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  1. My stance is that signing a RB to a mega deal is a bad idea in the modern NFL. Just look at the recent history of those moves. But, that is the kind of move losing franchises make and I am starting to think we will be doing a lot of losing in the future.
  2. That was truly epic and the morale boost we probably needed after the injury to Dougie.
  3. My buddy and I had talked about that. I'd LOVE to get him if we can. That might be the move that puts us over the edge.
  4. I wouldn't count on seeing him again this season. He's lucky it was a break and not tearing up a knee. Yeah, Riemer and Mrazek just let up too many easy goals. Perhaps we can make a move sometime before the trade deadline to bolster our goaltending. We may need to replace Dougie too, so that complicates things.
  5. I'm Kelvin Benjamin's friend that first took him to Golden Corral. It was the biggest mistake of my life.
  6. That's why I keep saying that we can't really afford to sign CMC to a second contract if we plan on being a winning franchise but that was also before I saw what looks like a complete rebuild. If we are planning to be terrible for a while, extending CMC makes more sense because we won't really have much in terms of assets and we will need to use cap somehow. And, I in no way mean that as shade towards CMC, it's just that the recent history in the NFL of having top 5 running back salaries on your team does not have a winning track record. I was all on board the Tepper bandwagon but I am not kind of getting the impression that he is likely to send us into the shitter for a long, long time. Given how bad we are likely to be, it could net us some damn good draft picks but we also still have Marty Hurney running the show(hopefully temporarily). The future is about as bleak as I can remember as a Panthers fan. Moreso even than after the 1-15 season, IMO. I hope that is the just the emotion of the moment and not the way I feel in a couple of months.
  7. That's not the way that will work. Luke will generate $11.84 mil in dead cap and create $3.67 mil in cap space. Greg retiring would create $8.1 mil in cap space and $3.7 mil in dead cap. So, cutting Cam and Luke/Greg retiring would only create an additional $26.47 mil in cap space. Not really a lot of consolation considering the value of what would be lost. It's not even technically enough money to sign a franchise caliber QB.
  8. I love CMC but he netted us exactly zero wins in the second half of the past two seasons when our QB play fell apart. He is not good enough to win us games alone, as we have seen. We have a LOT of offseason left, so it is way too early to say we are a lock for a top 3 pick. I do think we may start trending in that direction, though.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately I don't think we will really have to "try" to tank if we lose Luke, Cam and Greg in the same offseason. Not to mention Bradberry. Let's say that all happens(and it hasn't yet). How hard would we really need to try to end up as a bottom 5 team?
  10. With this, I think the choice to let Bradberry walk is pretty clear. TBH, I don't really see any of our free agents worth signing if rebuild is the idea. I'd go ahead and cut Poe, as well, to free up some cap space.
  11. Well, if Cam doesn't return, I am fully expecting to be a cellar dweller for a long time. To be quite honest, I am kind of getting the feeling like Rhule won't be here for the culmination of whatever this is supposed to be. I guess all these "Tank for Trevor" guys are about to get their wish.
  12. It means that of his $15.5 mil that we will only generate $3.67 mil in cap space, while also losing Luke Kuechly. Basically, about the worst possible thing imaginable.
  13. Given the OL situation, there is probably not much reason to draft a QB, TBH.
  14. I am starting to think that Rhule will end up being the highest per win coaching cost in NFL history.
  15. Well, I guess the "full rebuild" is officially on. The Shaq signing makes more sense now. I am now a lot less optimistic about Cam being here. Man, we might be Bengals bad for a while. Wow.
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