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  1. Whoops I keep thinking you are PR.
  2. That didn't break the rule. Oh you're just wanting to get your ban hurried up eh?
  3. Assassination is too good for him. Lonely miserable prison life is what this and the previous Republican administration deserves.
  4. Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest? -King Henry II --James Comey
  5. I hope you succeed in convincing him to get help before he is permabanned.
  6. I was referring to the intellectual giant you have been arguing with. I'm not sure how you can take him at face value when he has at least two of them.
  7. Locker rooms are gross. Your desire for voyeurism is even worse.
  8. If a man wants to fug a hippo that's his business. We won't have to worry about it for long.
  9. Rules are if it can be construed as even mildly insulting. Bye bye baby. Also you are illiterate and functionally retarded. Enjoy your new found time away from CH. I'm sure there are many pro-violence, regressive, mouth breather boards for you to join instead.
  10. Guild

    The left's hyprocry

    Could you imagine being functionally illiterate? I cannot see how you make it through the day.
  11. Muslims are a minority in the USA and so are Jewish people. You're gonna get banned now.
  12. Perry Rich multiple posts that could be construed as at least the smallest of insults against a minority group. New rules are permaban right? Might as well delete your account.
  13. Not even sure Rodgers could do that.
  14. I am under no illusions that me saying anything on this message board does anything other than make me feel a small release of endorphins as I release whatever pent up emotion this game made me feel. You know what though... you're probably right. Shouldn't criticize my favorite player ever after a win of all times.
  15. Man you've been so used to defending Cam against a bunch of racist morons that maybe you don't realize I am one of the biggest Cam lovers around. Sheesh, everyone has to get better if we want post season success. Gunslinger or no you try to get better and he has gotten better from 2011 to now. I say I want him to clean up some small flaws and you act like I said he sucks. fug off man.