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  1. Oh look, a thread about enjoying the ride and not getting caught up in the QB controversy got derailed in 4 posts. Keep on Huddling, Huddle.
  2. I don't think I would put Tillman on my personal top 4 but he is an all-time underrated Panther, even for the relatively short time he was here.
  3. This brings in some serious questions, actually. If his penis size is below average, do you start Kyle Allen versus SF? Also, does an average or below average penis size impact his trade value? #Huddle19
  4. Only the Huddle could ruin a 4-0 stretch after the franchise QB went down with injury.
  5. Yeah, that is why I made the "outbid" statement.
  6. Yeah, this is probably a more legit discussion for when he isn't an ERFA.
  7. Yeah, I am assuming he is saying Cam comes back and finishes the year healthy while playing well. It would make more sense to keep Allen around but it is also a hypothetical. So, what's the ultimate squeal point on trading him? What if a first round pick is offered?
  8. Just looked it up, he is an ERFA. That would make him potentially more valuable as a trade chip in that hypothetical.
  9. Probably not going to be as much trade value as you would think for a relatively unproven guy on a one year deal. Better off to wait until free agency and then just out bid us.
  10. This x1,000,000,000,000 Thoughtful and reasonable discussions have become rare in the past decade. People get behind their devices and get all filled with the bravado of complete anonymity. Funny that when I have these discussions face to face with people then they tend to be much more reasonable.
  11. A good, thought provoking video that I didn't want to see in here because it will bring every Tinderbox troll slithering from their hovels to snipe at each other. Be. Gone.
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