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  1. "we need to get rid of trump by doing the exact thing that lead to trump in the first place"
  2. when did americans become such fuging cowards you fugers cant even stand up to the likes of nanci pelosi? lol gtfo
  3. bunch of noobs struggling with an easy game that people beat in under 30 minutes, that's all
  4. biden is essentially a george w era republican so conservatives are left whining about dumb crap like "did you see this nice house he used to own? you really want to vote for a guy who lives in nice houses, huh???"
  5. say it with me rodeo "we really need to start addressing all these problems... and i know kamala harris isn't going to do that... but we really need to get president tom cotton out of office"
  6. if you want to fall into the "voting for lesser of two evils" then by all means, go for it. you'll never see me argue that trump isn't worse. but understand that this is not a unique situation. we've seen this many times in the past, and WILL continue to see it again in the future. so be prepared to, once again, shelve your desire for universal healthcare, addressing wealth inequality and ending nonstop wars, in 2024... and 2028... and 2032... and on and on and on. any argument you make now is still going to be applicable in the future. republicans will continue to put up evil irredeemable pieces of sht, and dems will continue to put up corporate lackeys, and our political system and media will continue to crush the chances of any 3rd party. while the rest of the world moves forward and sees progress, be prepared that your only victory will be "well at least we got the latest version of trump out of office"
  7. it won't, wealth inequality has gotten worse under trump as well
  8. wealth inequality only worsened under obama every single year obama was president the % of wealth owned by the bottom 90% of the country decreased
  9. Young team, inexperienced coaching staff. Flying high and over-confident. I have a feeling they're about to get smacked. Rhule already looks legit, let's see if he's "wise beyond his years" so-to-speak and can keep the team from falling into that mindset.
  10. tommy brade no play QB good anymore tommy brade wash up my quatoback much bet
  11. It was local anesthesia on the small area they were going to operate. I was awake the whole time. So, no, I couldn't have "upchucked and died". I absolutely could have gotten a 2nd opinion if I wanted to. Nobody had a gun to my head. I didn't want to nor feel it was necessary. Actually it is. It's rated much higher than the US for healthcare outcomes. Thanks bruh.
  12. america's healthcare systems is eugenics on poor people change my mind
  13. Went in the middle of the day and the place was pretty crowded. What I was dealing with wasn't an emergency, it wasn't life threatening. Even so, I waited maybe an hour... hour and a half max. I couldn't help but think about other hospitals I had been to years ago, and in that same situation I would have been waiting FOREVER. Anyway, the doctor I met was very knowledgeable. He knew immediately what I had, and explained the whole situation in great detail. He explained that I would need surgery, and the sooner the better. Because it was better to have surgery sooner rather than later he recommended that I go ahead and have surgery right then. Literally just a minute done talking with him and I was being prepped and headed into surgery, no wait at all. Went through prep, anesthesia, and then the surgery itself. Great team of surgeons, nurses and medical staff. Great job all the way around. Total cost: $170 And I don't have insurance at all. That's the total cost. How? Well, I'm not living in the US. This is what healthcare looks like in the rest of the world.
  14. covid tests are the only positive thing that will come out of the falcons season
  15. thanks for posting this news otherwise nobody would have even noticed
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