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  1. Sweet. What's the evidence to back up your claim? I've hung out with 100's of Carolina fans and wouldn't say the same
  2. you make one typo here and they run with it. It's kind of childish
  3. Sigh* why are you guys so sensitive? Every post turns into a personal attack, calm down
  4. You beat us at home, who's arguing that fact? I came here to have fun seeing as how the 49ers rivalry is pretty much dead and this is the best rivalry at the moment if that's what we'll call it. This board is acting the same way our message board acted the year of SB 48
  5. Sure. 1 article speaks for an entire fan base. I don't support the article or the site that wrote it. Crucify everyone
  6. Well that's very observant of you. Your're doing the Lords work for Carolina fans everywhere out of state
  7. why are you so concerned with stickers and fan's of other teams?
  8. Well I can't speak for everyone. I was still there through games 1-8 wondering when we finally get our crap together. Don't get all hostile on me, I don't speak for every Seattle fan, Just like some rude asshole here doesn't speak for every Carolina fan
  9. LOL, that was actually kind of funny. No actually there's very little if any Seahawks gear sold here outside of the mall.
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