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  1. it’s slightly better than a kick in the balls
  2. does that mean you’re out at least through training camp and preseason?
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2019/06/13/nhl-fans-sure-enjoyed-seeing-brad-marchand-cry-after-bruins-game-7-loss/39576925/ lolz, fug boston
  4. maybe then he'll post some pictures of his cars so we can all see how rich he is
  5. won’t believe you’re serious until you bet your Pats fandom on it.
  6. are they on the field yet practicing? why aren’t they out on the field practicing! lazy fugs!
  7. in post 2 it was 5%, and by post 5 it was 10%. Should be a done deal if we complete a couple more pages.
  8. you could hear all the bruins fans cheering when they scored, or for rask when he made a save. it was very disheartening
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