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  1. R0CKnR0LLA

    Dating Sucks!

    wait, where are these thot centrals that i need to visit immedietly
  2. R0CKnR0LLA

    “Women’s” sports dead?

    my mouse wheel broke because of this thread you owe me a new mouse captroop
  3. innocent people pay out 60-80 million all the time you guys
  4. R0CKnR0LLA

    If you wanna MAGA ya gotta break a few heads amirite?

    here's a great NPR story on fake news https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/11/23/503146770/npr-finds-the-head-of-a-covert-fake-news-operation-in-the-suburbs with it being particularly relevant: When did you notice that fake news does best with Trump supporters? Well, this isn't just a Trump-supporter problem. This is a right-wing issue. Sarah Palin's famous blasting of the lamestream media is kind of record and testament to the rise of these kinds of people. The post-fact era is what I would refer to it as. This isn't something that started with Trump. This is something that's been in the works for a while. His whole campaign was this thing of discrediting mainstream media sources, which is one of those dog whistles to his supporters. When we were coming up with headlines it's always kind of about the red meat. Trump really got into the red meat. He knew who his base was. He knew how to feed them a constant diet of this red meat. We've tried to do similar things to liberals. It just has never worked, it never takes off. You'll get debunked within the first two comments and then the whole thing just kind of fizzles out.
  5. 60-80 million is huge, just shows how strong the case against the NFL was
  6. R0CKnR0LLA

    Manafort Lied While in a Plea Deal

    i'm reading they are recommending 19.5 - 24.5 years in prison he's already 69 years old, so yeah, he's fuged
  7. R0CKnR0LLA

    Trump to Eliminate National Debt in 8 Years

    i feel there's a problem here but hmmmm just cant seem to put my finger on it
  8. R0CKnR0LLA

    Trump concedes there is no national emergency.

    Nation Again Torn Between Freaking Out Over Bad Trump Idea or Staying Calm Because He’ll Be Too Lazy to See It Through lol this headline
  9. I have a feeling this is going to become an Office Space type situation, where they unload all of Riveras duties but never actually fire him, and on gamedays he just wonders around the equipment room mumbling to himself that he can't find his stapler.
  10. R0CKnR0LLA

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    the only thing here that should surprise anyone is that Yahoo still exists
  11. R0CKnR0LLA

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    Trumpsters: "We thought we were going to get tax breaks??!!" GOP: "Ohh, you actually believed that? LULZ"
  12. R0CKnR0LLA

    Good for Ivanka - Paid Family Leave

    Was about to come and say that it's good to see the US finally doing SOMETHING on behalf of the working class instead of everything benefiting billionaires. But it's not surprising that it's garbage. "It's paid leave! .... as long as you pay yourself."
  13. R0CKnR0LLA

    Dating Sucks!

    In all honesty, the trick to dating is to act like a complete insufferable arrogant douchebag. Luckily for me I don't even have to try that hard, it just comes naturally.
  14. R0CKnR0LLA

    Dating Sucks!

    Dating life is awesome, I doubt I'll ever get married. Also, I can vouch that Dex has a pretty impressive video game collection.
  15. R0CKnR0LLA

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    Healthcare for all citizens? Sorry but I want my tax dollars going where they belong, into the pockets of billionaires.