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    Falcons - Giants

    Giants tanking for Herbert is actually smart. Very few teams right now need a QB immediately. Giants have an easy shot at pretty much the only franchise worthy QB of the draft. Put a competent QB behind, beef up the protection, and this team could be deadly next year. But right now? They bad.
  2. Saca312

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    I’d get a pass rusher before I’d worry about the secondary. Then again, Patrick Peterson has quietly been elite and arguably the best corner this season.
  3. As if there was any more need to validate just how much more effective Cam is dictating the offense. According to a well respected Eagles analyst, he says the defense was not the cause of their meltdown. So, if that’s the case, in theory this style of offense would work four total quarters. Hopefully Cam’s recent comments on the no huddle during the presser and two weeks in a row of improved offensive efficiency will help change Rivera’s mind a little bit.
  4. That was the 3rd down pre-snap read I told you about. Cam read Funchess and liked the match-up pre-snap. The slot-fade takes advantage of pre-snap matchups and Devin looked to be favorable. QBs can’t just suddenly change given how little time they have to make these decisions. It’s also as crazy as assuming QBs can make full-field reads and why one read/ half field reads are usually the most common by far. Olsen was not part of the read or progression. It was determined all prior to the snap. Blame should really be on Funchess for not winning the 1v1.
  5. Saca312

    2 VERY winnable games ahead

    Baltimore will have the best defense we’ve faced all season. It’s arguable they have the best in the NFL right now. That’s the one I’m worried about the most out of all our future games - even moreso than the Saints. They have an offense that can do stuff and an elite defense to pair.
  6. Someone already said he felt what Cam did in the 4th Q was expected and Brees/Brady/Ben do it all the time so it’s not all that special. I hate this fanbase sometimes.
  7. We didn’t watch the same game then. Cam was highly efficient and nearly made a comeback like he did against the Eagles. Anyways, those last three throws: -Cam had pressure all over him by the time he threw to CMC. It happens. Hard to criticize especially given the fact he had literally no time. -Next, pre-snap read was to Funchess off the slot-fade. Wrote up on that concept on a Curtis Samuel post prior. Cam liked the match-up from the slot and the read called to give Funchess a chance. Devin didn’t beat his man and didn’t arrive to where he was supposed to be. Cam can’t do much about it. If you’re arguing Cam should’ve thrown elsewhere, then blame the playcall. -To Wright, he got held bad. Cam threw to the right spot if Wright wasn’t held. Due to that hold, Wright couldn’t arrive at the expected spot. Really hard to criticize Cam at all.
  8. Oh I definitely watch them both. This wasn’t the only time Clark’s been beat bad consistently. Started since the Bengals. I’d argue Matt Kalil would’ve fared better and helped give Cam a bit more time in the first three halves. Sure, they’re both sub-par. But Matt Kalil at this point is better than Clark.
  9. Going to have a feeling they bit on a route concept somewhere near the MoF. That’s why the safeties are lagging behind. All-22 will likely give a better story.
  10. Ravens arguably have one of the current best defenses in the league atm paired with a decent offense.
  11. I don’t think it’s an issue at all. Anyhow...
  12. All honesty, with my huge lashing of him over the off-season, he’s looked great on the field. No, he’s not a deep threat anymore. Let’s stop pretending he’ll create such on his own now because it hasn’t worked. However, he’s been fine everywhere else and doing his role. Had a slow start, but has come to his own. Plus, key reason we were able to nail it in on that last drive. He can be real clutch. Once we stop pretending Torrey’s a deep threat and put Curtis as that sole option, then this offense will start clicking fine.
  13. FF are automatically considered sacks.
  14. Saca312

    "Luke Kuechly is done"

    I bet you were there telling Cam stans that he sucks, amirite?
  15. You act like you didn’t already have the game turned off since the second quarter and readied yourself to making fun of all the “Cam stans” on here
  16. Norv is fine. I like his playcalling when it’s clear he’s calling the shots and Rivera’s in the backseat.
  17. Saca312

    James Bradberry

    He’s fine. Had an off day for sure, but generally he does well. Helped key in on that critical PBU prior to Cam’s game winning drive.
  18. Eric Reid had his best game today and it’s not even close. And I’m sure this level of play will continue. He was huge on a few plays and should’ve had a game sealing INT as well.
  19. That was literally Rivera saying “Cam save my ass” and Newton carrying 21 players on his back for the win.
  20. Saca312

    How the hell did we just do that?

    Cameron Jarrell Newton.
  21. I mean all fairness Norv is new to some of these things he’s adding to the Carolina playbook. Some are literal new concepts I’ve never seen in his past offenses and it’s fun to see. I’m sure situationally he’ll be better once he gets settled and gets a better feel for the strengths of this team. And especially when Ron stops putting his hands all over the offense.
  22. Saca312

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    Kist is a decent football analyst tbh. He does criticize Cam's ball placement at times that some have argued about, but otherwise he's generally good.
  23. May as well give Marty credit. He's learning from the past and bringing in new ideas to Rivera and staff. If it weren't for him, Donte wouldn't even be on his radar.
  24. A fun new stat that’s come up from NextGen stats is expected completion percentage. Essentially, this accounts for a whole host of variables to create a predicted completion percentage. Not many QBs are usually able to exceed their expected completion percentage, nor are many continually having some of the lowest expected completion percentages in the league. Cam is an exception. And this year, he’s doing exceptional. Here’s Matt Harmon’s take on this: Here’s the twitter thread in text form: “Cam Newton's #NextGenStats expected completion % is 62.8% which is up from prior seasons but still 8th lowest in the NFL this year. However, unlike previous years he's outperforming it by 3.1% (6th best among QBs). Carolina has skeleton of a good pass game but needs big plays. This is the company Cam keeps among the top-10 best completion % above expectation, per #NextGenStats. His expected completion rate (xCOMP%) is 3rd lowest. Still asked to hit a ton of high-degree of difficulty throws with few over the middle passes. He's been hitting them though. A finer point, Cam Newton's #NextGenStats expected completion % by season and ranks among QBs: 2016: 54.6% - lowest 2017: 62.1% - 11th lowest 2018: 62.8% - 8th lowest Metric perfectly shows how few QBs have been tasked with making more high-degree of difficulty throws than Cam. All of this is available for free on the NGS public site, by the way. Cam was one of the players I was most interested in studying when completion probability was in development while I was at NFL. Now I'm working with the same data as you all. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing/2017/all”