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  1. Yeah they still show the redskins over panthers in parts of NE NC and OBX.
  2. Every MLB team has a data team. I suspect most NBA teams have the same given the associates in my field who have migrated to the NBA. I honestly don't know how far behind we are in the NFL but I bet we are behind the curve. Analytics doesn't have to drive decisions but adding data points is never bad. You can ignore them if you want. This is a smart move by Tepper.
  3. We are an 8 win team. Always have been. We bat .500 on average. There is just a lot of variance around that prediction. In the past decade we have been a two win team and a 15 win team. And ESPN has probably had us at around eight wins most years. In the past 10 years the Patriots have been a 10 win team and a 14 win team and that is the variance. Meaning not much. We are the definition of mediocre with potential for greatness or crap. But we don't sustain either. Eight wins is the prediction we can expect many years.
  4. That's great and looks awesome. When I think of a team bar I usually think of Tavern on the Tracks which has Bills crap all over it and on it''s website. And plays Bills game on every TV when they play...
  5. Are we asking why there isn't a full time Panthers bar in London? Probably the same reason we don't have a Burnley FC bar in Charlotte.
  6. 1996 Rams game halfway though the season. I'm not even 100% sure of that. It was fun. But my favorite game was when Jake came in at halftime down 17-0 to the jags. My wife's company at the time got us into the box for my only time ever. Which had me pumped. Except it was all grabassing corporate politics which was fine for a while given the free beer. At halftime I and my wife and two other guys who just wanted to watch the game threw the windows open and sat up front. They announced Jake at halftime and the crowd cheered (Rodney Peete was kind of done). It was the best game. For the next couple of months I bought begged and borrowed tickets mostly way up top and Jake was magic. I took a job overseas late but watched the playoffs and superbowl with fellow fans in another country. That was when I knew I would get PSLs whenever i moved back which i did in 2010. But 1996 Rams to answer the question.
  7. Davidson Day in the house. I have no issue with this pick.
  8. https://alabama.rivals.com/news/christian-miller-14 His Dad thinks he will be great.
  9. No set date...probably a few days before the draft. In typical NFL fashion they will make an announcement and build it up.
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