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  1. PSLs are a scam and any owner that sells them under the guise of being an "investment" should be thrown in prison for fraud.
  2. I fully expect someone like him to win in 2024 after Biden does nothing for 4 years.
  3. They could have done that with just the money they ALREADY spent, but they decided to give over 99% of relief funds to the super rich and huge corporations instead of our citizens.
  4. Nobody ever prices things that way. It's $89.99 or $90, or something along those lines. Never seen a $88 price tag in my entire life. And don't forget your matching hoodie https://www.trumpstore.com/collections/men-sweatshirts/products/full-zip-hoodie-americana
  5. The best thing Biden has going for him is that Donald is such a fuging moron and can't do anything right. Everything points to the bumbling confused dementia-addled Biden winning in a landslide LOL Good lord the US is such a shtt show.
  6. Fauci just whooped Rand Paul's ass like he was his neighbor
  7. This is so insane it's almost hard to believe. You're going to force, not even recommend, a home for elderly to take someone that's infected with a highly contagious virus that specifically kills the elderly. I can't even imagine the reasoning behind this. Most of the idiotic policies I see at least have some resemblance of reasoning behind them, even if it's total BS. I don't see how you could even explain why you'd do this. Of course it's going to get a bunch of people killed. Of course it's going to be a disaster. There's no other possible outcome, just WTF were these people thinking. Fugging morons.
  8. during medieval times I'm guessing there were a bunch of liberals that were like "we need to replace the king with a better king that will be nicer to us peasants" then there were a bunch of people that were like "umm no, let's murder all these fugs and destroy feudalism altogether" and of course the conservatives were like "this is all fine, the nobles deserve to have everything"
  9. Former officer who made violent threats against BLM activist accidentally shoots himself inside gas station lulz
  10. Are protests still going on or have they stopped completely? I'm asking because there are 0% of news stories on them anymore (from my part of the world anyway). Anyone have info?
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