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  1. I predicted this would be a failure prior to last season. They got what they needed out of it, which was shutting the NO's fans up. Then it came back to fug them.
  2. I wonder if they always hire a female correspondent to soften the blow of the franchise lying to the fans.
  3. Yeah but also with much better overall personnel than he will play with in Carolina.
  4. That is what I have been saying the entire time about Burrow. He isn't an elite QB prospect, he's a potentially elite game manager. Scheme is going to matter a lot in terms of his career success. Don't be surprised to see him be a huge bust in Cincy because they don't set him up to be successful.
  5. Probably not many can. I'll wager no one actually read the whole article.
  6. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/coronavirus-case-counts-are-meaningless/ A long read(more than the average Huddler can handle) but a good look at why being hyper focused on case counts can be very misleading.
  7. Is that the bird flu trial run? @mc52beast Legit question, can she make some masks featuring Jim Carey's character "The Mask?" I would buy quite a few of those.
  8. Pats win more than Bucs Redskins win more than Panthers
  9. How do you manage to turn every thread into a Cam thread?
  10. Faith? You literally attributed something to him in his career that was not true at all.
  11. Remember Chucky is obsessed with QB's. He did this poo in Tampa too.
  12. Bridgewater has extremely high sack rate statistics. His career sack rate is 8.3%(6.0% at the Saints who had an excellent line). Drew Brees career sack rate is 3.9%(3.6% with the Saints). Cam's career sack percentage behind an atrocious OL? 6.8% Teddy is very poor at avoiding hits.
  13. Listening to Colin Cowherd will rot your brain. He is the Rush Limbaugh of sports radio.
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