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  1. It could be the beginning of the end. Old hornets were one of the best attended franchises in the NBA. Then Shinn proved he wouldn't pay for talent to stay in Charlotte. Fans gave up and apathy set in, and off to Orleans they went. Vegas, Seattle both desperate for NBA team, among others. Don't think for a second that it cannot happen again.
  2. Brother was conference player of the year, but didn't take him
  3. Any rumors of Hornets trading pick like last year?
  4. Congratulations to all of the players taken after 12 that are now guaranteed to have great careers
  5. Someone should tell him the bad news.
  6. Thinking Cam would be intimidated is kinda silly. Grier might become nice player, but he is essentially a fourth round pick. He has lots to prove, before Cam, should give him second thought
  7. At 100, don't have issue with it. Maybe he develops and we need him great, or we trade him. He sucks wouldn't be the first.
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