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  1. Tepper is still an unknown. But if I recall correctly, some rumors that Tepper was part of Steeler crew that wanted Tomlin out. So he might not be on the patience bandwagon.
  2. MrBubba

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    When word on everyone being available from washington a few days ago, with most talk focusing on Wall, I thought Beal would be a great addition to help Kemba in the back court. Never thought it would happen, If they can pull it off for Batum, Monk and first its a big win.
  3. Defense has been bad all year. But I doubt anything happens before end of year
  4. Should worry, same team that went to dome and beat Saints. Fitz gets hot, could be a long day, they have major weapons. Panthers should win, but they need to bring A game.
  5. MrBubba

    Cardinals - Cowboys

    So Prescott not playing because of injuries to o-line?
  6. Sign him assuming he clears waiver (low money) put him on IR give year to heal, see what he has next year
  7. Bottom line we need about 8 picks in the second round
  8. Would love any of those in the second, even trading up to mid 2nd round. I will be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cravens as a first round pick. People didn't think Shaq or Devin were worthy of their spots, last year, if he is Gettleman's guy he's the pick
  9. Great year, proud of guys. But really thought they would show up more. Defense was great after first drive, offense and special teams were horrible.
  10. Well at least our draft pick is higher
  11. Bad calls, drops, turnovers, sacks.