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  1. boston is playing well today, wrapping up and hitting holes. he must have learned that he’d be gone if he didn’t pick it up a notch.
  2. forfeit the season for not following protocol...or does that only apply to the broncos?
  3. uh-huh. you keep convincing yourself of that, just like the Taints didn't intentionally injure opposing players and get paid to do so. Gold and black colored glasses.
  4. you seem to be missing the point about the double standard where other games have been moved or postponed, yet for some reason this one is going to go on and be an embarrassment for the league.
  5. 4 teams averaging 3 wins. yay. Kansas v Gonzaga bball game looks to be the best game on today.
  6. hilarious that whoever wins the NFCE will be in the top half of the draft. What a poo show that division is. they have what, 2 wins outside of the division so far. lolz
  7. both quotes are from Voth, i guess he needs to define what “in full” means. the take away is they expect him to be ready for sunday.
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