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  1. Wants Panthers to know he doesn’t hate them, but still looking for something from them. He’s a narcissist at its finest.
  2. They said Payton is 11-1 when this referee calls the game. I’m seeing why.
  3. Thomas Davis seems to be showing out for his new team. Leading the league in tackles. Our defense looks solid, but should we have kept him around?
  4. Ron Rivera cannot evaluate talent. Ian Thomas is behind Manhertz for some odd reason. Darryl Williams is at LT when he’s a Pro Bowl right tackle. CJ Anderson wasn’t used once, along with our running backs this year that they swore needed to relieve CMC. Its absolutely ridiculous. As a GM, you have to nip that in the bud. Marty isn’t capable of having the hard talks. I believe the talent on the field is enough to make a deep push in the playoffs, so the job of implementing that is on Ron. Brass balls, will probably be looking for a similar mindset to his own, if things don’t right soon.
  5. Shut it down for the night...this was the winner of the internet.
  6. Shula could've gotten that one right. Cam over the line all day.
  7. If Gano would’ve played, we would’ve lost by one point, because you know he would’ve missed an extra point.
  8. So that's what it feels like to not have a huge gap of no Panther football.
  9. The real question is...who's bird is that? That's Russel Wilsons bird.
  10. The Jared Allen? No, seriously this time...the Jared Allen?
  11. They deflated the ball John Kasay kicked. Now, how to find evidence...
  12. This is a good article about why the decision to not go in the third day was the best option. Not only does he get to choose his own team, but he's only committed to a 3 year deal, not 4 years...and the monies made would be similar to a 2nd to 3rd rounder, without bonuses. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/writer/jason-la-canfora/25172161/examining-why-its-better-for-lael-collins-that-he-went-undrafted Edit: ...and then there was top dawgs thread that I just saw.
  13. Another request: How about a nice highlight video of Lael Collins. And at the end, a 'coming soon' Panther roar.
  14. 90 Minutes of Bottomless Beer Fo Freeeeee!!!! - Now pay me your $700.
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