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  1. R0CKnR0LLA

    Just in time for November

    4 thousand people into a country of 330,000,000 I think we'll survive
  2. tbh they're all pretty fugging bad
  3. R0CKnR0LLA

    Its time to fire Rivera

    lol the giants are straight garbage too
  4. R0CKnR0LLA

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    what does a conservative stacked SC mean in real terms, wondering what exactly i have to look forward to
  5. R0CKnR0LLA

    Matrix is real

  6. R0CKnR0LLA

    Rosenstein Resigns ?

    what in the actual fug is going on with this country
  7. R0CKnR0LLA

    Panthers Owner David Tepper Says President Trump Is Wrong

    in b4 these resources are diverted to ICE
  8. supports policy that would allow companies to pay workers $0.01 an hour so basically yeah
  9. R0CKnR0LLA

    Look over there.....

    "best economy ever" and the working class is seeing exactly zero of it awesome thing to brag about good job jangler, nice of you to take time away from your gig coaching middle school girls volleyball to share this with us
  10. R0CKnR0LLA

    Look over there.....

    "average hourly earnings, which rose 0.4% over last month and 2.9% over last year." so after adjusting for inflation wages are down then
  11. R0CKnR0LLA

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    you completely missed the point she was making i could explain it to you but it's obvious you don't want to learn about the benefits of this system, you've already made up your mind to be against it for whatever reason. but hey tell me more of venezuala
  12. R0CKnR0LLA

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    since only youtube videos can be used as legitimate evidence here ya go
  13. R0CKnR0LLA

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    Been to Canada multiple times. They look at you like you are nuts if you ask them if they'd prefer our healthcare system to theirs.
  14. R0CKnR0LLA

    “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it"

    Some highlights of the steaming pile that the GOP was pushing According to the CBO, the bill would leave 17 million more Americans without healthcare insurance in 2018, 27 million more uninsured by 2020 and 32 million more uninsured by 2026. Average premiums would increase by roughly 25% in 2018, about 50% in 2020, and premiums would double by 2026. Yeah, obviously much better than universal healthcare, what was I thinking.