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  1. No set date...probably a few days before the draft. In typical NFL fashion they will make an announcement and build it up.
  2. Raiders will give us a 2nd round pick for him.
  3. It's interesting that both Bell and Brown "won" their battles vs the Steelers.
  4. Happy Panther

    Huddle on Hurney

    I guess he is think of Matt Kalil (signed by Gettlemnan) and a bunch of extensions?
  5. Happy Panther

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

    There are two actually. Half the article is about his drops.
  6. What's the biggest name free agent we signed in the past decade? Oher? Peppers?
  7. Happy Panther

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    Chargers also getting Ndamukong Suh according to ESPN
  8. Happy Panther

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

  9. Sure we all know what the OP is. But Sheena is an "accredited journalist" and has a duty to vet her reporting. If she reports garbage like this somebody will post it here. That was her goal.
  10. I'm not a journalist but even i know you don't go with one source unless it is THE source. Sure once you get multiple sources that you trust immensely you report it with caveats. This is terrible journalism. Unfortunately she justifies with the fact she reports on multiple sports. And her "fans" eat it up.
  11. Happy Panther

    Just an opinion...

    True depth is when your special teams are filled with guys who will be starting one day. It's also a unicorn but hey...
  12. Happy Panther

    Question about Bortles as backup.

    The upside to bortles is that he has started 70+ games. There is an upside to having experience like that and he would be able to step in pretty quickly. But if Cam goes down he doesn't have the resume to suggest he could be a starter for half a season or whatever. He will go somewhere if the Jags get rid of him. Certainly doesn't get me excited.