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  1. Grier needs a year as backup. Allen looked good against a weakened Saints team. We don't want either of those as starter and I would expect any regular season starts to be rocky. As an aside have any 2019 drafted QBs looked good? Edit: Ryan Finley looked good and Haskins looked decent this week.
  2. I'm a PSL owner and I guess I will be annoyed if we have a new stadium and my PSLs are erased. Any significant new "investment" will not be from me. I would love if PSLs are transferred over. But it was never pitched as an investment to me or anyone I know.
  3. Nobody should have ever viewed a PSL in terms of return on investment.
  4. I went through the list and until the mid '80's the halftime show was nobody. Marching bands and up with people. Since then they seem to rotate between trendy and generic. Generic meaning songs that you know if you are 60 or 25. As far as generic, I see the Eagles missing and maybe Bon Jovi. Taylor swift seems like a safe pick.
  5. I think losing by one score is mildly encouraging but I think it means we lost in coaching and talent. The Jets were 1-6 in one score games. I'm very high on the Panthers but it is because we are healthy and we upgraded at most positions.
  6. I was just about to post that if someone had solid numbers we could figure out the probability of being tested so much. Wiki already did it. That means 1 out of 588 players should be tested that much each year and there are almost 1700 players in the nfl...
  7. Yes but you can now. The reason I didn't make a withdrawal is I didn't win. I did win a nice amount on pokerstars back in the day and they paid out pretty quick But yeah you can gamble pretty easy these days.
  8. Yes and everything was smooth. Unfortunately never had the opportunity to make a withdrawal. They used to be bodog until the US cracked down on online poker.
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