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  1. 21 wins, 7th pick. We select a player widely projected to be in the 15-20 range.
  2. Just please don't be the dreaded high ankle sprain. If it isn't that, I think it will be fine. Worst case scenario maybe he is a little gimpy for a couple of games.
  3. Kaep would also probably want more money that he is worth. I would be fine signing him at a small one year deal. He will be just as bad or worse than what we have, and that will end all of this controversy, like you said.
  4. True but that is also not a glowing review for the kid. I am not a big believer in Little or Grier but it's way, way, way, way too early to be jumping off a cliff over them.
  5. Read my mind on the wants. Wanted all those guys ahead of Little. We just have to hope he slowly comes along.
  6. McCown is probably better than what we have now but I don't think it would make a big enough difference to propel us to a playoff spot(if Cam got injured early) or to a Superb Owl(if Cam got injured late).
  7. It's like a broken record. "I'm the healthiest I have ever been!!!" 2 days later: Kalil misses practice after foot stepped on.
  8. Yeah, I cannot see why people drive motorcycles on public roads. Every driver is so distracted these days, it's crazy the drunken swerving that you see and idiotic maneuvers people make. Doesn't matter how safe you are, there are too many people in cars that are too much of a menace.
  9. Kaep got fuged, no question about it. But, let's also agree that he likely overvalued himself for a guy that was a mediocre to bad NFL QB. So, now three years removed from playing has he done anything to warrant signing him? Even without the fuging the NFL gave him, that is highly questionable.
  10. I used to "assist" as a statistician for a semi-pro football team my buddy was on years ago. I have never heard the "N" word as much as I did between the some of the players trash talking each other(especially the CB's and WR's). It was pretty crazy. It is easy to see the trash talk in the NBA/NHL/MLB but with the helmets you don't see all the jawing they do in football on TV.
  11. I will be drinking Toppling Goliath Mornin' Delight, some Pulpit Rock NEIPA's and porters and then gorging myself on rare beer at various bottle shares in Decorah, IA. I hope to find room for food at some point.
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