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  1. Oh look. It's the I'm losing an argument so I'll talk about my teams past accomplishments move. I'd be more impressed if you could tell me who Steve Grogan is without using Google.
  2. I think of The Last Dragon. The Seahawks are Sho'nuff. The Panthers are Leroy Green. Panthers got their golden aura in week 6. Now they are the Master!
  3. I swear I've never seen a more undeserving batch of ass clowns then what the Seahawks fans have morphed into. You would think a fan base of a team that was irrelevant for most of 30 years would be a little more humble. But then again, most of them have only been a fan for less than 5 years. I have never wanted the Panthers to win a game more than this. As much as I can't stand the Patriots, I am retroactively happy that the Seahawks choked away the Super Bowl last season.
  4. So is he the "Taye Biddle" of this years training camp?
  5. I told y'all she sounded crazy! Suck it, Sanford!
  6. ...in the waiting room. When you're going to sue somebody for abuse you go see a doctor immediately.
  7. Sounds like he choke slammed her in every room of the condo. Totally believable.
  8. I said it before and I'll say it again. If he hit her, he should go to jail. If she went bat poo crazy and got bruised because she was being restrained and wouldn't calm down, that's a different story. Sorry if you disagree.
  9. Being stupid and/or immature does not automatically make someone a future wife beater. The point is that the stories don't match and something smells fishy. I don't give a poo if Nicki is your friend. This is how I feel about it and until more facts come out I'm not going to crucify Hardy.
  10. Right, because rich people have never done anything underhanded to get more money.
  11. Of course not. If he actually did the things she accused him of, he should go to jail. But, personally it sounds like a crazy drunk bitch flipped out and had to be restrained. Now she has some marks on her body and the light bulb goes on. Cha-ching!
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