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  1. Yeah, I was actually a little pissed to see Greg return because I was hoping we got some relief from his cap figure. Oh well, at least it is just one more year. Odds are he will get injured again. At least we get to see him retire a Panther, I suppose.
  2. The market dictated we pay a bottom 10 tackle like a top 10 tackle? That is literally retarded.
  3. He hasn't been able to play since 2012.
  4. I don't get why so many people want us to break the bank to get a "top" pass rusher in free agency this year. Odds are that is going to be something that hamstrings the franchise in the future for relatively little gain. Decide on some of our potential core players(D. Williams, S. Thompson), build through the draft(which we appear to have done well last season), and make some good free agent signings for the future. The roster overhaul is probably at least two more full offseasons, possibly 3-4. We were one of the oldest rosters in the league, so this was coming. Think about all the "core" players we have lost in the past two seasons and how many we will likely lose in the next two. As you said, we are probably going to be a fringe playoff team next season. Just buckle in for the rebuild and be glad it hasn't looked like the Browns, Bills, etc.
  5. Any of Cockrell, Searcy, Poe or Smith would be as good of a LT as Matt Kalil. He is one of the top two worst roster moves this franchise has ever made. Very unfortunate we didn't fire Gettleman before he made this idiotic blunder.
  6. kungfoodude

    Russell Wilson wants out of SEA

    This rumor smacks of pure BS.
  7. Yes and we all know there are just Tom Brady's around every corner. That is why 6th and 7th rounders have such an astronomical success rate.
  8. That may prove to be a very unwise decision considering Cam's increasing rate of injuries. The only way we might be able to survive with Kyle Allen is perhaps with a far upgraded OL. We need to get a real NFL backup QB, not a dumpster dive, feel good story.
  9. Even at his best, I don't think he would make a top 100 FA list. He's a below average WR. He might get paid in the offseason but I don't think it will be a huge surprise if he bounces around the league and then finally out of it. KB and Funchess were just bad picks, flat out.
  10. If we can get Williams back, sign a center/guard and snag a good rotational DE, I think we will be fine. We can try and fill the other needs through the draft. I completely agree though, we have to get people in all those positions.
  11. kungfoodude

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    I would say that Jackson is unlikely for a couple reasons. One is that for him to get "ample" national attention it would probably be due to him having near league leading INT's. He also has to break out of the shadow of Luke. The national media lazily boils our defense down to the greatness of Luke and that might be a difficult thing to overcome without a stellar year statistically.
  12. It would have to be on a cheap deal, even as an injury replacement option for Cam. We need to try and upgrade our backup QB but I am not sure Kaepernick is the answer. Definitely not for a guy that hasn't played in the NFL in a while and that was a pretty average QB. If he comes cheaper than other free agent options, I am okay with it. I don't have high expectations, however.
  13. Everything is a soundbite or a hot take in the modern world. We have no time to bother with any complexity or nuance. He's a dirt bag on social media or TMZ, so judgement has been rendered. GUILTY. THROW HIM IN THE DUNGEON. #Murica