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  1. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

  2. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    mmmmmmmmm... sex with pizza......
  3. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    What if Greg was your brother? And he was attached to some crazy bitch who completely made the whole thing up (or more realistically, COMPLETELY exaggerated the event), and due to that, your brother lost millions of dollars, had to serve jail time, and tarnished his good name forever. Did that happen? Prolly not. But DV ACCUSATIONS are no joke either. And yes, when it comes to people of money and power, the opportunities for others to take advantage are always there. You're not some hero just because you posted 3 sentences on a message board that 99% of people agree with u on.
  4. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    I pointed basically the same thing out in the Kaep thread, and got screamed at for 'calling attention to myself.' So just be prepared for a flood of completely irrational responses.
  5. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    If anything happened, im guessing he pushed her. Not that it's ok to do that, but i highly doubt he blasted her in the face.
  6. rko396

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    "Suspicion" means he could have: - called her a "bitch" over the phone. She got mad, went to the cops, and made up lies. Or -he really could have hauled off and decked her in the face. We don't know. From a football standpoint, he's now cheaper to resign (if this hols up), but also has a reduced trade value.
  7. I only said "if" because he was comparing how well we did holding Brady to 20 points. Which we DID. I get it. Just saying, that was very, very, VERY close to being 34 points. Of course if you're going with the retarded "you said IF" argument, than there is no point of even having a message board since everything would be 100% black and white, cut and dry. no opinions needed
  8. I agree with you, but to be fair, if Ridley wasn't a human fumbling machine, and that last play was called PI on keek (which 98% of the time it would have been), then the Pat's score 34 points against us. Also, they got the ball pretty easily into our territory every single drive
  9. Im not as worried about a trap game this week as much as I am about next week
  10. The fact that we don't have an explosive offense can be terrible if we get stopped on a couple 3rd downs
  11. haha flooding my profile with a naked Borat. 19085320.jpg