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  1. They plan on building apartments and other amenities around it from somewhere else I read. My opinion is to cease all development around here and allow me to get around this town without sitting in standstill traffic for a good while
  2. dear god i can't imagine how terrible Fort Mill's traffic is going to be furthermore if we get a practice facility near us. It's already atrocious with Kingsley. Love the Panthers, but traffic has been an absolute nightmare lately. Hopefully it's built at the old Knights stadium location (most logical place imo) so it wouldn't be as huge of a nightmare, but still. Very much will say Fort Mill's quite congested as it is with all the development happening lately.
  3. I just find it ironic that the Redskins didn’t sign Colin Kaepernick b/c they “didn’t want the media firestorm” yet signed Reuben Foster.
  4. Saca312

    Rashaan Gaulden | Defensive Back

    Dear god with his poor athleticism I’d even take a shot with old bones Mike Adams over Gaulden at corner.
  5. Saca312

    We Also Worked Out 4 Kickers Today

    Yeah as much as Gano gives me a heart attack, none of these other kickers would keep me out of the ICU either.
  6. Saca312

    Bad news for an old friend

    Honestly weird how much he regressed. From what I’ve seen and heard he’s been quite bad. Tbh that says a lot more about our o-line coach than anything.
  7. Lincoln Riley's known as an offensive genius at Oklahoma. Guarantee you he'd be drooling to work with Cam, CMC, Moore, and Samuel
  8. Yep. Most QBs have had their average time per pass significantly decrease against the Panthers. They know the front seven is good, but because Washington is so keen on calling off coverage and ancient defensive coverage pass offs that don’t work in the modern era, it’s easy to ignore their threat.
  9. Steven Ruiz from USA Today helps breakdown how the Panthers have arguably one of the NFL’s emerging stars in Samuel yet refuse to play him. Part film work and part facts: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/11/nfl-panthers-curtis-samuel-snap-count-stats-fantasy-football Some highlights: The 2017 second-round pick out of Ohio State has not seen much of the field in 2018 but has still managed to make a tremendous impact on the Panthers offense. He’s played only 112 snaps all season — nearly half the number THIRD tight end Chris Manhertz (no, that’s not a made-up name) has played. Smauel has touched the ball only 21 times this season. He has five touchdowns. Five. On 21 touches. Nearly 25% of the plays Samuel has received the ball have ended up in the end zone. He is the most efficient touchdown-maker in the league. In 2018, 56 players have scored at least five touchdowns. All of them have touched the ball more times than Samuel has. Chargers WR Mike Williams is next on the list with 24 touches; he’s played double the snaps Samuel has. Bears WR Anthony Miller is next with five scores on 29 touches but he’s needed 257 snaps to get them. No other player has scored five times on fewer than 30 touches. ... For whatever reason, Ron Rivera and the Panthers coaching staff have decided Samuel does not deserve more snaps than unspectacular players like Funchess, Jarius Wright and Torrey Smith. And Rivera’s reasoning for Samuel not seeing the field more often has been completely unsatisfying. ... After Sunday’s loss, Rivera said Samuel will “continue to get opportunities,” but his snap count has actually been trending down over the last few weeks. After playing 27 snaps in Week 8, he’s been on the field for a total of 52 over the last three weeks combined. The better he plays, the fewer snaps he gets, it seems. Maybe the coaching staff is having a hard time envisioning a 5-foot-11, 195-pound speedster as a WR1, but look around the league: Antonio Brown, who is smaller than Samuel, is the standard. Tyreek Hill is even smaller and not far behind Brown in the league’s WR hierarchy. You’d think a franchise that employed Steve Smith for over a decade would realize that size doesn’t really matter for receivers; then again, this is the same franchise that continues to play Funchess in the No. 1 role, so who knows. ... With the Panthers’ season now teetering on the edge after two straight losses, maybe Rivera will come to his senses and start playing his best receiver more than 20 snaps a game. It’s become clear that the Panthers defense isn’t very good, and if this team is going to hang with other playoff contenders, it will have to start scoring more points. Playing the NFL’s most efficient touchdown-scorer should help.
  10. Funchess can run routes well. I think he’d be fine as a WR3 tbh and gets too much flack. He’s not a WR1 though, nor should he be such a big focus. His contested catches are mediocre and his hands somehow turned into bricks lol.
  11. I mean to be fair part of it maybe is just simply Samuel isn’t Norv’s guy. DJ Moore is, but Samuel is more a by-product. Perhaps the reason could be a medical precaution for Samuel after what happened with his heart, which ultimately could’ve led to him having less snaps.
  12. Saca312

    Mike McCarthy or Ron?

    dear god mccarthy single-handedly has held the best QB of this generation back with his asinine coaching. I’d take Ron an John Fox combined before I even sniff McCarthey.
  13. Eh Norv deserves some blame but by and large Ron has historically had his say on the offense and player personnel so he deserves most of it for fostering such a culture of ignoring true talent and focusing on “his guys”
  14. On Curtis Samuel’s 11 snaps when he was out on a pass play, Cam threw it to him 7 times. Sounds like our QB is smart enough to know who needs the ball. I’m sure he can manage two exceptional receivers playing at the same time.
  15. I liked the call. No qualms about it. I just hate the fact he refuses to give Curtis Samuel significant snaps and chooses to throw players under the bus instead of evaluating himself.
  16. I'd take Sean McVay without looking back. But if we're being realistic, I would really hope we pick up Lincoln Riley from Oklahoma if we decide to drop Rivera. I mean, sure, he's getting heavy looks for going to the Cowboys if they move on from Garrett, but if we do move on from Ron, I think Riley will really love Carolina's situation offensively and turn this into a juggernaut.
  17. Oh christ dear lord. One fugging throw. He had Snacks over the middle putting his hands up. A lower pass makes that pass batted. That was a harder window than it looked. Unless you belief PFF's BS.
  18. Saca312


    Snacks had his hands up high and would've batted the pass had cam thrown it lower. Unless you believe PFF's BS that Cam should've been able to "easily" make that pass.
  19. "cam usually overthrows his receivers" by god people will ignore the brady and rodgers overthrows but because cam's a gunslinger and a running qb he gets the worst perception among everyone over something non-existent my god.
  20. edit: eh whatever. just venting over this loss.