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  1. Yeah and they may also just simply not view him as worth what he is asking. I am not as concerned about his off field issues as I am the financial aspects of getting him. We have a lot of cap space opening up in the next 2-3 years but we will also have Cam and Luke to extend and some of our "core" players coming off rookie deals.
  2. He is probably better than anything we will get at 16 HOWEVER he will be light years more expensive than anyone we will get at 16. I think if we were in a different position as far as salary cap and overall team needs, I would be down for swapping that 16 for Frank Clark.
  3. Yeah, I would rather see ANY other team win. Even Baaaaaaaahston.
  4. Whelp. Gonna have to win two straight to salvage this. Playing like absolute dogshit. Careless, stupid, uninspired.....WTF.
  5. Our power play is about as effective as a limp dick in a gangbang.
  6. Why don't they just announce the referees and linesman when the Caps do their intro? Seems fitting to give them the credit, at least.
  7. Most of the stuff I have read on Williams seems to make it seem as if the bulk view him as being an OG.
  8. I don't really agree that we need the best pass rusher on the board. I don't think an elite pass rusher is going to instantly make our defense top 5 again. We have a lot of needs, even with Hurney doing a pretty good job of plugging some holes. If we are going to try and get one of the guys that will likely be in the elite category(Bosa, Williams, Allen) then it will likely cost such an extreme amount of draft capital that I would really struggle to see how that is beneficial. If we, HYPOTHETICALLY, were able to get a starting caliber DE(not an elite pass rusher), a starting caliber FS and a starting caliber LT/LG/OL PLUS add some depth to various positions(OL, DL, LB, CB, QB, WR, etc) then aren't we much better suited to trying to accomplish that than swing for the fences on one guy? As much as we would all love to have an elite pass rusher, unless one falls to us or we catch a later round gem, I don't see the real benefit of trading away multitudes of picks for one guy. One great DE is not going to transport us to being a Super Bowl contender. We are a team with many needs, so we are better off trying to fill as many of those roster holes as possible.
  9. I want to keep up this momentum and crush them again. It would be great to demoralize them entirely, although I know a team that has as much playoff experience is not likely to go out like that. I hope they do rough up Ovechkin somewhat. That fug deserves it.
  10. Yeah, Keuchly was a top talent in that draft class, Ferrell is likely not in this class. I wouldn caution people against getting ultra high expectations for Ferrell because he isn't likely to be a regular double digit sack guy. That's fine, however, he has lots of other attributes that can contribute to being successful. I don't see why a certain portion seem to think he is an elite pass rusher nor do I see why a certain portion seem to think he is a scrub. Neither of those two are likely to be right.
  11. Production does not indicate upside, my point was more than Thornhill was not a typical "potential/upside" guy that was moderately productive or had a spike in production leading to his stock rising. Thornhill was a very, very productive college player that also happened to test very well at the combine. To me, those are the kind of guys that I want. Not just elite athletes but were able to be very productive or dominant in college, as well.
  12. I saw the kid play plenty as an NC State fan and I knew he was a special college player. I wasn't sure if that would translate directly to the NFL and I never expected him to be as good as he has been. I was more miffed that we drafted him when we had Jon Beason. All that said, I never thought we overdrafted him. He was a top 10 talent, for sure.
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