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  1. The man literally said "Silver Bullet." Speaking of BS.....
  2. We haven't had an above average returner that I can remember since Smitty. I may be forgetting someone but it seems like a long time. I will say we have a fast team, so you hope that improves this season.
  3. Yeah, I will freely admit that I was happy to see CNN get smashed up. They deserve a fuging wake up call. Killer Mike was 100% right to say what he did about that incident.
  4. Voting rights have been eroded over time and one party is quite open about how they do not want to see increases in voting. That is mind blowing. Just look at how badly our voting is handled compared to most of the first world. But it isn't accidental. The power structure constantly struggle not to get more people to vote but to manipulate voting to get their desired outcome. It is completely ridiculous.
  5. Wonder why a bunch of sweating and heavy breathing coupled with close proximity would be an issue? So weird.
  6. I think the media has done a good enough job of undermining themselves so when a true charlatan is in office(like now) they can exploit those weaknesses. You definitely hit the nail on the head about people not being savvy enough to consume news and have a skeptical view. It's too easy to be lazy and follow along with a narrative that you are predisposed to believe any. We constantly lean towards confirmation bias in consumption of news and media. That is where one of our fatal flaws as Americans is laid bare. We are intellectually lazy and feed these trolls(TV Media, social media, etc) instead of ignoring them. That is how we bear the ultimate responsibility for the evolution of the modern new media(and really sport media, as well). We love these echo chambers for some reason. I even hear people say things like, "Well, I watch Fox and MSNBC and that way I have a counterpoint." The problem with that is constantly consuming blatant, nake propaganda is that even little bits of that will slip through and their sensationalism will still have subtle impacts. If nothing else, it is stressful to watch/listen to that trash. People need to disengage more and stop consuming from these bad actors. They hurt society and there is no benefit to feeding those machines.
  7. Please stop fuging posting all this poo. It is painful enough to know he is a Patriot now.
  8. How hilarious was their decision to go to Florida? I mean, did anyone really NOT see Florida being a mega hot spot eventually?
  9. How long is he going to wait on Rhule? Right now we are set up to be tremendously unsuccessful for a while. Tepper himself has publicly preached patience with the process. Are you so sure that patience isn't extended towards Hurney? We don't know much yet. I am very concerned about what we end up finding out through the process.
  10. I think that narrative is somewhat true but it just takes a spark for a protest to turn nasty. Not every person committing some property violation was someone that went out with the intention of doing anything bad. Some just get caught up in the moment. That's why I get a little wary of all these, "well all these rioters are from other places." Historically that has been used for pretty specific reasons and mostly not good. The CNN situation was largely people letting their outrage get the best of them. Some of these "riots" have been that as well. The bulk are just fuging knuckleheads looking to take advantage of the situation. Anyway, let's not get off into the weeds too much on that. The point being that the general American public is progressively losing faith in the journalistic institutions which is a frightening prospect. When they lose the public opinion, it makes totalitarian measures seem much more reasonable. Dipshit does actually understand this. He sees that the media isn't doing their job and he is driving that wedge between the free press and the public. It also allows him to make these dramatic abuses of the free press more normalized. And that is scary. The Obama administration also attacked the press(much more subtly) during the Snowden/WikiLeaks era. In my opinion, that is one of the biggest threats we are facing. As the public loses faith in it's institutions(and rightly so), it makes the slope towards totalitarianism very steep and well lubricated.
  11. I mean, why would anyone blame him? He seems like a genuinely decent person and Twitter is a sewer of awful people.
  12. It was telling when the BLM protesters were breaking windows at CNN in ATL. They think they can spread all this fear, unrest, despair and division 24/7 for YEARS and not eventually make everyone mad at them. The polls are telling, people are losing trust in the media and it started before Dipshit.
  13. I don't really see the benefit. All the players hate preseason and the fans really don't care that much other than to "scratch the itch." Just start the season if you are gonna play.
  14. And then came the "selective news." People now seek out sources that aren't impartial and certainly not "fair and balanced" but are echo chambers for their own preexisting beliefs or biases. And to a person they refuse to admit it.
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