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  1. Trump is reportedly threatening Republicans to keep them in line on impeachment GOP senators have been warned: "Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike." Trump has also been "rewarding senators who have his back on impeachment" by helping them raise campaign cash, "and sending a message to those who don't to get on board," Politico reported in October. And Trump, U.S. Chamber of Commerce strategist Scott Reed noted, "has the ability to turn on the money spigot like no one else."
  2. is this idiot actually arguing that propaganda is 100% ineffective
  4. Glad to see him retire before his brain turns to mush.
  5. it feels like i'm in some weird alternate reality that it's 2020 and marty hurney is still GM
  6. It's amazing the amount of posts in this thread by people that have no intention of ever voting Democrat, and will not support any Democratic candidate no matter what they do or what their positions are.
  7. he supports concentration camps and warmongers but plays the victim because someone said some mean things on the internet lol what a bitch
  8. Even the "I voted for him mostly for the judges" people, I say, "Okay then, what do you want to accomplish by appointing conservative judges?" and they can't give me an answer.
  9. This is always my question when someone says Trump has done a good job. Yeah, what has he done that you like? Huge tax gift to billionaires and running on a trillion dollar deficit? Over 800 billion a year for our military and neverending warmonger? More boots on the ground in every single middle east country? Sabotaging and undermining our healthcare with no actual viable solution? Rolling back environmental protections so we see our air quality decline for the first time in decades? Trade wars with multiple countries, adding billions in taxes on basic goods we buy? The worst level of wealth inequality in almost a century? Zero progress on addressing our crumbling infrastructure? Stop me at any point when I hit something that you like.
  10. R0CKnR0LLA


    record high for our level of wealth inequality
  11. This is CNN’s flagship poll that they teased 3 days in advance
  12. One good season, one .500 season, one awful season Sure sounds like a Panther HC to me
  13. He didn't turn around Baylor from previously being 1-11, the 1-11 was with him as HC. The 7 years before he took over as head coach: Seven straight winning seasons Overall record: 64-27 Conference record: 39-23 For the three years after he took over: Overall record: 19-20 Conference record: 13-14 Finished regular season above .500 once in three seasons
  14. "This guy is a bad guy" isn't a sufficient reason to go to war. Fug anyone who voted for this asshat. Fug anyone that supports this.
  15. "minimum response" doesn't seem to be in trumps vocabulary i can't see the US doing anything other than continuing to escalate
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