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  1. We aren't going to solve wealth inequality with social safety nets. We don't need to argue like pedants about philosophy that in the end we both agree with. Reparations to solve wealth inequality are going to need to begin with a place that includes everyone if you are going to realistically gain momentum for the idea. I want this moral good to happen and I think this is the start of a platform from which we can easily distribute the collective benefits we together as a society have created to fulfill it.
  2. They are the main programs that mimic other countries social benefits when the term safety net is used. Other programs technically qualify which you would have to see I agree to with my next sentence but do not measure up to the benefit of a minimum income as they poorly try to emulate the recipient having one.
  3. No plan will actually affect wealth inequality that does not give access to what creates wealth. Yang's UBI is only a start that alleviates some of the pressure off of the class of people to whom an extra $1000 a month will be a significant increase to income. Without access to the fruits of their work labor will never have wealth but accomplishing that has to be a long term goal of redefining how capitalism works for all of us. Our social safety net only includes social security and medicare. Yang's UBI affects neither. If you mean programs like EBT and WIC then if your benefits exceed the benefit of the offered UBI you can choose to not opt in.
  4. Yang's plan does not affect social security.
  5. Matthias what you said above is also why I would like you to reconsider the importance of UBI. UBI will help the least advantaged most and I think we can agree that those people are American born black people. It isn't a complete solution, more of a vitamin than a panacea, but it will be a step that moves us towards lifting the worst off of us out of poverty. Poverty is the enemy of everyone and we can eliminate it to the benefit of all while also helping black Americans the most.
  6. I agree with you so much but I just don't see how this can be accomplished without virtually everyone. The average black male's net worth will be $0 by 2050. This is an extremely important problem to solve but I don't see how we can even begin to do it politically when we, all of us, everyone, are still concerned with making it day to day or week to week. White families have a better chance of success when we look at the statistics but there are still many (most) who don't have this success and without them we will struggle for more than two generations to generate political change that is either moral or forward thinking.
  7. If you want the majority of the population to align with a moral good then they need to think clearly. If you have a bill you cannot pay your IQ functonally drops by 13 points on average. Remove the economic boot from people's throats and you will see them much more willing to address the sacrifices and work they will have to make for the most important problem Climate Change and this moral good of Reparations.
  8. I assume you mean giving money directly to people? Who are we giving the money to? The descendants of American slaves? Right now without any sort of definite plan I could not get on board. I am in favor of the general idea of reparations towards the victims of American slavery though so would be interested in pursuing them. I'm thinking I'd rather see UBI implemented first and then we can add in any sort of direct monetary payment into that system.
  9. That's because he is willfully ignorant and stupid. A pretty terrible, but common, formula.
  10. That's not true. The internet is worldwide.
  11. There is no reason for me to explain the problem of evil and how we don't have free will to you. Learn something.
  12. Ah yes the classic "I don't understand how anything works" argument. Seen commonly in fundamentalist apologetics. It is considered a pest and should be eradicated before it spreads and damages anyone; especially children who have not yet developed the defenses needed against hostile memes.
  13. I'm not sure you do. Otherwise you'd throw out that book of them that talks about how YHWH fugs us all over again and again.
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