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  1. Happy Panther

    Could Clemson beat this years Panthers?

  2. My mind went to Delhomme as well but he was not a rookie and i was thinking of when he came in to replace Rodney Peete (was at that game and the only time I sat in a box)
  3. Happy Panther

    Antonio brown

    You literally repeated that Rivera was going to be fired a half dozen times. You are a bad troll and a liar. Please go away.
  4. Happy Panther

    So How Bad Was the Defense Today?

    Was anything good? Maybe WRs?
  5. Happy Panther

    This team will go 0-16 if Rivera is retained

    I think we could win one..if not even a few more...
  6. Try not to be prisoners of the moment. Rivera has a solid resume and will be a very strong DC if not head coach. If Tepper wants to clean house or has the next elite coaching staff in mind go for it.
  7. Joe Person is worthless. "Hey world I have an impression that I will not back up in any way. Some people disagree with my impression. Journalism!!" Then does jazz hands I imagine.
  8. Heinicke has ZERO turnovers in his entire NFL career and a 98 passer rating (108 just this year!!)
  9. Happy Panther

    Words from my source

    Also another rumour from a guy with sources (Joe the caller on WFNZ) says that Steve Smith will be a WR coach next year.
  10. Happy Panther

    Words from my source

    Having said that, it is interesting that one of the most successful coaches to be fired in the middle of a season is Norv Turner. He was 7-6 having started....6-2.
  11. Happy Panther

    Words from my source

    I feel like you are trying to say something here. Rivera being fired is hardly a stretch. Your story is so oddly specific though that either there is some truth or you were really high. But what smells about this is why would Tepper fire Rivera before or after the Tampa game (you seem to suggest both). Coaches rarely get fired mid season unless they are out of it or they have stunk for a while. After the Tampa game we were still in the playofff hunt with 538 having us around around 20% Why would anyone fire a coach who still has a chance to win in the playoffs? That would defalte the entire team. Maybe Tepper just wants to clean house. Maybe you are right. It would make me pretty disappointed in Tepper.
  12. Happy Panther

    Should fans go to the stadium for MNF

    There is no message to send that Tepper hasn't already been delivered. He has already said he is ready to fire people. Plus we are still in the playoff hunt. Don't spend the money on the product if you don't want to go. But the money has already been spent by someone. You not going will have no effect on anyone's pocketbook except maybe the saints fans that spend $250 per ticket. Boycott when it is clear management is complacent or we are terrible for a few years. And the way to boycott is for PSL owners to turn their tickets in.
  13. Happy Panther

    Gameball, my God I'm shaking...

    holy crap