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  1. you’re the one that said she’s lovely. are you switching teams now?
  2. what kind of tea are you using? that can skew the results
  3. i’d be ok bringing him at vet min to compete in camp. maybe he has something left.
  4. remember how good our defenses were with Kris Jenkins and Star in the middle of the D-line? remember how mediocre those defenses were after they left? Brown is the next run stuffing monster who will let the rest of the defense work.
  5. Cammy Testaverde will join someone off the couch mid season
  6. so you’re assuming, eg you don’t know anything.
  7. i see a lot of venting going on that was caught by this thread.
  8. how do you know what opportunities cam did or didn’t get? did he call you and explain what happened in negotiations?
  9. because we validate ourselves through certain players, and change makes us scared.
  10. have we gotten our 2 1st for him yet or what? must be a bidding war, so we’ll end up with 3-4 firsts, and Aaron Donald.
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