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  1. there’s nothing that says you have to sit on your ass while you watch a game. i often watch on my phone out doing errands, or while exercising. i’m writing this on my phone while making breakfast in Bhutan. i read books by listening to audible while hiking. if you sit on your couch all day, that’s a you problem. don’t blame someone else.
  2. you spend a lot of time watching and talking about a team you claim not to care about. if i was a on a beach, i sure as hell wouldn’t be on a forum whining.
  3. really? then why were you posting in the live game thread?
  4. looked like we moved the ball well after the first quarter, especially in the second half. the 3 turnovers stalled drives, and our defense gave up long drives that ended in FG. we only had the ball 3 times, but all three drives were solid, until we stalled on the last one.
  5. not sure why we took 3 shots at the end zone, with only 5 yards to gain and 2 time outs.Cammy cam got a little greedy.
  6. 0-3 turnover ratio, and we're marching down the field with a chance to win, and 95% of the posts are whining. smh.
  7. defense has shut them down since the first quarter
  8. it’s been since the first quarter
  9. lolz at the emo haters
  10. everyone who just whined about the defense can suck it
  11. hey look, peterson running out of the I formation. i heard that no one used that any more
  12. the difference in this game is the 3 turnovers, and a missed PAT, none of which any sane person can blame on the coaching staff.
  13. after 3 turnovers, being down 11 shows a lot of resilience. if the second half goes like the second quarter, it’s a very winnable game.
  14. Mother Grabber

    This game is the epitome of the Rivera era

    did you watch the second quarter?
  15. ah, but that also means we’re near the bottom in roughing the passer penalties. :D