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  1. I want somebody to sign him to watch him fail so people can stop pretending he was ever anything greater than mediocre aside from one decent season.
  2. lightsout

    Apex Legends

    I have around 6 wins (3 with my main, Bloodhound). Probably around the same number of kills as you but only level 20 (-ish. somewhere in that ballpark). I love it. The map, with the loot shifting each game and the way chokepoints work across the whole map and the different angles you can approach certain areas, it always feels fresh. Then again, I don't have 1k games in. I felt great about Blackout until around 800 games when it started to feel stale in terms of the aesthetic (gameplay in BR's always feels fine because each game is something different). Sound design, map design, character balancing, the game just feels good. Now just don't screw it up with future updates and make the next map (hopefully 2-3 months down the line) something different enough that it satisfies (then rotate the two maps well).
  3. lightsout

    Apex Legends

    This game is amazing. Might not even touch Blackout anymore.
  4. This game is not two outstanding defenses shutting the other team down. It's failure by the Rams offense and Brady being incapable of hitting a receiver that isn't wide open.
  5. Every throw attempted by Brady towards any sort of real coverage is awful. He can only hit wide open targets. And ESPN will call him a god if the Pats win this.
  6. KC is showing the con to their offensive approach. They can chunk you, but if you limit the big play their offense is average. Kermit relies too heavily on the deep shot to wide open players. OL has to protect longer for it. If NE's defense can hold up with this, this game might not be close.
  7. I don't think we should cut Cam. I don't think anybody in the organization has seriously considered it. I think, at most, there have been talks of not re-signing him at the end of his current deal or POSSIBLY reworking his current deal to put him in a role that isn't QB IF his shoulder never returns. By no means do I want us to lose Cam. However, you're foolish to disregard the fact that his shoulder may never recover considering the STEEP drop off in his throwing ability after the Steelers game. He needs to get 100% better and if his shoulder can't return, we have a big problem on our hands with cap space, the need for a reliable downfield passing game and no real long-term solution currently on the roster that anybody should be comfortable with. I'm reserving panic for August. We'll know for sure by then where Cam's shoulder is and what direction we need to take. Everything right now is speculation.
  8. This. Luck helped ensure that we draft Cam to begin with, and now hopefully Luck will ensure we handle his injury properly. If he's not able to practice daily and be accurate beyond 20 yards, he sits. Period. If we do anything other than this, we have lost a generational talent due to mismanagement.
  9. lightsout


    DC has it's own niche. It's own thing. No need to try to be funny or witty. The best DC comic stories are generally dark as hell. Stick with that. Stick to some level of comic accuracy. Don't rely completely on terrible CGI. DC just missed the boat hard.
  10. In this league, I think three years is a good amount of time to give before passing judgment provided the locker room seems healthy and you're at least competitive. Ron has had chances and time and he's not changing. Either fire him now or fire him after another wasted season.
  11. Let's see if I can stomach the first quarter.
  12. lightsout

    Longest losing streak in the nfl

    "Ron, what happened with the pressure Atlanta brought all game that your staff couldn't adjust to?" "Joe, I can't answer that. I have to look at the film. No, Joe, I told you I can't answer that." - Ron in a few min, probably
  13. Heinicke would look so good behind a decent OL. Just like Cam would. Heinicke has played an admirable game. All of his bad throws have been due to instant pressure (mostly from the left side). No QB could do better with this OL. I'm pleased with how Heinicke has played. The second interception was rough, but the first was pressure + tipped pass. Fire Rivera. Fix the OL.
  14. Heinicke would look so good behind a decent OL. just like Cam. It's almost like Cam isn't the problem at all. It's those damn O'Driscoll's.