try that. Still want to see more actual argument. Unless I'm missing something (and somebody please fill me in if I am), I am getting the House repeating the same things they've been saying that led to them filing the impeachment and WH counsel claiming that 1) the subpoenas weren't valid and 2) that executive privilege was used in one instance and that immunity was used in another WHILE admitting that there is a process to claim executive privilege that wasn't followed per se.
  4. The NFL can and will revert to being more balanced. Pass heavy offenses will not remain. The spread came into college as a means to counter the big, physical style of football with speed and space. It came into the NFL as a means to be explosive and create mismatches. Athletes in general are always changing. Peppers was godly in his prime in terms of size/speed. This lead to lankier, lighter DEs becoming popular. The spread forced defenses to become lighter, rangier, and more versatile. This produced NFL talent of that type. Colleges are going back to getting big, physical players sooner rather than later to pound out small defenses that may have a speed advantage. You see my point. Derrick Henry is proof that the big power backs with average speed (4.5-4.6 range) can still produce and drive an offense into the playoffs. What this means is you NEED a MLB, same as always. I don't think we have to go find our next Morgan/Beason/Kuechly immediately, but it is something we need to address in the next two seasons. First priority has to be DL and secondary though.
  5. General trend among teams. Have a big money QB? Expect good, serviceable help but nothing too flashy. If one develops to that point, he gets one contract and goes elsewhere or is traded for picks to help fill in holes around that QB. Have a big money RB/WR? Expect a solid starting QB, but not the kind of guy that is going to go out and win you big game after big game when you need him to. That RB will have to carry you, largely. Not a hard rule, but something I've noticed. Zeke and Dak. Daniel Jones and Saquon. Brady and whoever the hell his RB is year to year. Ben and whoever plays RB for him. Adrian Peterson in the first half of his career.
  6. Alabama QBs. No thanks. Think the Tua hype is overblown.
  7. I don't know man. Ignore the title of the video and just watch. Guy has a knack for getting a hand on the ball and getting off blocks. And if he doesn't slip you, he'll blow you straight back. And he's great against the run inside. He'll have a shocking 40 at the combine as well. He's special.
  8. Imagine back-to-back 1,000/1,000 yard seasons. And nearly having one in 2018. If we sign him in 2021, that number is going up. If we do it now, we might not sign some guys that we should. Then if we lose games due to not having good enough talent elsewhere, the coaching staff starts feeling pressure, the team obviously suffers, and we're all left trying to find something to blame.
  9. Read the first quote. CMC is gonna cost us heavily. You want to keep a player like CMC, but if the numbers don't line up, it's business. It all comes down to how strict CMC's agent will be with us and what our roster and cap situation look like at that time. Tepper is a business first kind of guy. If it doesn't make financial sense and if signing CMC means not paying other guys who are essential, you have to cut the fat somewhere on the books. And CMC's contract will almost certainly be the definition of fat.
  10. Not saying we are. I think we're dumb if we do. Just playing devil's advocate and singing CMC's praises for being so versatile. To lose him would hurt, but not be the death of the team.
  11. Not a chance that Derrick Brown falls out of the top 10. He's that good. Like Murray though. Wouldn't be mad at the pick, I just don't think we need a MLB this season. We'll roll with what we've got and draft a depth guy in rounds 4-7 maybe, or sign a FA. I think we stay where we are, guarantee ourselves Brown, and then go safety in round 2 unless a good guard drops to us at that spot. If not, we pick up a guard in the 3rd.
  12. Fact is, to lose CMC would be a BIG blow...but not one that we couldn't recover from. Good RBs drop out of the first round every year. Talking 4 yards per carry good, not home run hitter guarantees like CMC, Saquon, etc. But serviceable backs where you can operate a legit offense. If we were to lose CMC, we would be able to make up production at that position. Not CMC production, but good production. We would also make up for his receiving, I think. Thing is...we're gonna be hard pressed to get one player that can do both. He has earned a big pay day and the fact that he is both a top end receiver and a top end RB means something for other players moving forward. He's gonna earn more than top end RB money because of his receiving, and that is going to open the door for just pure athletes like him to get paid. You'll see teams carry one less receiver in favor of depth and options elsewhere. We can go 5 wide with 3 receivers, Ian Thomas and CMC and create problems all over the place and we're still only asking you to be in nickle by personnel. CMC is gonna change the way teams view players like him and the way offenses operate.
  13. It's simple. You do it. The day he no longer can be effective as a traditional RB, you use him as a slot/scat back and he's still deadly. Basically, he'll earn his money no matter what.
  14. I'm saying yes. Imagine ANYBODY in GB wearing #4 ever again. Now imagine any receiver ever wearing #89 in Carolina. Both just make me uncomfortable even thinking about.
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