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  1. "And there is Coach Rivera, standing on the sidelines, arm crossed across his ample chest, staring out at the field. My God I wish he looked at me that way." "Mick, we are on the air."
  2. I could see the concept, and I like it. Just a bit frustrating to see a play you know is a touchdown fade out before the ball crosses the line....lol
  3. My only criticism is that all of the clips cut out before the payoff. But otherwise, another quality vdieo.
  4. God you are annoying with this same tired bullshit.
  5. Why not try to look at what is actually happening, and not cloud your judgement based on what happened years ago. I was skeptical too when Hurney came back, but opted to give him a chance. He has done a damn fine job this go round, so why not go based on recent history, instead of years ago?
  6. Amazing how all of the Hurney haters are the ones who are bitching about this pick.
  7. Two things. "I do anal." hahahaha And you are missing "I miss your face." I hate reading that.
  8. http://io9.gizmodo.com/cows-are-deadlier-than-you-ever-knew-1690950434
  9. The boats are in water that is the same color that the sky usually is.
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