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  1. I forgot the Bungholes even existed, but my money is on the Jets.
  2. “Trump on peaceful transition if he loses: 'Get rid of the ballots' and 'there won't be a transfer'” https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-peaceful-transition-if-he-loses-get-rid-ballots-there-n1240896 no one, democrat nor republican has ever come right out and said, I won’t leave. this guy thinks he’s above the law and needs to gtfo.
  3. There Now Exists A Game Where Shoving A Trumpet Up A Donkey's Ass Is A Powerful Weapon https://www.pedestrian.tv/tech-gaming/inkulinati-farting-donkey-trumpet-ass-game/
  4. are all the tank for trevor fans going to be pissed off half way through the season, when start kicking people’s asses?
  5. we won the second half with good adjustments on both sides, and a great no quit attitude. outside of one horrible play, the defense shut them down in the second. After Evans was a guaranteed 15 yards any time they wanted in the first, he disappeared in the second. lots to feel positive about from a potential point of view. the team is looking better as they play, not stagnant or getting worse.
  6. he’s been terrible, so hard to listening to his drivel.
  7. i’m glad this team doesn’t give up as quickly as our fans do. bodes well for the future.
  8. work day starts at 8AM. he’s 30min late. write his ass up.
  9. dude missed the first PAT, then nailed everything after that, and y’all are still busting his balls a week later? wtf?
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