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  1. BTW this is the same guy that thinks all trans are suffering from mental illness or some such nonsense. He's scum, nothing more
  2. the victim routine is equally as pathetic "people are discriminating against us because of our shitty discriminatory practices" yeah poor you, cry me a river
  3. the word salads these idiots have to come up with to try to defend their shitty views is amazing i guess "we require everyone to abide by a code of conduct" sounds better than "we don't allow gay people"
  4. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2019/1/15/18183815/opioid-epidemic-car-crashes-national-safety-council
  5. R0CKnR0LLA

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    is there ANY job this guy is given that he doesnt totally fug up? lol i wonder if he could even figure out how to get the keys into a car and drive somewhere if someone else didnt always do it for him
  6. i mean the guy is talking about how liberal media are all sheep and just parrot what they're told, just because they all used the word "manufactured" or something meanwhile there's this
  7. dude stop listening to tucker carlson, he's just about the dumbest guy on the entire planet
  8. R0CKnR0LLA

    National Law Enforcement Awareness Day

    Thanks law enforcement for arresting over a million people every year for drug use. I feel so much safer with all those horrible marijuana users off the street. And hey, we have the largest prison population in the world, even more than China! Wow! Good job officers, keep locking up those evil-doers! Also, thanks for the 59% national murder solve rate. Wow, that's over half! Great work guys, keep it up.
  9. R0CKnR0LLA

    National Law Enforcement Awareness Day

    Ah yes, I remember when my friend was pulled over, he was in the process of moving and had a few boxes of stuff in his car. Officer searched his stuff and arrested him for "burglary tools" for having a hammer and screwdriver amongst all his other belongings. Thanks for the bravery and job well done officer, much appreciated.
  10. R0CKnR0LLA

    National Law Enforcement Awareness Day

    woah woah dude, stop being so hostile towards police officers. This is just a place to share the great experiences you've had with them.
  11. R0CKnR0LLA

    National Law Enforcement Awareness Day

    My friend in Vegas had his motorcycle stolen from a casino parking garage, called 911, waited for 3 hours on the scene before calling them back. They said it would still be awhile before they could get anyone there, and there's not much they could do anyway. He told them forget it, just send someone to his house when they could, and took a bus home. Someone finally showed up the next day, filled out a report so at least he could submit it to his insurance, never investigated the scene or found the thief. My sister in Charlotte had her car broken into and purse stolen out of the center console while it was parked in her own driveway. Called the police, they told her it wasn't a substantial enough crime for them to be able to allocate resources for, and refused to even send anyone out at all. Again in Charlotte, my then girlfriend had her car vandalized on Halloween. Called the cops when she found it the next morning, was told they could not spare the resources, maybe she could come in to the station if she just needed a report for insurance. After trying to get them to do something and arguing with them for 30 minutes got so frustrated and just hung up. On 3 separate occasions, in 3 separate cites, while growing up my parents have had their house broken into. Each time called the police in the area, each time they showed up, wrote up a report but never conducted any kind of investigation, found the criminal our any of our belongings. I have about 6 others but don't feel like typing them all out.
  12. R0CKnR0LLA

    National Law Enforcement Awareness Day

    Let's use this thread to share experiences of when you (or family/friends) called the cops for help and they came and fixed the situation. Here i'll go first...
  13. Instead of paying a $500 health insurance premium every month (along with co-pays and everything else) you just pay $300 in extra taxes and are fully covered no matter what. GOP in complete unison: "See these damn libruls trying to raise your taxes!!!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE"
  14. just WHERE is that 40 trillion gonna come from exactly?????????!!?!?!?!!!!MAGA!!?!!
  15. R0CKnR0LLA

    Impeach the motherf#cker

    compared to the reality of what trump actually is motherfuger is a compliment