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  1. I hate the idea of having to replace Stewart so soon, but his constant foot injuries are becoming a problem. He's also not a versatile back. It's a real problem when Mike Tolbert (one of the least athletic RBs in the league) has to be relied upon to be our screen pass RB. There are many reasons why we don't run screen plays (Shula's hard-on for 25+ yard passing plays, Cam's unimpressive short-pass accuracy, lousy OTs, etc.), but I think one of the big reasons might be because we don't trust our starting RB in that role. I would hate for RB to be one of our top priorities, but Stewart's injuries almost cost us home-field advantage and was one of many reasons for our Offensive disaster in the Super Bowl. Plus, I'm not really convinced that we can't just plug another RB in the backfield and get similar production. We should either find a new RB soon or actually focus on grooming CAP. It's obvious the team didn't bother preparing him in case Stewart got injured. Him and Cam looked completely lost trying to run simple read-option plays together.
  2. This is the kind of performance that makes me stop being a fan. I waited 12 years for them to get back into the Super Bowl. This team is a joke. fug all of them. I hope they leave Remmers in California.
  3. Nothing matters if you don't win the Super Bowl. What is this moral victory nonsense?
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