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  1. No kidding. I am not sying he is not a good back, he was just being wasted here. Why not let him go find somewhere else to contribute, and roll with CAP, who in the past has proven that he can be effective in limited use.
  2. Anderson has never been in the position he was in this year. You can't tell me you could not see his frustration on the sidelines, because I sure could.And I disagree that it is a stupid move. Trading Kalil Mack, and then bitching about how hard it is to find a good edge rusher is stupid. This is releasing a back up running back who was not going to see the field and keeping someone who has been doing the same damn thing for 3 years. It is just not as big a deal as you are making it out to be.
  3. Removes a potential locker room distraction before it reaches critical mass, maybe? Hell I don't know, I just know it is not as big a deal as some of you are making it out to be.
  4. Again, you are basing this on the assumption that CMC will be hurt. CAP can ride the pine and rune 2 times a game just as well as CJ can. Why not give him a chance to be a feature back somewhere else? And you cannot honestly say that CAP will not perform, because he has never been given a shot. Hell for all you know he would have had 1000 yards behind that Denver line. This is all speculation, and for some reason, you have decided that Rivera sucks, Hurney still sucks, and nothing they do is ever going to be right.
  5. So you think Anderson would have been more effective than CMC? You are advocating taking snaps away from our most dynamic weapon other than Cam?
  6. I just don't understand why it matters? He has not been playing any way. Everyone was screaming for CAP to get more playing time, so let him have those 2.7 snaps per game, gain 10 yards and move on. There would be no difference other than the name on the back of the jersey.
  7. If they played CAP instead of CJ, and CJ was healthy, how do you think that would have gone over? If CJ was frustrated with how things were going before, that would be 10 fold if that happened. It would just be asking for him to become a distraction.
  8. That is just the players, you can be damn sure the coaches were working all weekend.
  9. The Rams get to the line quick because McVeigh makes the adjustments through the headset up until it cuts off. Goff does not make very many adjustments himself.
  10. sharkkiller

    PSA from Ron Rivera

    Would be easier if the right people ran, on either side.
  11. Listening to the actual podcast, unfortunately, I do not think that is what they meant. They repeatedly said that as a whole, the Panthers are a bad team.
  12. sharkkiller

    Who to root for Week 9

    Good point. The Baltimore game was just in my mind, I guess.
  13. You can't take a supposition and say it is a fact, and base your rankings around it. That simply means that the entire rating system is subjective, and way too many media outlets, and fans take it as an objective statistical analysis.