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  1. Remember that time that Cleveland amassed a shitload of talent and had a head coach with 8 total games of anything above a positional coach of experience? Gonna have to prove something first, fellas. The Cleveland Browns make the Charlotte Bobnets look like a franchise that really has it's poo together historically.
  2. Oh poo!!! New ownership????!!!!
  3. I definitely agree with most of your post until you get to the UNC kid. Let's see what he is at the college level first. UNC has been one of the worst of the major schools at putting out NBA talent in recent years. We have definitely had zero luck with UNC guys. But, aside from that, absolutely spot on. It's time to move on and really focus on this rebuilding effort and shedding these bad contracts. Let's find out if any of these young guys are really worth anything(I think we know the answer for most of them) and get ourselves to where we can eventually accidentally draft an elite player based on excellent draft position. Keeping up the status quo is just going to lead to more frustration and for a longer period of time.
  4. Yeah, that's possible but I do think him being such a giant at the position probably fit well with what they were doing at the time. Side note, it is crazy that all of the major stars of that Legion of Boom had their careers either cut short or drastically altered by injuries.
  5. If I was going to leave, I'd go to the Lakers. AD, LeBron and he would be a formidable trio and the Lakers do actually still have some reasonable talent remaining. They would probably have the clearest shot at success if they added Kemba. That said, clearly a lot of public dysfunction that should be worrisome. Boston is looking a little messy and even adding Kemba is not going to make them better than Milwaukee or Toronto(assuming Kawhi stays). Dallas is a great potential spot but potential is the key word. Kemba is not exactly a spring chicken, so it may not be wise to choose a route that has a 3-4 year payoff, at best. New York is even more of a dumpster fire than we are, although certainly much more talented. That seems like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Charlotte, well....we are what he knows. He claims to love the place, so we have that going for us. I suppose he can still make mega-loot here, become the face of the franchise for the foreseeable future and make the fans love him even more. But, our ceiling is probably not much more than a 7th or 8th seed berth in the next 3-4 years. If we do turn it around more quickly, it would have to be with some big splash free agent signings or some exceptional drafting. Neither of those scenarios fit the Bobnets MO. IDK, I definitely don't want to see him in Boston because I hate those people but I would likely root hard for him to get a title if he does decide to leave. He's definitely a guy that deserves a ring before he retires. It's just sad that it won't come from the home team.
  6. Yeah and we really have no idea how long or IF we are able to dial in these new looks defensively. I feel the same way, cautiously optimistic but with the realization that we were a middle of the road defense last year and that could easily happen again.
  7. Eh....I would say that might be debatable but Browner was obviously made to look a lot better by the quality of his teammates.
  8. That debate(whole defense) came from a comment here, not from what Irvin said.
  9. Keep in mind he is largely using this model to evaluate a fanbase on it's marketing and economic impact. So, in that regard social media plays a pretty big role because it is so key to a lot of modern marketing. Take these rankings with a grain of salt because most of these articles never really explain the purpose for the guy's ranking system. It is definitely not a measure of how a fanbase OVERALL supports the team but more of a basic metric to measure which fanbases have the biggest economic impact, based a few categories. It's interesting but the sports media has dramatically oversold it as a tool to measure how "good" or "hardcore" or whatever that a fanbase is. Trying to come up with a tangible ranking system for something like that would be extremely difficult.
  10. I'm pretty sure we are missing their entire secondary. Not sure any on our DB list would crack their starting lineup. Possibly as a nickel. I think we have the ability to be pretty decent secondary unit but that Legion on Boom unit was INSANE that year and for years after.
  11. NC has traditionally always struggled with consistent professional sports support. The (real) Hornets, Hurricanes and Panthers have all had extremely high levels of support when they were winning. However, when that starts to slide, the support has traditionally declined with it. That is largely the case with just about any team, obviously, but it does seem more pronounced in areas like ours where there is not a long history of professional athletics. Only one way to cure it, win, win and win some more.
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