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  1. Incorrect. We are projected to have roughly $23.5-27 mil in cap space due to some of the same boneheaded moves as throwing money at a mid-level LB(due $14.1 mil in 2021). That's called repeating the mistakes of the past, which I guess if you have Hurney Stockholm Syndrome, you'd call "gloom and doom and bitching."
  2. Well it isn't like we assembled a fantastic team and in Shaq's case it is a contract we will be dealing with for far too long. We could have probably done better than Tre and wouldn't be saddled with another overpaid underperformer in Shaq. I don't even think Shaq is trash but part of this rebuild needs to be avoiding the same mistakes we have made for years that got us where we are now.
  3. I think Teddy has a lot more rapport with Robby and I also think Anderson has a little more "dog" in him than DJ does. He's also a much more wiley veteran. IMO, he is the #1 WR and has pretty much performed as such. I hope that DJ views this as a challenge and steps up into an even greater role. Take that #1 spot back.
  4. Gase is a complete joke. He seems to be a QB destroyer and not whisperer.
  5. His contract is toxic. No team would willingly pay that for what he is.
  6. Nah. I think he might be damaged goods at this point. Hard pass. I'd sign him on a low cost free agent deal, if available. We definitely don't have a good back up option.
  7. Well they've allowed less points so far than we have, so I highly doubt that.
  8. I don't think it's been that quiet. He's clearly our #1 WR, IMO.
  9. There is no reason to be actively anti-Teddy. He didn't sign himself to this contract. He's just going out and doing the best that he can. He is who we thought he was and that's fine. He isn't going to destroy the franchise any more than he is going to lead us to the playoffs. He's the solution they decided they needed for now, whether we like it or not.
  10. Overpaying a RB, inexplicably changing contract structure of an overpriced veteran........Jesus....it was him all along.
  11. I mean, we're terrible. It was expected and it's starting to come to pass. As I have said repeatedly, we are also seeing some definite fight from the team so it is really going pretty well. We haven't gotten the doors blown off like any of last year's losses yet. I don't see people frustrated and bitching each other out on the field yet. We just have to hope this lasts 14 more games.
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