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  1. R0CKnR0LLA

    Russia no longer a threat to elections

    so a typical monday then?
  2. R0CKnR0LLA

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    in the same way we treat 9/11, maybe we should have a yearly memorial for this let us never forget the time that $50 in property damage was done to some douchebag TV hosts driveway
  3. R0CKnR0LLA

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    They lynched him? He's dead?
  4. R0CKnR0LLA

    Anyone ever drove for UberEats/Grubhub?

    It's a ripoff and you shouldn't do it. So this guy makes $187.86, doesn't seem too bad right? Well there's a $50 incentive that AFAIK you can't count on consistently. Then there's your automobile costs, which the true cost is estimated at 60.8 cents per mile but that's for normal average driving. Delivery driving is one of the worst things you can do to a car, almost all city miles with constantly turning your car on and off. Estimating just a 25% increase in costs (which is conservative) gives you 76 cents a mile. For the 106 miles that guy drive that's $80.56 in operating costs. Subtract the unreliable incentive and operating costs means you're making $54 over 9 hours, or $6 an hour. Less than minimum wage while working a job that's statistically more dangerous job than being a police officer. Have fun with that.
  5. R0CKnR0LLA

    Just in time for November

    4 thousand people into a country of 330,000,000 I think we'll survive
  6. tbh they're all pretty fugging bad
  7. R0CKnR0LLA

    Its time to fire Rivera

    lol the giants are straight garbage too
  8. R0CKnR0LLA

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    what does a conservative stacked SC mean in real terms, wondering what exactly i have to look forward to
  9. R0CKnR0LLA

    Matrix is real

  10. R0CKnR0LLA

    Rosenstein Resigns ?

    what in the actual fug is going on with this country
  11. R0CKnR0LLA

    Panthers Owner David Tepper Says President Trump Is Wrong

    in b4 these resources are diverted to ICE
  12. supports policy that would allow companies to pay workers $0.01 an hour so basically yeah
  13. R0CKnR0LLA

    Look over there.....

    "best economy ever" and the working class is seeing exactly zero of it awesome thing to brag about good job jangler, nice of you to take time away from your gig coaching middle school girls volleyball to share this with us
  14. R0CKnR0LLA

    Look over there.....

    "average hourly earnings, which rose 0.4% over last month and 2.9% over last year." so after adjusting for inflation wages are down then