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  1. I'd halfway be interested in going but I am likely to be foul mouthed and rant at the team(albeit somewhat tongue in cheek). It's kind of my thing. Was well known for it in my section as a college football season ticket holder.
  2. It's possible that he could develop into a journeyman caliber QB but I am extremely skeptical of that. He just has too many negative aspects to his play that I do not expect to see him overcome easily in the NFL. Not that big of a deal to me, as you said, capable backup and at a good price.
  3. I do get annoyed with how many people have been so definitive about this issue for the better part of the season. I am pretty sure that neither Cam nor David Tepper knows if he will be a Panther next year at this point. The level of uncertainty has increased since the coach firing and announcement of the FO overhaul, not decreased. We will know what happens when it comes closer to the time for that decision to actually be made. Everything up to this point has just been idle speculation or reports of casual discussions from either camp.
  4. Bah. Don't give in to the malaise just yet. The uncertainty of it all sucks but we will get a chance to see the direction in the next few months. Perhaps it will be enough to get back on the horse again and ready to see 2020. Of course, it could also reveal Dan Snyder 2.0 and a regression towards the cellar dweller franchises. Let's hope it is the former.
  5. That is literally what you want your backup to do, have SOME success. Like enough success to last a few drives in a game when your starter is down or be able to last 1-3 games while your starter gets healthy. That is pretty much what Kyle did. And then he kept starting and has been unable to get any more wins. Yes, Kyle hasn't had a lot of great supporting cast help. poo OL. Suspect WR's. Poor defense. But....it's the NFL, everything isn't perfect. Cam was able to make imperfect situations into winning situations. Russell Wilson does it. Pat Mahomes does it. Elite starting QB's are able to do it. If you want to simply ignore the very obvious physical limitations that Kyle has, you can't ignore that fact. Just go look at your journeyman QB's in the league that have mixed success or backups that flash for a couple of games. They have success when things around them are going really well. Then when it all breaks down, they do too. This is the key difference between great players and average or below average players. Kyle Allen is not a great player. Kyle Allen is unlikely to magically become a great player. Just be glad we have a capable and cheap back up option.
  6. I am just struggling to see the makings of a "really good QB." He looks a lot like a journeyman and very little like a "really good QB."
  7. Samuels wasn't a WR in the first place. He's a gadget player. Typical Panthers, though. Let's beat this square peg into the round hole we have. Samuels will be fine for us once we stop trying to make him something he isn't.
  8. Oh for sure, it just sucks to see it happen so soon(as is likely in Cam's case). Luke, who knows? He's under contract but he's also one of the most obvious trade assets if we really do decide to burn it all down for a complete rebuild. I just hope if they end up anywhere it is in the AFC and beating the Pats asses on a consistent basis.
  9. TBQH, I think the "tank" notion is a little bit overused in the NFL specifically. You have to remember that players have incentives in their contracts for statistical milestones and also playoff bonuses, divisional championship bonuses, etc, etc. So do the coaches. The reality is that we are not likely to be able to get a new head coach to buy into the idea of truly tanking and attempting not to win. Frankly, if it was a coach that had any real pride, he'd never agree to it in the first place. That's why you see teams like Miami all of a sudden winning when all the rage during the first portion of the season is that they were intentionally tanking. That really doesn't happen much. Players and coaches really do WANT to win, even if it doesn't help the long term goal of getting the best overall draft pick. Would you really want a coach and/or players that were just okay going to work every day and mailing it in? Honestly.
  10. It's not different, IMO. In the history of this franchise, we have had very few HOF talents and we've wasted them all. The thing that is really going to suck is if we end up watching Cam and/or Luke spend the HOF clinching portions their careers elsewhere. That's when it would really sting.
  11. Who is willing to post it again on the anniversary of the time it was posted first?
  12. The NFL always protects itself, regardless of the integrity of the games themselves.
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