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  1. blaming a group of people for the actions of individuals who are part of that group is, in fact, the definition of predjudice. your statements are straight up sexism. blaming all women for the actions of some women, is sexism. saying all women have a behavior because some women have a behavior is sexism.
  2. Mother Grabber

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    vikes oline is hot garbage. lolz at the mnf crew ripping on remmers
  3. blaming all women for the actions of a certain individual, or individuals, is the exact definition of sexist predjudice.
  4. can this fool make a thread that doesn’t reference that guy who had one good season?
  5. Mother Grabber

    Myth buster christian mccaffrey

    do you have any data to back up your claim, or you just spewing poo?
  6. Mother Grabber

    fire everyone

    does "fire everyone" include OP too?
  7. Mother Grabber

    What are the Chances? Norv Turner

    half of the posters on this board, apparently
  8. 2nd and 3 on the 28... can't you guys see the signs?
  9. the Falcons set this up, so they can pull a reverse 28-3...
  10. there's absolutely nothing that can happen, that will confirm this theory.
  11. anyone taking notes on how the Taints don't have 35 points yet?
  12. Mother Grabber

    Newton and Panthers are Pretenders to the crown?

    “According to Bleacher Report...”
  13. he could always “start fresh” right now, if he’s really hit rock bottom. the fact that he’s putting it off until next season shows that he’s still the same lazy whiner he’s always been.
  14. Mother Grabber

    losing out will be the best thing for us

    the only thing worse than a wall of text, is a wall of stupid text.