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  1. You sound like someone who gets called racist a lot.
  2. I still don't understand how the round robin works. Who are we looking at facing?
  3. Trusting Reimer and switching the bottom lines up took balls. But most importantly, he relied in his stars to get it done. The finnish line* might be the best in hockey. Svech is quickly becoming the best player in the league. I was worried how we would look coming out of the shutdown. But coach has us ready to go. Lord Stanley might be within reach.
  4. Aho with the nail in the coffin! I love this team!!!!
  5. That Finnish line is unbelievable!
  6. He's always been a more stationary goaltender. Not my favorite style, but he's been the difference in this game so far. The golden boy Igor hasn't been looking as formidable as he did during the regular season.
  7. Tripp just said that the goalie "controlled the onion." Dear lord, i didn't know his food puns could get more ridiculous.
  8. More MLB players playing in games while infected...
  9. Literally a 10 second google search would show that your version of history is inconsistent with the facts... Egyptian Craftsmen Built Pyramids : Archeology: A burial site debunks belief that the Pharaohs’ shrines were built by slaves. Workers apparently enjoyed their lives and jobs. Who Built the Pyramids? Not slaves. Archaeologist Mark Lehner, digging deeper, discovers a city of privileged workers. Egypt's leading archaeologist says 4,000-year-old burial plots with skeletons expose myth that builders were slaves Just because some book, that has been rewritten hundreds of times by people with their own agendas, says that Jewish slaves built the pyramids, doesn't make it so. The geological and archaeological records are pretty clear on this. And, have been for decades. The first article I posted is from 1991. Also, I don't think you know what a slippery slope fallacy is.
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