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  1. Our offense is a little easier to stop simply because there is not an appreciable deep threat. Some of that is Brady and getting too cute with him schemes and some is that Teddy is overly risk averse. Either way, we are just simply not an offense that is built to score in those clutch situations.
  2. We have played fairly well this and we have exactly one of those gentlemen under contract for 2021. That's why OL is not even remotely an overblown concern.
  3. We also got spoiled by having an elite center for years. That isn't likely to happen for a while.
  4. Oh I didn't say it is better. I am just saying your characterisation that it is solely coaching and not players is just not true. The scheme could be better(see Vikings late) and the players will HAVE to be better. I think Snow is generally doing a pretty good job with the tools he has. Not a great job but far from a bad job.
  5. Watch all the film on him. Otherwise you are literally just basing it on random plays you may or may not see correctly.
  6. He has been pretty good this year. Upper half of the starters in the NFL. I realize most are still upset at him based on how terrible he was last season but that hasn't been this season's results at all. It is probably unwise to attempt to replace him unless we actually have a decent replacement for him. My guess is, he'll be wearing a Panthers uniform in 2021.
  7. Miller is very replaceable. Paradis is not very replaceable.
  8. Eh....guys like Donte and Troy Pride get beat pretty easily in man coverage. The same can be said of our safeties. I can't agree that it is solely the scheme. We have some objectively terrible players on the defense that do actually drag it down and limit what we can reasonably do against certain opponents.
  9. It's a leap to say he has the players to do better. We are still a very weak defense talent-wise.
  10. Well, some of these RT's have been getting LT money. My guess is he is going to get a big payday and it won't be here. I do wish him the best, he's been stellar for us so I won't have any ill will towards him at all.
  11. Eh....our DVOA ratings have been up and down, as have our yards allowed and points allowed. I can't say definitively we are performing better now but I see growth in the younger players and core players. That's really what I measure success this year by.
  12. I think that ship sailed and if he did make that move, he'd command a huge sum. It's also not guaranteed to be successful if we switch him to that side. Again, we have two coaching staffs of guys that didn't do that, so that has to be a pretty big indicator that maybe he just isn't a LT.
  13. He even did it with one of "his" guys in Tahir Whitehead. I like that they don't keep beating their head against the wall like Ron was famous for.
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