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  1. for those touting the “but he didn’t know” arguent...ignorance of a law or condition is not a valid defense. if you traffic in stolen goods, it doesn’t matter if you knew they were stolen or not. same thing for drugs, and the same thing here. this is from the florida state law in regards to under age sex crimes. there are other definitions of “consent” and the inability to give it. Kraft not knowing is not a valid defense. you are responsible for your actions, and knowing what you’re getting yourself into. 794.021 Ignorance or belief as to victim’s age no defense.—When, in this chapter, the criminality of conduct depends upon the victim’s being below a certain specified age, ignorance of the age is no defense. Neither shall misrepresentation of age by such person nor a bona fide belief that such person is over the specified age be a defense.
  2. Mother Grabber

    OBJ to the Texans?

    certainly not in this thread. it should be renamed to “In case you didn’t see the other 100 threads on this topic, here’s another thread about Dave vs Marty, which offers no new insights”
  3. Mother Grabber

    OBJ to the Texans?

    What’s that you say about OBJ to the Texans?
  4. Mother Grabber

    OBJ to the Texans?

    OBJ to the Texans? Color me intrigued. Please tell me more...
  5. Mother Grabber

    OBJ to the Texans?

    so, what’s this i hear about OBJ to the Texans?
  6. Mother Grabber

    2018-19 North Carolina Tar Heels

    this years UNC plays harder than i’ve seen the heels play in a long time. they made some sloppy plays, but stayed with it, and turned a lot of them right back over. they are very scrappy. combine that kind of effort with their talent, and they can make a deep run. dookies proved that without Zion, they are an also ran.
  7. Mother Grabber

    Fantasy Series Fans

    I was really into the beginning of the first Kingkiller book. The lead-in was fantastic, and had me thinking old school epic, like the Iliad or Beowulf. I was excited to get something like episodes IV-VI, but the main story ended up being more like I-III. About half way through I felt like I was hearing fantasy Wesley Crusher give his life story. It makes sense, given the overall story, but I got a little tired of teenagers doing teenager things. The author is extremely good, and I'm still hopeful I'll get IV-VI in the next book. Book 1 is 600ppg, and book 2 is 1000, so it's a commitment. I'll do the first Bastards book before I dive into book 2. I guess there's no hurry, since book three is behind schedule.
  8. technically, you were inb4 everything...
  9. the one 100 years ago was a regular leopard, but the silver halide was pre-exposed, making it look black
  10. Mother Grabber

    Dating Sucks!

  11. Mother Grabber

    Dating Sucks!

  12. Mother Grabber

    Dating Sucks!

    just squirt a little bbq on it, and you’re good to go
  13. Mother Grabber

    Let's see what DJ Moore has been up to

    hope he doesn't "catch" anything
  14. Mother Grabber

    Dating Sucks!

    you can always get a real doll, and call it a life
  15. Mother Grabber

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    I vote for the Iron. Strongest name and image of the teams. Atlanta Legends? GTFO.