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  1. Good God....you are a dipshit. Please just shut the fug up.
  2. I honestly agree that it was time to move on from Rivera. The last few weeks just proved his time was up here. I wish him the best in the future. I think they should keep Hurney in some capacity, but not as GM. His scouting and draft knowledge is above average, IMO. Bring in a GM, and move him to a consultant position or some such thing.
  3. I didn't say I would, I was merely explaining why the 19 million is not a cap hit. It is the cap savings if he is cut. two different things.
  4. this is the last year of his contract, not a 1 year deal. 19 million is the cap savings, not the cap hit. If they gave him an extension, the 19 million could be reduced by as much as they want. 19 million is only in play if they agree for him to just play out the contract as it is. But the actual cap hit is 21 million or so. If they gave him an extension, the 21 million could be reduced by as much as they want.
  5. Holy crap!!!! Horton had 93 tackles, and 15.5 sacks during the preseason?
  6. I am not saying Slye can't do the job. I am saying that Gano is a better kicker with a proven strong leg. People seem to forget that a lot of his misses last year were on a bad plant leg. A season on IR will fix that. The lack of confidence in Gano is what I don't understand. People say that they don't trust Rivera about anything, then turn around and say that because he did not kick a long field goal, that it must have been Gano's fault. Which is it?
  7. If Gano does not come back 100% next year, then by all means look for someone else. But if he is 100% healthy, then you keep him. Otherwise you turn into the Bears. There is no need for him to take a pay cut. He is reliable, or at least as reliable if not more so than Slye, or anyone else you can bring in. Look at the drafted kickers in recent years. Light it up in college, get drafted, and can't make a 45 yard kick to save their life. That we are even having this discussion, just shows how some are determined to find fault with every thing this staff does. It is getting to be pretty damn ridiculous.
  8. Really? 63 yard game winner ring a bell? But don't let your hatred and bias skew your memory or anything. Gano is a better kicker, hands down. And Butker and Gano are a wash as far as performance go. The only thing that was in Butker's favor was salary, and that will change big time in a few years. You get a competent kicker, you pay them.
  9. So far, there is absolutely nothing that Slye has done, that we were not getting from Gano. The hatred for Gano is just amazing here.
  10. Hmm...interesting...Slye is not as accurate as Gano....imagine that. LOL at everyone who was so dead set on cutting Gano for Slye this preseason. Gano going on IR was not as good a thing as everyone thought.
  11. It is very likely that there was indeed a plan, but it turned out that the asking price was way to high. But don't let any logical thinking cloud your judgement. Obviously, they just suck.
  12. Amazing how if no trade is made - "Fire Marty, he didn't make a trade" If a trade was made, it would be - "Fire Marty, he gave up too much!!!" This is literally a no win situation for him with this group.
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