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  1. columbus was on absolute fire the last month, in the race for the playoffs, including wins over us and the islanders.
  2. tampa’s defense is turrble
  3. which is the bigger choke... win 62 games and get swept in the 1st round, or be up 3-0 and 2-0 in game 2, and lose the series
  4. Mother Grabber

    Had a vasectomy

  5. The staff made some adjustments to the lines, which seems to have improved their ability to find mismatches in the 3rd. That bodes well for making the series competitive. They looked outclassed in the 1st, chasing the puck, so it's good to see the staff was able to find some adjustments that worked.
  6. Mother Grabber


    $20 is $20
  7. caps are shooting 50%. wtf
  8. played well for the most part, but the penalty and PK were both not good
  9. go canes! wooo wooooooooooooo!!!!
  10. Mother Grabber

    Huddle Upgrades Coming.

    hope we get a boobie forum back
  11. will be nice if Burns is still on the board for our pick.
  12. the race to the playoffs between Carolina, Columns, and Montreal was fantastic. All three teams were on fire, keeping the pressure on until the last game.
  13. Mother Grabber


    glory holes would be nice
  14. dem all black uniforms, doh
  15. Mother Grabber

    Fantasy Series Fans

    just about done with the first gentleman’s bastards. two thumbs way the fug up.