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  1. While I absolutely agree on teh magnitude of Schein’s doucheyness, there is none higher, can’t say I completely disagree with him... I have been wondering whadinafug the Panthers have been doing with the handling of Cam, questioned the constant “if healthy” caveats from new owner & new coach, wondering what happened behind the scenes to get the 2 middle finger pics & the ‘commitment’ posts from Cam, but can’t argue that this blind squirrel might have found a nut....
  2. Ed Hochuli... ever since the “too young” comment, officiating seemed a bit more biased....
  3. I mean, I get he’s nobody anybody’s heard of , but isn’t that Rhules recent mo? Don’t follow NCAA but dude supposed to’ve turned 2x 2-xx teams into co tenders in 2years, each... I been doing a lot of simultaneous head shaking & scratching too recently..., but if Coach is brought in to do a job then let him, agree or not, it’s on him.... can only hope for the best, and assume they know more than I do about how it plays out... im a fan of anyone wearing a Panthers jersey, always will be...
  4. No, that would be ‘social distancing’....
  5. There is new leadership, they have a different idea than you or what you’re used to.., Be a fan or don’t be... Like it or don’t like it, it’s the best thing going today....
  6. Trubisky, Dalton, Haskins, Mayfield, Mariota Miami, Detroit & Cincy.... off the top of my head....
  7. Robin was great, fug all o’yous doggin on Scot... he’s beeen postin quality here since before the best part of you was running down your mommy’s leg... y ep, talkin to you.... expect nothing g more than coach-speak, muddled madness at this point in the season, who’s gonna say poo & what ? Pointless.... too much time & too many changes between now & then , all a bunch of throwing it against the wall speculation at this point.. who don’t love drunk posting????
  8. Going to miss you immensely, Luke... all the personnel WASH is poaching, I think Sam III will be missed the most... hopefully, Kuechly’s words of want to still be a part of the game ring true & he fills the gap..... Losing 89 was worse but this hurts almost as bad.....
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